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How Daring

by ScienceScribbler

Disclaimer-thingy: All characters portrayed in this story engaging in sexual acts are over 18 and consenting adults. Any similarity to real people, scenarios, and diaper-related dares in which consenting adults become un-potty trained are solely for amusement purposes. And are also fun to consider.

Chapter 1: Eric and Kelly

On his twenty second birthday, Eric Homen graduated from college. It was an auspicious day, full of excitement and happiness, and all the better because the two milestones in his life coincided so perfectly. He was able to graduate with his family in attendance, celebrate his birthday with the visiting family, and generally frolic in a concluding-sort of manner for his last week of undergraduate college.

Having completed his bachelor degree in Computer Science, he had a bright future ahead of him, two open job offers on the table, and nearly an entire summer to spend with his long-term girlfriend, Kelly, before he had to start working for either company. Whichever company he chose, he wasn’t slated to start working until the end of summer (a term he had argued for in his original interviews) and that left him with several weeks of fun before moving, starting adulthood, and really getting his life together. Truly, it looked to be the best time in his life, with no real student debt to speak of, enough savings to get by for another month or two, and a new apartment in the city for he and his girlfriend Kelly to share (despite the fact that his rather religious family didn’t think it ‘proper’ for a young man and woman to live together unwed).

It was during this time of extreme happiness, just days after graduation and seeing his family fly back out west to California after the ceremony, that Kelly brought up something he hadn’t heard of before.

It began innocently enough as they lay cuddled together on their ratty couch, watching netflix together one evening. During a particularly boring scene, her brunette head rested gently along his chest, Kelly announced, “I think we should talk.”

Her tone was carefully calm, so much so that it engaged Eric’s mind more than any worried, or overtly unhappy tone might have. “Ok…what about?” he asked, taking her bait.

“It’s…it’s about moving to the city. Living together.” She remained in her position cradled against his chest,, and actually managed to hear the quickening of his pulse. Deftly avoiding potential worry, she sat up and clarified, “It’s…it’s nothing bad, I don’t think. I just think we should talk about it. What we want to…to be there.”

Still cautious, Eric turned on the couch to face her. At slightly over 6 feet in height (1.85 meters), he dwarfed her by a considerable margin, though their hair matched rather perfectly, with the dark cocoa shade of his eyes matching the color of both their hair. Facing her now, he slowly withdrew his arm from around her shoulders, cocking his head slightly to the right and raising an eyebrow inquisitively. “What we want to be?”

Kelly stuttered her response. “Yeah. What we want to be in the city. What we want our lives to be like. You know, what we…what we want to be.” Her tone was cautious, and her wording unclear, which left Eric both confused and slightly on guard.

Apparently playing the part of the parrot, Eric yet again asked a question, repeating, “What we want our lives to be?”

Since the conversation seemed to be going nowhere, Kelly decided to try a more direct tact than trying to lead him into the conversation gently, or trying to coax him into asking what she meant directly himself. “I’m trying to say…I mean that…well, you are going to have a job. For sure. And I’m not sure where I’ll be working, or whatever. But…but I was wondering if this might be a chance for us to try and do something new. Something…different.”

Eric started to reply, “Something different?” but was cut off when Kelly finally blurted out her point.

“I want to try something new. Like…in terms of our sex life.”

This statement left Eric in momentary shock, but seemed to break his cycle of merely parroting back her statements as questions when he asked, “You want to try something to change our sex life….like, something when we move that you wanted to talk about? Is that what you’re saying?” He wasn’t positive exactly what she was getting at, but had a possible guess in mind.

It all came back to a day, roughly a year earlier, when Eric had walked in on Kelly at her own apartment on the campus wearing nothing but an adult diaper, with her hands out of sight and loud groans and squirming to give away her exact unseen actions. At the time, Eric had responded with extreme confusion, and even some nervous judgment. He had immediately asked what she was up to, how long she’d been hiding it, and if she had a thing for diapers or people wearing diapers, and a slew of other questions that had left Kelly crying and inarticulate.

However, when Kelly finally explained that the diaper was unconnected to anything actually related to children, and had been a fetish she’d been hiding from him for the last several months of their relationship, Eric had cooled long enough to truly listen. By the end of the night, they had come up with what Kelly jokingly referred to as the ‘Diaper deal’, an agreement between the two lovers stating that Eric would agree to trying out Kelly’s fetish so long as she agreed to one favor for him, to be named at a later date. The ‘diaper deal’ meant that, once a week Kelly was to be allowed to be diapered while hanging out with Eric, and so long as she didn’t ask Eric to do anything he felt uncomfortable with, he would try his very hardest to keep an ‘open mind’. The first week, that meant she wore a diaper to dinner under her skirt. The second week, she simply cuddled with him, diapered under her clothes. After a few weeks, once Eric had gotten more used to it, he had even agreed to have sex with her diapered, pulling the diaper aside as they made love.

The other piece of the ‘diaper deal’ didn’t come up for several months more, when Eric asked Kelly to move in with him, and she was hesitant. She admitted she wanted to move in with him, but was scared about what that meant for their relationship. Kelly, pragmatic and reserved by nature, had been hesitant to move in with her boyfriend until he had stated that, “If I have been tolerant of your sex stuff, can’t you try to be tolerant of what I want, too?” Since then, the couple had been living together, though Kelly still paid rent on her apartment in town for appearances, and for the rare occasions when she wanted privacy, or her family visited. Now that they were moving to the city together, however, they would be giving up even that secondary source of comfort in the event that the relationship went south. Though Eric wouldn’t readily admit it, Kelly having the second apartment had meant that the relationship could be ‘backed out’ of without too much issue, something much harder to do once they were living together without another apartment or home to move back into.

Remembering the ‘diaper deal’ of the past, and knowing that Kelly had slowly but surely started to sneak diapers into her backpack, or around the apartment more often than the once-per-week she had originally stated she wanted in the ‘diaper deal’ they’d made a long time before, Eric was relatively certain he knew what she was asking about. Eric took a stab in the dark: “I’m probably safe to assume this is diaper related?”

Kelly dropped eye contact and turned beet-red, confirming his suspicion. “It’s…I mean, I know we made a deal about me moving in here and it’s been great, it really has…but…I was wondering whether you might be willing to do something else for me, since I’m moving to the city with you even without a real job or anything.”

Again, Eric knew there was subtext in what she said. She didn’t want admit it to him, but he knew she preferred smaller-town living, and would like to take her degree in Education and move somewhere more like the suburbs, or somewhere rural. Instead, she had agreed to move to the city with him, and this time asked for nothing in return from him. Unlike when she had been found wearing diapers, and had asked for Eric’s blessing to be diapered part-time in their relationship to indulge her fetish, Kelly had asked for nothing from him when she agreed to give up on her own desires to live in a smaller city, and follow her own path. At the time, Eric had known that would likely come back to haunt him, but now he wasn’t sure what she wanted, specifically, in return for her willingness to follow his career instead of her own.

Eric was hesitant as he broached the topic saying, “I…I mean, can I hear what it is, first? I expect I’ll be fine with it, I just…I want to know what you’re talking about before I say anything.”

Kelly nodded, and gulped. Her eyes darted around the room, looking anywhere but at Eric. “I was wondering if…when we move to the city…would you be OK if I went 24/7?”

Eric didn’t think he understood. “What do you mean ’24/7′”

Kelly gulped again and squeaked out, “As in wear diapers full-time, 24/7. I wear them and maybe even…uh, maybe even use them. Full time. Well, not for…you know, number two. Just to start, like, number one. Peeing. ”

Eric was confused: He knew she liked the feel of diapers, and he’d caught her engaging in some infantilist acts, though she’d never really discussed why she occasionally sucked her thumb, or spoke like a baby for a few minutes during their cuddle-sessions. Still, it didn’t surprise him that she might like the idea of using diapers, even if the thought of going from never using them to using them full-time seemed extreme. He admitted as much, stating, “I mean…I don’t mind the diaper thing or whatever, and I know you’re doing a lot for me…but it seems sort of strange to want to wear them full time, really. Like…is there a reason?”

Their relationship, built over the last eighteen long months and carefully constructed around Kelly’s fetish and Eric’s desire to keep himself ‘out’ of that particular aspect of her life unless required to be involved, required one thing absolutely: Honesty. It had been the cornerstone of their relationship. When they spoke, particularly alone and in the hush of their shared apartment, they knew it was a space for openness, and honesty, even if it meant admitting uncomfortable truths. Consequently, Kelly nodded and in a rush admitted, “I want to unpotty train myself. I want to be in diapers for good. I…I want to need them, really, to need to wear diapers. ”

Eric nodded back at her and put together the disparate pieces of her conversation. “And you mean ‘do something different in the city’ as in you wear diapers and that becomes just who we are? You even wear them at work, or around town or whatever? And this becomes our whole life, you as if you were incontinent?”

The word ‘incontinent’ coming from his mouth scared and somehow excited Kelly. She, who had spent a lifetime hiding her fetish, and wanting in her heart to be a full-time diaper wearer liked the notion of being, or at least pretending to be, incontinent…and consequently, she liked the idea of what he said even though it sounded alien to her when he said it aloud. Kelly shrugged but said nothing in response to his query, hoping he’d go on and explain his own opinions before she had to keep giving her own. When the silence dragged on she hesitantly blurted the whole truth, “I just want to try it. I’ve wanted to do this for so long and never thought I could, and then you were fine with the diapers and wearing, and I…I just thought maybe this was the time for me to try it. To try to unpotty train.”

Eric wasn’t sure how he felt. “Honestly? I don’t know if I would be OK with that. I mean, you can wear as much as you want, I’m not trying to tell you what to do…you know I care about you, and you know I accept you, fetish and diapers included. But trying to injure yourself? To cripple your own body?”

He was about to go on when Kelly retorted, “I wouldn’t be crippling anything, I just want to unpotty train. Wear and use diapers, not holding back, and see if I can become incontinent like that.”

Eric didn’t understand. In his head, he went back to everything he knew about the body: He didn’t think just not holding her bladder for a few days or weeks would do much, particularly after years of learning to control the bladder unconsciously. So, to him, the notion of ‘unpotty training’ sounded like Kelly was trying to hurt herself, or cripple her bladder somehow. “I don’t think that can even happen, Kel. I mean, really, there’s a big difference between wearing diapers full-time and being incontinent. I can handle the diapers, sure, but not you going on some quest to injure your body and lose control or whatever.”

She didn’t like where the conversation was going and tried again to clarify herself. “No, I’m not trying to hurt myself. I want to lose control naturally. I’m not going to get surgery, or wear a catheter for a year or something, or anything like I read to you in those diaper stories…I just want to see if maybe listening to some files and wearing full-time takes away my potty training. And…are you OK with that?”

Eric didn’t believe that it would work, and felt the idea of her in diapers full-time sounded strange, though not so strange that he couldn’t deal with it. “I guess…I guess I’m fine with that? But you know you won’t lose your potty training like that. It’s just not how it works. People in comas, or with brain damage don’t all lose their control. Weak muscles, maybe, but not permanent, I don’t think.”

Annoyed that he was nitpicking and arguing about the plausibility, instead of addressing the larger issue of whether he was OK with the idea, Kelly insisted, “I KNOW it can work.” Using a phrase she nearly always resorted to when trying to convince Eric of something, she exclaimed, “I would bet money on it.”

And with that statement, Eric had an idea. “What else would you bet on it, then?” Kelly raised an eyebrow in response and waited for him to go on, as he clearly had something else in mind to say. “Would you even bet your diapers on it?”

Kelly smiled at the thought. She was confident it could work, and had read too many diaper-stories and sites claiming it worked for her to doubt the possibility. “Sure. If you’re really not sure about this….If I wear for two months and don’t have any loss of control, would you say that’s proof of my intention, and that I’m right? I wear until we move, and if I lose control I get to keep wearing once we move? Full time?”

Eric shook his head. “No way! I mean, I love you, but then you could just pretend you lost control and the bet wouldn’t even matter.” He knew that her diapers were important to her for reasons he didn’t always understand (even if he tried to accept them). Still…the more he thought about the idea of her wearing and needing diapers the more he was worried. Consequently, he was looking for a way to discourage her without actively telling her he refused, and overriding her.

Kelly furrowed her brow, trying to think of a response. With a sudden bright grin she looked up. “And if I asked you to try it, then? Would you be willing?”

The thought of wearing diapers wasn’t as strange to Eric as it might be to most people. After his girlfriend had worn around him for so long, it was almost normal to him, and since he wasn’t worried about his summer plans, he even considered it. He even evilly thought, ‘I can even keep holding like normal and tell her it didn’t work, whether it would or not.’ He offered his hand as if to shake on it, and told Kelly, “If you are willing to bet the diapers on it for good, I’d agree to it.”

Kelly reached her hand towards his and stopped. “But…how do I know you won’t fake me out, then?”

She had clearly seen into his plan, and this left Eric annoyed for a half second before he came up with a compromise. “Then we both do it. You’d know, then, if you lost any control, and I’d know if I did…and if we both go through it, we’ll decide at the end of two months if it worked or not.”

Kelly smiled a devilish smile, knowing that her plan had worked drastically better than she’d hoped: Not only would she be diapered full-time, but so would her boyfriend, something she’d never managed to tell him openly she really wanted. “Agreed then!” she exclaimed, shaking his hand.

She immediately stood and ran to her closet in their shared room, returning in mere moments with a package of diapers in each hand. In her right hand was the thin ‘depends’ he knew she’d been wearing when she thought he didn’t know, and in the left was an unopened pack of Abena M4 briefs, the diapers she wore when she showed them off to him. They were always rather large on her, but the smaller size didn’t fit over her relatively curvaceous hips as well, which is why she preferred the larger, puffier M4 size. “So, these might be a tiny bit tight…but I think they’d fit you?”

When Eric didn’t immediately disagree, she moved a step closer, and dropped the depends to the floor. “These are the depends I’ve been wearing lately. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve…I’ve really wanted to be diapered more lately. And this is definitely what I want. I promise, you’re going to love it too. Really.”

When Eric raised a quizzical eyebrow, she smirked, and pushed him backwards to lie down on the couch. “I promise,” she intoned, reaching a hand towards his belt buckle. When Eric instinctively reached to stop her, she swatted his hand away playfully. “How about this: If you’re really not sure about it, I’ll…make it worth your while.” With that promise in hand, Eric’s hands dropped to his side. He allowed her then to slide open his belt, and unbutton his pants. Lying on the couch with her kneeling to the side felt strange, and different than his normal way of generally playing the controlling figure in their sexual relationship. When his belt was undone and pants unbuttoned and unzipped, suddenly Kelly stopped and dashed out of the room, calling back, “Oh, one second!”

She returned a few seconds later with a large white bottle of baby powder and a large pink bottle of baby lotion in her hands. She dropped these to the side of the couch as she again knelt next to Eric, and continued pulling his pants down his legs. When she started to pull his pants, they were stuck against the couch. “Scooch” she commanded, pushing him to lift his butt. Still, the pants stuck, so she stood and went to the side of the couch, grabbing the ends of his pants and yanking them off with a long pull, bringing his boxers off with them.

Now naked from the waist down and feeling much less confident about the agreement he had made with her regarding the diapers, his hands again instinctively reached to his groin, this time covering his testes and cock. When Kelly came back to his side, and noticed this, she clucked her tongue, and decided to make sure Eric felt more at ease.

Looking down on him with a smile, she asked, “Am I too clothed for you? Maybe you’re feeling a bit exposed with me still fully clothed…” Her voice was airy as she teased, “So I better help you relax.” She reached her hands to her collar and pulled her shirt over her head in a single languid motion. She was now standing in her form-fitting jeans and purple bra, with her hair slightly mussed in loose curls around her neck. When she noticed Eric’s face become more intrigued and less uncomfortable, she smiled, which in turn he noticed as well. Together more comfortable than a moment before, the situation seemed less strange and more…somehow attractive to him. He felt himself growing more erect, but said nothing as Kelly moved her hands to her hips and slid her thumbs into the sides of her jeans. First one side, then the other was slowly scooched down her legs, revealing a pair of matching dark purple panties. She carefully then stepped out of her jeans, and kicked them to the side.

Now she knelt down, and tore open the new pack of Abena diapers, reaching her hand in to get one. Slowly, she turned and faced away from Eric, giving him a perfect view of her backside. She unfurled the diaper, and made a long show of sprinkling the inside of the diaper with powder, and rubbing the powder in, all while he ass was perfectly on display for Eric, whose excitement had grown so that he was now fully erect and excited.

When she felt the diaper was properly powdered, and that she’d given Eric enough time to stare at her rather ample backside (something she had felt was a bad thing until she’d realized, at the start of their relationship, how attractive Eric clearly found her large hips and larger ass), she turned around slowly, and gave him a knowing, wicked grin. “Feeling better, now?” she asked.

Eric nodded and reached a hand towards her, placing it against her thigh, and lightly brushing it up her leg towards her panties. With the diaper in one hand, she pushed the hand back down with the other and wagged a finger at him. “Nope. I told you I’d make it worth it to wear the diaper, not to just wait for it.” She reached her hands seductively between his legs and placed the diaper under him, tapping on the side of his leg to signal for him to lift himself over it. He immediately did, something she noticed with a sense of immense satisfaction, and something that also made her own juices flow, quite literally, as she found herself turned on at the thought of finally diapering her boyfriend.

With his diaper underneath him, she reached for the powder again and gently sprinkled a bit into her hands. Carefully and slowly, slow enough she knew without a doubt that she would be driving him mad to a degree, she patted the powder into his groin, and onto his backside. Then, taking the baby lotion, she squirted some of the fragrant balm into her hands and rubbed it between her hands, explaining, “Wouldn’t want you to be too cold, would we?”

Once the lotion was warmed enough for her taste, she grasped his now erect member and slowly moved her hand from the base of the shaft to the tip, lingering slightly at the end as she came back down. After one single stroke, she felt him tense, and saw him close his eyes. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘If he gets used to this maybe he’ll enjoy it as much as I have been.’ As soon as she stopped, his eyes opened, and he turned his head to make clearer eye contact with him. Something in his look told her what he wanted, so she took the diaper gathered around him and used it to slightly wipe his penis, removing the lotion she’d just applied.

“I know what you want,” she admitted, “and I guess you’ve earned it if you’re willing to take a chance on this whole thing…” In a quick motion she pulled back the diaper, exposed his penis again, and took the head of it into her mouth, careful to keep her lips covering her teeth, and maintaining eye contact with him the whole time. Her hands remained on the base of his shaft, and she slowly sucked up and down over the head of his manhood.

Then she began to suck, rhythmically bobbing her head up and down, and matching her speed with slow strokes of her hands. Up and down, maintaining eye contact as much as possible as she saw Eric tense and heard the telltale groan escape him, letting her know he was perhaps as turned on now as she’d seen him ever before.

Without intending to, he ended up caressing her cheek as he reached towards her, and she stopped her ministrations for a moment, and found herself almost holding his hand. “See?” she said with a devious and yet somehow enchanting grin on her face, “I told you before that diapers could be sexy”.

Eric nodded, and agreed. “I guess so. If every change is like this, I might even make it for the full months without issue.” He of course didn’t think every change could be this good…but he found himself suddenly much more accepting of the bet/dare than he had been a few minutes earlier.

When he opened his mouth to speak again, Kelly stopped him with another squeeze of her hand on his cock, and a simple kiss to the head. Now, as if trying to get him off as quickly as possible, she set about giving him oral more voraciously than she’d ever done, and even turned her body in such a way that his right hand, which had before caressed her face, now laid gently upon her ass.

Seeing this as an opportunity to try to explore more about their sexual relationship than before, Eric’s hand simply pushed aside her panties, and with his cock in her mouth slowly started to finger her from behind and underneath, one finger gently curling in and out of her wet slit. She let out a moan, which was muffled somewhat by her position on his member, which seemed to urge them both onward in terms of attraction. Taking his pointer finger, he gently pushed his hand towards her hood, as she now used both hands to pump up and down around the base of his shaft, finding herself turned on by his touch, the sight of him sitting atop a diaper, and even the fetishized scent of the baby lotion from where she’d wiped it across him.

When he stuck a second finger gingerly between her legs, and began to curl his fingers slightly inside her, as if trying to make a ‘come hither’ gesture, she found herself almost on the verge of orgasm herself, and took the whole of his cock into her mouth, deep throating him and sucking her as she slowed her pace slightly, using her tongue to caress the head of his penis in her mouth.

With a jerk and a moaned, “I’m..I’m about to come,” from Eric, Kelly sped up slightly, and used both hands to slowly pump his shaft. Normally, she chose to spit or had him ejaculate into a Kleenex or other tissue, but now she was so turned on she found herself sucking harder, wanting him to climax inside her mouth.

When he did, his fingers jerked inside her, and hot load splashed deep into her throat, which she swallowed and sucked, as if daring him to let her miss even a drop. After several spurts and a quiet but guttural gasp from Eric, she used her hands to pump the last of his semen out, into her mouth, and swallowed deeply, turning to look at him as he breathed heavily on the couch beside her.

He was flushed, and in a clear state of post-orgasm bliss when he noticed her stand up completely, using her hand to guide his fingers out of her panties, which she then removed panties completely. She looked down on her suddenly tired boyfriend, and stroked a hand lovingly through his hair. “Now how about we get that diaper secured, baby, sound good?” she asked rhetorically. To his surprise, she then bent down, and pushed her wet pussy close to his face as she straddled his head and began to tape the diaper up almost in a ‘69’ position.

Without any further urging, as his diaper was placed on him and secured by his loving girlfriend, Eric licked slowly up her outside lips, and used grasped her hips firmly with both hands. Planting kisses and sweet, slow licks up her vaginal lips as she finished tidying his diaper area up and readjusting one tab, he ate her out from behind, noting suddenly that he was amazingly turned on at even the slight pressure of the diaper against his skin, and the wafted smell of her sex in his face. With a plunge of his tongue he redoubled his efforts, wanting to give to her the same satisfaction he’d felt himself. He licked up and down her slit, and finally took the same hand he’d used to finger her before and slid the same two fingers into her from behind.

Kelly stood frozen in the same position, straddling his face on the couch, seeing in front of her the incredible sight of her boyfriend wearing a thick Abena diaper, and lapping at her sex with a need, a desire she’d never felt from him before. She knew, then, that however the bet ended, she would never be happy with normal sex alone again. Diapers, now more than ever before, were a turn-on for her. And seeing her boyfriend’s cock starting, only perhaps two minutes after having come, to harden inside his diaper (the word alone attributed to what he was wearing in her mind made her close to climax) was too much for her.

As his fingers and tongue probed deep inside her, and as she stared at the white undergarment on his crotch, Kelly climaxed in a wave, dropping from her more seated position to almost lying flat against him as she orgasmed. For what felt like minutes she sat there, his fingers and tongue teasing her, extending her orgasm, as she grasped onto him for support on the narrow couch seat.

When she finally felt she could tolerate no more, she pulled herself away, and with a grin saw the wetness and juices she’d left upon his face when she stood back up.

With a smile that could win the hearts of any man alive, standing on wobbling legs and with sweat dripping down her body, and her cum dripping from her sex, she bent over and retrieved a diaper from the pack, before turning back to face Ryan.

“Now it’s my turn for a change.”

Chapter 2: Rules and Regulations

Eric’s first night diapered had begun with a climax, literally and figuratively. Having the night start so quickly and sexually left him…uncertain, really, of how to best move forward. After all, here he was, wearing a relatively thick adult diaper while his long-time girlfriend cuddled next to him in her own diaper on the couch, and yet despite the strangeness of the situation his mind was far more focused on the physical sensations of Kelly than anything about his underwear: The warmth of her head resting along his chest, the slight tickle he felt when she moved and her hair dragged along his stomach. The only sensation he really noticed from the diaper was the unusual warmth and softness encasing him within his new undergarments.

Each moment that he sat there, wondering what to say next, how to proceed with this strange agreement and what he might be able to do to tap into that unusually intense, extreme erotic energy that Kelly seemed to be practically bursting with at the moment, was confusing. Contrastingly, Kelly seemed entirely comfortable sitting in her diaper, cuddling on the couch, with the TV on. She didn’t ask for anything, she didn’t move, and didn’t seem to be acting like anything was amiss, or different. It wasn’t until almost an hour had passed since she’d been diapered and they’d returned to watching TV that the situation changed. She seemed content and peaceful in a way that Eric rather envied, and at some unconscious level reminded him that being diapered, for whatever reason, was how Kelly liked feeling best.

He didn’t want to admit it, but her laying across his stomach and chest, as well as the drink he’d had with dinner, left him with a slowly growing need to pee. Sliding his arm from around Kelly, Eric pulled himself into a more comfortable seating position and started to hoist himself off the couch. Kelly responded by wrapping her arms around him, and in a sort of play-fight position pulled him back to the couch. “Kelly?” Eric asked, confused.

“Don’t go!” she whined at him, playfully. “I can tell you need to pee. But we agreed, diapers.”

Eric knew he’d agreed, but it hadn’t been a fully-conscious choice to stand: It was a habit. He needed to urinate, so he was going to go to the bathroom. When Kelly reminded him that his bathroom was now well-attached to his waist, he settled back onto the couch and stared at her, an eyebrow raised skeptically. “So…I just…let it go, then? On the couch?” The words coming from his mouth sounded alien, and the idea itself, of just letting go seemed entirely foreign. It was a strange combination of dirty, guilty, and yet exciting? He knew he wasn’t interested in diapers like she was, but the idea still left him feeling strange…maybe, he quietly thought to himself, because his first association with diapers had been the incredible blowjob he’d gotten from Kelly. Starting the evening like that had left him with some very positive diaper-related associations.

Kelly stared back, her eyes rather conniving and devious. With a wicked smile she nodded, slowly. “Yep. That’s the deal we made, letting it go here on the couch.”

Eric furrowed his brow, and tried to lay back and get comfortable. “It’s fine. I don’t really have to go badly, anyway.” He wasn’t lying, though the sensation wasn’t as minor as he was attempting to imply.

Kelly responded to this statement by poking him in the side near his kidney. “No, no, no! You agreed we’d unpotty train. That means not holding it.” She pointed a finger towards his groin. “No holding it, and you have to do the same unpotty training I do, or it won’t be even between us. You agreed.” Her voice was unusually plaintive, like she was trying to remind him of something he should already know.

Eric, however, hadn’t fully grasped what the idea of ‘untraining’ meant. So, he tried to clarify. “So…I can’t hold it in, then? Completely let loose, whenever?”

Kelly nodded and sat herself up now, turning on the couch to face him. “Yeah. If you’re really going to do this…” she let her voice trail off, waiting for confirmation. Eric nodded, and shrugged his shoulders noncommittally, seemingly to signal his agreement. When he did this, a bright smile shot across her face and Kelly launched into a surprisingly well-thought out explanation.

“Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this for a while now…and I mean, I didn’t think you’d be doing it too, but if we’re going to do it together, you should do everything I do, right? Sound fair?” Again Eric nodded, allowing her to continue. “Right, and that means following this little program I found online. A sort of diaper training thing, like, you know, unpotty training program or whatever.” She held up her hands and ticked fingers off to make a list. “First, you wear diapers 24/7 except when you’re in the shower, or getting changed.” She ticked off the first finger. “Next, you let go, no muscle control. Basically, you don’t even try to pee, you just let it go completely. I’m not saying you go potty whenever you feel the need, I’m saying you let it happen and don’t use your muscles at all.” Though the word ‘potty’ made Eric feel suddenly more conflicted about what he’d agreed to, he said nothing as she ticked off her second finger. “Third, and this is a big one, we are going to listen to some tapes at night, because the websites I’ve found say it helps you unpotty train faster. We just have these tapes running as we sleep and it helps us unpotty train, with like hypnosis.” This didn’t bother Eric either, since he knew enough to doubt that hypnosis worked at all, much less on someone who wasn’t actually going to want it to work. Despite the claims of magicians and stage shows, most hypnosis was hokem, and particularly the stuff you could find online seemed doubtful at best. So, he nodded at this and signaled Kelly to tick off yet another finger. “Finally, and this is probably going to be a hard one, you have to get comfortable and redefine yourself as unpotty trained. Like, if you’re in a wet diaper, and you feel the need to pee, you can’t choose to not go, because you aren’t allowed to think about it like that. You just let go, and if you leak, it happens. Or, if you went to the doctor, you’d tell them you were incontinent or something, because it’s important you don’t stop wearing diapers when you’re unpotty training. You know, you don’t want to train yourself while you’re untraining.

At the end of the speech, with this last point being presented, Eric felt the natural walls in his brain go up: It was one thing to indulge Kelly’s fantasy to prove her wrong about unpotty training, and to prove to her that maybe really wearing diapers 24/7 might not be fun… that made sense. But seeing yourself that way? Letting yourself leak, or agreeing to define himself as incontinent? That…that felt somehow different. He opened his mouth to admit his concerns when Kelly held up her hand to shut him up.

“Now, I know that probably sounds crazy, babe. I mean…I really do.” Eric had to admit that, yes, it did sound rather crazy. But, after a long time of knowing she was into diapers, and her asking him about it so honestly, so passionately…it didn’t seem as crazy as it might have a year ago. In fact, he admitted to himself sheepishly, the weirdest part was how her referring to him as ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ made him feel so infantile now that he was diapered.

He shook himself back to attention as she continued her explanation. “And I know this all is something you’re doing for me, not for you, and I’m asking a lot of you right now, so I was thinking for the last hour or so about how I could make this something we can both enjoy, and I think I figured it out.” She scooted herself closer to Eric, and placed a hand on his shoulder. She leaned close, and lightly kissed him on the cheek, before whispering the rest of her plan to him. “So I say…for as long as you try this without cheating, this summer, I’ll treat you…” she paused for a minute and kissed his neck gently, “like…” she kissed him again, and through his diaper ran her hand over his cock, “a king.” She kissed his neck and nibbled lightly at his ear before pulling back and putting now both hands on his shoulders, staring intently into his eyes. Inwardly, she hid a smile. ‘Like a king,’ she thought to herself, ‘or a baby, being taken care of. But what boy doesn’t want to be taken care of, and made to feel special? He’ll love it.’

Seeing the look of interest on his face, and the raised eyebrow that indicated his willingness to hear her out, she tried to clarify herself and repeated her sincerity. “I mean it, too. This is a big favor, a big request that I know you’re probably not a fan of, so I will reward you back for going through with it. That means sex on your terms, that means me taking care of all the chores around the apartment, that means you choosing our movies, our food, whatever you want. Anything that isn’t just downright crazy, if you ask for it while you’re doing this with me, you get it. I mean it.”

The notion of having Kelly agree to anything he said sounded pretty spectacular, though it did send off a few alarms in his head when she declared her promise to him. He openly admitted as much as he stated, “Well…now I’m worried, because you wouldn’t be saying this unless you really thought I was going to hate it.” The paranoid part of his brain made the connection between her making a big promise like she was and the associated ‘strings’ of the promise. When she agreed to move in, she’d made him agree to accept and try to come to terms with her fetish. It was a trade, relatively equal: He accommodated her desires while she accommodated his. Now, though, she was talking about making his every wish come true, without question, for months on end. That implied, then, that he would be giving up something she thought he’d value equally…or that he’d dislike equally. The thought of her doing everything for him sounded nice on paper, but the agreement was so strange, so far beyond what they were used to bargaining and arguing about that Eric couldn’t help but be somewhat worried.

Kelly tried to assuage his fears, explaining, “No, nothing like that, honey. It’s just…well, I know that the diapers always sort of put you off, and I appreciated you being fool about it before. But…but this is something I’ve had to deal with since I was really young. I never even thought I’d find a guy who would tolerate my fetish, much less agree to try unpotty training, or doing a challenge like this with me. And you agreed that if I lost control, you’d let me go full-time diapered, right? But, if you don’t unpotty train with me, then you might doubt me, and…god, this is so hard to explain. What I mean is, I want to do this stuff for you. I really WANT to.” Her voice got louder and more confident as she explained, “Because if you actually do this with me, if you tolerate it for a month, and experience why I like it, then maybe I wouldn’t feel like such a bad girlfriend for wanting to do something you don’t seem to be into?  It’s like…in my head, it feels like if I can convince you to do this with me, then I won’t have to worry about you hating me for having this fetish in the future.”

Eric didn’t quite understand, but the tone of voice, and the surprisingly self-hating language she used won him over. He reached out back to her and pulled Kelly into a tight embrace. “Kelly…I don’t hate you for liking diapers, or wanting to try this. I mean, yeah, I won’t pretend I’m used to it, or it seems normal, but I don’t hate you. I don’t think I could hate you, really. So…yeah, fine. I’ll do this with you. Even with your rules, I’ll agree to it. But can I ask one question, just to make sure I understand?”

Kelly nodded, and pulled back. “I…of course, babe. Anything.”

Eric smiled nervously and pulled a hand over to massage his own shoulder as he awkwardly asked, “This is just for, you know, peeing, right? Like…I can still go to the bathroom for, like, other stuff?”

Kelly laughed aloud quickly, then covered her mouth. “Oh my god! Yes, I totally thought you understood. No, I mean, it’s fine to go to the bathroom if you want to, and I don’t plan to use the diapers for that stuff either. But…but if we’re out somewhere and I did use the diaper, like, for number two….would that be too much for you? I’m not saying you have to change me, or take care of me, or whatever, I can take care of myself…but would it gross you out too much to handle?”

Honestly, Eric thought it might be too much for him, but tried to phrase his honest answer as nicely as well as nonspecifically as possible. “Babe, I can’t say it doesn’t weird me out more, but I’ll be as supportive as possible throughout this whole situation. For a month, then, unpotty training.” As they always did when making one of their bargains, he held out a pinky for a pinky swear.

Kelly held back. “I thought you agreed to two months, before. Like, until we move to the city.”

Eric decided to agree, but with a caveat. “Fine then. Until we move, whether that’s one month or two. Does THAT sound fair?”

Kelly nodded and offered her pinky, locking with his and nodding, rather comically solemn. Then, without warning, she shoved herself over and pushed Eric back onto his back, lying down on the couch.  Laying on top of him, she placed on elbow underneath herself to prop herself up, and placed the other on top of his diaper, and gave him an entreating look. “So…does that mean you start now, then?”

Eric didn’t know how to let go in this position, but he nodded and tried to relax. However, the position on his back, facing up, and with his girlfriend in a bra and diaper on top of him left him unable to pee, and after around 30 seconds of awkward silence he admitted that to Kelly, who scrunched up her face looking disappointed, and crawled back off of him. She then hopped to  the floor and pulled Eric into a standing position, and put her hands around his shoulders as they stood, facing each other. In his head, Eric found amusement as his hands went to her hips, and he felt like he was standing in a middle-school dancing position. He swayed his hips, dancing almost, when Kelly explained, “No, not dancing. Peeing. You need to learn to get used to letting go lying down, but for now you can try it standing up, if it’s easier.”

Eric nodded, and closed his eyes, trying his hardest to relax his muscles enough to pee.  Again, after several seconds, he felt nothing, but standing with his arms around Kelly, he kept going, kept trying. After a few seconds, he felt a slight pressure growing in his groin, almost like his need to pee was growing. Then, he felt it, the slight pressure that signaled the pee was coming. After several more quiet seconds, a light stream began in his diaper, and he was instantly shocked at the sensation of warmth, and spreading heat in his groin. Contrary to what he expected, it felt only warm, not wet, or disgusting as he feared. When he opened his eyes, he found Kelly staring at his crotch with a rapt look of excitement on her face.

When she raised her eyes to his, he saw a look of anxious happiness on her face that he didn’t understand, until she leaned close and murmured, “Well…I know you might be in a wet diaper, but I promise you aren’t the only one wet right now.”

He broke the mood accidentally when he asked, “So can I get changed now?”

With a laugh, Kelly answered, “I mean, I won’t stop you, but it’s probably a waste to get changed after just one small wetting, and so quickly. If you’re going to do this, you’re going to need to get used to a lot more than that.” She then plopped back onto the couch, and patted the seat next to her for Eric to sit in.

He plopped to the couch, and found Kelly’s hands guiding him to lie down, with his head in her lap. It was unusual, since she tended to cuddle up to him instead of vice-versa, but he went with it, knowing this evening was likely just the start of the changes in their relationship. As she turned the TV back on and restarted Netflix playing, he found himself admitting, rather unexpectedly, that lying on her lap, with a warm, slightly used diaper around his waist, was a surprisingly comfortable position to be in.

* * *

Two hours after setting up the ground-rules, Kelly finally had to pee. She quickly relaxed, and with the previous practice she’d had in diapers (including the wearing-at-work experience she didn’t think Eric knew about) she was able to wet. She decided, quite quickly, that she was going to tell Eric, who was still lying with his head on her thigh. When she looked down, however, she found her boyfriend asleep, apparently not sufficiently interested in the movie to stay awake.

It occurred to Kelly then that Eric had gone along with her request much more easily than she’d have expected: He was not only comfortable wearing a diaper, but he seemed fine to use it, and had gone along with several aspects of the agreement she hadn’t expected him to assent to, such as listening to the hypnosis files at night, agreeing to wear full-time, and even to trying to at least inwardly define himself as incontinent. All of what he’d agreed to, she felt, was a loving gesture on his part: His way of saying that, if she cared about diapers, he’d give it a good try.

Consequently, she was feeling rather good about how the situation had played out, and how Eric had responded, and decided to do something nice to show her sincerity about trying to make his life ‘better’ and ‘do whatever he wanted’ while he went along with the diapering. She’d never have admitted it aloud, but another reason she wanted to do so much for Eric was because she hoped that by making his life happy, fun, and easy, he would start to associate diapers with the same comfort, excitement, and joy she felt when wearing them. It was, she tried hard not to admit to herself, her own sort of attempt at Pavlovian conditioning.

And when she noticed that his skin felt slightly cool to the touch, she decided to cover him with a blanket, trying carefully to extricate herself from their position and put a pillow under his head without waking him.

This failed.

Instead, she managed to move her thigh, have Eric’s head fall to the couch, and immediately after, have him jerk awake, fall off the couch completely, and look around confusedly for several seconds. When he spoke, it was with a confused and irritated voice which immediately asked, “What the…where…fuck?”

The image of her boyfriend wrapped up in the blanket, on his hands in knees in a wet diaper and looking around confused was too amusing for Kelly to pass up on, and she immediately burst into guffaws.

Eric, to his credit, responded nicely enough, pulling himself back to the couch and staring grumpily at Kelly without saying anything else. He started to settle back into a sleeping position, ready to fall back asleep, when Kelly reminded him of his state with a quick query. “So…do you want a change now, babe?”

Eric, in a rush remembering his situation and noticing the cool feeling of the now long-wet diaper, nodded and stood up awkwardly, shuffling towards the bathroom.

Deciding now was as good a time as any to start trying to increase Eric’s enjoyment of being diapered, Kelly followed after him unhooking her bra while he faced away from her. She stopped only long enough to pick up the pack of diapers, lotion, and powder and carried the whole mess into their bedroom, where she shut off the light while Eric walked himself into their shared bathroom.

“Babe? The lights?” he asked, confused. He heard a shuffling sound, and quickly found Kelly’s reaching hands reaching for his diaper in the dark. He started to protest, saying, “I can change myself, I guess I need to figure out how to change and-“ but was cut off before finishing his statement when Kelly pressed against him, her soft breasts and warm breath warming and exciting him.

“Kelly bean?” he asked, using his private nickname for her. Normally, after the sort of session they’d had that afternoon, Kelly might not want sex again for a day or two. It wasn’t that she didn’t like sex, it was just that he liked it far more often, and she was normally willing to indulge him often, but rarely so soon after both he and she had cum that afternoon.

Deciding to go with it, he reached for the wall and flipped on the bathroom light switch. When he noticed that she was in her own very wet diaper, and saw his reflection diapered in the mirror, he was quickly reminded that however fun her behavior was, it came with a sort of ‘price’. He didn’t hate the idea of wearing diapers, but it was still new, and strange to him. Nonetheless, he went along with it when Kelly pushed him backwards, stepping into the shower. When she reached for his waist, he froze, hoping she’d go immediately for his cock, already starting to rise, but instead was disappointed when she went for the sides of his hips, and started to undo the diaper.

She stopped, and asked, “Does my li’l guy need to make potty, before we remove his diaper?”

Eric didn’t like the baby-talk, but found himself too focused on the idea of her hands on him, or the potential for shower-sex to say anything but, “Er, I’m fine.”

She brought her finger to his face and tapped him on the nose. “Is baby sure? I know babies can’t always tell when they need to use the potty.”

Again, Eric found her words strange and unusual, but going along with it simply smiled and tried to relax, closing his eyes. The problem was, with his growing erection, he couldn’t pee, and after a mere 5 seconds said as much. “Well…I might have to, but I don’t think I can right now, if you know what I mean?”

Kelly nodded and then ripped the diaper off him in a single jerk, tearing the tapes at the sides and tossing the diaper to the floor outside the shower itself. She then slowly undid her own diaper, and tossed it behind her, before bending down in front of Eric, rubbing her ass against his groin as she did so, turning on the water. “Well maybe after baby gets clean he can go potty,” she teased, drawing the shower curtain as she turned the now-hot water on in the shower.

For the next several minutes, they kissed and reached around each other in the shower, letting the warm water drip down their skin. Their lovemaking didn’t progress until rather suddenly, Kelly slipped in the shower when she tried to wrap one leg around Eric’s.

Her slip pulled her down, though he managed to catch her before she hurt herself. Lowering her to the shower floor, they laughed at the strangeness of their situation. From her seated position, Kelly had a good position to grab Eric by his member and started to slowly work her hand up and down his shaft.

Eric responded with quaking legs and for a moment he thought he might slip as well, which led to him kneeling in the shower and pulling Kelly back to a standing position. She tried to pull him down, but when he gave her a look and placed one hand on her right hip, turning her slightly so she was in a sort of crawling position, she understood.  Getting up, and placing her hands on the back shower wall, she looked over her shoulder and seductively bit her lip.

Eric immediately took the hint and placed one hand on each hip, and slowly guided himself to her slit, running his cock up and down slowly but forcefully. Kelly let out an involuntary moan, which turned to a near-squeal when Eric pressed himself an inch into her, her own juices and the water of the shower making her slick, and her own excitement and the position leaving her panting in mere seconds.

Eric pushed himself, inch by inch into her until his pubic bone met her ass, and then held himself there, trying to control himself. The sensation, the sexuality of the day, and the shower sex (something he adored and felt was far too infrequent in their relationship) made him feel overwhelmed, and he had to hold still to avoid climaxing too quickly. He inwardly cursed himself for not having a condom, though he knew Kelly was on birth control. He still preferred a condom to keep himself excited for longer, something he’d never been willing to admit to Kelly aloud.

Still, once he regained his composure, he found himself able to keep going, and he took a deep breath as he drew himself out, slowly, and took a firm grip of Kelly’s hips.  She turned back to look at him and said, her voice breathy and tight, “See what good fun comes with wearing diapers?”

Eric, who would normally have found her comment strange, couldn’t help but admit that even a few hours in diapers had been titillating and exciting, and it definitely left Kelly more excited than he was normally accustomed to. He responded back, his own voice higher pitched and excited, “If it’s like this all the time, I’m going to enjoy myself.”

He was frozen, his cock pressed perhaps an inch inside her, as Kelly responded with a laugh and by turning back to the wall. “Oh baby,” she cooed at him, “you are in for a treat.” She proceeded to pump herself back and forth against him, leaving Eric to simply brace himself against the shower wall and try to control himself. She was so hot, tight, and, he admitted it, wonderful smelling. The scent of her sex, her juices and the clean smell of the shower left him enraptured at the smell. In a split-second decision, he found himself smacking her right ass cheek once, like a light spanking. Kelly gasped and then increased her speed, pumping back and forth hard against Eric with louder moans now escaping her lips.

“Oh, baby,” she gasped breathily, “I…I know we don’t…but, fuck, just spank me.” She bounced back and forth, trying and failing to stifle the moans and squeals escaping her lips as she neared her own orgasm.

It wasn’t their normal behavior, and spanking wasn’t something they’d done before, but Eric went along with gusto. He slapped her on the rear again, and called at her, “Oh, god Kelly, keep going.”

She responded by slightly slowing the pace, a sure-fire sign she was nearing her orgasm as she pulled one arm from the wall and grasped her own wet, bouncing breasts. In a burst, Eric felt her orgasm rip through her, the quivering of her vagina and the sudden moans of ecstasy bringing him close to the brink as well. Still, he held on, making sure to keep pumping once Kelly stopped her own motion, knowing that each deep stroke furthered and prolonged her climax.

After several long seconds, her knees quivered and she leaned back off the wall, while Eric threw his hands around her and supported her as she finished her orgasm. He kept pumping, her arched back and quivering flesh exciting him further. The sight of her, spent and exhausted from her own climax brought him to the edge of his own, and he slowed himself, finishing inside of her as she reached a hand behind her and pulled his face towards hers for a kiss. From their position, he managed only to kiss her neck, which she responded to with excitement, and after several seconds he was spent. He slowly pulled out of her, and she turned to face him.

She grabbed his face with both her hands and he wrapped his arms around her, planting kiss after kiss on her lips, sharing breath as the gasped and panted in shared bliss.

Almost reflexively, Kelly then reached her hand down and grasped Eric’s shaft, wringing the last spasms of orgasm from him with her wet, gentle hands.

When they both regained their breath, they simply held each other close for several seconds, their breath slowing, though their kissing never stopped. Eventually, Kelly reached for the washcloth hanging from the rack under the shower head and quickly cleaned herself and Eric, paying special attention to their diaper areas.

Perhaps fortunately, she was almost completely shaved already, as she preferred the way she looked shaved, while Eric was tightly trimmed, with only a light stubble of hair anywhere remaining on his crotch, something Kelly had suggested he start doing as she found it the most exciting look for her personal favor.

When she decided they were both clean, she took Eric’s hand and led him out of the shower. She tossed him a towel, which Eric decided to use on her instead of on himself. Slowly and lovingly, he toweled his girlfriend dry, kneeling down to dry off her legs for a minute. Stealing a quick kiss, he knelt into her sex, and planted a single long kiss, ending in a lick across her labia before standing and wrapping the tower behind her and pulling her close with it.

Kelly spoke first, telling him, “So, this is sort of the last chance to back out now…if you diaper up tonight, I expect you to at least last a month before chickening out, baby.”

Eric responded with a grin, and began toweling himself dry as he backed off. “I…I guess I’m in, then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this…excited before. And really, you’re turning me on more now than I can remember since we first got together. You’re like an animal, Kelly Bean. Really. It’s….incredible. But, I gotta say…not so sure on the baby talk thing. Not sure it’s for me.”

Kelly gave a mock-pouting look and admitted, “But…Kelly bean likes to talk cute with her baby.”

Eric started to protest again, starting, “And calling me babe is a lot different than baby, you know. I’m not so sure-“

Kelly cut him off leaning in and kissing him on the mouth to shut him up. Throwing her arms over his shoulders and pulling him close she admitted, “I know, and it’s a conscious decision…but unless you feel strongly about it, I kind of find it…fun? Is that OK, baby?”

Eric scrunched his brow and screwed his face into a serious look but found himself nodding, almost unconsciously. “Fine, fine,” he assented, “If you’re into it, I guess I can get used to it.” ‘Which, I guess is sort of the theme of the month, apparently’ he concluded to himself.

With a twirl and a dash out of the bathroom, Kelly called back over her shoulder, “Now you get in here and lie down on the bed, mister. Until I teach you how to diaper yourself, I’m in charge of your changing. I’ll toss the used diapers out from the bathroom once we’re clean, but for now you march your butt in here!”

With a sarcastic over-the-top sigh and a roll of his eyes, Eric followed into the bedroom, momentarily thinking to himself that so far, every diaper change had been pretty spectacular. He didn’t even notice, for example, that within a single day, the thought of changing into a diaper went from strange and alien to rather…exciting.

He laid down on the bed and kicked his feet into the air so Kelly could diaper him and laid back with a smile on his face. ‘Maybe,’ he thought inwardly, ‘this isn’t going to be that bad.’

Chapter 3: Adjustments

Because Eric had already fallen asleep wearing his diaper on Kelly’s lap, she assumed that going to bed that night would be easy for both of them. However, when Eric got into bed that night, she heard him restlessly flipping over, adjusting, and the added sound of his diaper constantly crinkling made his discomfort particularly noticeable. After nearly twenty restless, silent minutes Kelly flipped over and faced Eric and found that he was staring straight back at her, a pensive look on his face.

“What?” she asked, apprehensive.

Eric responded slowly, “I…I guess I just don’t think this is comfortable, or whatever.” His added ‘or whatever’ told Kelly more than anything else. He was thinking….a lot. Probably more than he was letting on.

“Well…I was going to wait until we got used to sleeping like this, but the hypnosis tapes I have are really good at helping me get tired and comfy. Like, they walk you through the whole ‘getting sleepy’ thing?” She saw no response from Eric and continued, “If you want, I could put them on?”

Eric didn’t think that would really help, since the tapes would be just another reminder of his diapered state. Now that he wasn’t actively getting pampered or turned on…the diapers felt strange. Large. Hard to sleep in. But he had agreed to try this for Kelly, and was extremely confident that it wasn’t going to work anyway, so he knew he just needed to be patient for a few weeks and he’d be able to prove himself to her and maybe even get out of the diapering-related sex stuff she liked if she agreed. So, with a long-suffering sigh he assented. “I mean, sure. If you want.”

Kelly flipped out of bed and slid over to the bookcase on the wall, where her speakers were and plugged her phone in. A moment later, in a voice quiet enough not to likely be heard by neighbors (or if heard, would hopefully be completely indistinct) but loud enough for both Kelly and Eric to hear, the recording started.

Kelly came back to bed, and slid next to Eric. Normally when they slept, they tended to face opposite sides and didn’t cuddle up much. This was purely to stay comfortable temperatures, since Eric tended to burn like a furnace overnight and didn’t need Kelly’s extra heat, and Kelly didn’t always like feeling as warm as she did when Eric was so close.

Tonight, however, as she started the recording, she pulled him close, and almost forced him onto his back to a new position. He normally slept on his side, but she expected some of his discomfort would be magnified by the diaper between his legs on his side, and secretly hoped that getting him to sleep face-up might improve his feelings. Also, with him facing up, she could more easily nestle into the crook of his arm and use Eric as a pillow. Since she wasn’t wearing her normal pajama pants over her diaper, and Eric was wearing a diaper instead of boxers and shorts, she expected they’d be colder anyhow and might be comfortable together.

Eric said nothing as she climbed into the bed again, but made sure to lift his arm when she came close and pulled her in tight. After a brief pause, he reminded her, “You know I love you, right? Diapers and all?”

Kelly looked up at him in the dark, the light of the alarm clock next to the speakers just barely illuminating him well enough to see and nodded, draping her hair gently across his chest. “I know. And I really appreciate all of this.” She kissed his chest. “Really.”

Eric squeezed her gently with one arm and nodded, before closing his eyes completely and listening to the tape as it droned quietly on.

He did his best to listen, though he didn’t seem to realize that Kelly was ignoring the tape. She, who had listened to it unsuccessfully before saw it more as background noise than anything else, while his entire attention was focused on the new words, and suggestions, and commands. And as it spoke to him, quietly, telling him to lay back, and relax, to feel the comfort and warmth of his diaper, the way it felt on him and the way it made him feel secure, loved, and safe, he had to admit to himself that

the tapes did seem rather effective at helping him relax. He fell asleep just as the tape got to the section beyond the main induction, where it had begun to tell him, ‘Today, you realize that you are not able to go without diapers. You want them, and more importantly you need them. You might be able to hold yourself if you tried, but you know in your heart that you need diapers in case you ever have an accident, or a problem.’

The tape went on and on as Eric fell asleep, leaving only Kelly awake huddled into his warm chest, wondering if what she was asking of her boyfriend was acceptable, and OK with her. She knew that if she went through a month of this, she might not be untrained, but she’d be a lot more dependent on diapers than before, and she was worried that Eric might be more dependent than he realized. She had no illusions about him becoming incontinent: Unless he was incredibly suggestible to the hypnosis files, almost unbelievably so, extremely devoted to the untraining, and completely redefining himself as incontinent, she doubted he’d even notice a difference in his continence after a month or so. But…she also knew that there were things people mentioned online that were worth worrying about. For example, the several posts she saw that explained how being ‘incontinent’ and ‘diaper dependent’ were entirely different. Posts about how breaking the diaper habit once it started was harder than people realized…and how more often than not, the hypnosis tapes just made people feel scared without diapers instead of reliant on them, teaching them not to be incontinent but simply worried about accidents more than anything else.

These thoughts filled her head until she noticed a slight crinkle, not from her own diaper, but from Eric’s. Even a few minutes into sleep, apparently listening to the tape far more than she was, she saw in the extremely dim light of the room that he seemed to have an erection in his diaper.

With a sudden smile and sense of relief, she realized she was worrying for nothing. ‘It’s fine,’ she thought to herself. ‘He agreed to it because he was really willing to try it. Probably. I guess. And if I treat him great, and I teach him to think of the fun he’s having and diapers together…even if the month or two end and I don’t feel any potty untraining success, at least then he might be more comfortable with it. Yeah, that’d be nice.’

Deciding that her own worries were something for her to think of tomorrow and to worry less about in general, she finally closed her eyes completely and listened as the tape droned on, telling her, ‘Tomorrow, you will find that whenever you feel the urge to pee, you let it go. It will be almost unconscious, almost natural. And as the days go on, and you listen to this and the other tapes, you will find yourself becoming more and more comfortable being diapered, and will define yourself more and more as incontinent and diaper-dependent.’

Chapter 4: Kelly’s Decision

The next morning, Kelly woke up in a dry diaper. She hated that feeling, because however many times she’d listened to tapes, drunk enormous amounts of water, and simply wished to herself that she could wet the bed, she never did. She had hoped, naively and entirely aware of the fact that it was unlikely, that somehow making the conscious decision to move to being diapered full-time would make her effectively incontinent, or at least a bedwetter. Instead, it had little real effect other than drastically changing how she interacted with Eric.

For example, most mornings if she’d woken up ahead of Eric, she’d have quietly slipped out of bed and gone to the bathroom before getting herself together for work, or a real day. Instead, today she simply peed into her diaper, and found herself staring, thoughtfully, at her boyfriend. She ran through a great many quick thoughts in her head, and found herself wondering why she was so very excited about his participation in this little experiment. It was, strangely enough, not something she’d fully intended beforehand, but now…

The truth was, she found herself more excited about Eric wearing diapers than she was about wearing them herself. That isn’t to say she didn’t love wearing diapers, but somehow the whole idea of him diapered and especially becoming diaper dependent sent a shiver straight down her spine and into her clit. It was like a jolt of extreme stimulation just imagining him having an actual accident, or asking her to change his diaper. After spending an entire lifetime mentally wishing she herself were incontinent, or at least diapered full-time, it was strange that she now felt that her boyfriend being in diapers was just as thrilling, if not moreso, than finding herself wearing full-time.

With these thoughts running through her head, she found herself absentmindedly patting his diapered butt in bed, and being remarkably discouraged by the fact that he was dry. When he rustled and rolled over, opening his eyes and squinting sleepily at her, she found herself rather overwhelmed with how wonderful it felt to wake up her diapered boyfriend, and found herself stating, immediately, “Remember to let go of your bladder, babe!” as soon as she noticed he was awake.

Eric awoke relatively confused and was startled when the first thing he felt was a soft sort of poke on…his diapered butt? And immediately afterwards, he was told to empty his bladder in bed. None of it made sense to him since he was just waking up, but somehow he found that he was immediately able to release his bladder and let go into the awaiting diaper. He was about 2/3rds of the way done peeing before his mind woke enough for him to remember exactly why he was diapered, and what was going on.

As a result of his confusion, he ended up simply mumbling back at Kelly, “Wait…diaper….butt…what?”

Kelly found his confusion endearing, and tried to change her mind over to other topics, but instead found as she stared at her sleepy, confused boyfriend that the idea of him staying in his diaper continued to occupy her mind. So, she decided to act on it and loudly stated, “Today is going to be a good day to get back to real life and see if we can’t get used to the whole wearing thing, right?”

With that, she popped out of bed, scooted towards the shower, and called back over her shoulder, “And remember not to get changed yet! I’ll take care of you. You just relax in bed and I’ll be right back!”

With that, she headed into the shower, and as quietly and discreetly as she could masturbated in the shower in the hope that maybe if her body was sated, her mind might be able to think about something other than her boyfriend, his diapers, and their agreed upon plan to wear for the summer.

* * *

In the end, Kelly’s plan failed. Her mind, in the shower, did move from his diapers to her own, but only because she was busy thinking about one of her favorite fantasies (of her being forced into diapers and having her potty training undone by some strange, convoluted scheme…something she knew was impossible, but nonetheless made for exciting sexual fantasy). In the end, after she orgasmed, her mind returned to thoughts of Eric, and what she might do with him in the coming weeks and months of their little experiment.

Her thoughts crystallized as she washed her hair and she knew that, if she was really going to be going for her (somewhat honest and somewhat dishonest) plan, she’d need to make him first comfortable in diapers, second more dependent on her, and third unaware of how much progress he was making. The trick, she knew from her reading and research, was not to make him intentionally peeing constantly, but rather to train him to not think about it, until it was second nature. It wasn’t a matter of using the diapers intentionally, but rather not even considering using anything else.

And so, she put forth her own plan. Starting today, not only would she be catering to her boyfriends’ needs, and going through all the untraining he was doing, but she’d be intentionally trying to make him so accustomed and comfortable and reliant on diapers that he would be scared of accidents out of diapers. She didn’t have to really make him incontinent, she realized…she just needed him to feel like not wearing diapers wasn’t an option, and then effective incontinence would follow.

By the time she was out of the shower, Kelly had a plan in mind. It wasn’t something she felt good about doing…after all, Eric had agreed to try diapers on his own, and while she knew he wasn’t particularly interested in letting her wear long-term, or at least she suspected he might have doubts, she couldn’t help but feel guilty knowing that her own plan would be against his wishes.

As she toweled off, making sure to be as dry as possible in her diaper-area before she got redressed, she weighed the mixed feelings: Did she want to see her boyfriend in a diaper long-term more than she worried about being dishonest? Should she just let the diaper-training time he had already agreed to take effect? Or did she really, really want this enough to risk his own happiness and continence for her own desires?

After re-diapering in the bathroom and slinking back into the bedroom to see Eric once again completely asleep, facedown and in a very obviously wet diaper, her mind was made up. She decided, for certain, that whatever she did, she would try to make sure Eric’s wellbeing was first. He was adorable, and to her more attractive than ever lying diapered in bed, wet and oblivious to how cute he looked. She felt a pang of guilt at the thought of tricking him, but was able to reconcile her guilt when she realized, ‘If he really doesn’t want it to happen, he’ll take the diaper off and retrain himself at the end of the summer anyhow. I…I mean, I’m not FORCING him to do anything, really. I’m just going to treat him extra nice, and extra sweet, and he already agreed to do whatever diaper training I was doing…so, as long as I do it with him, it really isn’t unfair, or anything. Right?’

She still felt guilty, but as she leaned over his sleeping form, reaching down to push a lock of hair out of his face, she was able to make a final, firm decision. Even if it wasn’t exactly what he was planning or agreeing to, he had agreed to do it with her. So, slight pangs of guilt or not…she decided that to the best of her ability, she would use conditioning, hypnosis tapes (even if there was no real proof they worked!) and her best feminine wiles to make sure her boyfriend stayed happy, adorable, and diapered as long as she could make it so.

Chapter 5: Implementation

Waking up again in the diaper he’d wet before Kelly went to shower was strange. Eric knew it was strange. He wanted to feel…uncomfortable. But with Kelly standing over him, her hand gently stroking the hair out of his face, and the warmth of his diaper surprisingly comfortable, Eric was torn. He knew this wasn’t part of his life plan, but Kelly had made the last day or two so happy, so comfortable that he didn’t really mind it.

And when she reached down, kissing him gently on the cheek and sliding herself on top of him over the covers, kissing slowly to wake him up, it was hard to remember that the diapers and all of this were supposed to be unpleasant. After all, Kelly was wearing a diaper, and nothing else…it wasn’t exactly sexy to him, seeing her in a diaper, but since she’d introduced him to them in their relationship, the sight had gone from strange to common, and he’d even noticed that the slight puff of her butt in the diapers, and the way she tended to occasionally slide her hand to her crotch in excitement made them a bit attractive, in their own way.

Underneath Kelly, he rolled from his side to his back and wrapped his arms around her, the covers and diapers the only separation between them. He kissed back and looked up at her with a groggy smile. “Morning, babe.”

She responded with a look of surprisingly intensive thinking, and then a slightly delayed kiss. “Hey,” she responded with a flirty smile, “It’s your turn in the shower, if you want it.”

He nodded, and used his arms to roll her to the side. He was about to get out of bed and head to the shower when he felt her suddenly slide her own hand under the covers and grab the crotch of his diaper. He froze, uncertain whether she was simply confirming that he had wet like she’d told him to, or whether she was trying to initiate something else.

He still didn’t have her answer when she leaned close and breathed a surprisingly excited, “Who’s my wet boy this morning?” into his ear.

He turned and frowned at her slightly. “Me?” he asked with a voice of uncertainty, still trying to identify if she was being flirty of motherly. He got his answer when her hand slid into his diaper.

At first, he wanted to pull her hand out…after all, the diaper was used, and in his mind that was particularly unsanitary. He knew the diaper had wicked away the moisture and he knew it wasn’t necessarily gross, but he didn’t seem to think of anything she was doing as normal. Particularly not when she responded to him with a shushing gesture with her remaining hand, and when she began to stroke him, trying to make him hard in the diaper.

For her part, Kelly was thinking nothing of the sanitary nature of what she was doing, but was mulling over her earlier decision. ‘If her starts every diaper day with excitement’ she wondered to herself, ‘would that make him like them more?’ She knew it wouldn’t hurt to make her boyfriend think of diapers and sex together, though she doubted it would have any effect on his continence, at most maybe helping him to develop the same sort of fetish she already had about diapers. Still, she liked the almost helpless way he laid there, uncertain how to act in his diapered state. It was as if putting on diapers, something she knew about more than he did, put her in charge and she found that surprisingly tantalizing despite her normally submissive nature.

Eric felt himself growing hard beneath her hand and started to push her back, feeling uncomfortable with the diaper. “I’m wet,” he admitted awkwardly, thinking that would stop their morning tryst until after he’d showered.

It didn’t. Instead, she withdrew her hand, and put it over his, guiding it slowly down her body. She let his hand run slowly from her breasts to her navel, and then guided it slowly into her own diaper. “So am I,” she responded, “and I hope that doesn’t stop you.”

He felt the slight dampness of her arousal at her lips and went from a mild erection to an extremely strong one. He knew, then, that he wasn’t showering yet. But he couldn’t help but ask, “Kelly? Is…is all this just because I agreed to try diapers for you? I mean, the sex, the…everything?”

She stiffened at his question, uncertain how to respond. “I mean…” she searched for the right words to admit the truth or at least most of it without scaring him off. “would it really be so bad if it was?”

He shrugged, and started to pull his hand out of her diaper to talk. She responded but holding it there, and leaning in closer. “Baby,” she cooed at him, “I love you, and I love you for being willing to try something for me that I know you wouldn’t normally want to do. But is this all because of the diapers? No. It’s because I’m horny.” She rubbed herself slightly against his hand in her diaper, and felt the way his fingers naturally went to part her lips, to tease her slightly. With a sigh she breathed out as she closed her eyes, “And it’s because right now, me in a diaper, you in a diaper, all I want is to feel you inside of me, and to take care of you.” She grinded against his hand further, and reached out with the hand not holding his into her groin to pull him close for a kiss, whispering, “Now quiet down for mommy and let this happen, OK?”

Eric didn’t know how he felt about the ‘mommy’ line, but responded to her nonetheless, kissing back with a fierce passion. He felt strangely constricted with his erection in the diaper, especially now that it was wet and heavier, but it wasn’t an innately unpleasant pressure. It was…oddly reassuring. He also loved the way he could feel Kelly getting wetter by the minute, and the way she seemed so hot for him, grinding up against his hand. He gently stroked up and down her labial lips with two fingers while the middle finger slid gently inside of her, drawing a quick gasp of air from her mouth.

He loved the way she looked then, her eyes rolling up, her mouth open in ecstasy. He decided that whether or not the sex was diaper-induced, he liked it, and pulled himself close against her, rubbing his hard cock through the diaper up against her thigh as his hands started to explore further, fingers making gentle curls and ‘come-hither’ motions inside of her.

When he noticed she had started grinding harder against his hand, he knew she was getting close to orgasm. He intentionally slowed down, and after a minute of slowly pulling back he stopped completely. She met his eyes with a fake-pouting look. He smiled and tilted his head to the side, a wry lift of his eyebrows taunting her. She reached out and grabbed his hand, guiding it towards her mouth where she lightly licked one of his fingers, something he didn’t recall having seen her do before, though Eric found it supremely sexy.

After that, he knew he had to have her and reached down to pull off his diaper. Wet diaper or not, he wanted her, now. Looking down to the get the tapes, he missed the smile and tiny look of guilt on her face as she quietly thought to herself, ‘I hope he starts to think of this every time he has a wet diaper…that might encourage him along!’

Then, realizing what she was saying, she snatched her hand out again and stopped him from removing the diaper. Instead, she pulled him off balance on top of her and wrapped her legs around him, covers and all. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “Oh, does you wants to get into my wet diapee?”

Hoisting himself back up on his hands, Eric nodded. Again he started to reach a hand towards his diaper, only to have Kelly pull it away. “No,” she chided, “I am the one who handles your diapees. Let me do that. She threw her weight to the side and rolled over, not straddling on top of him. She pulled the covers away from between them, and let their diapers, hers slightly wet with her arousal, his still simply wet, touch. Then she ripped the tapes off, thinking, ‘Yes, baby. Think of me as in charge of your diapees. Just me. And remember that it makes you hot, and heavy, and ready for me…remember it, Eric. My diapered boyfriend.’

She pulled the tapes off his diaper first, and slid her hand up his hard shaft, gripping it slightly, and smiling seductively. She then shoved a hand down into her own diaper, and while gently teasing him with her other hand began to rub herself, feeling the intensity of her impending orgasm while feeling the heat and stiffness of his cock in her hand. She loved it.

When Eric reached towards her diaper, she let him remove it, and as he pulled the front away it was to show her two fingers deep inside herself, slowly but intensely pleasuring herself.

As quick as an arrow she pulled the diapers away and sat up, straddling high over him. Then she plunged down, and rode him, hard, for only a mere few seconds before she began to quake and quiver, her orgasm overwhelming her.

Eric didn’t stop. He kept going, from underneath, thrusting and gasping for air as he felt the intense need within him grow even further. He reached a hand up towards her shaking, red-faced form and they locked eyes, Kelly riding out an intense orgasm and Eric striving for his own. When he saw the look of intensity on his face, she felt assured that he would struggle to think of the diapers as anything but positive from now on. It was a tiny first step, but it was well-decided, and well done.

After she finished her climax, she kept going, though far more slowly. It wasn’t the speed that Eric wanted, but he was happy to let her take the lead, her breasts bouncing slightly with each stroke, each bounce above him. He rolled his head back and she leaned in closer now, grinding her pelvis up against him. She kissed his neck, and he ran his fingers through her hair.

Their lovemaking lasted another twenty minutes before he finished, overcome with the feeling. She loved the way he looked when he came…he seemed spent, deflated, but somehow at peace. She even loved the way he seemed to become tired, and sleepy, some tiny voice in her mind telling her it was a sign that she had done well.

When she dismounted, his penis slowly becoming more flaccid, she made a mental note of the fact that he nearly always had to pee within a short time after sex, and she would like to get him showered and rediapered before that.

She prodded his side, and pointed to the shower. “Now march, mister!” she joked, a comically over-the-top air of command in her voice. He held up his hands in mock defeat, leaving the diapers for her to clean up (which she was glad, frankly, to notice) and headed to the bathroom for his shower.

Unable to pee so quickly after sex, he ended up holding through the shower, and was amazed when she came into the bathroom when he turned off the water, holding a towel as if to towel him off. It wasn’t something he particularly liked…but he didn’t mind it, either, as she paid special attention to his more erotic zones. He wasn’t aroused again yet, but he couldn’t help enjoying it.

When he was dried enough, in her opinion, she led him by the hand to the bedroom again, and pushed him onto the bed. Rolling his eyes, he let her diaper him, though he commented, “I really can do this myself, you know. You don’t have to take care of me like this…I’m doing this whole experiment for you, but it’s not like, you know, you really owe me anything.

She laughed in response. “But I wanted to take care of you, babe. I…I like it. I don’t see you as a baby or anything, but there’s something almost fun for me in all this, diapering you, taking care of you. It feels sort of like it’ll make this easier for you, and more fun for me. Don’t worry.”

As she drew the diaper up between his legs and finished taping it tight, she admitted to herself how far she had taken it so quickly, and just how shocked she was that he wasn’t reacting negatively to any of it. A few remarks, sure, maybe a bit of hesitation, but he…he agreed.

And when they headed to the kitchen, him wearing only his diaper and pajama pants, her wearing a nightie with her diaper, she thought he seemed to be liking it pretty well too.

They made breakfast together. She tried to do it alone, but Eric wanted to help, and made them waffles as she made coffee and cooked some bacon in their little apartment kitchen. When the finished, she whisked it all onto plates and headed towards the couch, instead of their shared apartment table.

“So, a lazy diaper day?” she asked, as if suggesting it off the cuff, and not thinking intensely about how to best set her plans into motion with a day of rest, relaxation, and regressive behaviors.

Eric shrugged, but plopped onto the couch next to her. When she stood up and got a large glass of orange juice for them to split if they got tired of coffee, he waited calmly for her to sit back down.

Without any urging on her part, he leaned up against her lightly on the couch as he ate, resting his head on her shoulder between bites. They turned on the TV and flipped to Netlfix, watching a favorite old show of his, a comedy.

Towards the end of the meal, he realized he needed to pee. The coffee would likely make him have to have a bowel movement too, but so far it was just the need to pee. Kelly felt him stiffen momentarily against her, then heard the telltale hiss of him filling his diaper again, though admittedly without enough in his bladder to risk flooding.

She heard the sound, and smiled, blushing with secret amusement. ‘That’s my good diapered guy!’ she thought to herself, while out loud all she said was, “Don’t you agree that today is just about perfect?”

Eric nodded against her, pushing his empty plate further onto the table, and settling more comfortably with his head towards her lap. “Mmhmm!” he murmured in agreement.

Yes,’ she concluded to herself. ‘A perfect…just perfect day for my plans.’

Chapter 6: A bit of tension

Kelly’s plan for the day involved relaxation, pampering, and sex: Basically, everything that Eric would normally want out of his time off.  The problem was, being diapered, relaxed, and catered to was setting him on guard. The trouble began when, only minutes after wetting, Eric got changed into a new diaper. Just after breakfast, he had wet, which was exactly what Kelly wanted…but him immediately changing, showing how much attention he was paying to his diapered state, and how aware he was of his new situation, was not good.

Then, mid-morning, when Kelly noted that he still hadn’t wet his diaper again after three solid hours of drinking juice, water, and canoodling on the couch, Kelly pointed out Eric’s dry state to him, which he responded to by saying he ‘didn’t have to go’. Without a warning, he went to the bedroom and switched from his pajama pants, which made his diaper much more visible and allowed Kelly to see any sort of sagging, or heaviness, into jeans, which were far harder to see through or guess the state of his diaper within.

When, half an hour later, she wet her own diaper and felt the rumbling in her stomach suggesting a bowel movement, she even made sure to warn Eric ahead of time, so he wouldn’t be shocked. After she messed, she quickly, and without assistance, changed into a new diaper in their bathroom. When she got out, however, she noted that Eric was now wearing a t-shirt, instead of merely wrapping up in their shared blanket on the couch.

It was passive, unintentional signs that he was feeling antsy, despite her best pampering, but Kelly picked up on the signs immediately.

For Eric’s part, he didn’t even consciously realize what he was doing. Yes, in the dark corners of his mind her soiling herself had somewhat put him off, and realizing how his diaper was visible through the pajama pants had indeed sent him to put on jeans, but it wasn’t a conscious choice.

Even when he suggested they go out for lunch, he hadn’t realized that he was making their quiet day in break into a longer, public day out. All he did realize was that he wanted to get out, get lunch, and get back before he wet his diaper. He intended to use it like Kelly and he had agreed, releasing his bladder as soon as he felt it fill, but some part of him felt uncomfortable at the idea of a leak, so he held it without realizing what he was doing.

And when they did go out to lunch, and he had to have a bowel movement, he both urinated and defecated in the public bathroom, not using his diaper to pee at all.

This led, of course, to the first uncomfortable moment of their diapered agreement as soon as they got home.


Upon getting home from lunch, Kelly went straight back to a nightie and diaper setup, and seemed to rush over to him with a smirk on her face, and purpose in her eyes. She lifted off his shirt, without asking, and began to kiss his chest.

Eric responded hesitantly, and though he kissed her back, it was the sort of kiss that says, “I love you” instead of “Keep going”. It was sweet, it was gentle, it was nice…but it was the end of the kissing as he stepped back.

He headed back for the couch and sat back down, now shirtless and in jeans, hoping that he could get back to Netflix and relaxing.

Kelly had other plans.

She came over and tried to kiss him again. Leaning close, she kissed his neck, and looked expectantly into his eyes…which were fixed on the TV. Since he didn’t say anything, or react, she decided to push further. Knowing in her own mind that the ‘diaper training’ aspect of her plan relied on Eric associating diapers with comfort, her being in charge, and fun, Kelly was already thinking of how to make today another diaper-focused day. That’s why she reached into his pants, which Eric allowed, noting in his own mind that Kelly was extremely persistent today…

When Kelly found, though, that his diaper was still dry. He had peed after breakfast…which was now almost five hours ago. “Does baby have to go potty?” interjected Kelly, as she leaned more heavily into Eric.

She tried to hiss him again but he pulled back as he answered, “No, babe, I’m fine.”

She wrinkled her brow, and shot him a slightly annoyed look, which he continued to ignore in favor of the TV. He even seemed ambivalent about her caresses in his pants. “Is my little guy not ready to pee?” she asked, hoping that maybe he was simply aroused, and thus unable to urinate.

Again, Eric shrugged and answered, “No, babe. Just don’t have to go.”

Suddenly, rather out-of-character for her normal self, Kelly was annoyed and rather loud. “Well, if you aren’t going to follow through with our agreement, I don’t know why I’m trying so hard to be nice to you!”

She pulled her hand back and crossed her arms, trying her hardest to pull his attention away from TV, and into a conversation.

Eric noticed.

He turned, and raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean? I just don’t have to go. What’s got your diapers in a knot?”

He hoped the joking addition of ‘diapers’ instead of ‘panties’ would settle the situation, showing his acceptance of her whole agreement, but it didn’t work. In fact, it seemed to annoy her more.

“Well, I just thought we were both going to try to do the training, is all. This…this matters to me, you know. It took a lot of effort, a lot of nerves and fear to actual talk to you about all this and you seemed to agree with it, you even agreed to go through with it with me, and now you don’t seem to be interested in any of it.”

It was Eric’s turn to frown as he picked up the remote and complete shut off the television, giving her his full attention. “I…I mean, I am doing it. I wore a diaper out to lunch even. I just told you I didn’t want to, you know…have, well, poop into it. So, when I had to poop, I just used the toilet, so I guess I didn’t need to pee or whatever. Why do you even care? I mean, I’m wearing the diaper, I’m on board with all this? Don’t you think you’re being a little…” he struggled for the right word, trying to explain how strange he found it that she was even noticing the state of his diaper, much less caring about it. “I don’t know, a little controlling about all of this stuff?”

Kelly, realizing that her probing might give away her actual plans more than she intended, tried to drop the topic, hoping to at least get him to admit he was holding it, if only to prove herself right. “Fine, then, it’s…it’s whatever. I just feel weird wondering if you’re really doing this, or just pretending so you can say you went along with it. But it’s fine, really.”

Her passive aggressive remarks annoyed Eric, who responded bluntly. “I’m going along with a plan to un-potty train myself in diapers for you because I love you. Can you maybe, for a second, realize how fucking big that is? Maybe acknowledge that this is still pretty new to me, and not something I was expecting when I had a few months off after graduation?” He stood up and threw his hands in the air, annoyed. “Jeez, it’s like you really are a baby, throwing a tantrum the minute I even might be a little bit hesitant about this whole stupid diaper thing. Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to it at all!”

He headed towards their room to cool off. Eric might be agreeable, but he knew that his temper tended to flare up more aggressively than the average person’s, and decided that a fifteen minute break would at least bring him back to neutral so they could talk without it being just another fight.

Sadly, he didn’t get the chance for fifteen minutes of peace. Instead, Kelly followed him into the bedroom, incorrectly assuming that what he was doing was taking the diaper off, as he seemed to be threatening. She was merely misunderstanding his statement, but when he turned around and found her staring at him, a mix of frustration and concern on her face, he found that he really did want to take the diaper off.

In a jerk of motion, he headed towards the bathroom now, and closed the door behind him heavily, just a shade lighter than slamming it shut.

In the bathroom, he dropped his pants and stared down at himself, thinking. ‘What the hell’s her problem?’ he thought angrily. ‘I do this whole stupid thing, go along with it just to make her happy.’

But he realized, after a minute, that he wasn’t being entirely honest with himself. ‘Well, both to make her happy…and because I know it’s not going to work, anyway. Honestly, if I actually went along with it, full-stop, just to make her happy, I wouldn’t have held it earlier, really.’

While letting the anger drain from him, the flush of his face slowly dying away as he breathed deep and stared down at the fluffy white garment he had been wearing the last few days, he remembered his tendency towards anger and consciously mastered himself. ‘No, you know what? She’s being stupid, but she’s also right. I agreed to this so…I guess I should follow through.’

In a moment, his anger drained, as well as his bladder, filling the diaper up with the soft hiss and warmth he was just now starting to become accustomed to. Diapered for a few days was longer than he’d expected to be, but still novel…and overall, he knew that Kelly really had gone out of her way to be kind to him, and make it easier. She was annoyed that he was dry because she was probably just taking his dryness as a signal, as if he was lying about going along with the diaper-training program she wanted to do. ‘Frankly,’ he admitted to himself, ‘She might even be right. She didn’t need to make a fuss, but I really wasn’t being totally honest about it, either.’ He took another deep breath, and decided to leave his pants on the ground, exiting the bathroom in his wet diaper.

What he found outside the bathroom was Kelly, sitting cross-legged on the floor with her nightie gathered in a clump around her. She looked very sad, and far less angry than just a few minutes before when he’d rushed into the bathroom.

She looked drastically happier, however, when she saw him come out wearing only a diaper, not his jeans. And when she noted that the diaper was wet her eyes went from happy to ecstatic, and a grin broke onto her face.

She held her hands up, motioning for him to help lift her. He did so with a light pull, and leaned towards her even as she stood up towards him.

They met with their lips, and then pulled back, foreheads touching quietly. Kelly confided, at least partly honestly, “I…I’m sorry, I just felt like you were saying you weren’t OK with this and it freaked me out, I guess. I’m not trying to control you, honestly.”

Eric responded with a shrug, and by admitting, “And you might’ve been at least partly right, but as you can see, I’m really willing to go through with this, if it really means that much to you, babe.”

They kissed again, briefly this time, before Kelly led Eric back towards the livingroom and pulled him onto the couch.

Settling into his seemingly newfound favorite position, his head resting on her leg, and the shared blanket between them, covering his legs and her shoulders, they settled back onto the couch.

Kelly picked up the remote, and flipped the television back on. “Want to watch anything specific, baby?” she asked.

Eric, noting the term of endearment with rolled eyes, responded, “No, you choose.”

When she flipped it to a rather girly sort of drama, he heaved a quiet sigh, but said nothing. ‘Good,’ thought Kelly, ‘He really is learning to just let me take the lead, isn’t he?’

And quietly and comfortably, their first real fight in diapers ended with Eric wet, Kelly in charge, and a new dynamic slowly rearing its head in their relationship.

Chapter 7: Kelly’s Accident

With each passing day, Kelly felt a bit more confident in her training program with Eric. By now, 10 days had passed: After their mini-fight a few days earlier, their diaper-time had gone along much more smoothly, though Kelly had found herself not messing like she’d intended in public, which she worried might affect her own diaper-training program.

Still, the rest of the training continued. Kelly and Eric both immediately peed when they felt the urge, they both wore thick enough diapers to avoid leaks, brought diaper-bags with them in public, and hydrated well…it wasn’t especially hard to follow the diaper-training program Kelly had set out for them for either her or Eric, though Eric still at times seemed to feel more self-conscious than normal. This was easily addressed, however, with Kelly’s quick and frequent sexual responses: For example, when they had been at lunch and Eric had wet his diaper a second time, he began to worry about leaks, and shot Kelly a look that suggested he was worried. Rather than letting his concerns get the better of him, Kelly had caressed him to excitement under the table, and praised her ‘good little diaper-boy’ with sweet whispers. This immediately resulted in them finishing lunch, driving home, and having rather acrobatic and intense sex.

With the increase in sex, intimacy, and the arousal at least Kelly seemed to perpetually feel while diapered, their relationship was in a good place. Which was why Kelly, trying to spice-up their training and move it forward, purchased a new set of hypnotic tapes. None of the tapes they had used so far had resulted in anything serious; They  tended to try to convince the listener that they were unable to control bladder and bowel, or that they ‘needed’ diapers (which Kelly already felt). The new tape, however, claimed to work on a slightly different level: It focused on helping the user identify themselves as diaper-dependent, and encouraged them to be nervous or uncomfortable about not having diapers on. It didn’t directly claim to cause incontinence…it just claimed that the user would be too afraid of accidents to end up going non-diapered, which in the long run somehow was meant to result in diaper-dependence and subsequent incontinence on its own.

The first night with the new tape, as she started it, Eric turned to Kelly at the sound of a new and unexpected voice. “What’s this?” he inquired, rolling over to face Kelly as she walked back towards the bed from the bookcase where the speakers were located.

“Oh, it’s just a new tape, babe. Nothing different, really.” She shrugged and smiled, noticing that Eric was not wearing his pajama pants, one of the habits he’d had more often when he was first starting to wear diapers and felt more self-conscious.

“Oh…Yeah, ok then,” accepted Eric, whose somewhat submissive side had been growing lately. He was still dominant in most of their sexual encounters, and in his mind he knew himself to be the one ‘in charge’ of the relationship, but in the last week or two, really since their diapering had begun, he’d found himself more and more comfortable letting Kelly make decisions that he wasn’t particularly interested in. In his mind, he wasn’t ceding control to her, so much as prioritizing when and where he asserted his dominance.

With that simple acceptance, they went to bed, and Eric was asleep within minutes, now having become more accustomed to ignoring the sound of tapes playing in the background at night.

For once, it was Kelly who didn’t sleep and was focused on the sound of the tape, and the language. The recorded voice was saying, “You are diaper dependent, and you know it. Without diapers, you fear having an accident, and being embarrassed. You fear others finding out that you can’t control your bladder, or bowels. You need diapers, and you want to wear them for good, all the time.”

Kelly wondered to herself whether this tape was especially useful to her, really. She already DID want to wear diapers. And she wasn’t worried about others finding out. The tape was more for Eric’s good, since she thought that any untraining she might be able to accomplish in the period he agreed to be diapered with her for might be hard-pressed to persist once he wanted to move back to normal underwear.

And thinking like that, listening to a tape she didn’t feel applied to her, and thinking hard about her boyfriend beside her in diapers and dry…she realized she was wet.

It was unbelievable.

Years of wearing diapers on and off, longing for exactly what had just happened had not prepared her. She had no idea how it had happened, or when, but somehow, after only such a short time in diapers and trying to become diaper-dependent, she was losing control.

In a flash she shook Eric awake, forgetting for a minute her own designs about wanting him to be dependent just as much as she would ever be, and blurted, “ERIC! I wet myself!”

Eric responded, groggily, by rolling over and raising one eyebrow, slowly. “And?” he asked, confused. They’d been diapered for 10 days now…this wasn’t exactly new news.

“No,” she explained, pointing like an over-excited toddler to her diaper, “I mean I had a real accident! I don’t know when it happened!”

Eric pushed himself up on his elbow, and seemed to be wearily processing what she said. “Oh…OK then. I mean…isn’t that, like, really early? I thought you said these diaper dependent training things take like a year, and only affect some people, normally.” His matter of fact tone seemed to hint that he was either doubting her, or wondering whether her accident was exactly what she had claimed it was.

Kelly responded by grabbing his hand and pushing it towards her diaper, and commanding, “Feel it! I’m wet, and I didn’t do it on purpose, honest!”

Eric felt the wet diaper, still warm and thus likely only wet within the last short while. He asked, “Were you asleep, then?”  From what he’d read online and what Kelly had told him, some people regressed to sleep-wetting from hypnosis tapes, however unlikely, even before they had any other loss of bladder control.


Kelly shook her head. “No, I wasn’t, I was just lying here, thinking about this tape, and how it’s gonna make you-“ she went silent. She looked at Eric nervously, but he didn’t seem to understand why her statement meant anything unusual.

“Yeah, yeah, baby, this tape is going to make me pee myself or whatever, you think. I’m…no offense, but even with you having an accident, that doesn’t seem likely to me. And we’re a third of the way through the month, and I’m not noticing anything different.”

Kelly stopped him and reminded him, “Well, one month or two…however long it takes before we move, you said. Remember?”

Eric brushed off the remind with an apparent lack of concern. “Sure, yeah, that’s fine. My point is, are you sure maybe this accident wasn’t…not just an accident? Like…maybe you really, er, wanted it to be true?”

Kelly looked hurt for a moment at the possible accusation so Eric tried to explain it another way, “Or maybe you have a bladder infection from diapers, or maybe…maybe there’s something a doctor should actually check out, or whatever?  Just…just because, an accident this quickly seems really, really unlikely, babe. It’s worth talking to a doctor about.”


Kelly was annoyed, having finally had the accident like she’d imagined diaper training would give her, only to find her boyfriend explaining it away as something other than her training, but at least one corner of her mind recognized that it might be worth going to a doctor to check out, potentially. So, acquiescing, she nodded. “I guess,” she consented, “Maybe we should see if I can’t get into a doctor or whatever, just to be sure. But if he doesn’t find anything…the deal was, if I was losing bladder control from training, then I get to wear full-time, remember? And you agreed to wear until we move regardless. Don’t forget what you agreed to!” she chastised, wagging a joking finger in his face.

Rolling onto his back and raising his hands in mock defeat, Eric rejoined, “I agreed to it, sure, and if you want to wear…I guess I don’t mind it that much, really. I mean, it hasn’t been bad, and I admit you being turned on this much makes my life a little more fun, lately. But either way, we wait for the doctor and see what he says, agreed?”

She nodded, and laid herself back down to sleep. “Agreed.”

She rolled over onto her side as if to go back to sleep only to feel her boyfriend poking her shoulder. “Babe?” he inquired, “aren’t you going to change into a clean one? I know you can sleep overnight in a wet one, I guess…but if you really do have a bladder infection or something, you probably shouldn’t.”

Annoyed but agreeing, Kelly rolled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom with their diapering supplies. “Fine,” she called back, “I’m going, I’m going.”  And in a flash, she was changed, walking back to bed, and amused that already Eric was back asleep, curled up with his cute diapered bottom poking out towards her looking adorable as ever.


(Waterproof) White Lies

by ScienceScribbler

Chapter 1: An Honest Mistake

Ryan woke with a start to the loud buzz of his alarm. He groggily rolled over and stared at the bright green numbers on the clock face.  6:30 AM. He was still exhausted, but it was time to get up and get to work.  He wearily slapped the ‘off’ button, happily silencing the harsh bleating of the alarm. With slow, deliberate movements Ryan scooted to the edge of his bed and stumbled slowly into wakefulness.  It was a Monday which meant he needed to be at work at the University by eight, leaving him just enough time for his morning routine.

Ryan’s morning habits were simple; barely awake, Ryan would curse his alarm clock, stumble out of bed, stretch for a moment, and then go to the restroom for his morning ablutions.  After his morning pee, he’d brush his teeth, spend a few minutes deciding if he was sufficiently scruffy to warrant shaving, and most days would soon head back to his room for the most important part of his daily routine. For that, he’d stumble sleepily back into his room, head for the closet, and get on with the rest of the morning routine before grabbing something small for breakfast and dashing, usually several minutes later than he ever seemed to intend, to work.

This morning, like most mornings, his bladder was full upon waking and anxious to be emptied. As Ryan trundled out of his bedroom, through his small apartment, and over to his bathroom, he mentally reminded himself to re-set his alarm for 7:30 once he got back to his room.  Lately, he’d noticed himself being more tired than usual in the morning, and just a week earlier, he had accidentally fallen back asleep after waking up and even getting dressed and ready for work. He didn’t want to repeat that mistake.  So, promising himself he’d remember to reset the alarm ‘just in case’ after he peed, he attempted to empty his overfull bladder.  Despite his best efforts, however, he was stymied by his morning erection.  Despite the near-overwhelming need to urinate, he would simply have to wait until he could get rid of the hard-on before he could take care of business.  He shook his head in amusement at his situation, stared at himself in the mirror, brushed his teeth, and headed back to his bedroom to move on to his next morning ritual. His erection remained at full-attention as he walked through his apartment back to his room, and at least while still hard, he could ignore the growing pressure in his bladder.

Ryan’s room was very much a stereotypical 20-something male bachelor’s room.  His sheets needed washing, his clothing was piled up in heaps instead of folded in his drawers, and his bedside table was littered with trinkets he never remembered to put away, such as loose pocket change and a large bottle of baby powder. Though unkempt, the room was relatively well-organized, with his closet even more carefully organized and well-kept than the rest of his room.  After pulling the sliding doors on his closet open, Ryan got on his hands and knees and reached deep into the dark at the back of the closet, under carefully laid piles of clothes and extra folded bed sheets.  He blindly dug around in the back of his closet for several moments before almost nervously pulling out an adult disposable diaper.  It was thick, white, and even just holding in his hands left Ryan smiling.

The diaper had come from Ryan’s secret box.  It was his most carefully guarded secret, and he hadn’t discussed it at length with anyone before.  In his undergrad years, he’d been tempted once or twice, but his fears, his anxiety that anyone who found out would judge or reject him, had kept his mouth shut. That’s because, like most diaper fetishists and/or infantilists, Ryan was all too aware of the possible problems that would come from the world knowing that he liked to wear and use adult diapers. And because of the strong mix of feelings, the strange combination of shame, fear, and yet excitement and pleasure at the thought of diapers and wearing them, the secret box in the back of his closet was a source of both great anxiety as well as pleasure for Ryan.  He dreaded the thought of it ever being exposed, but couldn’t help but feel aroused whenever he even thought about it.  It had multiple styles of diapers, two pacifiers, and two bottles, one for infants and one that appeared to be sized for adults.  These were the only things Ryan owned that would ever give away the fact that he was, secretly, a diaper lover. And maybe an infantilist, though he wasn’t sure about this, having never actually been babied by someone.  He simply knew that he liked diapers, loved to read diaper stories, and felt far more turned on in diapers than he ever felt naked.

The diaper, a size large Abena X-Plus, was the heaviest and thickest disposable diaper he owned, and had also become part of his morning ritual. Ryan tossed the diaper back onto his bed, crawled into bed next to it, and proceeded to unfold and feel the diaper.  He loved the plastic covering, and the warmth of wearing it.  He unfolded the thick white garment beneath himself, quickly and liberally sprinkled his crotch and backside with the baby powder he kept on his nightstand, and then taped himself into the diaper, first the lower two tapes, and then the upper, as he’d seen recommended on a diaper blog he read.  He loved the way it crinkled when he moved.  He loved the way it smelled when he wore baby powder.  And, as it did whenever he diapered himself, it turned him on.

For the last few weeks, ever since receiving a discreet package of assorted diapers in the mail, Ryan had masturbated every morning. Before the arrival of the Abena diapers, he’d tried wearing Depends, and even a few Tranquility ATN briefs he’d seen advertised discreetly online, but neither of those had felt the same as the Abena, which was thicker, and felt more like the diaper he remembered from his own very young years. The other diapers were, absolutely, better than nothing…but they didn’t make him as excited, as turned on, or as comforted as the Abenas. Ever since they arrived, he’d put one on every morning, and soon after felt the desperate need to masturbate.  Now, wearing an Abena and jerking of was simply part of Ryan’s morning routine. Usually, he masturbated with the diaper on, finished, and went about his day diaper-free, because normally once he finished masturbating the desire to wear a diaper would dissipate.  Instead of wearing the thick white diapers to work, he would dress in normal clothing and get along with the rest of his day without diapers even momentarily intruding on his mind.

Today, however, he was particularly caught up in his head as he masturbated, and found himself losing track of time. Perhaps it was his still-full bladder that made it harder to orgasm, or maybe it was the same poor sleep that left him feeling groggy most mornings lately. Whatever the reason, it took longer than normal for him to finish himself off thinking of longer and longer fantasies, and when he finally did manage to finish, he immediately felt a wave of tiredness and calm come over him. Ignoring his still full bladder, and his normal need to take off a diaper any time he was no longer turned on, he instead let himself quietly drift back to sleep, his alarm clock still blinking bright green as the minutes ticked away. He drifted slowly back to sleep, still wearing his diaper, and (he would later realize) without remembering to reset his alarm clock to wake him back up, ‘just in case’, at 7:30.


At 8:24 Ryan was woken back up by a phone call. Still mostly asleep, Ryan reached out to pick up his phone from the nightstand, and yawned a sleepy “Hello?” into his phone.
It was Erin, his coworker and supervisor at the University psychology lab, where he worked.  She sighed, hearing the obvious tiredness and confusion in his voice.  “Did I wake you up again?”
Remembering in a flash what had happened, Ryan launched himself to a sitting position.  “Shit, oh, right.  Sorry.  I must’ve fallen back asleep. Sorry, really! I didn’t mean-”
She cut him off with a stern, “Not important!  Just get in here, now. I don’t want to work alone for two hours while you shower and show up late again!” Without waiting for a response, she hung up the phone, leaving Ryan propped up on his elbow in bed, furious with himself for falling back asleep.
He practically leaped out of bed, ran to his dresser for pants and a shirt, pulled the shirt on first and had the pants most of the way up his legs before he realized he was still wearing the diaper from this morning.  It was still tight, dry, and comfortable. The powder he’d put on was more than enough to get him through a morning at work, he realized, and the tiniest glimmer of a thought began creeping into his head.  “If I wanted,”  he thought to himself, “I guess I probably could just wear in public, this once…”

Still…he knew wearing a diaper to work would leave his mind unfocused all day, either out of fear of being caught or excitement at the idea of wearing diapers in public.

He spun to look at his clock, saw the clock tick from 8:26 to 8:27, and swore at himself loudly. If he changed now, it would only take another minute or two, but then he knew he’d want to shower, and go through the rest of his morning routine.  “No,” he decided aloud to himself, “It’s fine. I’m just in lab, it doesn’t matter anyway.” Having reached a decision, he finished pulling on his pants over his diaper, carefully tucked in his shirt to hide the bulky diaper’s white top edge, and belted his pants tightly to keep everything in place. Still needing to pee, still smelling like night-sweat and baby powder, and wearing a diaper he’d cum in an hour or so earlier, Ryan bolted out of his apartment towards work, hoping that the speed of his arrival might win back points with Erin, or at least might curb her anger.


Ryan pulled into the University Psychology Department parking lot a mere 9 minutes later, and literally ran from his car to his lab in the building basement.  Even though he was in a rush, Ryan mentally chided himself for thinking of it as his lab.  In reality, he was merely a Master’s student in the department.  The lab actually belonged to Dr. Tamara Banks, his advisor, and was run by her post-doc lab assistant, Erin. They both corrected Ryan whenever he referred to it as ‘his’ lab, and he was lately trying to break the habit himself, so he made sure to consciously remind himself that he was running to Dr. Banks’ lab, not his own.
When he finally got there, out of breath and sweating from his sprint into the building, Ryan took a moment to cool off, and slowed his breathing to a more normal pace.  He was still panting, but less obviously, when he pushed into the lab, and found Erin standing straight in front of him, her hands on her hips. Her voice dripping with sarcasm, she greeted him. “8:41. Congrats, you managed to show up within the first hour.  Yay for you!”
Ryan apologized again and tried to explain himself with as few lies as possible.  “Sorry!  I was up on time, I just got caught up this morning and fell back asleep.”

Erin, notoriously blunt and well known for her harsh temper, seemed to have at least guessed a partial truth.  “Yeah, orgasms make me tired too.”

Instantly Ryan blushed, and pushed past her towards his station at the back of the lab.  He tried to defend himself.  “No, it’s not like that. I was…I just got tired again, OK?  It won’t happen anymore, I’m sorry.” Ryan reached his desk, and slumped down hard in the chair, which managed to release a small whiff of baby powder into the air. He froze, suddenly turning pale as he smelled it. Fortunately, when he turned to look at Erin, she’d already retreated to her own desk, and didn’t seem to notice him.  Despite her pointed comment, surprisingly accurate as it was, she had already lost interest in paying attention to Ryan.

He tried to calm himself after he realized she wasn’t paying him any further attention. ‘It’s just a smell,’ he thought, ‘nothing she’d notice. Even if she did, she wouldn’t make any connections…I need to stop being so paranoid.’  He focused back on the computer in front of him.  He had work to do today, but it wasn’t terribly exciting. Mostly, he was just entering data from one of Dr. Banks’ experiments.  The experiment consisted surveying 100 random college students, asking them the exact same questions using different language, and seeing if the wording of the question affected the answer given. The experiment, like most Ryan worked on, wasn’t too exciting but the work still had to get done. He set to his work with a purpose, hoping to finish up early so he could maybe get home early as well, and get out of the diaper before someone somehow noticed. He knew he was being paranoid, but it was the main reason he didn’t wear publicly, ever: He was terrified, utterly, at the thought of being caught and exposed as a diaper lover.

It was a feeble attempt at placating Erin, but Ryan spent that morning working harder and quicker than he had ever worked in lab before.  He worked without complaint for over two hours despite his now extremely urgent need to urinate. When the urge became so strong he felt absolutely compelled to relieve himself, he stood from his desk and started towards the laboratory door.

Erin whirled around in her chair to face him. “It’s WAY too early for lunch. Let’s try to get at least a few hours out of you before you run off!”

Ryan tried to explain himself, “No, I’m just running to the bathroom.”

Erin nodded, accepting his explanation and reminded him, “I want to see what you do today.  If you’re showing up late, you’d better at least be keeping pace on the work, got it?”

Ryan nodded, and pushed through the door, rushing down the hall the restroom.  He went into a stall, so his diaper might not be noticed by any curious onlookers, carefully pulled it down far enough for him to be able to pee, and found himself beginning to become aroused at the mere thought of wearing his diaper at work.  It hadn’t occurred to him just how it might feel to be diapered at work.  Instead of terrified, he felt almost exhilarated.  He stopped his train of thought before he became fully erect, and managed to pee through the slowly forming erection.  His bladder at least slightly emptied, even if not completely, he pulled his diaper back up, quickly tightened a loose tape, washed his hands and returned to the lab.

When he pushed the door open, Dr. Banks was chatting with Erin, and waved him over to join in the conversation.  Dr. Banks gave him a salutatory nod, but kept talking to Erin without stopping to explain what Ryan had missed. He simply walked in midsentence as she explained, “Actually, I’m thinking the new blood might be useful!  I have enough money from the department, so I figured now was as good a time as any for me to get a new student.  She’ll be here in the next day or two, and I wanted to at least give you guys a heads up.  She’ll be taking the empty desk,” she paused to point at the desk next to Ryan, then concluded, “and I expect you both to be welcoming. She’ll be new to the university, and new to town.  It’s hard to get to know people your first semester, so I expect you both to at least give her a tour of the building, and maybe take her to lunch after a day or two.  Sound good?”

Erin nodded, as did Ryan, and it appeared Dr. Banks was done talking because she simply nodded back and left the room without any further explanation.

Ryan at least understood that a new student was coming, but turned to Erin for any more information. “So, what about a new grad student?”

Erin laughed, “Yeah, yeah, great. Just what we needed; A completely new girl in lab for you to feel too awkward to talk to!” At that jibe, Ryan looked down sheepishly, which seemed to amuse Erin. Ryan hated to admit it, but every time Erin made a joke about sex, like this morning when she seemed to just know he’d been masturbating, it left him feeling more and more awkward around her, which in turn resulted in her teasing him more and more, as if trying to force him out of his awkward and nervous shell. Erin giggled at her own jibe and continued,  “So congrats.  Dr. Banks was just telling me about her.  She’s a master’s student, I guess pretty close to your age, and she’s going to help Dr. Banks on a new study.  I don’t know the whole story yet, but it sounds like we’re going to start working with the local health clinic.  It’s not really my area of study, so Dr. Banks didn’t tell me everything, but supposedly we’ll have a lot more real people to deal with, instead of just surveys for the next few months. Something about ‘public health’ and ‘mental wellbeing’ or some schtick, I don’t know.”

Ryan was actually pretty excited at the thought of new work, but uncomfortable with the idea of a new grad student. “Does a new student mean we’ll get paid less? Or lose some hours?” He was already on a budget, and with his diapers costing as much as they did, he didn’t want to lose out on any income.

Erin shook her head. “No, it’s a new grant, new money, that’s what she explained before you came in.  It sounds like a win-win. We get to keep our current hours and pay, but we get someone here to help out, and who actually knows a thing or two about clinical psychology. Who knows, she might even make our jobs easier.”  Erin fidgeted and turned back towards her computer.  “Any other questions, or can we get back to the work you’ve been missing all day?”

Ryan wanted to argue, but knew better than to rise to her barb, so he walked back to his desk and plopped down, again frightened momentarily as the smell of baby powder wafted into the air.  Still, Erin was already back at work, and didn’t appear to notice, so he let it slip from his mind.  It occurred to him, briefly, that maybe wearing diapers a bit more often, and just a tiny bit more publicly, might actually make him less nervous and guilty about his fetish.

You know,’ he thought to himself, ‘maybe the whole diapered at work thing isn’t such a big deal.  Nobody’s really going to notice, with me sitting around all day.’ He felt himself smiling almost unconsciously, and admitted that the feeling of being diapered in secret but still in public was somehow thrilling. He even admitted himself a guilty thought as he picked up the sheet he’d been entering before his bathroom break.  ‘Who knows?  Maybe I could try this again, just for a day or two.  Just for a little bit of fun.’


At the end of the workday, Ryan felt himself needing to pee again.  He looked over at Erin, who diligently focused on her data entry long after he’d lost interest.  Still, he tried to keep working and avoided a bathroom break.  Having never managed to completely empty his bladder that morning, he was near bursting.  Without making an entirely conscious decision, he decided to wet his diaper before the end of the workday, just to see what it felt like.  He’d worn a few thinner diapers in public briefly over the years, but this was his first significant time wearing diapers in public. Wetting was something he rarely did even in private, too, so if he could wet in public, he felt he’d have taken a huge step forward in accepting himself and his fetish.

The thought of his impending wetting, “just like someone who really needs diapers” he thought excitedly, interrupted his work every few minutes as he shifted in his seat.  He’d sneak a look at Erin across the lab, and if he was sure she wasn’t looking, he’d readjust until his diaper felt more comfortable under him. Just before 5, his plan ran into a snag.  Something he’d eaten at lunch today must’ve disagreed with him because his stomach suddenly cramped.  Worried that he’d be unable to keep his bowels under control if he tried to wet, Ryan decided to just keep dry until he was home.

This decision meant that he spent the entire last quarter hour before 5 staring nervously at the clock on his computer, praying it would move faster.  As usual, it didn’t, and he felt himself more and more concerned about staying dry and clean.  It was a blessing and relief when he saw his clock hit 5, a time where even the finicky Erin wouldn’t mind him heading home.

He stood, and started to pack his things.  Erin saw this and commented, “I almost hoped you’d stay late to make up for this morning!”

Ryan froze. He slowly turned to face her.   He knew that she might be kidding, and might be serious, and her face was just enough of a mask that he wasn’t sure.  But determined not to regret wearing a diaper in public, he made his choice. “Sorry, I’ll try to get in early tomorrow, or stay late. Tonight’s just not a good night.”

Erin shrugged her shoulders noncommittally and waved him towards the door. “Fine, fine, I’ll see you in the morning.  I’m half tempted to call you and wake you up. You know, you’re the oldest guy I’ve met who still needs his mommy to wake him up for school.”

Ryan was already walking out and hoped Erin didn’t see the sudden flush on his face at the simple sarcastic mention of him needing a mommy.

He walked briskly to his car, drove home as fast as he could, ran into his apartment, and stripped down to just his diaper.  AS he stood there, looking at himself in his bathroom mirror, he had to decide…wet and mess a diaper, or take it off again, and spend the rest of the night in adult clothes?

He couldn’t decide, so he walked quickly to his room, grabbed a coin, and said aloud, “Heads I wet, tails I don’t.” He flipped the coin, caught it, and looked down with disappointment. It was tails.

He stripped off the diaper, finally relieved himself and his upset stomach, and got dressed again now without a diaper.

He spent the evening undiapered and unhappy about that fact.  He knew that it was risky to wear to work, but as he laid down to sleep later that evening, he decided that he’d go to work diapered again tomorrow.  And this time, he’d make sure to wet at least once, just to see how it would feel.

(Chapter and) Day 2: Meeting Becca.

The next day started the same as the one before.  At 6:30 Ryan rolled out of bed, he couldn’t pee because of his lasting morning wood, and decided to masturbate to get rid of the problem. He pulled out a diaper, but thought better of it. He thought to himself, ‘I’m gonna spend the whole day in that, I don’t want to start off by cumming in it.’

Instead, he pulled up his favorite porn site on his laptop, and tried to get into the video.  Somehow, though, after days and days of using his diapers to masturbate, the porn didn’t do it for him.  So he switched to his favorite ABDL site and got off as quickly as possible.  By the time he was done, it was around 7, and he decided to take a quick shower and head off to work early.

He showered, dried off, walked back to his room and approached his closet.  Instead of merely sticking his hand in and grabbing a diaper, he pulled his special-box out of the closet.  He opened it with a care that bordered on reverence, nervous and excited. He saw that he had the same extra thick diaper he’d worn the day before, but after spending a full day in it already, he decided he’d go even further. He took his thinnest diaper, a Depend brand pull-up style brief, and pulled one out.  Then, he went to his Abena pack of diapers, and grabbed one.  Thinking carefully, he remembered his plan to wet at work and decided to bring along one extra, just in case.  He pulled it out, noting that he only had a handful of the Abena X-Plus left, and made a mental note to order more online.

He still had a few minutes before work, and even though he’d already masturbated, he felt excited at the prospect of purposefully and with planning wearing diapers to work. He tried to calm himself, but couldn’t help but get hard at the prospect of wearing an even thicker diaper setup, and even wetting in public.

He laid down on his bed and sprinkled a large amount of baby powder all over his groin and diapers.  He took the thin Depends, and after a moment of thought, tore the center out. He grabbed a pair of scissors from the drawer of his nightstand and quickly cut the leg gathers and such away, leaving it as more of a liner than a pull-up, making it into a makeshift pad.  Then he stuffed it in place on his thicker diaper, added a touch more powder, and pulled it tight.  As he taped it up, he realized that the diaper’s thickness might actually be noticeable, at least if he really did wet.  It wasn’t so thick as to be obvious, but anyone walking behind would be able to tell it wasn’t just him stuffed into his pants.  He was ready to give up on the whole idea completely when he mentally kicked himself, thinking, “I’m just being paranoid.  Even if it is noticeable, nobody would bother noticing.  They’d have to know what to look for, and have a reason to think I’m wearing a diaper to even put it all together. It’ll be fine.” After convincing himself, he took a slow, deep breath and got back to diapering himself for the day.

He made a mental note to at least be careful walking in front of people for the day, especially after wetting.  Then he pulled on his boxers, chose a loose fitting pair of pants that might disguise his diaper bulge, and chose a long t-shirt to tuck into his pants.  He finally chose a nice long button-down shirt, which would hang loosely and low on him.  Satisfied that his diapers were at the very least unobtrusive, he grabbed his keys, his bag, stuffed his extra diaper and the baby powder into the bottom of the backpack, and headed out to work.  On his way out the door, he stopped, ran back to his closet, and grabbed another diaper, just in case.

He made it to work by 7:45 and was pleasantly surprised to see his was the first car into the parking lot that morning.  He headed down to his lab with a pleased grin, happy he wouldn’t have to walk around in front of people in the morning with his newly padded groin for all to see.  When he got to his lab, he pushed inside, and was astonished to see a stranger sitting at his desk, talking to Erin, who was already in.

Ryan stuttered out, “Oh…I didn’t think anyone was here.  I mean, your car wasn’t in the parking lot, and I-”

Erin shushed him with a wave and stood up, motioning for the strange girl to stand up as well.  The stranger was…well, to put it bluntly, she was hotter than hell.  Her bright blue eyes stood out like beacons, her dirty-blonde hair hung down her shoulders in gentle curls, her smile as she held her hand out to introduce herself was captivating.  All in all, she was not what Ryan had expected to see first thing in the morning. Suddenly, the tight boxers and double diapers weren’t the only reason his pants were a tad tight. He cursed himself, and willed his penis to simmer down, suddenly relieved that the diaper might disguise the growing bulge in his pants.

Her hand was left hanging as Ryan stared for several seconds, before realizing he was frozen.  He shook his head, took her hand and sheepishly introduced himself.  “I’m-er, well, I’m, um…my name’s Ryan. I work for Dr. Banks too.  I take it you’re the new student?” He stuttered through his introduction and barely met the new girl’s eyes as he tried, desperately, to ignore the sudden and extreme attraction. His pulse raced and he felt his heart pounding in his ears.  In his life, he’d never been this attracted to someone so quickly, nor so powerfully.

The stranger shook his hand back and let loose a laugh that was, in Ryan’s opinion, melodious and bright. “I’m Rebecca.  Well, Becca, if you don’t mind. I guess I’m your new labmate.” Becca too seemed oddly sheepish, and with a nervous grin swept a stray lock of hair back over her ear.  A slight blush crept on her face as she spoke to Ryan, and in her own head she felt the same rush of excitement Ryan did. She, too, thought he seemed damned near perfect.

They stared awkwardly and excitedly around the room, avoiding each other’s eyes. After several seconds of nervous silence Erin interjected, “I don’t mean to cut this charming example of inept flirting short, but I was just about to take Becca up to meet Dr. Banks.  We’ll be in the office for a while, but I’m glad to see you woke up without a call from mommy this morning, Ryan.”

Ryan glared at Erin and blushed profusely as Becca stifled a laugh. She almost definitely had no idea what Erin meant by her biting comment, but was actually mostly laughing at the obvious embarrassment on Ryan’s face. Ryan’s embarrassed flush seemed oddly adorable to Becca but she tried to hide her gaze as Ryan retorted back to Erin, “My bad, head on upstairs. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” With a bite of sarcasm in his voice he continued, “And you should make sure you talk to Dr. Banks too, maybe this time the wizard’ll have a heart for you, tin man.  I mean, er, Erin,” he teased, pretending to mistakenly misstate her name.  He was blushing in embarrassment as he turned around, but at least felt glad he’d managed to shoot a joke back Erin’s way, at least trying to say something  to shut her up.

Becca stifled another laugh at the two of them, and gathered her belongings off Ryan’s desk.  He sat down and pretended to get to work while Erin and Becca headed out.  When they finally left, he breathed a deep sigh of relief and actually set about getting his work ready for the day.  Having not relieved himself that morning, he decided he’d start the day off while he had privacy with a wetting, and he’d change soon after, since he assumed that it wouldn’t take particularly long for a wet diaper like this one to get uncomfortable or risk smelling.

Ryan tried to pee, but actually found it harder than he’d imagined.  He couldn’t seem to get a stream to go, and he started to really bear down and push.  After several seconds of struggling, he wondered if it was perhaps his seated position, so he quietly stood up, as if looking around the lab, and tried again, hoping that if anyone came in he would look nonchalant and normal. It took several seconds, but eventually he felt a suddenly blossoming of heat in his crotch as he managed to overcome years of toilet training, and peed himself. The diaper held easily, though he did feel the Depends liner filling up quickly and staying far damper than if he’d simply wet the Abena itself.  He thought almost angrily, “And now I know why all those ABDL sites complain about Depends. Definitely not as absorbent as I thought.”
He finished releasing his bladder and spent a moment reveling in the feeling of a wet diaper.  It wasn’t his first wetting technically, but he’d never worn the wet diaper for longer than a few minutes before removing it.  Normally, he felt embarrassed or worried and took it off quickly, but today he knew he had enough powder to keep his skin dry, and he was determined to really experience what being diapered all day was like. So, he sat at his desk in a wet diaper and liner, tried to ignore his growing erection, and worked.


By the time Becca and Erin got back, Ryan had gotten control of himself and was no longer so overtly excited about his wet diaper.  He had to admit it felt good, but sitting around hard as a rock under an already bulky diaper wasn’t exactly keeping his situation under-wraps. He didn’t know why he liked the feel of the wet diaper. He didn’t even know why he liked diapers to begin with! But something about wearing a wet diaper at work felt a bit thrilling and very much erotic.

When they entered, Becca and Erin walked over to behind Ryan and stood, staring at his work.  They didn’t say anything, which left Ryan feeling very uncomfortable, but he kept typing away. After several quiet seconds, Erin seemed to continue a conversation she’d been having with Becca before entering. “See, what he’s doing is data entry and analysis.  Basically, Dr. Banks is hoping that Ryan can keep working in here and doing the lab-side work, while you spend more of your time studying the new patients.  I’ll probably help you both, assuming Ryan can handle himself in here alone and still make progress.” She tousled Ryan’s hair as she said his name, an unusually familiar gesture for the normally standoffish Erin.

Becca put a hand on Ryan’s shoulder and spun his chair around, forcefully.  She asked him, “You sure you won’t mind staying put while I get all the fun with the patients?”  Ryan nodded, but stayed quiet.  He was surprised how forward she was, and how familiar, especially given that they hadn’t spoken for more than a scant few seconds earlier. Yet again, he felt himself attracted to her, and surprised by just how perfect for him Becca seemed.

There was an uncomfortable moment of quiet, which Erin interrupted with another odd display of affection.  She leaned in, pulling Becca with her, and hugged Ryan. “See?  The lab is a family, and Ryan’s happy to help the family. Right?”

Again, Ryan nodded, confused at the sudden change in Erin’s behavior. As Erin and Becca let him out of the hug, Becca slid into the seat next to him, and pulled out her laptop, as if to get to work.  She said, “It is cool I check some e-mails before I get to work?  I have a bunch of stuff being shipped up here from the move, and I wanted to see if I can track some packages.” Erin waved her off, which Becca took as permission and immediately set to work, typing quickly on her laptop.

Still standing unusually close to Ryan, Erin leaned close and quietly intoned, “I think Dr. Banks wants to see you in her office for a minute. She said for you to stop by as soon as you’re free.” As she leaned back, a wicked grin was plastered on Erin’s face, a stark contrast to the friendly and smiling girl who’d hugged him a minute earlier.

Ryan nodded, and replied, “Sure, I was just about to take a pit-stop, so sure.”  He reached down to grab his backpack, thinking he should change out of the wet diaper.  It’d only been wet for a little less than an hour, but he didn’t like how it felt as it was cooling down, and he definitely didn’t want to talk to Dr. Banks with a wet diaper on.  Something about that felt even more risky than the diapers around the rest of work had felt.

Erin settled back into her computer, making idle chitchat with Becca as Ryan slid his backpack over his shoulder and headed to the door.  He was reaching for the handle when Erin added, “I don’t think it should take long, you can probably just leave you stuff here.  She said she just needed a second and you’d be right back.”

Ryan nervously turned around and slid his backpack under his desk.  He silently cursed himself for wetting so early in the day, and needing to change before he’d have a good chance to leave the lab.  Trying to be discreet, and with his back keeping Becca from seeing what he was doing and with the desk blocking Erin’s vision, he carefully slid the diaper out of his backpack and under his shirt.  He’d simply change before the meeting, sneaking the diaper to the bathroom under his shirt. ‘Besides,’ he thought to himself, ‘Dr. Banks is so busy she hardly notices who she’s talking to, much less what they’re wearing.’

He left the lab and made a beeline for the bathroom nearest Dr. Banks’ office.

At the last second as he pushed open the lab door, the new girl, Becca, called after him, “Oh and if you don’t mind would you be willing to give me a tour around the lab and explain the data we’ve got when you get back?”  Holding his arm tight against his side, hoping it would keep the diaper from being visible even as a small lump under his shirt, Ryan spun around and met her eyes.  Becca once again nervously pushed her hair back over her ear, and shot him a nervous smile.

Ryan, flustered by her question and his current situation in a wet diaper headed to meet his boss, managed to stutter back, “, yeah, sure.  I can definitely do that. I’d, um, yeah, I’d be happy to.” From her corner of the lab, Erin shot him a judging look and jerked her head to the side, indicating he should get going. “Oh, yeah, but I’ll…I’ll be right back, I guess I need to talk to Dr. Banks.” He continued to mumble to himself as he awkwardly backed out of the room. “Right, yes, be right back then.”

Ryan turned and fled down the hall as soon as he was out of sight, blushing and flustered by so many competing ideas in his head; thoughts about Erin’s teasing, his wet diaper, and the possibility that maybe, just maybe that new girl Becca might actually like him too were rushing through his head as he turned the corner at a near-jog and crashed, face first, into his boss Dr. Banks.

Chapter 3: White Lies and Wet Diapers

When Ryan turned the corner in the hallway connected to the lab he worked in, he smacked headfirst into his boss, much to his surprise. In the hallway leading to the restroom he walked straight into Dr. Banks, knocking her armful of paperwork on the ground, accidentally almost knocking her over.

As soon as he realized what he’d done Ryan set about rambling his apology while trying to help Dr. Banks collect her now dropped papers from the floor. Stooping to help her scoop up the ungodly pile of paperwork, he kept repeating his apologies, before blurting out an embarrassed, “Oh god, I’m sorry!  Let me help you!”  He scrambled to his hands and knees and started pushing the paperwork into a neat pile as Dr. Banks likewise stooped to gather her fallen papers. The diaper Ryan had shoved under his shirt was still safe by his side, held from falling out by his elbow, and he now more than ever prayed the slight smell of wet-diaper didn’t reach past his own relatively sensitive nose.  Even as he hunched over and helped with reorganizing and piling the papers back together, he internally reminded himself that, no, it was wildly unlikely for Dr. Banks to ever notice the tiniest smell of wet diaper, and more than that she most certainly wouldn’t put it together with the fact that his pants had a slight bulge to realize he was wearing a diaper.  As every diaper website he’d ever read reminded him, few if any people were observant enough to figure out what he was wearing, and fewer still would ever embarrass him by calling attention to it.

With these chaotic thoughts in his head, he finished piling up the papers, and rose back to his feet as he handed the mess to his boss. Meanwhile, Dr. Banks was repeatedly assuring Ryan it was no problem, and explained that it wasn’t as big a deal as he seemed to be making, seemingly amused at his repetitive apologies.  “It’s perfectly alright,” she assured him, “I wasn’t looking where I was going. I thought Erin would send you up later.  I hadn’t thought you’d be on your way so soon. If I hadn’t been jogging along myself we might’ve missed each other completely!”

Ryan carefully shifted his arm to keep the diaper secure under his shirt and avoid it poking visibly out from the bottom of his clothes. He explained, “No, she told me to head up when I could, so I thought I’d come up now and see what’s up.  I just need to make a quick stop by the restroom first,” he explained while finally handing her the last of her fallen papers. Hoping she would leave it at that, he took a step back and started to navigate around his boss, hoping against hope that she’d at least let him free long enough to change out of the sopping wet diaper he was wearing before having whatever conversation Erin had said they needed to have.

Dr. Banks gathered her work in her arms and stood as well.  “If you don’t mind, I’ve got a meeting in a little under half an hour, and I’d really like to just set the record straight really quick.  I’m sure we can cover it in a few seconds. No need to put it off, if you don’t mind.” She ran her hands back through her hair, pulling a stray lock of hair back into the tight auburn bun she kept the rest of her hair in.  She continued, “Can we step into my office?  I promise, it’s just going to take a second, super quick!”

Ryan didn’t really feel like he had another option, so he agreed and followed her to her office, walking right past the restroom he’d planned to change in. As he walked, every tiny crinkle of sound from his diaper, and the slight crinkle of the diaper under his arm terrified him.  He found himself walking robotically, rigid and nervous as he followed a step behind Dr. Banks.

As they approached the office, Dr. Banks ushered Ryan past her and closed the door behind him, offering him a seat.  She gestured to the seat opposite her desk and walked to the other side, seating herself in the thick leather cushion of her favorite office chair. Ryan took the proffered seat and waited nervously for her to explain what exactly it was that she needed. Dr Banks, always organized and meticulous, carefully rearranged the now badly scrambled pile of papers on her desk before she started speaking.  After she’d settled her papers back on her desk and taken a sip of coffee from her ‘World’s Greatest Shrink’ mug on her desk, she crossed her arms and stared at Ryan for a moment.  She seemed unsure of what she needed to say, or was considering how to best put it. After a long and awkward silence, she finally blurted out, “I don’t know how to put this nicely, so I just have to ask: Do you like working for me?”

Ryan was stunned.  He’d expected a question about the data he’d entered or about his schedule for the semester.  He wasn’t prepared for what sounded to him like he might be getting fired. “Yes!  I do!  I love working in the lab, and I think the work is interesting.”  He looked around the office nervously, avoiding her eye contact. After being assured that the conversation would be brief, he suddenly had the scary image pop into his head of Dr. Banks firing him, simply kicking him out of her employ and going about her business without giving him a chance to defend himself. With such a nervous and frightening thought in his head, he paled, visibly.

Though he didn’t know it, Dr. Banks noticed his obvious fear and nervousness and mentally relaxed. “At least I know he cares about his job,” she thought to herself, “which is more than Erin seemed to think.” She crossed her hands in front of her and placed them deliberately on the desk in front of her, carefully looking Ryan up and down and evaluating him.  As a long-time therapist and clinical psychologist, she was able to read more from his body language than his nervous statements anyway.

Ryan, on the other hand, was left completely unsure of what to do with himself.  He wanted to say more, but didn’t want to cut Dr. Banks off, so he simply stayed quiet and waited for her to continue.  He briefly wondered if it was just his imagination or not, because to him it almost seemed like his nervousness amused Dr. Banks, and prayed that his blurted answer would please her. After evaluating him, Dr. Banks finally continued her explanation. “Good, good. Then, maybe, can you explain why you’ve been late so much recently?”

Over and over in this short conversation Ryan had felt himself confused and surprised by what Dr. Banks was saying, badly confused: Yes, he’d been late yesterday, and admittedly he’d been late last week, but it wasn’t like his tardiness was a pattern.  After all, in the entire time he’d worked for Dr. Banks he had rarely shown up late and rarely took off for sickness, or even for vacation.  In the last semester he’d been late a half dozen times, and missed maybe two or three days, certainly nothing he considered out of the ordinary. “Well, I’ve only been late twice recently.  Once yesterday, and once last week, on Tuesday.” When Dr. Banks didn’t cut him off or interject, he persisted, asking, “Did Erin complain, or something? I didn’t think I was making a bad impression or anything…” his voice trailed off nervously.

Dr. Banks seemed confused and admitted it.  “She did, but she made it sound like a lot more than twice. Let’s go talk to her, and see if we can get this sorted out.” Dr. Banks didn’t want to admit it to Ryan, but she’d been told his lateness was ‘habitual’ and ‘a major problem.’ It wasn’t like Erin to lie, though it wouldn’t be out of character for her to develop a grudge and maybe hold it against someone else, but Dr. Banks was actively trying not to jump to conclusions, and hoped a brief chat with both Ryan and Erin might clear things up and explain the situation better.

Ryan, on the other hand, didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t like Erin, but it surprised him to think she was complaining about him, and he found it downright shocking that she’d lie to Dr. Banks. Ryan tried to diffuse the situation.  “I don’t want to get her angry, since she’s still in charge of the lab, professor.  Is there some way we can handle this without her thinking I’m getting her in trouble?”

Dr. Banks had already stood and was walking around her desk. The look on her face, the mixture of raised and condescending eyebrows as well as the adversarial hand on her hip showed that she was intent on following through. “If she’s being dishonest I want to know. And more than that, she’s in charge of you, not the lab.  It’s my lab, and I don’t want my students bickering in it, and if I’m being lied to I need to know it. I promise, we won’t make this into a big deal, let’s just talk to her and see if we can clear this up.”

Ryan stood and followed Dr. Banks to the door.  She held it open for him, and he walked through, suddenly more aware than ever that the diaper he was wearing was both wet and bulging.  He tried to discreetly look down at his groin and saw that his pants were just the slightest bit ballooned out in front. He hoped that the back hadn’t absorbed enough to puff out similarly if Dr. Banks was about to walk behind him.

Crossing the room and holding the door open for her student, she reached up to the knob and locked the door behind her, following Ryan into the hall. They quickly descended a flight of stairs and were back on the floor of the lab. As they passed the restroom Ryan had earlier tried to step into before accidentally running into Dr. banks, he stopped and pointed at the door, saying, “If you don’t mind I’ll just take a quick-” but was cut off by his boss who told him in no uncertain terms that he should stop stalling.

Dr. Banks let out a mildly frustrated sigh and intoned, “Unless you’ve got a stomach ache, let’s just finish this up without any more waiting.”

Resigned, Ryan kept walking for several feet, but noticed Dr. Banks had stayed stopped.  He turned around to see Dr. Banks staring intently at his butt. They locked eyes, and she shot him a quizzical look.  Then, searching him with her gaze, Ryan practically felt the gears turning in her head. She asked him, “Why do you smell like baby powder?”

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat, the blood drained from his face, and for a brief moment he genuinely worried he might faint. Every diaper website, every personal experience he’d had in his life, and every piece of logic in his head told him she shouldn’t have noticed.  And yet, here he was….he was reeling, panicking slightly. He soon caught hold of himself, though,  and replied, “I have a…rash.  I wear it to keep dry.” He hoped the explanation would be enough and he suddenly walked past the restroom door, now willing to go to the lab if it meant he could avoid any further awkward conversation.

Still, Dr. Banks didn’t let it drop. She walked over to him, grabbing his arm to turn him around as he started to back away nervously. It was the arm he’d been using to clutch the diaper to his side, but thankfully the diaper stayed in place, since she was just touching him lightly, and not pulling him with any real force.  He froze, terrified. “Ryan, is there something you need to tell me?”

He denied anything serious being amiss, again, and tried to rack his brain for another plausible explanation. “No, I just wore it because my doctor said it would keep the rash from itching.”

Dr. Banks let go of his arm, which he drew back nervously.  Somehow, the motion of pulling his arm back caused the diaper to drop out of his shirt, and peek out for a second.  He caught it with the same arm Dr. Banks had just released, but in his nervousness clumsily pulled the shirt further away from his body, dropping the thick Abena diaper onto the ground.

After the diaper dropped the seconds passed like hours, each one dragging on and on seemingly without end.  Ryan remained silent, stooping to pick up the diaper.  Tears welled in his eyes.  Nothing he’d imagined in his diaper stories or imagination prepared him for actually having someone discover his diapers. For the tiniest fraction of a second he imagined his life being like the stories he so often read, and imagined his boss suddenly demanding to know why he was diapered and keeping him that way…but he quickly moved past that thought onto more realistic, and frightening ones.

He suddenly imagined being caught ought, shamed for his fetish or even fired for what he knew some might look down on as strange or perverted.  As a kid he’d always worried about the same, fearing that his love for diapers would be discovered and he’d be shamed or embarrassed. A little humiliation in a story might sound erotic, but when he was faced with the reality it was a lot less fun. Desperately holding back a wave of tears in his eyes slowly building and threatening to break free in a flash of actual sobbing, he slid the diaper back under his shirt and avoided eye contact with Dr. Banks, ashamed.  He opened his mouth to explain but couldn’t think of what to say. ‘Do I tell her sorry?  Or do I say it’s for somebody else?’ his mind raced as he tried to think of an excuse. ‘No, no that doesn’t seem believable…I guess I could-‘

His thoughts were stalled as Dr. Banks stepped closer and to his surprise placed a hand caringly on his shoulder. It was tender, gentle, not incriminating or threatening.  The gesture was almost kind, compassionate. She tilted her head down to meet his eyes and when he got the nerve to look at her he was shocked to see a comforting smile on her face.  In a voice so unlike the controlling and demanding boss he was used to, Dr. Banks asked Ryan, “Do you want to get back to my office, for a moment? To talk, I mean?” When he didn’t respond, she gently guided him with her outstretched hand to turn around, and placed it caringly over his shoulder.  Assuming his worry was still with the conversation about Erin, Dr. Banks tried to clarify herself. She walked slowly back towards the stairwell as she explained, “I think it’s best if we handle Erin another time.”

With her hand remaining carefully on his shoulder, Dr. Banks guided Ryan back to her office, where she opened the door, let him in, and closed the door behind her.  Then she took a seat in her desk chair, and actually pulled the other chair around the desk to sit closer to her.  Ryan had yet to say a single word since dropping the diaper, and was left wondering why his boss was so gentle about something he’d always feared would be shameful, or embarrassing if anyone found out. When Dr. Banks motioned for him to sit, Ryan took the offered seat, his head still swimming and frightened.

Dr. Banks waited patiently for him to start the conversation, but after nearly a half minute of quiet, she decided it was time to take charge. She began carefully, assuring, “Ryan, I promise I won’t share this with anyone else, but can you please tell me…are you wearing something like what you had in your shirt, right now?” Her voice was soothing and sweet, much calmer and gentler than the Dr. Banks Ryan knew from their work together. She was never harsh, but he’d never seen that exact look of concern or care in her eyes .  He was still trying to hold back tears of shame, so he nodded instead of speaking.  Dr. Banks continued, “And is that, maybe, why you’ve been late recently?”

The idea of using this humiliating situation to his advantage hadn’t even occurred to Ryan. He cleared his throat and tried to speak. “Yeah, actually.” His answer was short, and quick, which only played into Dr. Banks’ assumption that he was merely embarrassed about something medical. Still, Ryan couldn’t help but be filled with a creeping guilt, causing his cheeks to flush. This too actually seemed to Dr. Banks just another sign of his nervousness or embarrassment. Without saying a word, Ryan was slowly answering the undercurrent of uncomfortable questions she had yet to openly ask.

Dr. Banks nodded, and stood up from her chair across the desk.  Crossing to the front of her desk and leaning against it, she placed a hand on his knee, trying to give some sign of comfort. Ryan looked up and finally made eye contact with her again. Still, she was actually smiling at him. “And did you tell Erin about this?” With the caring look in her eyes and the sweet gentleness of her voice, Dr. Banks looked younger, almost a completely new person to Ryan.

Reminding himself that now wasn’t the time for such realizations, Ryan focused back on her question.  He asked himself, ‘If I really did have sudden incontinence, would I tell Erin?’ The answer was obviously no: She was kind enough at times, but generally liked to tease and poke at him.  If he were really incontinent, if he really did need diapers, he’d have hid it from Erin without a doubt. Even as the answer built in his mouth Ryan felt guilty lying, but was more worried about the truth getting out than a lie. So, instinctively, he responded with another elaboration to his story. He shook his head. “No, I haven’t told anyone. It’s just between me and my doctor. I didn’t even tell my folks yet.”

Dr. Banks nodded knowingly. “Incontinence is hard to talk about, I know.  I’ve had several patients who had similar problems over the years.” She turned her head to the side, thinking back to her years as a clinical therapist before returning full-time to academia; Dr. Banks had seen literally hundreds of patients with this same problem, or one similar, and knew it wasn’t uncommon for them to hide it, or be ashamed of themselves even when it wasn’t their fault. She shared this insight with Ryan, saying, “You might not know it, but I used to work with a lot of clinic patients who wore protection a lot like what you’re wearing, if it helps.  This isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s normal to be worried, but you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”  The caring tone of her voice and the careful, gentle hand she now placed gingerly on his leg left Ryan even more embarrassed and overwhelmed.

And while he was busy talking, busy confessing to an embarrassing secret far less frightening to him than his real secret getting out, for the first time it in his entire life it occurred to Ryan that his diapers might seem to be a medical issue to anyone who found out about them like this. Since he could remember he’d always assumed that anyone who discovered his secret would know he was actually interested in diapers, and liked them. For the first time he now realized most people would just assume it to be medical, a necessity instead of a choice. He didn’t want to blow his story, so he stayed quiet, worried that he might give away the truth if he spoke. Dr. Banks moved her hand from his knee to his shoulder, and gave him a sort of hug, pulling him close.

Now aware of what he was wearing, she smelled the telltale odor of a wet diaper, as well as the lingering scent of baby powder she’d noticed when she was following him downstairs. “How long has this been an issue?” she asked.  She thought back to her hundreds of patients over the years, remembering a few that had struggled quite badly with incontinence and the fear, shame, or anxiety it could induce. In fact, the nervous way he’d walked had really been the major tip off she’d needed to notice his diapered state, something about the careful way he’d tried to avoid making the diaper crinkle and make any sound while simultaneously trying to avoid moving fast and accidentally causing a leak.

Ryan thought quickly to himself.  If he was going to lie, it had better be a good one. “Not long.  Only a while, I mean.” He was going to go on but decided the lie would be more convincing if he kept it simple, small. He didn’t like being dishonest, but couldn’t think of another possibility to get out of this with his dignity and professional image still intact.

“What do you mean a while, sweetheart?” she asked, using a term of endearment Ryan had never heard from his normally matter-of-fact professor. Again, unbidden, he noticed how sweet she sounded, how caring she looked. He wasn’t really attracted by her sudden kindness, exactly, just noticing it and momentarily overwhelmed by it.

He tried to think of a possible explanation but none came to mind so he went with his first gut instinct for an explanation. “Um, around a month I guess?” Ryan knew he could’ve lied and said it was a long-term thing, but figured that if he needed an excuse for only recent lateness, a recent issue was more believable. Besides, if it had been a problem for a while, and she noticed this so quickly, she might be confused and surprised she hadn’t noticed sooner.  While the vast majority of folks wouldn’t notice someone wearing a diaper, Dr. Banks was both more observant, and far more accustomed to noticing these sorts of things in patients and by extension in the rest of her life.

Her eyes widened when she heard his admission. “A month? I’m sorry to hear that, I hoped this was something quick and passing, like a UTI.  If you don’t mind, can I ask if you know what’s causing it? Are you sick, honey?”

Ryan’s voice cracked and he stuttered out, “Umm, I was, I mean…no.  I’m not really sick.  It’s just a short term thing, probably. Nothing major.” The more questions she asked the deeper he felt the lie had to go, and the harder it would be to eventually get out of it.  At the start of the talk if she’d let the issue drop, he could have stopped wearing diapers the next day and been unquestioned, but he knew that the more he lied, the more likely it was he’d have to keep up the lie longer.

Dr. Banks kept probing. Her experience working in medical and psychotherapy offices suggested that anyone with his seeming symptoms wouldn’t normally have just a short term, minor problem. Yes, short term incontinence occurred but the majority of cases she knew of, particularly for someone to be wearing a diaper like the Abena Ryan had dropped, weren’t normally either minor or transient. “Really?  Because I know a thing or two about sickness, honey, and I don’t know many short term problems that take away bladder and bowel control.” Dr. Banks thought to herself, ‘There, I said it.  Let’s see how he reacts. I mean, a diaper like that means…well, it doesn’t tend to mean minor urinary troubles or he’d have a liner or something thin. I just hope I’m not pushing too hard, I don’t want him to feel humiliated.’ She resolved her face into a more neutral expression, hoping her potentially obvious pity and concern wouldn’t leave Ryan feeling even more embarrassed.

Ryan, on the other hand, was instantly confused.  He wondered to himself, nervously ‘Why does she assume I lost bowel control, too? Do I smell like it, or something?  I mean, unless she just thinks anyone in diapers has to be doubly incontinent?’ He even started to ask her why she’d assumed as much before he realized that he might give himself up if he disagreed. While he was a diaper lover, she knew more about medicine, so if his story was to be believed it was better to follow her lead than try to lie about knowledge he didn’t actually have.  Just going with it, he nervously asked, “Bowel control? Why do you…” his voice trailed off when Dr. Banks nodded and seemed ready to clarify herself.

With a nod Dr. Banks explained, “Well I saw that, er, incontinence garment you dropped, and I’ve been a psychologist for a long time, seen a lot of patients.  Most of the patients I knew with bladder control stuck to liners in their underwear, or something small or easily hidden, like a cath and bag…You don’t need protection as good as you’ve got unless you really can’t control yourself.” Judging by the size and bulk of the diaper she’d seen drop, and now realized was settled heavily around his waist, she assumed he must need more than minor protection. “It’s bulky, so it’s meant to hold more than one wetting, right?” She mentally rebuked herself for using such an infantile term, something she knew some of her older patients had taken issue with. “I meant, um, accident, not wetting…sorry. At least that’s what I’d guess. I just figured, based on what you’re wearing, you must not be able to tell when you have to go to the bathroom. Probably not for urine or bowel movements.”

Ryan didn’t argue.  Again, she was making assumptions: He knew some people wore diapers even if they felt the need to get to the bathroom but simply couldn’t stop it, or struggled with mobility, though he knew she’d never buy that as his reasoning.  So, he didn’t correct her, and by staying quiet seemingly confirmed that he was doubly incontinent and completely unable to feel when he had to go. ‘Better for her to think I have serious problems than to let her know I’m a diaper lover, I guess.’

As his silence seemed to confirm her suspicions Dr. Banks let the subject drop. “Well, I don’t want to pry, and I know it’s not my place to tell you your business, but you really should’ve come to me about this.” Ryan started to defend himself, searching for a believable explanation but was saved from having to lie any further when Dr. Banks interrupted and cut him back off. “I know, it’s embarrassing, and it’s not relevant to your work, or at least it shouldn’t be, but if I’d known you had health problems I’d have at least told Erin to let your lateness slide. And now that I know she was exaggerating, it’s even more obvious you should’ve come to me.”

Ryan felt overwhelmed and embarrassed as she said this, and a few tears dropped slowly from his eyes onto his shirt. Dr. Banks reached over with a tissue and wiped them away.  “Oh hon, I’m sorry. I’m not trying to lecture. I just wish I’d known sooner. I mean, with the resources we’ve got at the clinic, I could’ve helped, maybe, or at least given you somewhere safe and simple to get your supplies.” Even as she said it she knew her offer was genuine.  ‘He’s my student.  No, he’s my grad student, my advisee, I’m supposed to be helping to take care of and teach him.  If he’d come to me I could’ve at least set him up with the clinic supplies and maybe saved him the embarrassment of buying those diapers himself.’ Even as she thought it, she reminded herself to call them ‘protection’ or ‘incontinence garments’ instead of diapers.  Ryan was handling this situation well, but there was no need to accidentally embarrass him.

Ryan nodded and took the Kleenex she now offered him. He wiped at his eyes and he tried to lie his way out of this humiliating situation. “No, it’s fine. You’re right.  I just didn’t want to tell anyone about my problem.  It’s only been happening recently,” he repeated, “and I didn’t think it’d be a problem for this long, so I didn’t think I’d need to tell anyone.”

Dr. Banks breathed a deep sigh and told him, “That’s fine, sweetie, that’s fine. I just wish I knew how to help you.  If you don’t mind me asking, do you know what the problem is?  I mean, no control over your…you must’ve been to a doctor for that, right?” She mentally started reviewing the causes of sudden incontinence and they almost all seemed bad, ranging from tumors to MS or worse.  Sure, there were a few simpler explanations, but not many came to mind.

Ryan hated to keep lying, but he didn’t know what else to say. He decided that if he was committed, he was committed. “I did, but the doctor said it’s not serious.”

Dr. Banks jumped in before he could explain further, “Not serious? How can this not be serious?”

Ryan expanded the lie he was weaving as he told her, “I just mean not dangerous, or life threatening.  We did a bunch of tests to see if it was serious, and the doctor didn’t think so. I mean, it’s serious, just not, like, cancer or whatever.” He might be comfortable lying about the need for diapers to get out of trouble, but he didn’t want to go over the top and make her think he was dying, or anything.

Dr. Banks kept probing. “So, then, if he knows it’s not serious, he knows what it is?”

Ryan paled but nodded, thinking that if he denied knowing the problem she’d doubt the whole story. Even with his limited knowledge of medicine he knew she was right that anything causing complete incontinence would probably be serious, and likely dangerous. But he’d already said what he’d said, so he couldn’t back out now. “Yeah.  I mean, it’s not life threatening, but it’s only sort of serious?” His voice shook slightly from nervousness which only reinforced the reality of the situation for Dr. Banks. While a tiny corner of her mind doubted his story, the disparate reasons for why she had an inkling of suspicion didn’t fit together quite right so she still believed him at her core. Ryan continued when she didn’t interrupt him again. “And it’s probably only going to last for a while, but I didn’t know how long, so I thought diapers were better than the alternative.” He hoped that his evasion was sufficient.

Dr. Banks scooted back, giving him space as she thought aloud, “Well at least you can admit they’re diapers.” Realizing she had spoken her thoughts instead of just thinking them she tried to backtrack and explain herself. “I just mean, most the folks I work with were too embarrassed to call them anything but ‘disposable underwear’ or ‘protection’.”  Ryan nodded, glad she was rationalizing for him. “But I won’t keep prying.  You obviously don’t want to talk about the specifics.  Can I just ask if you’re at least OK, I mean, mentally?  You’re feeling alright?”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, I just don’t want Erin or the new girl to hear about this.  Is that OK?  Can you please, please keep this between us?” Having Dr. Banks think he needed diapers was one thing, but imagining Erin teasing him, or thinking of the new girl Becca believing he needed diapers seemed extremely embarrassing.

Dr. Banks nodded her head and mimed zipping her lips. “Not a word will pass from me, I promise.  I will, however, be e-mailing Erin to let her know that you’re being put on a reduced schedule for a while.” When Ryan tried to interject Dr. Banks spoke over him, holding up a hand to quell his protests. “NOT FOR LONG!  And you’ll still be paid, don’t worry. I just mean that a few minutes here and there aren’t a problem, and if you’ve got a medical appointment you can go without worry about losing your pay. You’re still full-time, I just want to give you some wiggle room so you can adjust to your new condition.” Dr. Banks had spent a lifetime working with the mentally or physically ill, and to her an issue like this clearly warranted kindness and understanding, not more anxiety or fears like forcing Ryan onto a reduced pay schedule might induce.

Ryan was flattered and thankful.  He tried to say so, but the combination of fear and embarrassment and thankfulness and guilt at lying to someone who was treating him so well left him choked up. Dr. Banks saw that he seemed overcome with emotion again, and came in for a more sincere hug this time.  She pulled him into a standing position, and they hugged each other tight for several seconds.  As they were breaking their hug, Dr. Banks asked, “So is the reason you wanted to get to the bathroom because you need a change?”

Ryan sheepishly admitted the truth. “Yeah, I’ve been wet for almost an hour.”

Dr. Banks actually laughed when he admitted that, which for a moment half offended him until she explained. “No, no, I’m not laughing at your situation.  I just can tell you’re new to this whole thing because you’re changing after a single wetting, and after less than an hour.  Most of the patients I saw with incontinence, especially the ones wearing the kind of protection you’ve got, wouldn’t bother to change for anything less than leaking, a bowel movement, or to prevent a case of diaper rash. And they’d never admit to calling it a wetting.  I had to watch my words like a hawk, it’s…it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t need to put on airs and pretend like they aren’t struggling with incontinence behind a bunch of other words.”

Assuaged, he then realized what else she’d said: He knew from reading online it was a possibility, but was actually surprised when she mentioned diaper rash.  He asked, “Really, diaper rash?” When Dr. Banks shot him an odd look he backtracked and tried to explain, “I just mean I haven’t had any issues, yet, and after a while…I just didn’t know it was common.”

Dr. Banks smiled and shook her head. “Wow, you really are new to this.  Though, I guess if you change so quickly, it’s not surprising you’ve made it so far without a problem.  Yeah, diaper rash happens to adults too. I’m surprised your doctor didn’t mention it!”

Ryan covered his lack of knowledge as well as he could. “The doctor actually didn’t help much.  He just told me I needed to get this sort of protection, and that I should try not to worry about it.”

Dr. Banks nodded, understanding. “Yeah, doctors aren’t known for being especially helpful all the time, are they?  Well, I know you’re probably wiped after this conversation, but if you ever want to talk or get more information, I’m here.  I’m no doctor, but I’ve taken care of adults in your situation for years.  If you’ve got any questions, just ask.”

Ryan thanked her, and started heading to the office door.  Dr. Banks stopped him when she asked, “Did the doctor at least show you how to keep it on properly?”

Ryan turned, confused. He wasn’t sure he understood her question.  “What? What do you mean?”

Dr. Banks was now back behind her desk and sitting down as she told him, “The diaper!  Even the good ones are hard to keep stuck closed if you’re out and about.  Plus, all that other stuff, like how much powder to use, what to do if you get a rash, anything like that? Or about leaks, and minimizing the smell? Anything useful, really?”

Ryan had no idea that his diapers could be so complicated. “No, I really never learned much of that stuff,” he admitted. His experiences were limited to fetish forums and limited masturbation, so to him this was all new.

Dr. Banks shook her head, stood up, and walked past her desk again over to the door with him. “I’ve already over stepped my bounds here, and I have no doubt this is going to make you a little uncomfortable…but do you want a hand?  I can’t imagine how you’ve been handling this all on your own. And I know your family doesn’t live around here, so it’s not like you can get their help, right?”

Ryan had a flash to the hundreds of diaper stories he’d read over the years.  He knew that in the stories, he’d be close to getting changed by Dr. Banks, and might even get to have sex…but given that the stories were pretty unrealistic, he didn’t know what might actually happen when she offered her help. Still, he’d taken the dive, and there was no sense in worrying now. “I mean, I think I’m fine. It’s nice that you’re willing, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Dr. Banks dismissed the notion. “Absolutely not, this is practically like home for me. I raised three kids and I worked in a geriatric facility for almost a decade.  Unless you’re hiding a monster in your pants, I’ve seen it before.” With his implied permission, she began reaching towards his pants.

He stopped her hand for a minute. “You mean you want to change me?”

Dr. Banks laughed aloud. With questions like that she guessed that he must not have told anyone else about his situation, or he wouldn’t keep phrasing it in such an infantile way.  Most of the adult patients didn’t call it ‘wetting’ themselves, or getting a ‘diaper change’.  Most tended to try to hold onto their feeling of adulthood by using other terms to explain their incontinence situation.  “No, not if you don’t feel comfortable.  At the least I’d want to see the diaper, make sure you have it fitting properly.”

Ryan let go of her hand and helped her unbuckle his pants. His shirt was now untucked, since he’d put hidden the diaper in it, and Dr. Banks didn’t seem to mind taking the lead as she pulled his pants and then boxers down to the floor.  She took a step back and stared at her graduate student standing in a diaper and shirt in front of her. She reached out and slid a finger into the waistband, pulling to see how tight it was. “I’d recommend you try getting the bottom taped up first, next time.  Starting with the top makes it hard to get a good fit.”  Ryan simply stood still, making every effort to avoid getting aroused now. She reached forward and actually pressed against the front of the diaper.  The lines on the diaper showed it to be wet, but it appeared she was looking for something else. She finally explained after several pushes and pinches on his crotch, “And try to point your penis down, next time.  If you point it up like you did you might end up wetting over the top of the diaper.”

Ryan was astonished at her bluntness. This situation was a lot more like the stories he’d read, except instead of seducing him or babying him his boss seemed only to care about the actual medical issues.  It was, he realized, the difference between her thinking he was incontinent, and wanting to ‘baby’ him like the stories seemed to focus on. And not only was she so blunt about the whole incontinence issue but she had been feeling for his penis, talking about it like she was completely unfazed. He only had time to flinch as she slid a finger into the leg gather at his crotch, and felt the diaper. “And barely wet!  If you changed now, you’d be wasting a practically perfect diaper.”  Ryan hoped that he advice was done, but she went back to prodding the front of his diaper again.  After a minute she asked, “Are you…wearing something under this one?”
Ryan remembered the cut-up depends he’d stuffed in the front of his diaper that morning. “Yeah, a liner.” He explained, hoping she wouldn’t ask more.

“Well next time, don’t waste your time. If you’re wearing a liner and it gets soaked, it’d going to hold more liquid next to your skin than the diaper alone. Either change the liner quick or go without it, but if you’re bothering to wear a liner under a diaper like this you’re probably just wasting your money. It might actually make you have a worse risk of rash.” Suddenly she seemed to realize something. “Wait, you’ve got a liner in there?  Under a diaper this thick?” The Abena was the thickest common diaper Ryan had ever seen marketed to the non-adult-baby crowd, so he wasn’t surprised she thought it was thick.

Ryan didn’t know what to say.  He was worried that the liner and the unnecessary stuffing of the diaper might give away the truth. His fears mounted when she asked, “And you said you’ve been like this for a month, now?”

He nodded and did his best to look noncommittal and unsure.  He hoped she might not guess at the truth.  She finally concluded, “Oh, did the doctor recommend liners?  Because he probably just meant until you were able to get the diapers you needed.”

Ryan pretended to buy into the story she was offering him. “Oh, I must’ve misunderstood.  As I said, he didn’t really explain much.”

Dr. Banks nodded, spun him around, and grasped the back of his diaper to check for a mess. Ryan didn’t expect it, and with his pants around his ankles ended up stumbling over onto the ground as she squeezed his rear.  Laughing, Dr. Banks helped him to his feet, and backed up. “Alright, alright, I’ll stop trying to help.  I just can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier!  A diaper this thick has to be visible under your clothes.  And to think, I didn’t notice for a whole month!”

Ryan pressed his luck, suddenly buoyed by how well she was taking his story. “Yeah, actually it’s closer to two now that I think about it.”

Dr. Banks shook her head, apparently disappointed in herself for not seeing it sooner. “Well, I’m not trying to take your whole day, and I’ve got a meeting to get to in,” she turned to check the clock on her wall and cursed out loud, “Oh, crap!  Ten minutes ago!  We’ve been talking for a while!” She seemed to be thinking to herself for a moment but eventually she shrugged. “Oh well, the meeting will just have to go on without me. I’m late enough that there’s no point in going now. How about this: To apologize for scaring and embarrassing you earlier, I’ll drive us out and get some lunch.  Sound good?”

Ryan nodded, and patted the diaper under his shirt. “Sounds good, I’ll just run to the bathroom and change.”

Dr. Banks laughed. “I thought I told you not to worry!  Trust me, a diaper that thick doesn’t need changing until you wet a few more times or have a bowel movement, and it seems like you’re doing fine for now.” Seeing the odd, almost nervous look on Ryan’s face Dr. Banks explained further, “Besides, this might teach you to trust your protection a little more.  If you learn how much your diaper holds, you’re not going to keep throwing money away using too many diapers!  Just toss that extra diapers or supplies or whatnot back in the lab and meet me in the parking lot. You won’t even need your wallet, my treat!”

Ryan thanked her, and finished re-dressing himself and tightening the belt back into place.  On his way downstairs to the lab he stopped in the bathroom and considered changing himself despite Dr. Banks’ advice, but settled for just pulling the Depend liner he’d made out of the diaper and tossed it into the trash. With the liner gone, the diaper felt pretty dry by comparison, and he realized Dr. Banks was right that he could definitely wear for a bit longer without trouble. He didn’t have any more powder to put on, he realized, and decided he’d grab his backpack from lab in case he needed it later, since he was now basically ‘stuck’ in diapers for at least a while until he could get away from Dr. Banks! And with a nervous but excited smile on his face, Ryan headed down to the lab to grab his bag.

Chapter 4: Weaving the Web

Dr. Banks was waiting for him in her car when he walked out into the parking lot.  With a nervous nod he acknowledged her waving him over, and trotted towards her car. Dr. Banks noticed Ryan’s backpack, but said nothing as he climbed into the passenger seat of the car.  In the back of her mind, the tiny voice that had taught her through years of experience as a therapist to hold onto doubt relaxed: remembering to bring a diaper-bag with him fit the story.

It wasn’t that she doubted him, it was just a natural skepticism, a learned tendency to doubt even the most believable explanations of her patients, and by extension, everyone else in her life. Something about the calm and nonspecific way Ryan had explained his condition had briefly made her wonder, in a quiet corner of her mind, if he wasn’t telling the whole story. He wasn’t really acting like someone with recent bad health news, or at least not completely.  Plus, she’d been confused when she realized he’d brought the diaper to change in the restroom with, but no powder, no rash cream, or any other materials.  Seeing him bringing his backpack after she’d told him to put the extra diaper and not bother changing since his diaper was still relatively new and mostly clean put her mind at ease. She allowed herself to admit, ‘No real incontinent person would head out without something to change into if they could help it.

As Ryan scooted into the passenger seat, his backpack carefully grasped between his legs, she reminded herself not to let her own tendencies get the best of her: Ryan was embarrassed, and she knew she’d probably already overstepped her bounds she checked his diaper fitting. Now wasn’t the time for her endless curiosity, and admittedly strong protective instincts to kick in.  More than that, she knew he must be incredibly uncomfortable, because though she hadn’t mentioned anything, she had felt him just slightly aroused when she’s patted his diapered crotch.

Dr. Banks dropped into the driver seat and shot Ryan a smile, which he nervously returned. ‘I wonder if he’s ever going to stop looking so awkward around me,’ she briefly thought to herself as she pulled her car out of the parking lot.  She didn’t know what to talk about, and decided to keep the conversation light, and focused on things other than his health. “So,” she started, hoping to get Ryan talking and comfortable, “what’s new for you?”

Ryan, himself trying to think of something to say, bit his lip as he thought about his life lately. “Not much,” he admitted with a chuckle, “I really haven’t had much going on lately.  I mean, aside from, like, doctor stuff.”

Dr. Banks latched onto that opening, allowing herself a question or two to feed her obsessive curiosity. “Doctor stuff, eh? Like, tests, or just checkups, or something?”

Ryan had hoped to keep the conversation focused on something other than his supposed incontinence so he tried to shift the conversation away by being brief and nonspecific. “Nothing big, just a few tests or appointments.  You know, they just take a lot of time, but they’re nothing big.”

Dr. Banks persisted. “Lot of time?  If you don’t mind me asking, I mean.”

Ryan shrugged, trying to seem noncommittal. “No, I just don’t think it’s that interesting.” He tried to think of something else to explain himself and maybe get off the topic. “I mean, I’m maybe getting a little better, they though, so there’s a few tests to make sure or whatever.” After he came up with the lie he felt slightly calmer. ‘At least now I can get out of diapers without suspicion, if she thinks I’m already getting better or something.’

Dr. Banks, however, didn’t seem as eager to switch topics. “Getting better?  Like, you’re getting treated or something?”

Ryan felt a surprising rush of frustration, momentarily.  It was one thing to have to lie, but to have Dr. Banks keep inquiring, keep pressing him was kind of annoying.  Frankly, he was thinking about how he’d feel if he weren’t lying, and felt like she was being pushy and a bit invasive. Without thinking about his answer he said, “I’d rather not talk about it.  No offense…I just haven’t even talked with my parents or anything, this isn’t really public knowledge or whatever.”

Dr. Banks seemed appropriately rebuffed and cleared her throat. “Right, of course. New topic then? Anything you do want to talk about?”

Ryan heard the undertone in her voice, and recognized that she felt a little surprised, or maybe hurt at his chastisement. Trying to find a topic to discuss that would make him seem less secretive, or less confrontational he thought back to his hobbies, his social life, or anything else worth mentioning and found himself blurting out awkwardly, “I’m showing Becca around the lab later, and that’ll be fun.”  Instantly he blushed and mentally groaned, ‘Fun?  Why say fun?  Now she’s going to think I’m into Becca. I should have talked about my books, or something.’

To her credit, Dr. Banks only nodded politely and switched topics instead of prying into this new and equally embarrassing topic. “Anything outside of work, maybe?  You know, you’ve worked here for a while now and I just realized I don’t even know what you do in your spare time.”

“Um, yeah,” Ryan answered, “I’m reading a few good books, and a buddy of mine and I are supposed to see a movie this weekend.  I mean, nothing big is really going on, is all.  Like, I’m not saying I don’t have anything new,” he laughed nervously as he admitted, “just nothing really exciting. You?”

Dr. Banks answered as she turned a corner and headed downtown, towards most of the local restaurants.  “Oh, just work for me.  With Becca on board we’re going to start a few projects at the local Clinic.  I don’t know if Erin told you, but the lab just got a grant for some behavioral work that’s going to take a lot of my time next semester, I’ll be working on setting up the program for a few weeks.  Actually, that was what the meeting I missed this morning was about.” She pulled to a stop in front of a red light and turned to make eye contact with Ryan, shooting him a warm and hopefully reassuring smile.

Ryan nodded, noticing as he did that his bladder was somehow already feeling full.  He scooted his butt around on the car seat and found that a new position relieved the pressure.  Dr. Banks noticed him moving as she tried to meet his eyes and give him a look, a sign of reassurance. When he kept his eyes focused ahead and away from hers, she continued after a momentary silence. “And I’m working on a publication for the department, though it’s not my own work, just editing and revising for one of our students who’s trying to get published. But I guess we’re in the same boat: Nothing new outside of work for me either.”  Feeling it wasn’t appropriate to mention to her student, she also inwardly thought about her other problem, Erin.

Erin, it turned out, was not an easy student to mentor.  She’d been tossed from advisor to advisor when she first came to the university, always being let go for some nonspecific reason, like ‘difficulty with others’, or ‘personality differences.’ In reality, it was a matter of Erin’s tendency to alienate her colleagues, which is actually why Dr. Banks had taken her in in the first place.  Since Dr. Banks had come to academia after years of being a practicing therapist, she was a lot more forgiving of student behavior problems than most of the other advisors.  ‘Or, if I’m being honest,’ Dr. Banks thought, ‘I’m the only one who always seems to take pity on the students who seem to need extra patience.’ It was probably the same reason she’d gotten into psychology in the first place, her almost compulsive need to take care of people.

When Dr. Banks went quiet and seemed lost in thought, Ryan chose to remain quiet.  In his own personal life he wasn’t as nervous or quiet as he seemed at work, but something about being surrounded by strong personalities, particularly women, made him clam up at work.  Realizing this fact openly, he tried to jump back into the conversation. “Well, I guess better to be non-exciting than exciting in a bad way, eh?” He laughed, a surprisingly honest laugh.

Dr. Banks grinned at him.  “A fair point!” She turned her car into a parking lot in front of a large, three story brick building Ryan immediately recognized as the Libero City Wellness Clinic.

As he opened his mouth to ask what this was about, Dr. Banks pulled her car into a parking spot and turned to him, a guilty smile on her face.

“I thought we were grabbing lunch?” he inquired.

Dr. Banks nodded as she unbuckled her seatbelt, and motioned towards the building in front of them. “Right, but I wanted to show you this place first.  It’s the clinic that we made a deal with for the psych department.  In exchange for assistance with their clients, they’ve agreed to let us use some of their facilities and work with a few of their patients.  This is where the grant’s going, the Libero City Wellness Clinic.” When that didn’t seem to explain why they were stopped there instead of at lunch, she continued, “Since you’ll be working with at least the information from here, if not some of the people, I figured I’d show you around. We’ll grab lunch in just a minute.”

Ryan nodded. The stop surprised him, and he hoped it wasn’t going to cause her to ask any more questions about his supposed health condition, but he didn’t feel like he had much of an option.  And it wouldn’t be bad to stop in a bathroom, since he felt at least a minor need to pee again: His wet diaper was actually starting to concern him, mostly because he knew he should feel the need to change, but he didn’t.  He knew, on an intellectual level, that he was doing something unusual and in some people’s eyes, gross sitting in a wet diaper, but he just felt excited and turned on after the day’s events.  Sure, he wasn’t happy about being found out by his boss, but he’d never in his life hoped for the chance to wear diaper long term, and at least until he found a good way to pretend to cure himself of his imaginary condition, he knew he’d spend the next days or even a full week wearing diapers to work, but he could simply stop wearing them after a bit and tell Dr. Banks he had gotten better if she ever asked about it, which he both hoped and doubted she’d do.

When Ryan stayed quiet, and stared at the building seemingly deep in Thought, Dr. Banks turned to him and started to unbuckle his seatbelt.  Startled, he pulled back and grabbed her hands. “Oh, sorry,” she explained, “Mom instincts.” She let the seatbelt go, and Ryan released her hands at the same time.  He was blushing, which Dr. Banks found oddly endearing.  Trying to fill the uncomfortable silence she callously admitted, “Well, that and the fact that you seem a bit more juvenile since I know what you’re wearing.”

Ryan blushed harder, and grunted his understanding, but was clearly uncomfortable or embarrassed by her comment. As he now unbuckled himself and started out of the car she covered her mouth, and through her hands apologized, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound…”

Her apology drifted off as Ryan, unresponsive, got out of the car and closed the door.  Her comment, he guiltily realized, was oddly erotic to him, almost attractive.  He knew it wasn’t normal to find it hot, but…he did.  So, to avoid saying something odd or giving himself up, he simply shouldered his backpack and waited for Dr. Banks to lead him into the Clinic to give him whatever tour she was planning to give.

Dr. Banks meanwhile cursed herself in her head, both for her ‘mom’ comment and her impulsive unbuckling of his seatbelt.  ‘He doesn’t want your help, Tamara,’ she reminded herself. ‘You know patients in his position are likely to feel uncomfortable about being seen as weak, or infantile.’ She got out of the car and started towards the clinic door with a wave for Ryan to follow.

To Ryan’s credit, he subdued his embarrassment as well as his nervous arousal quickly and trotted into the clinic quickly after Dr. Banks. When they entered, Ryan was assaulted by the smell of sterility, the hint of rubbing alcohol and filtered air that seems to permeate every medical facility. He found himself standing in a light blue-carpeted waiting room with long rows of chairs against the walls, leading to a desk behind a thick pane of plexi-glass.  When Dr. Banks pointed to a chair for Ryan to wait in, he took a seat and waited for whatever it was she needed to ask.

He didn’t end up waiting long, as it took under a minute for Dr. Banks to trot back over to him and awkwardly admit, “I guess you’re right!  Lunch first, they said I can’t bring you back unless you’re a patient or have clearance, and they can’t clear you until they confirm with the University that you’re my student, some sort of paperwork or file they need sent over.”

Ryan stood from the chair, and shrugged. “That’s fine, I’m hungry enough now anyways. We can come back another day.”  ‘Thank god,’ he thought privately to himself, ‘This is turning into the longest day ever.’

His relief was short-lived as Dr. Banks started towards the door, and asked over her shoulder (uncomfortably loudly, in his opinion), “We can check back after lunch, unless you need to change now?  I, well, I noticed you fidgeting in the car and don’t want you to feel stuck in a dirty diaper or anything.” Somehow, she seemed oblivious to how open the environment was as she asked her question, leaving Ryan blushing again and trotting behind her with a nervous shake of his head.

Maybe she thinks nobody would notice in a clinic’ he thought to himself before answering out loud, “No. I’m, er, yeah I’m fine.”

“Good,” answered Dr. Banks holding the Clinic door open in front of him, “You can change in the restaurant if you need to, then.”  With a smile she followed him out the door and they got back into her car.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, Ryan decided to let go of his bladder, realizing it was probably a good idea for him to change at the restaurant even though he had no intention of using his diaper for a bowel movement. He felt the warmth spread back into the now cool diaper, and for the first time in his life had to actually wonder if he would leak: Even when he’d tried using a diaper before, he’d never let himself actually wear it wet for more than a few minute, much less wet it more than once.  His concerns were unfounded, of course, given the quality and capacity of the thick Abena he was wearing, but the sudden nervousness he felt as he wondered just how much the diaper could hold must’ve showed on his face.

As the turned a corner and headed further into town towards Dr. Banks’ favorite Mexican restaurant, she reached over and affectionately placed a hand on top of his before giving it a quick squeeze and letting go. “Right!  Let’s get you something to eat, then.  We can get back to the clinic and your diaper supplies later.”

Diaper supplies?’ he wondered. Ryan was curious and nervous about what she meant, but stayed quiet.  ‘Well I’ll find out later, no point worrying,’  he told himself, even as he felt the gears in his head whirring and began to almost unconsciously speculate on just what, exactly, Dr. Banks meant.

Chapter 5: Supplies and Surprise

Ryan followed Dr. Banks from her car and into the restaurant they’d  just pulled up at. Seeing a local Mexican restaurant, and realizing for sure Dr. Banks wasn’t planning another unexpected stop on their little lunch-journey, he breathed a momentary sigh of relief; Maybe they could actually grab that lunch she’d promised, and let him get back to work without more uncomfortable discussions. ‘Plus,’ he admitted guiltily to himself, ‘I don’t want to keep talking about diapers…I mean, I like them, sure, but if we keep talking like this I’m going to end up either humiliated or with a hard-on, and neither sounds good right now.’ He didn’t like to admit it, but as embarrassing and awkward as this whole situation had been, he couldn’t help but feel turned on too.

Shaking his head he climbed back out of the car, he refocused his mind on his surroundings.  Dr. Banks must have noticed Ryan seeming lost in thought because she ended up being the one to grab his backpack for him from the car.  She tapped him on the shoulder as he was entering the restaurant doors and wordlessly handed him his bag.

Blushing, Ryan shouldered it and soon followed behind her through the revolving doors. ‘Almost forgot the diaper bag!’ he chided himself. It wasn’t something he was quite used to, yet, but knew it was important he keep up appearances as if he really were incontinent.

Dr. Banks led her way into the restaurant and walked herself to the waiting area at the front of the crowded restaurant entrance and whispered something quietly into the hostess’ ear. The hostess, an older Hispanic women with shockingly bright white hair nodded and quickly led Dr. Banks and Ryan ahead of the other waiting customers, and brought them to a corner booth near the back of the restaurant.

Ryan, confused as to what had just transpired, waited until the hostess retreated before asking, “Um…what was that?  How’d you get us seated so quickly?”

Dr. Banks picked up her menu, pointedly avoiding eye contact with Ryan as she admitted, “I told her I needed a table near a restroom for my health problems.  I guess she must have wanted to be especially accommodating.” Still not meeting Ryan’s eyes, she continued in a quiet tone, “I, well, I sort of figured you might like a table near the restroom so you can bring you diaper bag,” she inhaled sharply, realizing she’d accidentally used a more infantile term than intended, “-er, I mean, your backpack to the restroom without it attracting attention.”

Ryan nodded, realizing her point.  He doubted anyone would have actually noticed or cared if he had walked around with his bag, but it was a kind gesture. He picked up his menu and took a quick look to see what he might want, and was surprised at the expense of most of the meals: He was accustomed to most Mexican restaurants being cheap, and quick.  He was almost worried about whether he had enough cash before remembering Dr. Banks’ offer to pay.  This then set off yet another wave of guilt as he realized how accommodating and supportive she was being for a problem he didn’t really have. He resolved to stop dodging her questions, and just make sure he made Dr. Banks feel as appreciated as possible for all her willingness. ‘I might not actually be incontinent, but I can at least let her know how much I appreciate her help…even if it’s not really needed.’

He was working up the courage to thank Dr. Banks again when he saw her looking deeply into his eyes.  His mouth was half-open, a question already on his lips when she interrupted him asking, “So…is this as awkward as I think it is?”

Ryan was shocked at her question and ended up accidentally guffawing in response.  When the nearest table turned to look at his sudden outburst, he covered his mouth with his hands and sheepishly confided, “It’s not exactly not awkward.”

Dr. Banks nodded, a glint of amusement in her eyes. “Well I guess you should be glad the clinic wasn’t ready for you, I was half considering giving you a change myself!”

Ryan didn’t respond to her joke as she expected, suddenly blushing and looking down nervously. Dr. Banks immediately assumed she’d crossed a line, or poked too much fun in her attempt to be funny, but didn’t realize Ryan was internally fighting a sudden arousal, and desperately hoping no one could see his now bulging diapers.

Dr. Banks tried to save the situation by switching topics. “ANYWAY,” she loudly stated, holding her menu up for Ryan to see, “do you think I can eat a whole ‘family platter’ myself?  I’m starving!”

Ryan nervously laughed, and gave a noncommittal shrug before pointing at his own menu and declaring, “You can try, at least.  I think I’ll stick to the burritos, nice and simple.”

Dr. Banks nodded, and immediately raised a hand over her head to wave down a passing waiter. Demanding and assertive, she called out through the restaurant, “If you don’t mind we’re ready to order!”


Lunch was uneventful once Dr. Banks got off the topic of diapers.  A few minutes into the lunch, the same waiter Dr. Banks had waved down for their orders had walked in and potentially heard her discussing incontinence and its causes with Ryan. Trying as hard as she was, it seemed practically impossible for Dr. Banks to stay off the topic of diapers, but once Ryan blushed and had to choke back an audible gasp at his embarrassment in front of the waiter, Dr. Banks had switched topics and spent the rest of lunch talking about his labmates.

Ryan learned that Becca was moving to town after finishing up an internship, was single, a near perfect student, and had a dog. It wasn’t especially useful information, but what he learned about Erin more than made up for it.  Through their discussion, Ryan learned from Dr. Banks that Erin was bisexual, had a police record for public indecency, had failed basic psych twice in undergrad, and was once caught high as a kite in the lab over the weekend by Dr. Banks. It seemed that the harder Dr. Banks tried to avoid embarrassing Ryan, the more personal and embarrassing stories she shared about Erin.

More interestingly, it turned out that Erin, despite her persona of a hardworking, rule-bound individual was a bit of a troublemaker, and actually sounded fun. In return for her gossip, Ryan admitted to his advisor that he was one of three kids, had been single ever since he got cheated on a year earlier, and had been a bit of a troublemaker in his youth at least as much as Erin sounded to be, though he never admitted his major mistakes came from getting caught stealing diapers from a pharmacy, and trying pot on a dare from his first girlfriend (and immediately walking home, red-eyed for his parents to catch!). These personal embarrassing stories piqued Dr. Banks’ interest, but Ryan artfully dodged her more medically relevant questions until she relented on the subject for good, and they finished eating in remarkably good spirits.  Their lunch, which had started uncomfortably, had actually been more communication than the two had shared in the almost year and a half since Ryan had been working for her.

When the bill came and Ryan offered again to pay, Dr. Banks shooed his hands away.  “Hush up, I already said it’s my treat. Besides, you can go get changed while I head up front and pay.”

Ryan hesitated. Quietly, he confided, “I haven’t actually gotten any worse. I’m still pretty dry down there.”

Dr. Banks raised an eyebrow, looking suspicious.  “Really?  I’d have thought eating and drinking might make you go…I mean, it’s just that for people who are totally incontinent usually they defecate a few times a day, after eating. I don’t want to mother you, or whatnot, but I at least know most folks in diapers urinate pretty constantly.” She stared at him, and Ryan practically saw the gears in her mind start turning. He started to worry again, and sought a way out.

He told her, “Well, sometimes I have no control, and sometimes I am in control. It’s just a good day, I guess.”

Again, Dr. Banks shot him a suspicious look and seemed to be thinking. Ryan was far too deep to admit the truth now, so he simply decided to give her what she wanted.  He wasn’t sure if his claim to be off-and-on incontinent would convince her, but he didn’t want to mess himself in a diaper. He compromised: Sitting at the table in public, aware that he was being watched by Dr. Banks, he let loose a stream of urine into his diapers while awkwardly telling Dr. Banks, “And, um, I’m not totally dry, but I don’t want to get changed in a public restroom, especially at a restaurant.  At least at the university I know they clean the stalls every day!”

Dr. Banks nodded, appeased. “Oh, of course, I’m not trying to tell you what to do.  I was just surprised, is all. But excuse me, I’m probably butting into your life more than you want, now.  I’m sorry, I just like to feel needed, and helpful.” Her admission seemed to appease Ryan, who waved off her apology without issue. Ryan thanked her, and told her it was fine. She seemed pleased and as they headed towards the door, Dr. Banks offered to stop by the clinic on the way back to the university.  “If you’re not a fan of public restrooms, you could always see if there’s a space at the clinic.  They might even have more supplies that you’ve been missing, that is sort of their specialty.”

Ryan again refused, though he felt a strong desire to agree.  ‘No,’ he reminded himself, ‘I’ve made this a huge lie already.  No need to take it any further and make a bigger mess.’ It was one thing to lie so he wasn’t caught in his fetish and, worst case scenario maybe even fired by his boss, and another completely to take advantage of her helpfulness to indulge his fantasies.


Despite his assurances that he was fine, Dr. Banks “just happened” to stop by the clinic on her way back to the school. “I just want to see if your ID badge is ready yet,” she assured him when he seemed hesitant to even enter the building. “I promise, we’ll be back at the university in minutes, guaranteed!”

Ryan knew he didn’t have much of a choice, so he followed her into the building suddenly aware of just how wet his diaper really was.  He didn’t want to change, still, but he kept his backpack slung over his shoulder as he marched in behind Dr. Banks, who quickly approached the front desk and spoke quietly to the attendant.  After a minute reading through a list on the computer screen in front of her, the attendant finally replied to Dr. Banks. Ryan didn’t hear exactly what she said, but heard the word ‘pending’, and assumed he was saved from having to enter the clinic by the slow speed of their paperwork processing.

He was ready to turn around without even addressing Dr. Banks when he heard her hiss something else to the woman behind the counter. Turning back to see what was transpiring, Ryan saw the attendant raising an eyebrow, and then seemingly sizing him up.  She waved for Ryan to step closer to the window, and quietly asked him, “Size?”

Mortified and suddenly angry at Dr. Banks for sharing his fake-secret, Ryan almost responded with a cuss but cooled his temper as he remembered this was his own fault, and his own mess to begin with.  Calming himself with a quick but deep breath, he nervously admitted his size.  The attendant dodged back behind the counter, turned a corner out of sight in the hallway behind her, and left Ryan and Dr. Banks standing at the front desk for several minutes.

Finally, and to his surprise, the desk attendant (whose nametag Ryan finally read, seeing her name was ‘Glinda’) returned with an armful of plastic.  She pressed a buzzer on the door next to her and stepped out, holding the load out for Ryan to accept.

Not knowing what to do, he accepted the sterile-scented plastic load from Glinda with a nod and quietly muttered ‘thank you’, before looking carefully at the plastic bag in his arms.  It was clearly wrapped around something with the intent to keep it out of sight, but through the layer of white plastic he saw a very large bag of what appeared to be his same brand of Abena diapers, and next to the bag of diapers a pink bottle of some sort, and a thinner white bottle next to that.

Dr. Banks said nothing but started to pull his backpack off his shoulder for him, which Ryan quietly accepted.  Opening the backpack to reveal his diapers as well as a few school supplies, Dr. Banks held it open and motioned for Ryan to dump the gift of diapers into the bag. When he did so, blushing more profusely than he had at any other point all day, she quickly zipped the bag up and handed it back to him with a cheerful wink.

“Listen,” she confided, “I know I can be a bit pushy, or intrusive, but I meant it when I said I was here to help. So, I’ve got privileges here at the clinic, and I don’t think you need to worry about getting supplies.  I don’t think they can give out the medicated powders, or lotions without a sign out, but I told Glinda to grab you at least some baby powder and lotion, and another few garments, or whatnot. If you aren’t too mad at me for spilling the beans to Glinda, maybe you’ll even let me bring you back tomorrow for a few more supplies, when you can actually head back to the storage room and get what you need without having to ask her permission?”

Ryan didn’t know what to say but nodded.  ‘I guess that takes care of finding more diapers for the week, at least,’ he thought with unexpected relief and gratitude. “Thanks,” he said aloud, “I…I really do appreciate this.  All of it.  Lunch and everything.  It’s very nice of you.”

Dr. Banks shrugged off his thanks with a winning smile, placing a hand over his shoulder as she guided him back towards the door and her car. “No problem at all!  I told you, you went through this on your own for months, but now I know, and I’m here to help.  If you need supplies, someone to talk to, even help getting situated, or cleaned up if you have a leak or something, I’m here.” She stopped at the door and steered him towards her, staring him directly in the eyes with a meaningful look. “And if I can keep my curiosity in check, no questions asked.  Or, well, at least you shouldn’t feel obligated to answer.”

And with that, she led him out to her car, feeling good that she’d managed to help her student, and with the tiny corner of her mind that had noticed it, pretending she hadn’t seen the hint of an erection he seemed to be constantly sporting ever since she’d noticed him wearing diapers that morning.

Chapter 6: Big Plans

When Ryan finally returned to work after his long, involved lunch with Dr. Banks, he did his best to say his goodbyes politely but quickly.  As he shuffled off to the restroom, hefting his bag (now full with a large package of diapers inside), he quickly got changed with little issue.  He sprinkled a healthy amount of powder on himself, knowing he was still relatively new to wearing diapers full-time and worried especially after Dr. Banks’ multiple reminders about rashes that he might acquire one. It wasn’t until he was already fully re-diapered that the gurgling sound in his gut reminded him of his earlier need to move his bowels…which he felt oddly uncomfortable about.

Making his mind, he simply tried to scoot the diaper down and sat on the toilet instead of messing himself. ‘I might have to put on the show for my boss,’ he reminded himself, ‘but not in the bathroom itself!’ When he was done, he was first and foremost thankful no one else had come into the restroom: He doubted his diaper was visible under the stall the way he was wearing it, and doubted even more that anyone would notice or care even if they saw it. They’d most likely assume it was just briefs, or not even put enough thought into the situation to notice at all…but nonetheless he was glad he had the restroom to himself.

He exited the stall, carefully and quickly crossed to the nearest trash can, tossed his used diaper (balled up and taped shut) into the can and quickly covered it with a handful of paper towels he grabbed from the dispenser.  He then re-shouldered his backpack, double-checked that the diaper package wasn’t visible near the zipper-lines, and headed back down to lab to see Erin, and hopefully Becca.

* * *

When Ryan got down to lab he was disappointed that Becca seemed already gone.  He’d hoped to give her the tour he’d promised, and admitted that he was hoping to use his newfound knowledge from talking with Dr. Banks to maybe win a few brownie-points in conversation.  Instead, he was met by Erin, whose stern posture and hands on her hips gave him all the warning about her mood Ryan could possibly need.

Erin stood, as if waiting for him, as Ryan walked into the lab. “I was wondering how long you’d be,” she began as soon as he opened the door, “since Dr. Banks just e-mailed me saying you’re back from lunch and that I need to be more accommodating to your lateness.”

Ryan, unsure of how to respond to this accusation, stuttered an apology before trying to cross over to his desk.

Erin stepped into his path. She loudly and aggressively asked, “So what exactly did you two talk about, then?”

Ryan, buoyed a bit by his conversations with Dr. Banks and perhaps just disappointed at the lack of Becca enough to be slightly grumpier than usual, retorted, “Nothing you’d need to worry about, and definitely none of your business.”  A moment of tense silence followed while Ryan internally berated himself, ‘Great, just what you need, to piss off Erin and put her in a worse mood.’

Surprisingly, though, Erin seemed accepting of his response. She nodded and moved out of his way, allowing him to pass by to his desk while ending her accusations with a simply stated, “Fine, sorry I bothered to ask. I just wanted to know why you were getting special treatment all of the sudden.”

It occurred to Ryan that from her perspective, things really would seem uncomfortable. Erin had overstepped her bounds, exaggerated to her boss about Ryan’s lateness and when she expected him to be chastised and punished, had instead seen him taken to lunch and then had received an e-mail from Dr. Banks telling her to let his lateness slide, and to back off on Ryan…even if she hadn’t exaggerated his tardiness, and even if they were on better terms as coworkers, she’d be at least confused if not a bit worried. So, trying to bridge their interpersonal gap Ryan simply stated, “No, I’m not trying to be rude…I just mean, it wasn’t about you, it was a personal thing.  No offense.”

Erin raised an eyebrow and took an aggressive step forward. Her mouth opened to retort before she seemed to catch a look at herself in the mirror off to the side of the lab. She paused. In her own head she realized, ‘Wow, I look…I look like an asshole. Body language aggressive, picking on him because he gets taken to lunch.’ She was reminded of the first few weeks she’d been working for Dr. Banks, who had repeatedly told her to ‘lighten up’ her body language, and to stop being so aggressive if she wanted to ever make friends at work. It had been good, though admittedly somewhat hurtful advice. Erin knew she tended to bully her coworkers, so she repeated her constant internal mantra to herself as she turned away. ‘Stop being such a bitch, Erin.’  Without another word, she nodded, turned around, and headed back to her desk to work.

This left Ryan momentarily confused, but pleased: he’d expected an insult, more questions, at the least, and had received nothing.  So he decided to press his luck once more and asked, “Any idea where Becca is? I was going to give her the tour later.”

Erin, apparently focused on her computer screen replied mechanically, “I heard her say something about going to the clinic to finish some paperwork, so she might be back later. Not sure though, wasn’t really listening.”

With that, Ryan decided to actually get some work done and decided to merely hope Becca came back later. He knew he was just experiencing a crush, but he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of showing Becca around and maybe getting to know her better.

With his mind wrapped in thoughts about what he would discuss, what he’d ask, and his own answers to his imagined hypothetical questions, Ryan set to work entering the data in front of him for the rest of the afternoon.

* * *

When 5:00 came around and Becca was still nowhere to be seen Ryan’s heart dropped a tad, just enough to remind himself how juvenile he felt having such a strong and sudden crush on the new student. He also found himself rather astonished at how quickly he could adjust to wearing diapers, because he’d peed again twice that afternoon and the diaper didn’t even feel particularly heavy, or wet.

Still, he knew he was just starting what was likely a several-week-long diapered experience and had to remind himself that the constant arousal he still seemed to feel at wearing diapers was probably not something he should focus on so much…it was just that he wasn’t used to it yet and every motion, every scoot in his chair, every tiny whiff of powder, every slightest crinkle was obvious to him right now. If he hadn’t spent the afternoon obsessing over his imagined conversation with his crush, he’d have barely been able to keep from masturbating, his erection was still so persistent.

Seeing the time, the lack of Becca, and feeling the continued pressure in his diaper he decided to run home a few minutes earlier than usual and just call it a day.

When he stood and discreetly opened his backpack underneath his desk so as to stuff his laptop in without potentially exposing the package of diapers to Erin, she seemed to pick up on the fact that he was leaving and swiveled around in her chair to face him.

To get his attention she blurted out, “Can I ask you a weird and probably too-personal of a question?”

Jerking his head up from his bag, and zipping it shut, Ryan slowly answered, “Um…I guess?”

“Since Becca isn’t here for you to give her the tour and make goo-goo eyes, I assume you’re going to offer again tomorrow.  And I just have to know…what exactly is it that has you two blushing like virgins every time you make eye contact?”  Ryan’s mouth dropped in embarrassment at the question, though he had to admit Erin seemed more like her usual self now than she had earlier. “I mean, no offense, but the new girl walks in and you blushed so hard I felt like your skin was made of cherries, romeo, and if I’m any judge of character your little lady friend seemed pretty smitten herself. So, I just have to ask…why?”

Ryan didn’t know how to answer. Crushes, after all, weren’t always particularly logical. “I mean, I guess she’s cute? Sort of my type?”

Erin nodded but probed further. “I know it’s weird, I know it’s not my business, but I like to figure people out so I still end up wondering…what specifically?  You don’t even know her, right?  Why’d you end up stuttering and nervous around her on her first day…” she let her voice trail off, consciously avoiding asking the other half of the question she wanted to ask, ‘and why didn’t you act that way when you met me?’

Ryan tried to think for a second as he lifted the bag over his shoulder and ran a hand through his hair in thought. “I don’t know…it’s just chemistry? And if we’re being blunt, here, can I just ask why you care?”

Becca shrugged off his question and swiveled back to her computer screen denying him the chance to see her face. “Just wondering. I mean, it’s just been a weird day is all, with you and Dr. Banks and now the new girl, it was weird seeing you so jittery. Nothing but curiosity.”

Ryan, seeing that she was signaling as if the conversation was now over, decided to just head out without asking anything further. He briefly considered changing his diaper in the restroom before heading home but decided he could just change out of diapers once he was home completely, and wouldn’t need to waste a new one by getting re-diapered if he were at his own apartment. So, he headed out to his car, noticed that Dr. Banks’ sedan was already gone, and drove himself home for the evening.

* * *

Meanwhile, down in the lab, Erin’s phone buzzed an alert to let her know she had a new text. She quickly flipped it open and took a look. It was her mom, who was probably also her best friend at the moment. The text asked, ‘Hanging in there?’

Erin replied quickly, ‘Yeah thanks. Just working in lab alone tonight.’ Almost as soon as she put the phone down it buzzed again, and she sighed as she picked it back up, torn between appreciating her mom’s concern and annoyed at her prying.

Her mother’s text response read, ‘Alone? As in no dates? I thought you had big plans for this week.’

Erin texted back, glad now that she was alone so no one could see her own blush rise on her face, ‘Yeah but I managed to screw it up. He seems to like the new girl anyway.’

Her mom quickly responded, ‘Screwed up how?’ In typical mom-fashion, she was able to ignore the second sentence and know it wasn’t the key to the problem almost intuitively.

Erin replied once more before stuffing her phone in her pocket and deciding to ignore it for a while said, ‘Just idiot me stuff. Talked to boss about the guy and ended up getting him in trouble instead of actually learning anything about him. And now he seems to like the new girl.  Which makes sense, she’s sorta cute.’

After she stuffer her phone in her pocket it stayed silent for around a full minute while her mother read, processed, and responded to her text.  Erin ignored it as it buzzed once, twice, and then three time as the long and wordy response from her mom came back, but after less than five minutes felt guilty enough to at least look her mom’s response.

Instead of a long text, though, it was both words and a picture.  The picture showed her mother pointing into the phone camera with a sarcastic scowl, and a pointed finger. And the text itself read, ‘I thought we taught you in kindergarten, picking on boys doesn’t show them you like them, even if you think it does.’ The second, last piece of the text followed up with, ‘And who cares if he likes the new girl? I bet you he’d like you too if you ever stopped making fun of him and asked him to dinner. Remember, big plans this week?  Stop getting in your own way!’

Erin responded with an emoticon, ‘lol’, and a heart symbol before putting her phone back and deciding she had no real reason to stay any longer that night.  She packed up her things, tossed her backpack over her shoulder, and locked up the lab as she headed out. Her mom’s texted words repeated themselves in her head, pushing out her normal self-deprecating mantra of ‘Stop being a bitch’ with the more constructive, ‘Stop getting in your own way!’

As she got to the parking lot and slid into her car, she took a deep breath, looked herself in the eyes with her overhead mirror and stated aloud to resolve herself: “Stop getting in your own way.”

She then slammed the mirror back up, started her car, and drove herself home, wondering as she drove just exactly what it was that Dr. Banks and Ryan had been up to that had taken them over two full hours just to meet and then grab lunch.

Chapter 7: Getting to Know You

When Ryan got home that night, he quickly changed out of his diaper and took a long, hot shower.  As he was lathering up, he found his mind wandering.  ‘Why was Erin asking about Becca? Did I upset her, or something? And where’d Becca disappear to, anyway? If I see her tomorrow, should I ask?  Or…would that seem weird? And how am I going to get un-diapered at work?  Should I tell Dr. Banks I’m getting better, or just maybe wear a thinner diaper next week, and see if she notices? I wonder if she really plans to make me go back to the clinic for supplies tomorrow…’

While his head spun with the thousand questions and worries occupying his mind, he finished his shower and dried himself off, heading back to his bedroom to put on pajamas and maybe to flip on the TV. He was pulled from his thoughts when he found himself holding his backpack out of reflex. He realized he was reaching for the bag to grab the package of diapers he’d been given that day at the clinic and momentarily laughed aloud at his mind’s immediate action.  “Well,” he said aloud to himself, “I guess  habits really do form pretty quickly.” Carefully lowering his backpack to the ground so as not to hurt his laptop inside, he ended up standing naked with the package of diapers in hand and wondering whether or not he should put one on.

His first thought was not about the diapers themselves, but the fact that he felt a growing erection, again. ‘Really?  I mean, it’s like I’m a damned young-teen again, walking around with a woody all day.’ Deciding whether or not to put on a diaper instead of the normal boxers he would normally have worn, he realized he knew the answer he wanted with his mind was probably not the one he wanted with his dick. ‘No, I don’t really need them…and besides, if I want to make this package last I shouldn’t wear them outside of work or whatever. No reason to make the lie into truth.’ With his mind made up he tossed the package back to the floor and flopped into his bed, reaching over his head towards the nightstand where the TV remote lay, still nude. He decided to masturbate and see if that cured his oddly persistent desire to be diapered, flipped on the TV and put it down to low volume to mask any sounds of masturbation (a habit he’d picked up as a teenager ever since a family friend had walked in on him when they heard a ‘strange thumping’ coming from his room when his bad had apparently been bumping up against the wall) and headed to his favorite porn site.  After a minute of no real interest in watching typical porn, he instead headed over to a diaper-story site he liked, and within a few short minutes was orgasming into the handful of tissues he had grabbed from the nightstand.

Noticing that his desire to be diapered very much did seem to decrease after he got off, he hopped back out of bed, put on his boxers and some relaxed clothing for PJs, and took his laptop to the living room to play a few games before he eventually turned got tired, on some re-runs of an old sitcom on TV, and went to bed.

* * *

The next morning when Ryan woke up he was mildly confused to realize he had actually woken up before his alarm.  Feeling tired he was almost prepared to go back to sleep but remembered how the whole diapered incident started at work and decided against it. He instead went through his normal morning routine, diapered himself using the new package Dr. Banks had secured for him after applying a bit of baby-powder and lotion, and headed off to work almost half-an-hour earlier than normal. Like usual, Erin was still there before he arrived.

Walking into the lab with his backpack slung over his shoulder, Ryan remembered her questions from yesterday and made his best effort to be friendly with a joke. “I see you’re still here then?  Do you actually live here, or just show up before I get here and leave after me on purpose?”

Smiling at him with a surprisingly warm grin Erin shook her head and stood up, carrying a large notepad over to his desk as he sat down. “I’m hourly, actually, and just like the cash,” she quipped back before tossing the notepad down in front of him.

He stared down at the scribbled note on it and read in surprisingly bad handwriting, ‘Sorry to miss you guys yesterday. I had trouble at the clinic.  Dr. Banks said she’d give me a tour herself later. –Becca’
“It was here when I got in,” explained Erin, “I guess Becca ended up working through some paperwork at the clinic and then forgot about her plans in the afternoon.  She must’ve dropped it off late, because I was here for a long while.”

Ryan nodded, and thanked Erin before flipping on his work computer and arranging the files he’d left unentered the day before.  Expecting Erin to walk back to her desk, he was surprised when several seconds later he swiveled his chair around to find her still standing behind him, staring at him quizzically.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just…I mean, this is going to be weird or whatever, and it’s fine if you’re busy or something…” Erin was unusually stuttered as she spoke, and she seemed to be blushing more profusely than Ryan thought he’d ever seen. “It’s not a big deal or whatever, because I know you were saying you sort of wanted to grab a drink with Becca or something, but…I mean, after work or maybe at dinner…um, well…”

Ryan held a hand over his mouth to hide his surprised smile.  ‘Holy hell this is the most nervous I think I’ve ever seen her in my life.’ He thought, surprised by Erin’s clumsy attempt to ask him out. He saved her from the embarrassment of having to actually finish her question by interrupting and saying, “Sure. Drinks at the Bottle?”  The Brown Bottle, a local college hangout, was only a few blocks off campus and a well-known hangout for most the graduate students and staff at the University.

Erin, her relief apparent on her face, nodded and shot Ryan an awkward thumbs up before reaching over him and grabbing the notepad she’d tossed in front of him.  As she reached over, Ryan got a whiff of her and noticed an unusual perfume she appeared to be wearing.  As she turned on her heel and walked back to her desk, he then noticed that she seemed to have made herself up more than usual: her hair was swept up in a bun as opposed to being down and unkempt like usual, she had a knee-length skirt and matching blue top instead of her normal jeans and t-shirt, and to his amazement was even wearing a pair of short-heels.

Amused at the situation and not entirely sure how to handle it himself, Ryan decided that staying quiet and getting to work was as good a strategy as any and got to work as quickly as possible, wondering exactly what it was he had just agreed to. With a wry grin and surprising confidence, he logged into the computer and started entering the data remaining from the day before. ‘Well I’m glad I brought a few extra diapers, I guess it might be a later night than usual before I get home…’

* * *

The rest of Ryan’s morning was relatively uneventful.  Becca never stopped by, Dr. Banks must have been making up for the meeting she’d skipped the day before, and as a result he didn’t see anyone but Erin until lunch, when he decided it was time to get some food.  He hadn’t wet the diaper he was wearing all morning, probably because he’d had more time that morning to go to the bathroom since he’d woken up early, and so decided to let the floodgates loose so he could change when he got back from lunch.

He had just started peeing when it suddenly occurred to him, ‘….I actually don’t have to use the diapers, just wear them in case Dr. Banks sees, and she’s not even around.’ Still, he had already started so he let himself go and finished peeing. Now feeling warm and wet in his crotch, he tossed his backpack over his shoulder and headed for the door to the lab to go grab lunch at a campus cafeteria a few buildings away.

As he pushed open the door, he was surprised to hear Erin call after him, “Going to lunch?”

He turned around and stuck his head back in the lab, trying to shoot her a charming smile.  He figured that as long as he was feeling so confident, he should probably make sure to be nice to her.  After all, Dr. Banks had chastised Erin and told her to treat him nicely, and he still felt dishonest about that fact. “Sure am, just over at the Central Caf. Care to join me?”

Again seeming more nervous than usual, Erin nodded and grabbed her purse from the ground next to her and quickly followed Ryan out the door. They walked in silence up the stairs and out to the parking lot to head over to the cafeteria when they noticed Becca and Dr. Banks walking side-by-side towards them.

Waving excitedly for them to come closer, Dr. Banks hurried towards her students.

“I just got done taking Becca here through the clinic this morning and we were about to see if you two wanted to grab lunch with us!” she explained with a smile.

Erin’s nervous excitement faded as she noticed Becca staring at Ryan, and Ryan seeming oddly nervous around the two newcomes.  She mistakenly assumed it was Ryan nervous around Becca again, when in reality it was merely Ryan feeling awkward around Dr. Banks with other people, hoping she’d avoid bringing up his diapers in front of his coworkers.  Admittedly, he was still a bit flustered just being around Becca, but a crush was nothing he couldn’t handle, and especially after Erin had asked him to drinks he knew not to flirt in front of her.

After a few seconds of awkward silence with her three students all seemingly struck mute, Dr. Banks interjected, “I will take that as a yes, then?” She tossed an arm over Erin’s shoulder and nodded in the direction of the Cafeteria for Ryan to follow.

As they walked over and waited in line, selecting their foods while making awkward small talk, it seemed as though Dr. Banks was the only person uttering more than single-word answers. After loudly declaring that she’d be happy to pay for her students, she ushered the group towards a table outside in the sun, and sat them all down, asking a blunt question. “So, is it just me or do you guys seem particularly uncomfortable right now?”

Erin couldn’t help but laugh as she realized how obvious their discomfort was, while both Ryan and Becca merely looked away nervously. Putting on her normal air of wit and humor, Erin did her best to recover her normal temperament. “Oh no, I just think we aren’t that used to talking outside of work, is all.  I mean, I don’t know you that well,” she gestured to Becca, “and I barely get this one,” she pointed at Ryan with a mockingly accusing finger, “to talk about work much less anything personal.”

Dr. Banks smiled and set about eating her salad with a smile.

After a few seconds of eating in silence, Becca tried to interject into the conversation. “Well…um, yeah.  I don’t really know how to go about this, but I’m new in town, and I’m working with you, so I guess I’ll just dive right in.” She pushed back her hair as she spoke in a rush, seemingly trying to get as much out as possible as quickly as she could. “I’m here to study with Dr. Banks because I’m really interested in behavior, and really behavior in people who are unusual. Like, I really like studying people with depression, or schizophrenia, or whatever but most of what I want to do is study how those sorts of people deal with stress, and how we can improve stress-treatments for people who have mental disorders. Oh, and I’m living over in the Mater apartments, and I know a few of my neighbors, but I literally don’t know anything else in town yet.  I mean, I got lost on the way to the clinic twice and it’s the only place I’d even say I sort of know how to get to.”  Drawing a long breath when she noticed no one cutting her off or asking questions, she continued in her rant. “Outside of work I’m kind of a homebody; I like reading, I like movies and TV and I can’t seem to get enough music to stop wanting to buy more, so I basically have to set myself a budget or I’ll end up broke in a week. And…umm…I don’t really know what else to say.”

Dr. Banks and Erin started to respond at the same time, so Erin motioned for Dr. Banks to start talking first. “Thanks, Erin.  Well, nice to get to know you, I guess I can go next on the introductions…You can call me Tamara, or Dr. Banks, but I really hate it when people call me professor.  I don’t know why.  And I’m not one for any specific area of research these days, but I’m a bit of a workaholic when it comes to my personal life. I don’t want to speak for Erin or Ryan, since they can introduce themselves, but I’d say that our lab is a pretty nice place to be if you’re a homebody: We have access to the University media archive, which means if you want to you can get movies and books for free from the student services center, and although I don’t think I know what Ryan or Erin like, I can say at least that they have a lot more TV box sets that I like than those I don’t. As far as what you should know about town, I don’t have anything specific except to say there’s a bar just off campus I know my old students used to love going to, and there’s also a bowling alley and nature park in that same part of town, just east past the school’s academic quad. If you need anything, or want to ask anything specific about town, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer. And…yeah, that’s me!”

She nodded towards Erin, who put down her slice of pizza and held up her hand so she could finish chewing.  After a few moments she wiped her face with a napkin and stated, “Sorry, yeah, done eating. Umm, I’m Erin, you know that, I’ve been around for a while now…I don’t really have too many hobbies or things I do around town anymore.  I sort of broke up with someone a few months back and haven’t really had much going on since then…um, yeah.”

She looked back down at her food as Dr. Banks thought to herself, ‘That’s it?  What is going on with her lately?  When I first got Ryan in the lab she couldn’t stop talking…now she’s quieter than all get out!’ She didn’t want to embarrass Erin so she motioned for Ryan to speak up next.

He perched himself on his elbows as he tried to think of something to say that wouldn’t sound like he was a nerd, or too antisocial, and after a minute simply said, “Well yeah, I’m Ryan, again, and I’ve only been here for a little while, I guess…I’m not really into any specific research work at the moment, but I want to end up working in some sort of healthcare or private practice. As far as my personal life goes, I do a lot of reading in my spare time,” he couldn’t help but think to himself, ‘I am glad I didn’t say I read erotic diaper stories, ha!’ and tried to find something more exciting to end with, finishing, “and I’m a pretty big camping fan, really.  I don’t do it as much as I’d like, but I’m always up for camping or canoeing when I can, and I’m also a movie buff.  I guess I also do a bit of work with dogs, since my dad was a vet and I like volunteering at the shelter in town…but I don’t go as often as I ever mean to, and I tend to volunteer in bursts, since I never remember until I feel guilty for having waited so long to visit.”

With their introductions concluded, Dr. Banks turned the conversation back to Becca and inquired more about what sorts of shows and movies she liked, occasionally trying to coax Erin into the conversation.  After a few more minutes of Erin smiling but staying quiet, she eventually turned and engaged Ryan, wondering if maybe Erin might talk when the subject was someone she knew better.

Dr. Banks asked, “So, Ryan, anything going on for you lately?  Any plans or anything?”

Ryan shrugged and tried to throw Erin a lifeline in the conversation, saying, “Yeah, Erin and I are grabbing drinks after work, maybe.  I mean, at least we talked about that, earlier.”

Erin nodded but stayed quiet. Becca chimed in instead, “Would I be imposing if I tagged along, or is it a date or something?”

Erin’s defensive nature got the best of her and she blurted, “You’re welcome to come if you don’t mind having Ryan stay quiet for a few hours.” Immediately regretting her natural impulse to poke fun at her coworkers, she amended, “I’m kidding, ha, but…yeah, sure, you’re welcome to. It can be a whole lab thing.”

Dr. Banks clapped her hands together and interjected, “Well then I’ll come by too!  Nothing on the docket for me anyway this evening.  We can all grab a drink! I haven’t been out with students outside of work or driving to the clinic in ages!”

Ryan was surprised at both Erin’s response and Dr. Banks’ self-invitation but took it in stride with a smile. “Sounds great,” he answered, “I guess we can all stop being antisocial for one night!”

Erin rolled her eyes as Becca uttered a quiet chuckle, and Dr. Banks laughed far too loudly to be convincing at his bad joke, and they went back to small talk for the rest of the meal. When they finished, they dropped their trays off at the counter nearest the cafeteria kitchen, and headed back across campus towards the lab building. Dr. Banks headed up to her lab, calling out that she’d stop by to walk over with them around five as Becca engaged Erin with a few questions about how the school’s policies worked. Ryan was about to head back downstairs to the lab when Dr. Banks pulled him aside, letting the two female students walked past them.

She rested her hand on Ryan’s shoulder and craned her neck to look past him, making sure the other two were away before saying, “Well sorry to butt in on your night, or whatever, I just wanted to check in with you and see if today’s a good day to run to the clinic for those supplies I promised.”

Ryan shook his head and assured her, “I’m set for now, thanks, and I really want to finish the data entry, I keep end up taking longer than I expect so I don’t want to fall behind schedule too much. But I’m doing fine, really.”

Dr. Banks nodded and pulled him into a quick embrace. “Fine, fine, we can go over when your schedule works better. I hope you don’t mind me tagging along for drinks tonight, I kind of want to keep an eye on Erin, she’s rather…off lately.”

Ryan nodded, understanding. “No problem, Erin asked me to grab drinks but I don’t think it was private or she’d have said no to Becca, I figure.”

Dr. Banks smiled. “She asked you to drinks, you say?”

Ryan nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, just this morning. Not a big deal.”

Dr. Banks arched an eyebrow knowingly. “Well I you say so. And just so you know, you have just a tiny bit of a wet-diaper smell around you right now, or at least I noticed it when I hugged you.  You might want to get changed soon!”

Ryan was suddenly very glad he’d actually used the diapers, because it seemed to reinforce his story. “Oh, thanks, I didn’t even notice,” he lied, “but I brought my bag in case I needed to anyway.” ‘And if she smells it, that probably just means I’m dehydrated…all the diaper stories always say the smell is more noticeable when you need more water.’

They parted ways after another quick hug from Dr. Banks, and Ryan headed down to the lab to find Erin and Becca surprisingly friendly, laughing together as he entered. “What’s so amusing?” he asked with a grin as he walked in.

“Becca here was just telling me about why she was actually stuck at the clinic yesterday: You won’t believe this, apparently she walked into one of the therapy rooms and found these two patients just going at it, totally unaware the door was open.”

Becca smiled and wiped a tear from her eye as she laughed, “I wanted to tell Dr. Banks but I didn’t want to sound like I was making fun of the patients…but it was hilarious.  I walked in and they stopped and the chick just yelled at me, ‘either join or get: watching’s not free’ so I ran out of there faster than hell and I’ve been too nervous to ask Dr. Banks if I’m supposed to report about it or anything.”

Ryan laughed at them and headed over to his desk, only then realizing he’d still not changed his diaper.  He shook his head and said, “Oh, crap, I just realized I have to ask Dr. Banks about something on my schedule…I’ll be right back,” and exited. Making sure to take two flights of stairs up to another bathroom so there’d be no chance he ran into anyone from the floor he worked on, he changed his diaper, making sure to use more powder since he felt more wetness on his groin than he’d expected, and double-checking the tapes this time to make sure they helped control any possible ‘baby diaper’ smell he might have lingering. When he headed back to the lab downstairs, he couldn’t help but think to himself, ‘Well I’m glad Dr. Banks didn’t blow my story open at lunch…I hope she can still keep quiet with a few drinks in her!’

Chapter 8: Diapered Drinks

When Ryan got back to the lab after changing his diaper, he found Becca and Erin laughing together, staring at Erin’s computer screen. Curious as to what they were laughing about, Ryan wandered closer and craned his neck to look around Erin’s laughing figure only to find them apparently laughing at a picture of him. Worse, it was a picture he had almost completely forgotten existed, apparently on Facebook from way back in his high-school days.

Apparently now noticing Ryan coming back in, Erin quickly minimized the window and turned back to him, pretending to seem guilty.  The twinkle in her eye and the grin on her lips betrayed her true feelings, despite her hurriedly muttered, “Oh, whoops, thought you’d be gone longer than that…sorry.”

Becca didn’t even bother pretending they hadn’t been looking up his facebook and turned back to Ryan with a question that was hard to understand through the gasps of air she drew to stop her laugher. “Wait…wait, really?  You were a theatre kid?  What were you wearing, that looked like a leotard or something!”

Ryan sheepishly admitted that the picture had been taken during a high school production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ where he’d been cast as Gaston, and required to wear tights and a shirt with fake chest hair for the part. When Erin shot a few sarcastic barbs about how she was shocked he’d been cast in such a stereotypically masculine role Ryan joked, “Hey, it can’t have been that manly…I did wear tights and a dance-belt.”  He then immediately regretted the attempt at humor as he spent a minute explaining to the two curious women exactly what  a dance-belt was, and why he had been wearing it.

After a few more jokes at his expense, Becca put a hand on his shoulder and drew him into a half-hug, apologetically admitting, “Sorry, sorry…I just couldn’t resist. Erin mentioned seeing some of your old photos and I just had to see you in tights.”

Speaking without thinking, Ryan asked Erin, “And what exactly were you doing going through my old photos well enough to see something from like seven or eight years ago?”

As she had been at lunch, Erin suddenly became both profusely red with embarrassment and uncharacteristically quiet before retorting, “I didn’t mean to, I just…stumbled across it when I was looking on your page for your phone number when you were late a few days back.”  Ryan seemed to buy her story and she gladly thought to herself, ‘Bullet dodged, but next time I’ll have to make sure I don’t embarrass myself.  Becca’s already cutting in on our drinks tonight, no reason to let her embarrass me any further by telling her more…’

Becca, in the meantime admitted, “Well despite it looking a little silly, you looked sort of dashing, and the dance belt certainly helped…frame things.” She then realized she’d spoken perhaps more honestly than she’d intended and covered her mouth squeaking out, “NOT that I was looking at your…you know…well…”

Ryan saved her from further embarrassment by shrugging both her and Erin’s comments off and heading back to his desk and dropping down his backpack with a thud. He plopped down into his chair and turned back to face Erin and Becca, saying, “Well I appreciate the compliment, intended or not, but I think I’m going to get back to work so we can call it quits without having to work late tonight.”

Becca nodded, brushing a few loose strands of hair out of her face as Erin swiveled back away from them without another word.  She silently re-maximized the window she’d been looking at and made sure to close the window, also closing the half dozen other tabs she’d opened with advice on ‘How to ask out someone you like’ and ‘Flirting tips: 10 guaranteed ways to get your man!’

Becca brushed past Ryan and took a seat at the adjoining desk and pulled out her own laptop and notebook, and got to work herself.  As she opened the computer, she was momentarily terrified as she realized she’d left up her blog, but when she glanced towards Ryan sitting next to her and Erin across the room they seemed not to have noticed, and she shut the window happily.  Her blog, one she’d had since her early teenage years, was anonymous: She had a few dozen consistent followers and a few hundred inconsistent ones, but posted under the pseudonym ‘Psych-Gal, a term she’d earned in high school because of her long-time desire to become a therapist.  The name itself was what worried her, though: She was far more scared they’d read a post, and find out she talked not only about her feelings at length, but all of her personal intimate thoughts…like her incredibly private, and rather well hidden interest in BDSM, something she definitely didn’t want her coworkers (especially Ryan, who she found herself more attracted to than might be appropriate at a new job) knowing about. She mentally reprimanded herself and reminded herself to always make sure she quit her blog before taking her computer to work in the future.

With each of the three labmates avoiding their own personal secrets, they all set back to work, Erin hiding her nervousness and awkward feelings about Ryan, Ryan desperately worrying someone would find out about his diapers, or even worse would find out that he didn’t even really need them, and Becca wondering if, maybe while she hadn’t been looking, Ryan or Erin had perhaps seen her blog. Retreating into their own thoughts in silence, they spent the rest of the afternoon focused intently on their work, or at the very least focused intently on anything and everything other than each other.

* * *

Around 4:00, the trio was surprised by Dr. Banks’ arrival in the lab as she burst through the door, a bit of an overeager smile on her face. ‘Good,’ she thought as she realized they’d all been diligently working, ‘I’m glad to know they actually get work done even when they aren’t expecting me.’

As soon as she arrived, Erin waved and started to pack her bags to go but Dr. Banks, seeing this, held up a hand to stop her. “Yes, I’m here, but no we’re not going yet.  I actually needed to steal Ryan for a minute, but when he’s back I think we’ll be ready to take off.”

Becca raised a hand for a second before realizing she had no reason to do so and simply blurted out, “If you don’t mind…how long are you two going to need?  Because I was going to hit the bathroom before we left, and I don’t know my way there…so I don’t want to get left behind or anything if you don’t-“

Dr. Banks cut her off as she locked eyes with Ryan and gave him what she hoped was a significant glance.  “Just a few minutes, maybe ten or fifteen? But we won’t leave without you, don’t worry.”

Hopping out of her chair, Becca then brushed by Dr. Banks just as Ryan started to rise.  He took a step forward, and realizing he hadn’t understood the implied look she’d given him Dr. Banks leaned took two long strides across the lab space and grabbed his backpack, handing it to him. Erin looked at this behavior quizzically but said nothing as she set back to saving her files and shutting her computer down.

Ryan followed Dr. Banks into the hallway and she pulled him up a flight of stairs and down the hall towards her office. When they got into her office she quickly closed the door and admitted to him, “I was actually going to just make sure I gave you a chance to change before we head out.  Is that too weird?”

Ryan realized this, as always lately, was another conversation about his diapered state and just shook his head. “No, it’s fine. I mean, thanks, I guess.”

Dr. Banks continued, apologetically admitting, “Well I realized that you probably don’t want the girls to know about your, er, condition, and I know when I go out for a few drinks I tend to use the restroom a bit more, so I figured I’d suggest you change so you don’t end up having trouble at the bar.  I mean, I don’t think we’ll be out long, but I wouldn’t want you to be in trouble with a leak, or intoxicated and trying to change yourself in the public bathrooms.”  Ryan realized that she might actually have a good point and nodded, uncertain exactly how best to respond to her suggestions. She finished and said, “and now, with Becca in the bathroom downstairs, I guess you can change up here and come get me so we can head back down together or whatever?” She then strode around her desk, reached into one of her drawers and came back to hand him a small packet of papers. “Oh, and this: I got permission for assorted supplies for the lab, and this way if you want to go to the clinic you can go and get whatever you need, and nobody has to know it’s for you.  Just make sure you say it’s for lab purposes if anyone asks, and maybe try to keep from taking too many weeks or months-worth at once so it doesn’t seem like you’re hoarding supplies or anything.” With that, she opened her door and shooed Ryan into the hallways, playfully swatting his backside as he walked out.

Ryan headed down to the restroom and found himself changing yet again, though he hadn’t wet more than once that afternoon.  Still, it was better to be safe than sorry and so he made sure to use the wipes, powder, and thickest form of diaper he had in his bag before walking down to the office and knocking on Dr. Banks’ door.  She called him in and they went back to the lab where both Erin and Becca were already standing about, apparently ready to go.

“Everybody ready?” asked Dr. Banks.  When they all nodded or responded positively she turned around with a chipper spring in her step and called over her shoulder, “I can’t remember the last time I got to have a lab bonding event, this’ll be fun!”

* * *

The Brown Bottle had been a college hangout since the University had opened almost a century before: Originally it had been a local tavern, and during prohibition had been turned into a pool hall, only to be reopened as a bar in 1933. Since that time, the inside of the bar had changed time and again, but the outside of the bar remained as old-fashioned and simple as ever.  The bricks were dirty brown and grey, though they had once been a bright red color, and the doors were massive oak behemoths that seemed oddly regal for a building most commonly frequented by drunk frat-boys.  Unsurprisingly, the Bottle was relatively empty at 4:30 in the afternoon when they arrived, so Dr. Banks ordered two pitchers for the table (an amount that made Ryan suddenly glad he’d changed despite the most recent diaper being relatively dry) and ushered them into a corner of the bar away from the main entrance.

When she passed each of her students a cup, she guiltily reminded them she wasn’t trying to pressure them, she was just excited at the chance to get to see her students in a more relaxed setting. “You don’t have to drink if you don’t want ot or like to, I’m sorry if I’m coming on strong.  I just don’t get out with students lately, and I miss it!  When I first got a job at the University I had a cohort of students in my lab that were all within ten years of me in age, which meant we could hang out more like peers…not that I’m saying you’re not peers, or that…yeah, anyway, I just mean this is a nice change of pace.”

She poured a tall beer and offered it to Ryan, who accepted it gladly, and then did the same for Erin and Becca, both of whom happily accepted the offer. Then, following them each receiving their drinks, they proceeded to sit in uncomfortable silence for the better part of half an hour.

Every few minutes, one of the quartet tried to speak up and break the silence. “So, anyone seen anything good lately?  Movie-wise?” had been Becca’s gambit at starting up a real conversation.  Though Ryan had emphatically nodded and spilled his beer on his shirt trying to answer loudly that he had finally gotten around to see a new Marvel film he’d been wanting to see, the conversation didn’t go past there, as Becca hadn’t seen it, and Erin and Dr. Banks admitted to not even knowing what it was about.

When Erin tried to start the conversation, she also ended up being the one to immediately shut it down when she asked, “So anyone have any good embarrassing stories to loosen the mood?”

Dr. Banks had responded, “Nothing I can tell around students, but I promise I won’t judge if you want to share yours!”

Erin had been half-tempted to admit that she had an absolute treasure-trove of embarrassing stories, but seeing the sly smirk on Ryan’s face as she thought about her answer had made her feel too self-conscious, so she shook her head and ended the conversation by blurting out, “Never mind…stupid idea.”

Ryan managed to get about three minutes of conversation out of the rest of the group when he asked some typical first-date questions, such as favorite books, and favorite foods, but when Erin had been asked, she had said she ‘wasn’t sure’ and texted on her phone, effectively halting their third attempt at conversation.  Finally, Dr. Banks succeeded in getting the group to talk when she revealed, “Well I’m just going to say it: You guys are way more boring than my old students so far!”  She scrunched her face up and gave them a mock-severe look to show she was kidding.

Erin responded, “Well I admit it’s hard to open up around everybody.  No offense to you three, but I think that Ryan and I have talked more the last two days than in the last six months at work, so I just don’t want to say anything stupid.”

Becca chimed in with a suggestion. “Well we can fix this: Do you guys know the drinking game ‘never have I ever?’”  Everyone immediately nodded, but she explained the rules anyway. “Great.  Just to be clear, since I’ve seen people play it differently at different schools before, the rules I learned to play by are you get 5 fingers to start, and every time you lose a finger you take a drink. The way you lose fingers is when the speaker, which rotates, says something that they have never done. If you have done that same thing, you lose a finger. Sound good?”

Erin was about to protest, since she’d learned the game under different rules but fell silent when she saw Ryan already sticking his hand out, five fingers raised.  He offered his glass towards Dr. Banks who filled it up before the game got started, and Erin realized that this might be a perfect way to get him to loosen up without having to put herself out there too badly, and thereby embarrass herself or feel any more anxious. So, she put up her five fingers and they began to play.

The first round went by quickly, with Dr. Banks starting off with an easy one, ‘never have I ever gone skydiving.’ Since no one put their fingers down, she ended up taking a drink (a rule Becca had never heard of, but happily agreed to), before it rotated to Ryan’s turn.  He went for a cheap shot and said, ‘never have I ever menstruated’, which caused Dr. Banks to laugh in surprise, Erin to flip him off half-sarcastically, and Becca to blush as she took a finger down, suddenly wondering how her own question could get back at Ryan.  Next at her turn she played her own unfair game and said, ‘never have I ever had a penis’, which as expected resulted in just Ryan taking a finger away.  However, after that the three women seemed to retaliate against Ryan’s initial cheap-shot question, and before another circle passed he was out of fingers, which Erin loudly explained to the table meant he was required to finish his drink.

“Well, not if you don’t want to, Ryan,” assured Dr. Banks, knowing full-well that this wasn’t an particularly appropriate situation for a faculty member to be participating in.  When Ryan laughed and downed his drink, however, she felt better and simply said, “well…I’ll fill you back up, but if you have another one or two too quickly I’m calling you a cab home, or you can walk if you live close by. Fair?”

Ryan happily agreed, and the game recommenced, with time speeding along as the four of them played the drinking game.  After two drinks, Dr. Banks had switched to water, explaining, “I have no problem with you all drinking, but it wouldn’t be very professional if I ended up making an ass of myself.”

Becca had done the same for one round before coming back from the bar a few minutes later with a glass of whiskey and explaining, “I’m not much of a beer drinker, too much liquid, but I don’t mind still playing so long as I don’t have to chug this one down.”  That left Ryan and Erin as the main drinkers, and Dr. Banks had no qualms about ordering a third pitcher when she realized it was already almost 7:30, meaning they were all relatively sober given tea amount of time that had passed.  The only sign any of them had of their inebriated state was the suddenly talkative Erin and her slightly rosey cheeks, and the concentrating look on Ryan’s face he made as she realized he was apparently wetting himself. Dr. Banks was glad to notice the other two ladies were discussing the finer rules of the different styles of ‘never have I ever’ and didn’t appear to notice, and smiled to herself, glad to know that Ryan apparently at least knew when he was using the bathroom, judging by the look on his face and the tiniest hissing noise she heard from under the table.

As time passed, the bar became more and more crowded, but their position near the far end of the bar remained still mostly empty.  Though she had stopped buying her students drinks, they had continued to drink, ordering for themselves. Ryan had moved on to a variety of drinks from the menu’s tap, Becca had grabbed at least two (or was it three?) tall whiskeys, one of which was on the rocks, and Erin had gotten herself another full pitcher, and had downed it with surprising speed. Whatever anxiety or nervousness she’d been experiencing to explain her particularly unusual behavior seemed to be driving her to drink, but Dr. Banks didn’t hold it against her: Students, as she knew, were prone to being, well, students. This was what they just seemed to do.

As 8:30 chimed once on the nearby clock, Dr. Banks abruptly stood up, raised a hand to get the remaining trio’s attention, and said farewell. “Well thank you guys for a wonderful afternoon and evening, I can’t believe how much fun it’s been catching up and socializing outside of the lab, but this old bird has got to get home!” She put a twenty dollar bill in front of Erin and stated, “And this is for one more round on me, and if there’s anything left a nice tip for the bartender.” She then waved goodbye and headed out the door leaving Ryan, Erin, and Becca now without-supervision in the back of the Bottle.

Apparently intoxicated enough to feel courageous, Erin immediately demanded as a tiny slur appeared at the end of her speech, “So now that she’ss, er, gone now…um, yeah, I have wanted to play Truth or Dare for like three hourss,”

Becca looked nervous and started to protest. “Actually, I’m thinking about heading out myself pretty soon. I think I’ll just walk, I only live a half mile from here if I am remembering how to get around town correctly, and I don’t think I should be driving, so I think I’m going to-“

Erin, apparently intoxicated enough to forget her perceived rivalry with Becca for Ryan’s affections interrupted, exclaiming, “Ahh, no!  You HAVE to stay, Ryan would be so sad if you left now!”

When Ryan laughed through his now brightly blushing smile, Becca responded with a nervous hand through her hair, waving away strands that weren’t even in her face out of reflex. “Well…ok, but not much longer, I’m starting to really feel that last drink, if you know what I mean.”

Ryan responded without thinking, “Drunk or need to pee?” It took about a half-second for him to realize what he’d just blurted and then jerked his head back, looking awkwardly from side to side as he wondered if he should apologize.

Luckily, Becca responded, “Pee, actually…so I’ll be right back.”

Erin abruptly stood and reached over to her coworker and grabbed her shoulder with a squeeze. “I’ll join you. Mom always said ladies are allowed to pee together, you know.”

Becca stifled a giggle and Ryan, though he wasn’t a great deal more sober than Erin (and could not for the life of him figure out if Becca was even the tiniest bit intoxicated as she seemed still relatively normal, and because he had no real baseline for her behavior) couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as the two women headed past him to the bathroom.

As they walked away, Ryan discretely unzipped his fly and stuck a finger into the edge of his diaper to feel for wetness, happily realizing he was wet but not quite in need of a change. Awkwardly putting his backpack back on as he walked up to the bar, he ordered himself a seven-and-seven, since it was cheap on the bar menu, and headed back to the table to wait for the ladies.

* * *

As soon as they reached the restroom, Becca headed into a stall, and to her immense confusion Erin actually butted her way into the same stall.  Standing in cramped and awkwardly close quarters, Becca asked, “Um…can I help you with something?”

With a combination of alcohol wearing down on her sense and jealousy inspiring her nerves, Erin explained to Becca, “Sorry, I’ll move, I just had to tell you I’m sorry if I haven’t been super nice to you, or whatever, I just wanted to tell you I think you’re nice and I’m sorry to be weird around you and Ryan or whatever.”

Becca stared at the drunk girl with a concerned look. “Are you feeling OK,” she asked.

Erin nodded emphatically and waved off the question, shaking her head as if to restore some of her sobriety. “Well, yeah, fine, I mean…ok, I mean yeah I’m drunk or whatever but I wanted to tell you it’s OK if you end up going out with Ryan, really. I like him too but you’re nice and he likes you or whatever so it’s OK, then, OK? Sorry, er…I mean, it’s alright then, alright? Or, OK?”

As Erin pushed her way out and moved to the adjacent stall to pee, Becca was left wondering how it was Erin had known about her liking Ryan.  She hadn’t realized, at least, that she had been obvious about her attraction.  But more than that, what was that last thing Erin had said? ‘So Ryan likes me, then?’

The ladies finished up in the restroom and together headed back to the table, Erin walking with just a hint of stumbling in her step.  She was drunk, of course, but nothing too extreme…she just hadn’t been out drinking since her undergrad days and the alcohol was hitting her harder than her younger year expectations would have made her suspect.

When they got back to the table, Ryan waschecking his phone to pass the time, but smiled brightly when Becca tapped him on the shoulder and commanded him, “Scooch over, ladies coming through!”

Ryan moved and Becca gracefully took her seat, while Erin plunked down in her chair with an unceremonious grunt. In front of both seats were now tall glasses of water. When Erin held hers aloft, looking somehow perplexed at the fact that her beer had turned clear, Ryan explained, “I just figured it might be a good idea to break up the drinks with a little water, prevent the hangover maybe.” Becca gratefully slurped at the water while Erin shrugged and reached across the table to grab her unfinished beer.

After a momentary silence, Erin exclaimed, “I forgot what we were doing before.” Becca raised an eyebrow, an amused grin on her face but didn’t answer.  Ryan, likewise, stayed quiet to see if Erin would remember, and she apparently did because she demanded of Ryan, “TRUTH OR DARE, Ry-man!”

Amused at her sudden decision to use a new nickname, Ryan shrugged. “Let’s set some ground-rules first.  If somebody says no, that means no, nothing illegal or likely to get us kicked out of the bar, and let’s try to act like adults. Sound good?”

Becca chimed in, “And truth means you have to answer the question: No single word half-answers, or evading the question. Saying ‘I don’t want to answer’ might be true but it’s not the point of the game!”

Erin nodded and then pointed an accusatory finger in Ryan’s face. “So?  Answer! Truth’r dare!”

Ryan considered for a second, and remembered what Dr. banks had said about Erin having a bit of a history of getting into trouble, and decided against letting her start off with a dare: She was exactly the sort of person to ask him to do something just stupid enough or awkward enough to get him into trouble, but not technically outside of their pre-set rules. “Fine. Truth. But remember the rules; If I say I won’t answer, it’s a no-go, so long as it’s reasonable.”

“Fine, fine,” slurred Erin. “Tell me: When did you lose your V-card?”

Glad she’d chosen something personal without being too over the top, Ryan happily answered, “When I was eighteen, actually, first month of college. I tried oral in high-school but I never had sex until college.” Erin snorted, though both Becca and Ryan were unsure if that was a derisive snort or just a consequence of her drunken state. Ryan waved it off and turned to stare at Becca.  He was slightly drunk, but he couldn’t tell for the life of him if she was, and his cautious nature got in his way before he had the courage to ask what he wanted to.  Instead, he turned back to Erin, feeling like a wimp for not asking Becca the hundred thousand questions that had jumped to his mind. “Fine, back at you: Truth or dare?”

Erin laughed and smacked her hand down on the table, momentarily drawing the eyes of a few nearby bar patrons who fortunately seemed to realize she meant nothing by it and who turned back to their drinks. “Dare, bring it on, little-man.”

Ryan wracked his brain: he had assumed she’d take the safe route out like him and didn’t have a dare in mind.  Answering with the first thing to come to his mind, he instructed her, “Fine…I dare you to go commando to work tomorrow.”

Even as he said it, he knew he was stepping way past the line of appropriate and heading into the ‘oh god I hope she doesn’t smack me for this’ zone, but to his surprise Erin gave him a sloppy thumbs-up and responded, “Sounds good chief.  I’ll show you the butt to prove it, but you don’t get to see the front. Square?”

Assuming she meant, ‘does that sound fair?’ Ryan agreed and it was back to Erin’s turn. She turned to Becca now with a wicked smile. “Ok, princess, let’s do you: Truth or dare?”

Becca remained relatively calm, though she seemed determined to avoid making eye contact with either of her table-partners, as she responded almost instantly, “Dare, but remember…nothing too crazy.”

Erin responded by scoffing and saying in a far-too-loud whisper, “Hey, I’m not wearing panties to work for this game so I have to get at least something fun on you!” She then scrunched up her face in thought and after a moment declared, “I dare you to show me your boobs!”

Both Becca and Ryan responded to this loud demand with laughter, though for different reasons. Ryan laughed because after their rules had been set, he was nearly positive Becca would refuse, while Becca laughed more to herself, knowing she’d done far worse on her blog, and had shared far more intimate details of her life than just a momentary flash of skin. “Deal. But Ryan isn’t part of it, so scoot over so I can show you without the whole bar seeing.”

Ryan felt both robbed of a wonderful moment and rather impressed at her willingness to show herself off, and stated to the two women that he’d stand up and block the view from the bartender. He did so, using his backpack and wide-shouldered frame as a screen while Becca held up her end of the deal. When Becca told him to turn back around, he almost choked when he realized Becca was now holding open her shirt for him to see too, before she almost instantly turned back and rebuttoned herself. “Fine,” she admitted, “I figure I have to show you if you’re in the game. Don’t get weird about it.” Internally, she realized, ‘Yeah, I’m definitely getting a bit drunk, I wouldn’t normally do that even if I think he’s cute.  I really need to watch myself before I say or do something even more embarrassing.’

For Becca’s turn, she turned to Erin and asked her truth or dare, which was quickly met with an answer of ‘truth’.  Erin was then made to admit her first time having se, and her first time having an orgasm were almost two years apart. As she put it, “I didn’t even know I wasn’t having one until I finally did, and by then I had tried sex with three guys. It took a girl to show me how. Oh, and I’m bi, if that weren’t clear yet.” She smiled an over-the-top smile when Becca looked abashed and Ryan feigned surprise at her revelation, and the game continued for several more relatively tame rounds. In order, first Ryan was dared to ask the bartender for his number (which he did to the bartender’s confused amusement), then Ryan again skipped over Becca and Erin ended up being dared to not just go commando to school, but to go to the restroom and go commando now to start it off (which she also did without hesitation, both to Ryan’s surprise and Becca’s amusement), and Erin demanded to know Becca’s “deepest and darkest secret”, which is where the game seemed to suddenly end.

“Sorry, that’s a no-go.  I said dare, and you tried to get a truth. Nope.” Becca was blushing, suddenly oddly turned on at the idea of these two new coworkers, who were both rather sexual in their questions and dares so far, knowing about her private information.

Erin contended, “I know, but I dared you to tell us. See?”

Ryan added in, “I mean, if you aren’t willing to answer that’s OK I guess, but she’s right that it’s a fair dare.”

Becca, who had been smiling or grinning the whole night, suddenly looked pale and nervous as she stuttered out. “I mean…if you promise this stays between us, I guess…”  She drew a deep breath and seemed ready to spill when she suddenly stopped and froze, her mouth half-opened. “Actually, really, no, I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Erin was oddly nice about the situation and told her, “Fine, what’s the most embarrassing thing you are WILLING to tell us?”

Accepting the compromise, Becca responded, “Fine…I guess that would be….when I was graduating from undergrad a few months ago, my boyfriend and I at the time knew we were going to break up, so he asked me to have a threesome with him as a goodbye present, and when I said no I started feeling really bad, so to make up for it I let him…umm…well we did anal, and worse yet in the morning I was too sore to sit down because we didn’t use enough lube, and it was…yeah, that’s literally the most embarrassing thing I can think of.”

Ryan suddenly realize he’d gone from knowing absolutely nothing about this girl to hearing her recount a sexual and embarrassing experience in a matter of days, and made sure not to comment about how awkwardly hot that story sounded to him for a second. Then, when he was trying to figure out what he should say Erin interjected with, “Well if that’s the most embarrassing story you want to tell us I now REALLY want to know what you didn’t want to share.” Ryan agreed, but said nothing.

After Becca had laughed at Erin’s comment so hard she started hiccupping, the game was put on pause. After a few moments, she regained control of herself and turned to Ryan, and simply said, “So? You next.”

Ryan considered, and the alcohol in his system, and the inspiration he felt from hearing her confide her embarrassing story led him to say, “Dare. Fine, I’ll do it. Whatcha got?”

Becca had a surprisingly wicked smile on her face as she cocked her head to the side and leaned towards him, whispering into his ear so Erin couldn’t even hear. She then whispered, “I dare you whip it out…”

Ryan realized immediately that if he weren’t wearing diapers, such a demand from someone he was so attracted to would probably have ended up with him naked, not just pulling his cock out, but with the diapers on he couldn’t easily do so. So he whispered back, trying to cover his story, “Fine…but not here. Somewhere less public. Tomorrow maybe?”

Erin was growing frustrated at their secretive whispering and loudly harrumphed her disapproval, but was kind enough not to interrupt any more than that.

Becca whispered back to him, “Well I might end up too embarrassed to go through with it tomorrow when I’m sober…so how about tonight, after we leave we can find somewhere more private?”

Ryan tried to think of a good reason why he couldn’t, knowing he’d still be diapered unless he found a way to change…and even then he didn’t want to have baby powder showing, but without a good reason, he responded, “Deal. When we leave.”

He leaned back but Becca grabbed his collar and pulled him back close and confided, “And Erin gets to see it too. You saw me, she gets to see you. Fair?”

As Ryan sat back he nodded. “Fair.”

He turned back to Erin who demanded, “Anyone care to share what the whisper-fest over there is about?”

Becca leaned in towards Erin and whispered something into her ear, which caused Erin to immediately stand up and say, “I like this plan. Let’s leave!”

Ryan was shocked at her statement, still reeling from the dare Becca had asked, and was desperately trying to think of a way to get away and undiapered as quickly as possible so he interrupted and said, “Well if I’m doing this I need to take a piss first, I don’t want to offend the fair ladies…” and he stood up, grabbing his backpack. ‘I can use the wipes to clean myself off, and I can just not put another diaper on after I get cleaned up, maybe,’ he thought.

Erin reached for his backpack with a snatching motion but Ryan held it out of her grip. “Why are you bringin’ the bag? You planning to ditch us, maybe?” she asked.

Ryan responded, “No, I just have some personal stuff in here…I don’t like leaving it in public, is all.  I’ll be right back. I promise.” He then headed for the bathrooms where he changed out of his diaper, used a handful of wipes to clean himself as thoroughly as possible, and then realized he didn’t have any underwear outside of his diapers to put back on. He decided to make up a story about joining Erin in going commando if the girls asked him and tossed the used diaper in the garbage on his way out.  When he got back to the table, it appeared Erin had chugged the last dregs of her pitcher, Becca was gulping down another swallow of Whiskey, and his cocktail glass was now empty in front of Erin’s seat.

They quickly exited the bar, leaving a heavy tip for the bartender (which Ryan felt was deserved after he had tried to get the guy’s number in a drunken, possibly embarrassing way), and headed outside.  They decided to walk back towards the main university campus, as now (a bit after 10) there were likely fewer people around.  When they turned down a narrow road, Becca ended up pushing both Erin and Ryan into an alley where she said, “I’ve got to walk the other way from here, so I think this is where we get to finish that dare, if you don’t mind.”

Ryan nodded, and carefully looking both ways unbuttoned his fly. ‘This is probably the dumbest decision I’ve made since I chose to lie to Dr. Banks about needing diapers…’ he thought with chagrin.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to flirt and be sexual around these two women, but this was not how he had ever imagined this situation playing out. Still, everybody else had played the game fairly, so he dropped his fly, took his member out, and waited for about five seconds with it in hand before he put it away, giving Erin and Becca a chance to see that he was fulfilling his end of the game. ‘Thank god I was sporting a half-chub in the bar, there, now would not have been a good time for me to be small,’ he gladly thought to himself.

Erin didn’t say anything in response except to steady herself against the wall and let out a hefty belch.  Becca, however, stated, “Well the only thing left to do is make sure you guys are close enough to walk home from here.  Do you live far?”

Ryan didn’t, only perhaps a bit over a mile and a half from their current location, so he shrugged and admitted, “Further than I’d like but it’s walkable.”

Apparently just now realizing she would have to walk home like this, Erin yelped, “CRAP! I live like six miles from here. Shit. SHIT!”

Ryan responded to this revelation by pulling out his phone and looking up a taxi service number, but Becca was quicker. “No problem, you can bunk down with me. I’m still not fully moved in but I’ve got a couch you can crash on,” turning to Ryan she further confided, “and it probably makes sense for someone to watch her, she seems pretty hammered.”

Ryan nodded and Becca explained the plan to Erin, who gave another wobbly thumbs-up and threw her arm over Becca’s shoulder. “Lead the way, then, princess hot-tits!” Ryan desperately hoped that Erin would have forgotten this exchange in the morning, or he knew she’d feel so awkward she’d be unbearably argumentative and defensive, but for now he merely waved goodnight to the two women and headed out of the alley and back towards his apartment complex, wondering whether  or not it made sense for him to ride his bike to work tomorrow rather than having to just walk again.

By the time he got home, he was at least a tiny bit more sober, and he was rather pleased with how the night had gone.  He and his labmates had opened up more than he’d expected, he’d gotten a brief look at Becca’s body (the thought of which restored his half-erection almost instantaneously), and he’d managed to keep his diapers a secret another successful day.  As he unlocked his door and headed inside, he was smiling.  And as he put on a diaper for bed, apparently inebriated enough to not really realize what he was doing, he found himself wondering, rather guiltily, if Erin would hold up her end of the deal about not wearing panties in the morning.

Chapter 9: Morning Regrets

After a night like the one he’d enjoyed, normally Ryan would have been hard-pressed to do much in the morning: Usually he’d grouse for a while about ‘never wanting to drink again’, and perhaps spend a few minutes deciding whether or not he was hungover enough to throw up, or at the least letting his stomach make that particular choice for him. This morning, however, he woke up like a bolt of lightning and was instantly alert. Noticing the three empty glasses on his nightstand, he half-remembered that he had, in fact, grabbed and chugged multiple glasses of water the night before in an attempt to prevent the hangover he would normally have expected.

‘Did that really happen?’ he wondered, remembering exposing himself to his labmates, as well as remembering the incredibly racy game they’d played in their inebriated state.  More than that, he wondered why he was wearing a diaper when he didn’t consciously remember putting one on after getting home the night before. Sheepishly he admitted to himself, ‘Then again…I don’t remember a whole lot about coming home. So…yeah, I probably shouldn’t have drunk that much.’ As he sat up, he felt the weight of both the alcohol and the water he’d chugged before bed and released into the thick diaper, noticing and appreciating the warmth and feeling it gave him. ‘Not a bad way to wake up…maybe I should diaper up for bed a bit more, at least until I pretend to re-potty train myself or whatever at work…’

As his mind drifted back to the night before, having emptied his bladder, he felt good in knowing the one major consolation: The fact that, fortunately, Dr. Banks had left before they’d become intoxicated enough to start seriously daring each other. Still, he could hardly believe what he’d done.  Since he didn’t have to go through his normal morning urination routine, he laid still in bed for a minute and thought again about the night before…remembering the promise that Erin had made to wear no panties to work, and reliving again the exhilarating moment when he’d dropped his pants to show off for his coworkers.  His rising erection overpowering his sense of shame or anxiety, he laid back in the bed and, though the diaper was now wet, began to play with himself.  With his mind racing, he and images flashing through his head, he smiled. ‘It was a pretty damned good night.

* * *

Across town, however, Becca and Erin began their mornings with worse feelings.  As her extremely early morning alarm clock went off, Becca rolled over in bed planning to slap the snooze button only to find that she wasn’t alone in bed.  Erin, apparently, had crawled into bed sometime during the night.  Erin was still clothed, above the covers, and facing away from Becca, but finding an unexpected stranger in bed next to her, especially one she was sure hadn’t been there when she’d gone to bed the night before, left Becca shocked and momentarily panicked.  Reacting on instinct, she immediately kicked out, thumping Erin off the bed and onto the floor before realizing who or what it was she was seeing. Erin thudded down to the floorboards with a double clopping sound as first her face then her legs tumbled off the mattress and onto the ground. It was only then, as she saw her coworker flail (as she woke up) off the bed and onto the ground, letting loose a gurgled squeal, that she realized who she had just kicked.  ‘Oh crap,’ Becca suddenly yelled to herself in a panic, ‘Erin!’

Erin’s wakeup, by contrast, was about as unpleasant as a wakeup can get.  Hungover to such an extent that opening her eyes mid-fall was painful in the early morning light, she was only hurt worse when she thumped awkwardly off the bed and landed in a twisted heap on the floorboards. She had let loose a sound somewhere between squeal and scream as she had rolled off the mattress, and was rudely brought into the morning sun with an aggressive shove from her unwitting bedmate.

Even the sound of her sudden thump onto the ground hurt, though it paled drastically in comparison to the sheer pain of moving sore and aching muscles after a night of overdoing her drinking. As her head hit the ground first, she had a flash of memory grab her, and she briefly remembered crawling in the middle of the night into the bedroom…a bedroom she had, at the time, thought was her own. She retained enough mental function to remember crawling, in the middle of the night, towards the bedroom and slipping onto the covers, though she was now glad that she’d been too intoxicated to crawl under the sheets.  Whoever it was she had woken up next to (and she wasn’t entirely positive yet) clearly had been panicked, and Erin doubted they’d have reacted any better to her had she been naked, like she normally slept.

She realized with another painful startle that the bed she’d awkwardly slumped into wasn’t her own, but it also wasn’t a guy, because she heard Becca’s voice suddenly yelling out to her…and after only a tenth of a second of confusion, she connected the voice to the person, and realized it was her new coworker’s bed that she had somehow ended up in.

Though a hundred thoughts had dashed into Erin’s head in a tiny amount of time, only one thought had apparently made it into Becca’s: “Oh my GOD!” she yelled a moment after kicking Erin to the ground, “I didn’t realize it was you, I just panicked…”

Erin’s reply was to hoist herself into a half-seated position and raise her head, eyes squinting against the sun’s faint light, over the mattress to say, “Yeah…not my favorite morning either.” Erin then compounded the awkwardness by asking bluntly, “Did we fuck…or what the hell is happening?”

Becca’s suddenly pale face and nervous/terrified stare told Erin that they hadn’t slept together, but she was still too confused and disoriented to put the reality of the situation together. Rather than waiting for an explanation, though, she blurted out, “So no to the fucking. This is great.  So I apparently humiliated myself and then assaulted you? Or…can you paint me a picture here?”

Becca immediately explained the previous evening to Erin, whose memories were unclear around halfway through the night onward.  When Becca mentioned their racy game of Truth or Dare, Erin snorted and admitted she might remember some of that transpiring…but didn’t explain what she did or didn’t recall in any detail, leaving Becca wondering just how much she should repeat back to her. In reality, Erin’s memories were muddled and confusing, and though she did distinctly remember some things (she remembered admitting her bisexuality to Becca, a fact that she knew likely complicated this whole embarrassing morning slightly) she wasn’t yet sure what else she had or had not admitted to, or perhaps had said or done.

Deciding that in Erin’s situation she’d probably want the truth to be explained to her honestly, Becca opted for blunt honesty. Explaining the end of the night to Erin, Becca rushed as she told her about Dr. Banks leaving, them playing various drinking games, and ended by announcing, “…And long story short, I showed you my breasts, we both saw Ryan pull his cock out, and you agreed to go commando to work today and show Ryan your ass to prove it.” When Erin’s face took on a sudden blank stare, Becca hurriedly added, “But I’m pretty sure it was just the alcohol talking, I don’t think he really meant it or would expect it or anything.”

Erin’s face was apparently actually blank because she was seriously considering going through with it, but she nodded when Becca tried to reassure her. “Yeah.  He…he probably didn’t mean it or anything. Just the drinks.” In her head, she silently cheered despite the confusing and painful morning she’d had. ‘If we were drinking and he asked me to see my ass…not hers…does that mean he really does like me?’ She started to wonder a few more thoughts along that line before suddenly noticing that she was dressed on top of the covers, while Becca appeared to be quite clearly undressed right underneath the sheets in front of her.  With this sudden realization, Erin stood up, covered her eyes and stated, “Oh, crap, I just realized how weird this is for you. Sorry…I’m…I’m going to go use your bathroom and maybe shower off my shame, if you don’t mind.  And then I’ll get out of your hair before work.  Thanks for taking care of me, or whatever.”

Becca didn’t say anything in response, but rather herself noticed her own state of undress and recalled with sudden awkwardness Erin’s admission to being bisexual the night before. Though she mentally intended to say something reassuring, all she managed to do was utter an unintelligible grunt of agreement as Erin shuffled out of the room. Then, a moment later suddenly alone, she realized that Erin had apparently taken waking up in a strange room with a near stranger and limited explanation relatively well, all things considered, and wondered to herself just how crazy Erin’s personal life must be or have been to make this experience something to be so easily adjusted to. She also knew that Erin likely hadn’t meant anything by climbing into her bed, and Erin really did seem to be a nice person, even if she was pushy and awkward when drinking…but it did sort of complicate things to wake up to someone who might find you attractive more than waking up with someone who likely wouldn’t.

Becca had to pee too, but decided to let Erin have the bathroom first.  Not only was she likely far more hungover, but she was also the one who’d slept in her clothes and wasn’t at their own home, meaning the use of the shower would be pretty useful for her. Becca decided, then, to wait until Erin was exited before eventually asking her whether or not she needed a ride home, or what her next plans were going to be that awkward morning.

She didn’t end up finding out, however, because Becca’s decision to stay in her bedroom while Erin was in the shower led to Erin sneaking out only seconds after finishing cleaning up, seconds before Becca got the opportunity for any further discussion.  When Becca exited her room, and turned towards the bathroom, she expected to see Erin redressed or perhaps in a towel, ready to talk…but she’d already left the apartment, and after a momentary check to see if she was in the kitchen or perhaps back on the couch in the living room, Becca realized she was well and truly gone. All that remained to show that Erin had been there were a pair of panties lying in Becca’s bathroom trash can, apparently proving that she was more than willing to let the dares of the night before stand.

Seeing the discarded panties, Becca laughed to herself. ‘She has guts, that’s for sure,’ she thought amusedly, ‘but I wouldn’t ever call her a careful planner.  She didn’t have to throw them out, she could have just not worn them or something…’ And for a reason she didn’t completely understand (having never found other women particularly attractive) Becca found herself surprisingly turned on at the thought of her forward and sexual coworker going panty-less at work that day.  With a shrug, she walked over to her coffee maker, started a pot of coffee for the morning, and decided that after she showered she might go command to work too.  For solidarity, of course.  Not because she found the thought exciting or anything…

Chapter 10: Dares, Dates, and Diapers

After a night of drinking, a slow morning getting dressed and ready, and particularly after a good session of masturbation, Ryan expected to get into work late. Consequently, he didn’t feel particularly hurried as he readied himself for his morning, going so far as to unpack his diaper-bag, examine its contents, and repack it freshly that morning so he could be ready for a day at work. It wasn’t until he headed downstairs and remembered that he had left his car at work that he felt hurried, and ran back to his apartment to get the keys to his bike lock so he could ride himself to work.  When he couldn’t find the keys, he decided he’d walk to work and just accept being late, knowing that his health-related excuse was enough for Dr. Banks, and consequently wouldn’t likely get him into trouble with Erin, no matter how much it would have only a short few days or weeks before.

After walking to work, however, Ryan found himself arriving in lab somehow first. Erin’s car, which she’d left the night before, was missing. After a moment of confusion, Ryan realized the missing car meant Erin must have come from Becca’s apartment, picked up her car, and headed home already that morning. With a twinge of amusement at the thought of Erin perhaps never finding out that he’d arrived late himself, Ryan headed downstairs to the laboratory and unlocked the lab, setting himself comfortably up at his desk and quickly setting himself down to work.

When an hour had passed and neither Erin nor Becca had shown up, Ryan began to wonder just how hungover they were. He decided to go upstairs and check in with Dr. Banks, whose comparatively early turn-in the previous night likely meant she wasn’t as badly distressed this morning as any of her three students.  Ryan had finally made his decision to proceed upstairs when he heard a creak and turned his head to see Erin walking in stiffly, wearing a pair of thick round sunglasses, and her hair held back in a loose and somewhat unkempt pony tail. While most days she wore simpler clothes, jeans or capris, occasional skirts (though not often) and simple but relatively flattering shirts, today she was wearing a long skirt, sweatshirt, and sandals. She looked the perfect example of someone trying to dress with minimal effort after a night of overzealous fun.

She greeted him stiffly. “Morning, Ryan. Don’t get up.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow in amused response but said nothing, choosing to let her keep the conversation going if she wanted to. She apparently didn’t want to, because she simply walked over to her desk, dropped her backpack with a dramatic thump on the ground next to her chair, and dropped into her chair, slouching deeply. Ryan wanted to say something witty, or sharp to Erin after the number of jabs and jokes she’d made at his expense in the past but decided better and simply snorted quietly to himself and got back to his work.

He didn’t have long to wait until Becca showed up, less unkempt than Erin but definitely also feeling the weight of the night before, because she too wore dark sunglasses and walked with a nervous, stiff gait as though still feeling somewhat sick. Unlike Erin, she seemed to have put more effort into dressing today than normal. Her skirt was short, black, and leather, though not so short or stylized to seem unprofessional, and her shirt was tight fitting, red, and held over her shoulders by a long strap going from her right side to left shoulder. Also unlike Erin, she didn’t seem as reserved this morning: Something about the night before had let her get a bit comfortable with her coworkers, which likely explained the fact that she greeted Erin and Ryan with a croaked but chipper, “Morning, dudes,” and a slow wave. Erin grumbled something unintelligible in response while Ryan waved back with a smile. Apparently unsatisfied with Erin’s greeting, Becca walked over to her desk and put a mock-comforting arm over her shoulder, “What?” she asked, “No greeting for someone you just slept with?”

In response to this jibe, Ryan blanched and almost instantaneously felt his diaper grow slightly tighter, while Erin blushed profusely, spun back in her chair toward Ryan (a quick motion that made her stomach lurch in her present condition) and blurted out, “We didn’t fuck, or anything!”

This too left Ryan confused, though less excited than a moment before, and he was trying to put together something clever or at least passable to say when Becca saved him the effort by admitting, “Yeah, I just wanted to see how Ryan would respond. I bet he wouldn’t be willing to stand up and show off like last night again, after thinking of us two…”

It was Ryan’s turn to blush as he tried to come back at her cleverly, with, “Hey, I’ve done my showing off, the only one left to show is Erin, if I remember correctly.” He tried to pitch his voice to come across as suave or cool, instead of awkward, embarrassed, and excited like he actually felt.

He couldn’t tell if it worked.

Erin, notoriously gruff and almost contradictingly forward in her speech responded to Ryan’s statement by doing something rather surprising: She stood up, turned around, bent over and pulled her skirt up to show off her bare ass. “There,” she declared with a rough voice, “Dare complete.”

From her angle, Becca only saw the side of her skirt lifted and part of a thigh, but the look on Ryan’s face showed that Erin was still ‘going commando’, and had no panties on. When Ryan saw, his face shifted to white again, in the last minutes going quickly from pale to blushing and again now to pale. This appeared to be too much for Becca, who burst into laughter as Erin stood back up and dropped her skirt back to the floor. In a voice loud enough that Erin slightly resented it, Becca loudly stated, “Well I guess that shows you, buddy!”

Ryan dumbly nodded, and fumbled for words as he stuttered out, “Yeah, that…I’m definitely…yeah.”

Erin turned back to face him as she slid back into her seat, raised her sunglasses over her face and locked eyes with him. “What a witty response, it’s like meeting Shakespeare himself.” She turned back to her work, waved Becca away over her shoulder, and shook her computer mouse, reawakening the now black screen.

As Becca crossed behind Ryan towards her desk, she leaned in to whisper, “I’m almost jealous. I sleep with her but you see her ass first?”  She then walked across the room to her computer and sat down herself, taking off her sunglasses and flashing a devilish grin back at Ryan.

‘Dear god’, he thought, ‘what brought out this side of Becca and does she even know how hot it makes her?’ After a moment’s pause, Ryan decided that whether she knew exactly what her statements did to him or not, he liked it…this more flirty, outspoken Becca was fun.  Yeah, she was pretty, and she obviously had a quick tongue, but more than anything he knew about her so far, the teasing and saucy girl he saw in front of him today made him fall for her harder than ever.

* * *

Less than an hour into the morning, Erin had felt very sick.  In a burst of movement she fled the lab, and came back ten minutes later smelling slightly acrid, like she’d been sick.  Ryan had offered to get her a ginger-ale or water if she needed it, but covering her mouth to respond, Erin had told him she was fine and was going to be taking a sick day.

That left Ryan and Becca alone in lab, with Ryan’s seemingly ever-present hard-on occupying his mind almost as much as his work was. He had masturbated that morning, but the comments Becca had made had left him aroused nonetheless. Still, he focused as much as he could on work and made no real attempts to make small talk with Becca, fearing he might say something wrong, and worrying that her teasing was just a joke and not something he should be looking into with any real interest.

This left Becca and her mind to wander without interruption for the rest of the morning.

The first things she’d thought after the awkward morning introduction, and missing the chance to see Erin fulfill her end of the bets from the night before was, ‘Wow, I really need to step it back from here…I’m probably coming across as a total slut,’ which was immediately followed by the realization, ‘though…I doubt that’s something Ryan would mind, maybe? Because he looked way too excited to mind the flirting.’ The next series of thoughts that flew through her head were more chaotic, and discombobulated, and included thoughts such as, ‘I didn’t masturbate last night, that’s why I feel so squirmy today,’ and ‘maybe this whole feisty mood thing is all because I woke up to Erin in my bed.’

After Erin left, however, she found her mind wandering more than before, not less. She noticed, for example, the fact she had an e-mail from one of her blog readers that promised to be especially erotic…so long as she actually had the courage to read it.  She had been taking pictures of herself and a few close friends in BDSM poses and clothes for a long while now, but she really didn’t get many e-mails from her readers, because they mostly didn’t seem to think a life-long submissive would be very interested in chatting back and forth with other subs (who were the vast majority of the people who frequented her blog, if her comments sections were to be believed). More than that, since she carefully avoided showing her head and face in her photos, most comments that came to her were short, incoherent, pleading, or some combination of all three.

In the end, Becca deleted the e-mail, knowing that if she got excited in the middle of the day like the e-mail was likely to get her, she’d end up being completely unable to focus. And with Erin gone, she at least thought she’d have a chance to focus, once she stopped constantly sneaking glances at Ryan, and wondering if he knew she too had gone commando that morning.

All in all, lunchtime arrived without any conversation between Becca and Ryan, and both individuals desperately trying to focus on their work instead of each other…and failing miserably.

This likely led to Ryan blurting out, seemingly without stimulus, “Can I take you to lunch, Becca? Like…like a lunch date?”

Becca responded faster than he’d imagined possible with a very excited and slightly-too-eager rush of, “Thatsoundsgreat, yeahthat’sgreatlet’sdoitthatsoundsfunsureyeahwecan…” followed by a quick breath and a calmer finish of, “yeah, um…I mean, sure, if you want to. We can grab lunch and if you aren’t too sick of me, maybe we can get drinks again tonight. Not…maybe not so many,” she admitted with a laugh, “but grabbing drinks later could be fun too, if you’re not too busy.”

Ryan was taken aback at her request but excited at the prospect. He had always been one to jump into things when he liked a girl, and it was nice to feel Becca responding in kind. “Great,” responded Ryan with a grin, “let me just change really quickly and we can-“

Becca cut him off. “Change?” she interjected.

“What?” he responded nervously, realizing he’d spoken aloud something he had intended to phrase as ‘go to the bathroom’ more honestly than intended. “Oh, I meant I need to…um, like, drop something in my car. Not sure why I said that, sorry, brain-fart. I’ll…I’ll be right back, yeah.”

When Becca didn’t inquire further (simply believing him, though he was too paranoid to realize that), Ryan grabbed his backpack and darted out of the lab and headed upstairs to change his diaper secretly.  He was wet after a morning of quiet urination whenever he went flaccid long enough to pee, and it wasn’t until his wet diaper was off that he realized he had no underwear to put on for lunch other than another diaper. He decided to risk going without underwear, like the night before when he’d hidden his diapers from the girls, and paid special attention to take a baby-wipe and clear around his groin and remove any lingering traces of smell he worried might give his diapers away if he went without anything to cover himself.

After throwing out the diaper, he headed back down to the lab and asked Becca to join him for lunch. With a coy smile, she agreed and without asking for his permission latched herself onto his arm with a playful squeeze. As they headed out of their lab, she asked him, “So you went to the car with the backpack…only to bring it back in so you can carry it with you on the way out?”

Covering, he replied, “Oh, yeah, I just forgot I was wearing it. I must’ve been flustered and forgotten it while I was rushing back to this crazy beautiful new girl who works with me.”

Great line,’ Ryan congratulated himself.

Simultaneously, Becca blushed slightly and smiled. Self-consciously pushing her hair from her face, she too thought, ‘Wow. That…was actually kind of a great line.’

Chapter 11: Small Talk and Big Confessions

Originally, Ryan had planned on grabbing lunch on campus, but as soon as Becca mentioned going to his car and implying she wanted to get off campus for food, Ryan started wracking his brain for a good restaurant to go to.  Sadly, he managed to come up with a total of zero good ideas, and by the time he got into his car, he had decided to just ask Becca what her plans were and go along with whatever she decided.

She had given the profoundly unhelpful answer of ‘we can go wherever’ and though she managed to shoot a few flirtatious and sarcastic barbs his way, Ryan noted that she seemed entirely comfortable letting him take the lead in their relationship.  He wouldn’t have ever admitted it aloud, but he secretly appreciated this, because despite occasionally fantasizing about being submissive and babied, he found it surprisingly easy to take a forward role when he was trying to woo someone. Sure, he managed to stutter, blunder, and embarrass himself, but letting him make the decisions also meant he didn’t have to worry constantly about if he was being too pushy, or not pushy enough, or any of the million other things that would normally come into his mind taking a beautiful woman out on a date.

Consequently, he decided to drive down main street and stop at the first agreeable looking restaurant he spotted about a mile and a half from campus, which led him to pull in front of ‘Porrini and Son’s Italian Eatery’, a restaurant he had never been to but had heard rave reviews from in passing from other students.

Opening Becca’s door for her, he this time offered her his arm which she gladly too, giving a mocking curtsy as she stepped out of his car and followed him into the restaurant.  It took a split-second for Ryan to identify why he felt he was ‘forgetting’ something before he realized he was just getting used to carrying his backpack/diaper-bag around, and felt oddly uncomfortable leaving it in the car. Still, he was smiling and excited as he stepped into the restaurant, and glad that it had a few open tables despite being somewhat crowded with the lunchtime rush.

As they were shepherded to a table, Ryan found himself searching his brain for good first-date conversation that wouldn’t somehow allude to the fact that yesterday, he had seen Becca’s breasts and she’d seen his dick, or the uncomfortable fact that their first-date conversation topics had all been taken already during the lunch Dr. Banks, Erin, and they had shared as well.

This led him to asking the potentially too-forward question, “So since I don’t know what else to ask you…care to explain the whole Erin situation from this morning?”

The voice in the back of Becca’s head screamed, ‘Tease him until he gets excited and starts coming on to you’ but she instead opted to respond, “Oh, yeah, I was kidding a little.  She fell asleep on my couch, and I guess she climbed into my bed last night…nothing too weird. She was dressed and everything.” She picked up the menu and stared intently at it, so as to avoid making eye contact with Ryan as she awaited his reply.

“Oh,” was his entire unhelpful response. After a momentary silence he probed further, “But…you weren’t?”

Fighting the two immediate urges to either tell him off for being so forward and the desire to tempt him further and admit she really had been naked in bed, Becca chose a comfortable middle ground and answered, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

This led Ryan to fall silent, and pick up a menu of his own, staring at it so as to avoid making awkward eye contact either.

After around thirty seconds of quiet, Becca asked him, “And…you got home ok, I guess?”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, fine…it was fine. You know.”

Unsure how to respond to that, Becca tried to keep the conversation going with a non-sequitir question. “So, do you have anything else you wanted to admit last night? Any other truths you were aching to blurt out?”

Ryan, mentally screaming, ‘I like diapers, I want you, I have a crush on you, I told our boss I’m incontinent…yeah, quite a few!’ chose to answer calmly, “Nothing first date worthy.”

Becca, perhaps driven by the smirk she saw on Ryan’s face as he nervously avoided an honest answer, and perhaps driven by the way her leather skirt felt against her bare skin, goading her onward, asked further, “How about third-date worthy?”

Ryan looked up from his menu to see the confident-but-almost-shy grin on her face. He admitted, “Well…a few things come to mind, but I think we can wait until drinks before I start spilling. I could use the liquid courage to broach some subjects.” He paused, and wondered if her question was leading toward a reveal of her own. “You?” he queried.

Surprising him and herself, Becca admitted, “Yeah…sure…I kind of thought last night was fun. The…the dirty parts.” Her voice halted as she spoke, embarrassed but trying to be honest and perhaps inspire him to be honest back. “And if we’re speaking truthfully, wondering the next time I might get to play truth or dare again. I kind of like people daring me to show off, a little.” Her face turned crimson as she inwardly monologued, ‘That’s it. That’s a good way to say, “I want you to tell me what to do” or “I want to see you naked” maybe. It’s flirty, it’s cute, but I don’t sound like I’m being blunt or easy or whatever.’

Ryan unconsciously placed the menu back on the table completely and folded his hands together, thinking. ‘So…she was blunt there. Maybe it’s my turn?’

After a momentary pause he responded with a smile and a nod. “Yeah. It was a lot of fun. And, if you really want a truth, I had a hard time focusing on work today after thinking about the games and stuff last night.”  He too tried to be honest without admitting anything too serious in response to her question.

She decided to come clean and told him about not wearing any panties. “Well, while we’re on the subject-”

Before she could admit her secret, the waiter came over and asked for their orders. Neither Ryan nor Becca had actually paid enough attention to know what to order, but they scanned the menu in a hurry, instead of sending the waiter to wait a few more minutes. “Umm, yeah,” began Ryan, “I’ll have the Chicken Parmesan.”

Becca flipped the menu over and saw a list of specialty pizzas and ordered immediately, “OOOH, I want the Margherita Pizza!”

The waiter then asked for their drinks, which led Becca to order a large glass of pink lemonade (her own personal hangover cure) and Ryan to stick with water. The waiter quickly collected their menus and left, leaving them poised where they had been before in the conversation.

“So you were saying,” asked Ryan.

“Right,” continued Becca, “I was saying, after the dares last night…I wasn’t sure if Erin was going to end up remembering or anything.  I kind of reminded her this morning, and, well, she left her panties in my bathroom this morning. It was kind of a shock.” She waited on Ryan’s response, and seeing the tilt of his head and the look in his eye, she continued, “I almost wanted to go commando in solidarity. You know, for Erin’s sake. That would’ve been…” she hesitated for a minute before finishing with a seductive smirk, “a bit much, don’t you think?”

She didn’t admit anything but she loved the sudden flicker of Ryan’s eyes down towards her hips. The table was obviously in the way, but she relished the notion of him checking her out for the rest of the day, trying to figure out if she was wearing anything under her skirt. The thought alone started to make her slightly wet, and she mentally reigned herself in. It was one thing to flirt and be sexual for fun, another to actually get so arouse it became apparent. ‘Still…’ she thought with a wry look on her face, ‘I bet I’m not the only person turned on right now.’

Ryan didn’t know how to respond to this admission, but found himself grinning a lot more than was probably appropriate.  He gave a mindless response to her admission, and found himself wondering exactly what it was he’d said a moment later. He was almost unable to focus, remembering that the skirt she was wearing was a tight black leather that he could only now imagine as being much shorter and tighter than it really was.

Trying to remember where he’d been in the conversation, Ryan drew a blank. Seeing the obvious effect her comment had on Ryan’s concentration, Becca tried to move the conversation back to less frisky topics, hoping to maybe save something fun for the later lunch conversation. “Anyhow, as you apparently saw, she lived up to her bet. And…” going for broke she concluded, “and now I don’t know what else to talk about. Is that terrible?  I’m already out of ideas. After last night, I sort of don’t know what is or isn’t OK for us to talk about. I feel like we dove headfirst into the flirting so fast I don’t even know what to say or do. Normally, we’d talk about the stuff we already learned talking with Dr. Banks and last night, or maybe flirting…but-“ she lowered her voice and leaned in to confide, “you’ve already seen most of me, and I’ve seen what you’re packing, and now I don’t know how to act normally.”

Ryan smiled and let out an exaggerated sigh of relief. “Right?  I mean, honestly I want to flirt, but what can I say now that’ll be original or flirty?  Usually, I’m not going to walk around, er…whipping it out, you know? I don’t DO that.” He repeated himself for emphasis, slowly. “Really…I just don’t do that. It’s just been a really…sexually charged week.” He didn’t say it, but mentally thought about the fact that he’d spent the last week in diapers too, and had been turned on almost constantly from living out his secret fetish in real life.

Picking up on his implication, Becca smiled and lowered an eyebrow inquisitively. “Oh?  Anything else I should be hearing about?”  She didn’t wait for Ryan to respond because the instant look of nervousness on his face and the quick gasp of air was enough to tell her something else was, in fact, going on. “Oh?  Really?  Now I’m even more curious…I guess I do have something to talk about.”

Ryan immediately tried to change the topic, “Yeah, things to talk about like…where are you from?  And, what’s your family like?  Or what job did you have before this?” His voice was rushed as he asked another long stream of questions. “Did you like that job? I know you mentioned it in passing once but where did you go to undergrad, and also what specifically did you study?  Any favorite classes or anything?”
Becca laughed, before realizing how insensitive it might seem to be laughing at Ryan’s obvious nervousness and discomfort. “Ha, sorry, oh man I don’t mean to laugh at you but…did you just listen to yourself? You basically asked for my autobiography to avoid admitting whatever it is you’re suddenly determined not to talk about. Now, it’s a first date sort of deal here, so I’m not trying to pry into everything, but I have to admit suddenly I’m curious. And…” she leaned in closer again and placed her hand rather seductively on his thigh, reaching under the table. “…and if you were to tell me your embarrassing secret here, I might let you in on the truth I wasn’t willing to admit to last night, about my own embarrassing secret.”

Ryan decided, as he seemed to constantly do lately, to lie. He leaned in close too and placed his own hand on top of hers on his thigh, before whispering quietly, “I have had a week of extreme awkwardness because, uh…” his mind drew a blank so he tried to find the lie closest to the truth and admit it, “because I had a health thing come up and Dr. Banks saw me undressed somewhat…and she commented on my lack of normal underwear and-“

Ryan was cut off by Becca as she whispered back, “Lack of underwear as in…” and reached her hand towards his waist, before being stopped by the table and distance. Stymied, she pulled her hand back and put it now higher and more close to his groin and now on his inner thigh. “Explain, maybe?”

Ryan smiled, and admittedly truthfully, “If I were to drop trousers now, you’d see my bare body. No underwear. Erin’s not the only one going commando.”  It wasn’t as sexy, he expected, as he might have thought it to be if Erin outright admitted she weren’t wearing underwear, but it seemed to make her blush slightly nonetheless.

Still, she asked, “And…what health thing led to Dr. Banks seeing you naked?” Ryan was close to responding when, on impulse, Becca added, “Be honest here. It’s my secret you’ll get in trade, here.”

So, half-honestly, Ryan decided this was the first time he’d be willing to even half-admit the truth. “I…I had a thing, and Dr. Banks saw me changing, or whatever…because…and you can’t laugh here,” he specified, suddenly more nervous than he’d been probably ever in his life, “because I had to change my pants.” Seeing the look of confusion on her face, Ryan explained quickly before she could ask for clarification, “I had to wear protection, because I had this really short term health thing that made me have to pee a lot, and…”

He stopped speaking as Becca covered her mouth and pulled her hands back, and snorted a bit as she tried to cover a laugh. ‘Oh. My. God.’ She thought, seeing the extreme humiliation on Ryan’s face. ‘He was so embarrassed, and now I’m laughing…but that sounds ADORABLE.’

Ryan didn’t seem to think her laughter was friendly, and he found himself leaning back in his chair now wondering if even his half-lie was too honest. ‘If she thinks the thought of me wearing anything for protection is funny, if she’d laugh at me about that…how could she ever actually deal with me if I really was incontinent…if I really did have to wear diapers full-time?’

After an awkward silence, Becca started to apologize. “Listen, I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to laugh at you, I was just…well…” she leaned in, and waited for Ryan to do so as well. For a brief, frightening moment he stayed leaning back with his eyebrow raised aggressively, before rolling his eyes and slowly leaning closer to hear her better. Becca sighed in relief at the gesture and continued, “I guess that sounds kind of cute. Don’t think I’m weird, or anything, it just sounds…I don’t know, adorable?” Ryan did his best not to smile as his heart skipped a beat. “I mean, I’m not saying it’s like something I go for in guys, but the image of you and Dr. Banks and you being all nervous…it just seemed cute to me, and I laughed a little because I thought that you were going to say something big and masculine and tough to show off to me, and instead…you know? And then you admit that turned you on, or whatever, and that made me think you like getting caught…or maybe you just like Dr. Banks…or I don’t know. It just surprised me. I didn’t mean to laugh, honest!”

Ryan nodded and whispered back, “Yeah. Thanks. I get it. And now that I’ve sufficiently humiliated myself. Your turn. What’s your confession?”

Becca didn’t hesitate. She knew that Ryan had clearly been embarrassed to admit his awkward story, and the apparent embarrassment he’d had being naked in front of the admittedly rather attractive Dr. Banks and in the unlikely position of changing his pants, and so she told him the blunt truth. “I wasn’t going to tell you and Erin, and you have to PROMISE me you won’t tell her either,” she waited until Ryan nodded and drew a fake ‘x’ across his heart to show his sincerity before continuing, “but I’ve sort of been running this website where I dress up in people’s favorite costumes and BDSM equipment and poses, without my face so it’s still mostly anonymous…but I never tell anyone, because I’m scared they’ll think I’m a pervert. I’ve…I’ve been doing it for a while now,” her voice rose as she concluded, “and I just now realize that we skipped over even second and third date material and are into the awkward sex talk part of the dates, which I’m not totally sure I’m OK with…but I’m also not sure I’m not OK with, if that makes sense?”

Her admission shocked Ryan. First, he hated himself momentarily for not coming totally clean. Here she was, coming and admitting something pretty huge and potentially embarrassing to make him feel better for his fake story, and instead of being able to tell her the truth, now if he admitted the reality of his situation, she’d know he had just lied to her about his own embarrassing story to some degree.  Either that, or he could lie again and say he really did need protection before but was commando now in response…or…

His own lies starting to confuse him, he decided it was time to move say something, as the silence had gone on too long. In the end, he wasn’t sure whether his decision to come at least partly clean was a result of his own built-up guilt over the lies to his boss, and the new lies he was telling on this date, or whether he just wanted to open up to Becca after she’d been kind enough to open up to him. Whatever the reason, he dropped his voice to a barely audible whisper and admitted, “Well…if we’re being totally honest…I kind of lied to you just now.”

Instantly, the smile on Becca’s face was gone, replaced with the chill white of anger. Still, she stayed quiet, and Ryan desperately hoped he could clarify before she walked out on him. “Well, not completely. I mean…” his voice dropped lower as he hurriedly whispered, “I was really wearing…protection. And the real reason I’m going commando is because I was wearing…protection earlier, and I didn’t want to wear it on a date with you and-“

He was cut off as Becca’s hand shot up to his face, and raised his chin from where it had slowly dropped as he rushed through his embarrassed admission of deceit. She locked eyes with him and smiled, “Well…I’m glad.”

Confused, Ryan asked, “Glad for….what?”

“Glad you’re being honest. I thought you were going to tell me you lied to trick me into admitting my own secret, not that you had another one.”

Her face had smoothed, the frown replaced with a gentle smile. She withdrew her hand and Ryan admitted, “I was wearing the protection, and you have to keep this between just us…but I was wearing the protection one day, and then Dr. Banks found out about it,” Becca shot a look showing he’d probably need to re-explain that piece of the story as he continued, “and then I knew if I took it off it’d be suspicious so I’ve been wearing it ever since.”

Becca asked the two simple questions Ryan was most terrified at the prospect of answering. “Protection…as in what? And why’d she know what you were wearing?”

Ryan was being honest, and despite his fear of what might happen if he were to admit the truth, he couldn’t help it: After he’d finally come clean, it was like the truth was spilling out of him against his will. “I was wearing an…adult diaper. And she knew because she saw me when I went to the bathroom to change into a new one.”

‘Change into a new one?’ thought Becca. ‘So I guess he used it, which probably means he needed it then?’ She was about to ask when her questions were preemptively answered by Ryan’s continued flood of truth.

“I was changing because I used one, and it wasn’t really on purpose, but I don’t really need to wear them. I just did it because…well…I liked the idea? I know, I probably sound like a freak, and if you want to leave I understand, but-“

For the second time in as many minutes, Becca lifted her hand to his cheek and held it there, silencing him. Then, to his astonishment, she leaned in close and planted a light kiss on his left cheek, and scooted her chair into a position where she could reach and give him a hug. She held him for a minute until he too reached up and held her, amazed and glad she was responding so positively to his admission.

She surprised him further by lecturing, “I  just admitted that I post pictures of myself dressed up in fetish gear online for strangers, and you think I’d call you a freak?  Really? Because you have a fetish?” Ryan didn’t know what to say as they broke the embrace and sat back. She clarified, “I mean, I’m not saying I’m a freak, or that it’s normal…but we both study people’s brains, which means we understand that this stuff isn’t something you get a choice in, really. It just…I don’t know, it happens. You can affect some of what turns you on but if it happens, it happens, and that doesn’t make you a freak any more than me for liking to be tied up, or playing around as a domme.”

Amazed at what she was saying, Ryan asked, “And…and you aren’t just saying this to be nice so we can leave and you can never talk to me again, right?”

Guessing surprisingly well, she asked, “So, did your family find out and make a deal of this or something? Because that’s the only reason I can think of for you to jump to the worst conclusion immediately at this point. Shame like this usually comes from somewhere.”

Ryan didn’t know what to say, and was saved from having to think of what to say next by the arrival of their food. After the waiter left, he was ready to launch back into the conversation when he noticed a wry smile on Becca’s face. Seeing her smirk, he intoned, “What is it? What’d I do?”

Becca gave a single quick laugh and confessed, “I was just thinking about you having to be diapered at work to keep Dr. Banks off your trail. You must have talked about it with her a lot if you’re really worried she’d notice.”

Ryan admitted, “Yeah. She was asking questions and I said I needed them so she wouldn’t know it was….a sex thing, or whatever. And then she sort of assumed she understood, and she was so sweet and nice about it. In fact, that day I was at the clinic when you first got to town, she was asking them to pick up extra diaper supplies for me at the clinic, and I didn’t know how to stop her.”

Becca let out a snort as she picked up her fork and started eating. Between bites she laughingly said, “Really? That far? She must be all into your business to do that! How do you plan to deal with it, then? And sorry if I’m being forward with my questions, I just am not used to having such fascinating discussion topics available on a first date….”

Ryan shrugged and admitted, “I sort of plan to wear for a few more weeks, maybe two or whatever, and tell her I got better. Maybe go from the thick ones I’ve been wearing to a lighter kind and then stop altogether. That way she doesn’t think it’s suspicious.”

Becca finished chewing her bite of food and asked further, “So you plan to stop now that you have a real excuse to wear them?”

Ryan paused, realizing he hadn’t thought of it that way. “Well…yeah. I mean, you’re literally the first person I’ve talked about this with openly It’s not something I was ever thinking I’d do outside of my apartment or whatever.”

Becca nodded, and seemed to be lost in thought. ‘If I were in his shoes’, thought Becca, ’I might keep it going for fun. Like that time in Undergrad when I wore the chastity belts just for the rush of it.’ “I mean, you could stop if you wanted. But if you’re worried about scaring me off or anything, don’t be. I just warn you now that I might be tempted to make a few snide comments…nothing publicly, of course, but on the next few dates I have to now assume you’re going to be asking me on?” The look on Ryan’s face at her comment was enough to make her blush. She didn’t know of another time anyone had made her feel so perfect, so charming, and disarming like she felt right now.

Ryan took a sip from his drink as he thought of how to respond in a sufficiently accepting way. “Well, make whatever comments you want, so long as it’s private. I can’t imagine what would happen if Erin ever found out what I was wearing. You don’t know her well yet, but she’s the sort of girl who wouldn’t ever let me hear the end of it if she knew. And not in a particularly cute way, if you know what I’m saying. She can be…pretty mean when she wants to.”

Becca nodded, absorbing his point. “Good to know. I’ll keep it between you and me then. Though, I have to ask…is it really wise for you to be drinking when you don’t have your dy-dee on?” She threw him a wink, and noticed that for the first time in their conversation, Ryan took her jibes less with shock and more with a nervous amusement. ‘Good,’ she thought, ‘Maybe he won’t be worried to talk to me now. And maybe this means I can unleash all of my little secrets too. Eventually.’

The conversation quickly turned from his underwear to her potential lack of any when Ryan abruptly asked, “Well now that we’ve discussed everything I’m trying to hide, is it COMPLETELY horrible and invasive for me to ask if you really are going commando under there right now?”

Becca smiled a knowing smile and confided, “Well since you’ve been such a…big boy, in being honest with me,” she shot him a teasing glance he wasn’t sure he understood but found wildly attractive as she continued, “I guess you deserve to know my dirty secrets too. But…this is still a first date, and I don’t think I can tell you yet.” When Ryan’s face tried in vain to hide his disappointment, she finished her leading statement in a hushed voice, gently rubbing one of her legs against his under the table, “But tonight won’t be the first date, and I think you might get to see my underwear if, after we get back to work and you get fixed up like you apparently have been lately….maybe we can trade a peek.”

Ryan gulped, and smiled a goofy-looking smile, and nodded eagerly.  Then, realizing he likely looked like a fool, he stopped his grin and tried to play it cool with a relaxed look on his face. “Yeah, that…that would be fine with me, if it’s good with you, then.”

Becca smiled to herself, and turned to look at her food with a wicked grin. ‘OK, I know we’re jumping in fast here…but he heard me admit what I do in my free time, and he might have a fetish but it’s really not that different from mine…but…’ she felt a slight twinge of excitement and hope in her heart as she admitted to herself, ‘but maybe that’s absolutely perfect for somebody like me!”

Chapter 12: Delightfully Diapered Dinner

At the end of lunch, Ryan walked out to his car, leaving Becca at the table, and grabbed his backpack. Walking past the table on his way to the bathroom, Becca playfully swatted his backside, causing Ryan to jump and smile. After diapering back up, he came back to the table, paid the bill, and the pair headed back to the car. To his surprise, Becca kept her hands off his backside on the way back to the car, and didn’t mention his diapered state until they were back in the car. After he’d buckled in and they’d both closed their doors, she turned to Ryan, placed her hand gently on his crotch, and lightly squeezed.

To Ryan, the sound of his diaper crinkling was deafening. Wondering, as he was wont to do, whether she might suddenly decide this was all too kinky or ‘out-there’ for her, he suddenly paled and felt afraid until she leaned in close and whispered, “Fine…one peek.” Ryan expected she might mean she wanted a peek at him, but instead as he turned to her he saw her skirt pulled back and a perfect view of her vulva, trimmed but unshaven and (if he wasn’t deluding himself into believing it) perhaps even a tiny bit wet. He unconsciously leaned in close towards her but Becca tossed her skirt back down over herself and whispered, “Nope. Patience.”

Ryan laughed nervously, and the duo talked about anything inane and simple they could think of on the ride back to work, carefully avoiding the topics they both clearly had on their minds. When they arrived back at the University, knowing Erin would be out sick the rest of the day and that Becca wasn’t scheduled to leave the lab, they thought almost simultaneously, ‘Maybe this is a mistake…because I don’t know how I’m going to avoid being over-the-top horny the rest of the day.’ Of course, neither said anything, but the persistent hard-on Ryan was hoping his diaper would cover (which it didn’t) and the flush and suddenly touchy-feely way Becca began to act gave themselves away accidentally.

It wasn’t until the duo was back in the lab that it occurred to Ryan what has really just transpired at their lunch. ‘She…wants to date me. She knows I lied about diapers…she knows about my fetish…and she actually wants to date me.’ The realization was a pretty significant shock to his system after years of doubting that any girl would be willing to even acknowledge his fetish, much less be a part of any of it. And to have her playing along, to have her be just as kinky as him but in her own, very different way…it was almost perfect. Aside, of course, from the fact that he wasn’t sure he wanted to keep wearing diapers to work, having anyone else find out about them and have to lie, or anything at all to do with Erin and her obvious feelings for him that he now knew would feel ignored in the face of his dating Becca.

Still, now was not the time to focus on the many possible problems. Now was time to sit, enjoy, and avoid fantasizing about their upcoming date too much. Even if it DID give him a whole lot to think about…

* * *

The rest of the afternoon was a haze of awkward sexual tension ignored by both Becca and himself, and suddenly wondering about his every move: When he rose to go to the bathroom, reflexively forgetting for a minute that he was wearing a diaper, he noticed Becca shoot him a glance and a slightly accusatory smile. He took a second to understand the smile’s meaning before remembering she knew his secret, and deciding to just bluntly ask, ”Now I can’t decide whether to go to the bathroom or not.”

Letting out her own nervous chuckle, Becca retorted, “I never thought I’d have a guy say that and it actually make me slightly…turned on? I mean, to be clear, I’m not into watersports or anything, but the fact that” she paused, as if thinking. Seeming to make some decision in her own head, she continued, “…anyhow. How about this: You stay here, and wait a while. If you’re playing the part of incontinent, play the part. See how long you last until it gets really uncomfortable, then go. Just…just to see what it’s like. Besides, what if Dr. Banks showed up and you were clean? We wouldn’t want you getting caught, would we?” she joked.

Ryan laughed and sat back down. “You know, she doesn’t check me, or anything. I mean, she wouldn’t know if I were wet or whatever. But…ok. Yeah.” He felt the pressure in his bladder as he sat down and almost laughed aloud at the absurdity of the situation. Here he was, with a girl he had taken on a date and who’d flashed him just a few hours earlier, now openly discussing the idea of wetting his diapers.

Becca laughed too, and sheepishly admitted, “I guess I could’ve told you earlier, but I’ve actually known a person or two in the BDSM world who uses diapers for like punishment and control. It’s not like, about the diapers then. It’s about…how can I put it: it’s about control, and denial. For people into bondage, diapers can be sort of like this super deep level of control…and I won’t deny that you listening to me just now feels kind of like you’re my sub, sort of.” She quickly backpedaled, clarifying, “I mean, you aren’t, and I’m not saying I want to like control you or whatever…but yeah, it’s just funny.” She didn’t normally find herself enjoying the role of the dominant party in her life, but for now it seemed…empowering. Hot, even.

Ryan was about to respond again when a light knocking at the door announced the arrival of Dr. Banks, who didn’t bother looking up from her paperwork when she came in and ordered, “Erin, I need some help with this report and-“ she stopped midsentence, noticing with a confused shake of her head that Erin was gone. Apparently, Erin had either not been clear about being too sick to work today, or Dr. Banks hadn’t gotten the e-mail she’d left.

Offering an explanation, Ryan told her, “Actually, Erin headed home a few minutes ago. She wasn’t feeling too hot, I think.”  He tried to seem nonchalant and hoped Dr. Banks wouldn’t put together the thought that she might have been sick because she was so hungover.

Whatever Dr. banks understood wasn’t clear, but she remained in the same position, papers in one hand held in front of her as if ready to present them to Erin, whose desk remained empty. After a quiet moment, Dr. Banks turned herself and stared uncomfortably at the two remaining students. “Neither of you would happen to know much about multivariate statistical analysis, would you?”  Seeing her students’ blank looks, she turned and started back towards the door. She stopped for a moment in the door frame and turned back. “Well, I’ll e-mail Erin and see if she knows what this means tomorrow. Maybe she’ll be able to decipher it, because I have no idea what the reviewers are talking about.” Without another word, she left the room and headed back towards the stairs, and likely her office.

Now alone again in the lab, Ryan turned back to Becca. “I…kind of don’t want to go back to work now. After what we were just…you know, discussing. And…can I be brutally honest for a minute?” Becca nodded her assent. “Honestly, right now I can’t think of much except you and what I’m wearing, and that makes work a lot less interesting than usual at the moment.”

Becca smiled a winning smile and gave him an almost Cheshire-style grin. “Well you struggling to focus is probably a good thing. I wouldn’t want you to think about water, or peeing, or anything like that, would I?”

* * *

By the time the end of the day rolled around, Ryan was barely able to hold himself anymore. Normally he’d have gone to the bathroom, or used his diaper and changed by now, perhaps even twice. Instead, he sat in a mostly dry diaper (aside from a tiny spritz of urine he’d released when he sneezed with a full bladder around 4:00) and wanted to know what to do about his…situation.

He got his answer when Becca asked him at 4:45, “Is it totally weird and inappropriate if I change plans and invite you to my place for dinner?”

Ryan almost bolted out of his chair at the invitation before realizing she might mean at 5, or5:30 instead of right that second. When he sat back down gingerly, and responded, “Uh…that sounds pretty great, actually.”

Becca slid her chair closer to his, and without asking permission poked a finger into his crotch, and declared, “Your diaper doesn’t feel particularly heavy actually. You still holding yourself, big guy?”

Ryan blushed and turned a nervous eye towards the door, though there was obviously no one there at this time of day, much less actively watching the activity in their lab. “Yeah,” he explained with strange mix of pride and nerves, “I’m dry at the moment.”

Becca leaned closer, and scooted herself off her own chair into a leering position over him, her mouth next to his ear and whispered, “Well how about you let loose and we get out of here for a change, Ry-Ry.”

Ryan normally hated the nickname ‘Ry-Ry’, but found himself oddly excited when Becca used it. With a nervous effort, he unclenched his muscles and felt…no, he even heard the diaper filling between his legs. As soon as she heard the sound, Becca put her hand on his crotch, and whispered into his ear, “Good boy.”

To herself, she thought, ‘Ok…so this whole dominant thing is kind of awesome right now. I get to be in charge, in control, and play the part and he just does whatever I tell him to.’ With a rush, she repeated the last line to herself…’He does whatever I tell him to.’

Realizing that, she told him, “And I told you that you’d get a look at what I was wearing, but I already blew the surprise there…” She summoned courage as she tried to think back to how she’d seen dommes online and in books act and decided to go with what felt natural, even if it wasn’t her normal behavior. She grabbed his right hand, and guided it towards her crotch, and felt with moment ecstasy the immediate response in Ryan’s diaper with her other hand. He was getting hard, and as his hand gently stroked the edge of her sex, she realized she might be gettingtoo into the role in a public area, and quickly pulled his hand back. She straightened herself out and admitted, “Well…actually maybe this is better saved for after-dinner conversation.” She turned and went back to her desk, immediately starting to clean her things and put them into her backpack. Ryan, in turn, did the same though he noticed the slight feel of her juices on the tips of his fingers.

When she turned around and noticed him holding his hand oddly, two fingers slightly out, she simply walked over, took his fingers into her mouth, and licked his fingers up and down. Then, blushing and turning so he wouldn’t see just how completely and extremely this went beyond what she was used to or maybe even comfortable with, she whirled back and picked up her backpack. “I’ll drive straight home. You can follow in your car, but I’ll text you the address in case you get mixed up on the way.”

* * *

Dinner at Becca’s place was delicious, though supremely awkward. Ryan spent the entire meal wondering when he was going to get a chance to change himself, and Becca spent the whole meal wondering when it would be less extreme for her to bring up the fact that he was wearing a wet diaper. Her confidence in the lab, the edgy and playful actions she’d taken even at lunch and in the car-ride home had been about as far into the dominant role as she’d ever pushed before, and she no longer felt comfortable taking the lead. Still, since she’d been taking the lead so far, it felt strange to her to let Ryan take control, and he certainly didn’t seem to be taking any further initiative (though she expected that might be the consequence of the power-play she’d been at all day, with her going commando in a tight leather skirt and him hiding a diaper she’d ‘commanded’ him to wet under his clothing).

Consequently, dinner ended up tamer and less sexual than either Ryan or Becca had imagined all day. Upon getting back to her place, Ryan had followed her up the stairs at a breakneck pace, burst into her apartment…and had found her a few steps ahead of him, but in no way sure of what to do.  Instead of flirting, or teasing, or any of the hot things she wanted to do to him she found herself dropping her backpack, picking his up off the floor, and heading into the kitchen with the promise of finding something good to cook. When she walked out a minute later with a pack of uncooked chicken in hand, she’d half-expected him to be naked, or tying himself up, or something like that…but instead he was politely sitting on the couch, waiting for her to return.

So, they worked together to cook dinner. Ryan, despite his obvious discomfort in a very wet diaper, stood at the stove and prepared their meal of chicken parmesan. Becca prepared a small salad, and did her best to make home-made garlic bread using a loaf of week-old Italian bread she was surprised she’d left uneaten in her cabinet. Conversation was sparse, and somewhat formal. “Can you pass the grated parmesan, please?” and “Would you like a particular kind of dressing with your salad?” were the deepest questions they asked while cooking, and it was almost as though they weren’t a couple of people desperate to tear each other’s clothes off.

In the end, the meal itself was the first chance they took to open up and talk, and even then only because Ryan finally got the courage to ask, “Would it be weird if I changed before eating? I mean…the diaper hasn’t been wet that long, but I’m not used to flooding it like this, really. It’s sort of cooling off and feeling weird.” After a moment of consideration he added, “And I’m aware of just how weird it is to ask you permission or whatever, but I think that’s sort of the dynamic we had going at work, you know?”

Becca nodded fervently, and pointed him towards the bathroom with a flush in her cheeks. She almost added, ‘Need a hand?’ but found herself too self-conscious to openly ask him that. Whatever dominant piece of her personality had taken over at work, the ride home alone, and the quiet cooking of dinner seemed to have cooled her off. After a minute, when she realized she didn’t know how long it would take to change a diaper, she stood and headed to the bathroom to listen at the door (which she felt rather guilty about) only to hear nothing on the other side of the door.

Blushing feverishly and desperately praying she didn’t walk in on the wrong thing, she decided to pull on the mantle of domme again and make an effort to push their sexual evening forward. She pushed open the door and found Ryan laying down on the ground, a diaper underneath him and powder covering his crotch. The used diaper was balled up and taped shut beside him, though the door had knocked it across the bathroom somewhat when she’d barged in.

She let out a squeaked, “What do we have here?” though this didn’t do much when Ryan, nervously sat up and covered himself, blushing a darker shade than she thought possible with his complexion.

When the absurdity of the situation hit her, she burst out laughing. Now, it’s never a good idea to see a man’s penis and start laughing, but the situation was so absurd that Ryan started laughing too. She turned off the act of dominatrix and instead crouched down next to him and offered, “Actually, do you want a hand getting changed then? I mean, really? No subtext here.”

Ryan shook his head awkwardly. Every fiber of his being wanted to say ‘yes’ or to reach over and start kissing her, but the gentleman in him (who’d been lying mostly dormant through a day of sexual awkwardness) finally took over long enough to compel him to respond, “I’m fine, actually. I’ll…I’ll be right out.”

With that, Becca exited, though she felt herself unexpectedly turned on at the situation. A diaper-lover, something she’d come across described on the internet, was not what she would normally have gone for…but she felt like Ryan was pretty charming, cute, and downright adorable. Plus, her own fetish interests left her less likely to judge than most, and so she simply smiled to herself at the knowledge that Ryan would probably spend the rest of the meal overly excited.

When Ryan finally exited the bathroom a minute later, they sat down to dinner, and small-talked their way through. Ryan discussed his desire to write a book in his free time, and Becca admitted to being interested in, though somewhat inept at photography. When conversation turned to work, Ryan sheepishly admitted his desire to take up Dr. Banks on her offer to get free ‘supplies’ from the clinic, while Becca admitted she had been wondering how long Ryan expected to keep the diaper-wearing up at work, but didn’t know how to broach the subject. When the meal was almost done, however, the conversation quickly got deeper.

Ryan started the deep talk by suddenly asking, “So what was it that got you into BDSM, really? Was it a person, a particular experience, or something?”

Becca didn’t know, in truth, and admitted as much. “I mean, I have a lot of confused memories about it. Like, I remember being a really little kid and liking the idea of being tied up, and I remember really liking when we played spin the bottle in high school and I got to make out with this nervous guy, because I sort of just took charge and went for it…and he was so cute and nervous it sort of seemed hot to me. But nothing stands out as the single most specific thing. I guess starting the blog might have taken it from a thing I thought about in…well, private, if you know what I mean, and made it something I feel kind of defines me.”  She turned the question around and asked, “And you? How’d you get started with this whole ‘diaper’ deal?”

Ryan admitted to also not knowing. “Honestly, I remember liking them since before I understood what sex was. Like, I liked them and was attracted to them but didn’t even really understand what it meant to be attracted. And then when I started living alone, it went from something I thought about or looked at on the internet to something I wanted to try. And then, it sort of just became a thing I thought about a lot. But really, I never wore to work much before. It wasn’t until maybe a day or two before Dr. Banks caught me that I even left the apartment in them…and I only planned to try it once or twice, but once she found out I sort of just kept going with it.” He lowered his voice and looked anywhere but in her eyes as he admitted, “And I’m kind of embarrassed but excited at how much fun it’s been? I should be worried about getting caught or having trouble come up but instead it just seems…fun. Really fun.”

The nervous excitement in his voice matched Becca’s own memories of the first time she wore her own fetish gear and posted pictures to the internet: Guilt, fear, and excitement mixed into something almost addictive. She knew exactly what he meant. “Well, then why not keep at it, then? Why ‘fix’ your problem if Dr. Banks would be fine with you wearing? I mean, I’m the only person aside from her who knows, right? Isn’t that…kind of hot? The lying, the wearing your fetish around in public all the time? No one knowing but you and…well, I mean, me now too. But no one knowing it’s something you don’t really need, just something hot for you?”

Ryan nodded, but kept looking around the room instead of making eye contact. Becca put down her fork, walked to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of relatively cheap wine. “Can I get you a glass, Ry-ry?” she asked seductively, seemingly changing the topic again.

Ryan nodded, and held out his now empty water glass. Becca shook her head, turned, and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with two very full glasses of wine in hand. She handed one to Ryan, and took one herself. Then, she held out her hand for him to take, and stood, waiting. He grabbed her hand and followed as she walked him into the room adjoining, a small den-like area that served as the apartment’s living room.

She pulled him to a seat on the couch and set her glass of wine on the table in front of her. When Ryan put his down, she pulled him towards her by his shirt, and planted a deep, slow kiss on his lips, drawing him closer and on top of her. Ryan responded with vigor, his hand going behind her back to support her down onto an almost supine position on the couch.

Becca stopped him from kissing for a moment and breathed her words airily into his face. “So…is it officially the third date, yet? I mean, hanging out with the lab group, then lunch, and now?”

With a smile, Ryan nodded, and leaned close to whisper in her ear, “It’s definitely the third date in my eyes.”

With a long kiss, wet and just a hint of tongue, she confirmed how she felt as well. Her hand went under his shirt, feeling the ridge of his back as she pulled him closer, smelling the scent of him against her. His skin was tight, but warm, and he smelled of cut wood and clean air. She suddenly wondered whether or not it was a good time to get back to talking, or whether it was OK to keep kissing, and she pulled her face back to ask him that exact question.

He responded to her without words, kissing down her neck, just the tiniest edge of his teeth biting into her neck, his hot breath steaming down her shoulder and towards her breath, planting kiss after gentle kiss in a row towards her breasts. One hand slid slowly, teasingly along her leg, almost burning in its heat and intensity. She felt his fingers make contact with the lips of her sex and with a near-convulsion felt his hands reach in to explore her. The words left her mouth, and for the next several minutes, she was too focused on what she felt to be worried aboutthought.

It was, they both decided, without ever saying as much aloud, an absolutely excellent third date.


Wanderer’s Home (A Diaper Dimension Story)

by snackers

“Has anyone given you a test yet?” Nerissa asked as she led the girl past the receiving desk.

“Oh, um… no. I didn’t know there was one?” Shannon said. She felt horribly dwarfed around the woman, especially with her this close. Shannon had been on earth until a few days ago, and she wasn’t sure if she still was on earth. Everything around her looked and seemed the same in terms of scenery, technology, language and human beings… BUT there was a glaring amount of cultural differences, mostly centered around people who were tall, the Amazons, and people who were not, the littles.

Shannon was 5 foot 6 inches tall a few days ago, and since coming ‘here’ she’d either shrunk or found out that her height was far down the low scale as whatever height she was now, Nerissa was 4 feet taller than her. There were lots of Amazons around, and more so then there were people her height.

“No worries hun, just a mix up then. Come along with me and we’ll get this all straightened out.”

It was Shannon’s first visit to the ‘wanderer home’. It was something she’d heard of that helped lost people who didn’t seem to be from this world. One scary thing she’d found since arriving was that the other’s her size seemed to blur the lines between children and adults.

Leading the smaller girl into one of the back rooms of the group home, Nerissa indicated where some of the guest rooms were, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally, the classroom. There was a certain amount of acclimation that new arrivals to this world would need to do. The only problem was that the classroom was not encouraging.

There were colorful desks arranged in lines, posters with educational values on the wall… and oddly, at the front of the class was a plastic child’s potty, and to its side, a wooden stand with bottle.

Shannon looked a bit confused, but otherwise remained silent–wanting to make a good impression. She’s spent the night before sleeping on a park bench. She didn’t want to mess this up. “…So um, do I just take a seat at one of the desks?”

Nerissa shook her head no, having the girl stand at the front for a moment. She leaned against one of the desks and crossed her arms. “We came up with this test back when the wanderer home got popular. It’s a home for visitors, and not residents. Does that make sense?”

“Um.. I guess, you mean it’s a place for those who aren’t native?”

“Exactly, and I’m not sure if you’ve seen the boys and girls who look about your height, but there’s a lot of them who have a problem growing up.”

Shannon gulped and nodded. She’d seen one or two at the park. They looked like big toddlers with their much taller parents treating them as such.

“I’ve seen them, and I’m not like that.”

Nerissa nodded. “Good, but that’s what the test will determine. In the past we’ve had a few runaways try to stay here and pretend they were from somewhere else. This test will help determine one very important factor.”

“What’s that?”

“Are you a big girl?”

“Umm… do you mean like, physically or maturity? Because I’m not really as tall as you .. er.. obviously, but I’m an adult. I mean, I’m nearly 23, which is adult for where I’m from.”

Nerissa nodded at the girl. “Allow me to rephrase, I forget to explain things to new girls at times. Are you a big girl, as in, are you potty trained?”

That made Shannon blink. “Y-Yeah! I have been for years?” Shannon said, looking a little confused at what was a silly question to even bother asking. It made her think about the young adults she’d seen dressed strangely in the park. Were they potty trained? She got a little more nervous as being at the front of the room was… even though it was empty, it was stressful.

Nerissa just grinned. Littles were so wonderfully naïve. “Good, now if you would be so kind, follow me over here, we’re going to have a retention test to determine your maturity,” Nerissa said motioning toward the wooden stand.

Shannon nods. “…um, retention test…?” regardless, the girl followed, looking the stand over. It’d been in the room the whole time, but she just didn’t really know what it was for.

“Mhmm… this stand right here is a piece of medical equipment. It’s designed too… clean… things. In a moment we’re going to hook it up to you and it’s going to feel like you need to go to the bathroom. The test of a big girl is going to be showing me that you can hold it. Can you wait 10 whole minutes without having an accident? It should be very easy for any BIG girl.”

“…um…” That one took her a few seconds to decide on. “…Yeah, sounds easy!” She didn’t sound so sure, now, but she did want to prove that she wasn’t a big girl.

“Good, let’s get the test started then,” she said, going to the stand and starting to prep it a little bit. She took the bottle off the top, filling it with a solution from a sink in the corner. “I’ll need you to pull down your panties, and please lift up the back of your skirt a little.”

Shannon hesitated for a few seconds. “W..why?” she asked.

“Because this is how you prove you’re a big girl. Do I have to help you do it?” the woman said a little impatiently.

“No, I can do it.” She said a bit nervously. It felt kind of like a parent was talking to her as she slid the panties around her ankles, setting her skirt up a little. She looked around the classroom. It was empty and the wanderer home was mostly quiet. Still it was embarrassing to be in a classroom like this with her butt on display.

“This is going to feel a little odd hun, just relax and it we’ll start the test shortly,” Nerissa said as she replaced the bottle on top of the stand and took out a long hose connecting to it. At the end of the hose was a bulb. “Do you know what an enema is?”

Shannon gulped. She had a general idea. She knew you took water up…inside… you. “Is this the only way? I mean, is there some other test?”

“You’ll be fine hun. This is a common medical procedure.” Nerissa just put a calming hand on Shannon’s shoulder before starting to tease the tip of the hose in between her cheeks to poke at her pucker.

Shannon tensed up her shoulders. Instinctively, at first, her body seemed to reject the intruder, tensing up to try to disallow it. “It’s… uncomfortable… w–wouldn’t it be easier to just wait until I need to go…?”

Nerissa shook her head. “I couldn’t be sure you were telling the truth in that case. This way, I know for sure you’ll need to go potty and we can properly assess you, ” she said pressing a little more firmly until the bulb started to press in. “There, it’s in hun. Now as I said, this will feel a little weird. I’ve got a full bottle. And it’s just warm water. Relax and we’ll be ready for the test in under two minutes,” she said as she slowly opened the valve, and a rush of warm water went down the hose.

Shannon tensed up as the water rushed in. The feeling was unlike anything she’d ever felt. While the amazon had told her it was a medical procedure, and she’d heard it was before coming her, this was the last thing she’d thought she’d be doing today, and if it wasn’t for lack of place to stay, she would never have allowed this.

“How much more…?” she asked with a groan. Shannon was starting to feel very full.

Nerissa tapped the bottle as it emptied the last of the way out. “That…. should just about do it,” she said. She put her hand back on the girl’s shoulder and started to gently remove the hose. “Now the test begins as soon as you have your panties back up and you take a seat on that plastic potty. Ten minutes, and if you’re panties are still completely clean we pronounce you a big girl and you get to stay upstairs on the top floor.”

Shannon nodded, rushing to get her panties up–stopping halfway down, however, hugging at her belly. She went a bit slower, trying not to strain herself, hobbling over to the potty. Taking her seat, her eyes shot to the clock. Determined as she was, part of her KNEW she couldn’t make all ten minutes. She’d never felt such an intense need to go before.

Nerissa pulled a pocket watch out and started the timer with a click. “All right, 10 minutes hun. Show me you’re a big girl,” she said as she took a seat on one of the smaller sized desks.

After a minute or two, Shannon reached down and latched her hands on the potty, tensing up. She let out a small, distressed whine. “H–how many people pass this?”

Nerissa smiled and artfully redirected the question. “All BIG GIRLS have passed it,” she said honestly. “Only babies fail it.”

Shannon nodded, trying to use the sentence as motivation, but it didn’t take long though. After another minute, and not long before the halfway mark, Shannon let something slip–just a tiny bit of water. It dripped noisily into the potty.

Nerissa stopped looking at her watch when she heard it. “Hun… did you just do what I think you did?” she asked, a slight smile curling at the side of her mouth. “Speak up, tell me what just happened?”

“I…” Trying with everything she could, the dripping only got louder as more leaked out. “I’m trying… I just…” All of a sudden it was everything at once. At first it was just water, soaking through her panties and going into the potty, but then it was much more then water as everything in her piled up in her panties.

Shannon sat with one of her arms curled around her stomach, and another around her mouth, stifling a small gasped “Noooooo.”

“Shannon?” Nerissa persisted, but it was obvious what had just happened.

Shannon whimpered out a small “I couldn’t…” squirming on the seat. “Ew, ew, ew…”

“You failed,” Nerissa sighed. “And you know what that tells me? Do you know what type of people can’t even pass a simple test?” she asked as she walked toward a shelf at the side of the room, getting some wipes.

Shannon hung her head. “b–but I haven’t had an accident in years! And I’ve never had an enema before!”

Nerissa came back with a box of wipes, taking the little by the shoulder and having her put her hands out on the ground in front of her, positioning her at a crouch over the potty. Her ruined pantied bottom pointed out. The amazon pulled down the panties and started trying to clean her up with wipes. “Haven’t had an accident in years until you took the test? Are you saying you intentionally failed then? You wanted to prove to me you’re nothing but a baby?”

“N–no, it was an accident! This is a crazy test! You have to believe me!” Shannon said, put off guard by the treatment. She whimpered at being cleaned.

“Well… if you swear it was a onetime thing, I’ll make a deal with you. Because you had an accident in our classroom, and failed your test, I’m going to put you back in diapers. You’re certainly not going to be the only little around here in diapers. From now on though, when you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to come find me or any of the other adults here and we’ll help you get out of the diaper to go potty… We’ll keep that up for a week. That should be enough proof I think… but if I find out you have more accidents. Well, you may find yourself in diapers quite a bit longer.”

Shannon didn’t need diapers, but what argument could she make in a new place. Especially dirty panties around her ankles… “Alright…”

Nerissa finished cleaning the little in the somewhat compromising position, leaving the wipes and the ruined panties in the plastic potty on the floor. She took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the changing table at the back of the room. “Consider yourself on probation hun. I know this is a new place, and I know you’re nervous, but don’t think you can get away with more than a few accidents before everyone here will know just what you are,” she says stopping short of the table. She gave the padded surface a pat.

“I–Well, good! That was the last one!” Any attempts of hers to seem confident were complete failures; she was just whining now. She crawled up, laying out on the padding. “…Um! Since I’m just on probation, can it be a thin one?”

“Sure hun, just remember, prove to me it was a onetime only accident,” Nerissa said, bringing out the thinner diaper. It was a disposable, the same kind you could get at convenience stores. She got a bottle of powder to go with it. Without warning, she took the girl by the ankles like she really wasn’t anything more than a baby and pulled her bottom up off the table, sliding the unfolded diaper under her before setting her back down and starting to powder her.

Shannon fidgeted a bit, not used to the sensations. “Well, yeah! Just–long ‘s you don’t give me another enema I *know* I’ll be okay! I’m not a baby…”

“Of course not hun, and this diaper is just to keep you protected in case that test wasn’t a fluke,” she said as she finished taping it up. She gave the now diapered little a pat on the front of her diaper before helping her off the table. She tried to hold back a giggle, as the girl’s skirt didn’t seem to come down far enough to hide what she was wearing. This was how all littles needed to be really. Diapered toddlers. “Remember, tell an adult when you need to go potty. Okay?”

“Why can’t I just take it off myself?” Shannon whined, taking her first few steps in the diaper. Each one had an awkward waddle to it as her legs were pushed apart. “I need a dress or something to cover this, too…” she continued to march around the room, trying to get used to the rustly plastic. It never quite worked though–every step was as infantile as the last.

“You need an adult so that they can make sure that your diaper’s clean. I’m sorry to say that after failing that test you need to earn our trust,” she said, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the bemused expression on her face as she watched the girl toddle about the room. She had no doubt, with a little help from a special teacher like herself, she’d get this girl to need diapers for a rather long time.

“…Alright! No problem! That’s just a few seconds extra–and I’m not a baby so I can wait it!” She was clearly determined to prove herself. Shannon was about the most plucky wanderer that Nerissa had ever seen. Usually girls screamed their heads off.

Stopping after a waddled lap around the room, Shannon poked at her diaper. “…this is a *thin* one…? What are the thick ones like?”

“Hopefully you’ll never need to find out. Those are for heavy night time bedwetters and littles who are such babies that there’s really no hope in potty training them,” she said.

Shannon gulped.

“Hi hun, do you need to potty?”

Shannon jumped, spinning around. “Um–yeah, I was planning on heading back to the home in a bit! But since you’re here, um, yeah I need to go!”

Nerissa lifted up the back of Shannon’s skirt, checking her just like a toddler. “Let me check your pants hun, and then we’ll head to the potty.”

“But…” Shannon rolled her eyes. She was bone dry. But this sort of thing had happened a few times since she started staying at the home. Heck, it was just about standard for the world at large and people her size.

The Amazon smiled and gave Shannon’s crinkle bottom a pat. “C’mon then, let’s get the big girl to the potty,” she said taking Shannon’s hand and leading her back toward town, waddling and stumbling a little at the taller womans longer gate.

It was almost too easy as Nerissa took a particular path back toward town, making sure to bring the two of them just past an area of construction. It was almost Halloween and a local haunted house liked to set up every year in a storefront. They’d barely rounded the corner before an Amazon in a monster suit made a silly ‘RAWR’ jumping at the two of them.

Nine feet of monster when you’re just over five is terrifying. The little stumbled back and fell on her padded bottom, promptly soaking her diaper. After the initial shock, and hearing Nerissa chastise the costumed monster, Shannon tugged her skirt down, her heart pounding.

“Its not Halloween yet! You shouldn’t be doing that!” the Amazon teased the performer. She got a flyer in response before looking back in surprise at Shannon. “Oh, you okay hun?” she asked bending down and offering a hand to help her up.

She nodded. Shannon just had to make it back and rush to the bathroom… and Narissa would never even know. Standing up, she put on the most confident face she could muster with a soaked diaper around her waist.

“Well we’re almost back, come on hun,” Narissa said turning back around and already able to see the yellow tinge under the girl’s skirt. She didn’t say anything, instead offering her hand. “You’re safe, it was just a guy in a costume, c’mon the home’s not far now,” she said leading Shannon back by the hand once more. As she got on the same street, there were a few giggles from the other Amazons as they spied a little in diapers. Given her ‘adult’ clothing it was still obvious she was ‘new’ to the area.

Shannon was bright red long before they got back to home. At some of the giggles she realized what the problem could be and when the Amazon was turned, she hastilly tried to tug up the diaper, and push her skirt down. Anything to avoid detection for the few seconds she might need!

Nerissa led Shannon into home and went back toward the classroom, stopping before the pink plastic potty. “All right hun, do you need some help getting the diaper off?” she asked, looking quite ready to lean down and help the little get seated to do her business. Like this was some second test or something.

Shannon shook her head, pushing the skirt down a little. “Why are we here? Why can’t I just go to the regular bathroom? It’s not that big of a deal. ”

She was obviously hiding something.

“…u–um, would it be okay if you left for a moment? I don’t know if I can do it with you watching…”

“Hun… are you trying to hide something?” Narissa asked at the very obvious way the girl was pulling down her skirt. “I know you’re a big girl and of course you wouldn’t have any accidents, but you do seem to be acting a little strange.”

Shannon shook her head. “You already checked me once! Nuh uh!”

Nerissa leaned down and swept Shannon’s hands away, pulling up the front of her skirt almost to her chest, and leaving the girl looking rather foolish as she stood there in an obvious soaked diaper. Nerissa let out a ‘tsk’ and shook her head, obviously looking very disappointed in Shannon. “Why did you have to tell a fib Shannon?”

“W-well–I dunno! It was–I had it up until that stupid monster at the end! And–I’m not a baby, I don’t wanna go back to diapers!” She let out a small whine, stomping one foot down.

Reaching down, Nerissa gave the front of Shannon’s diapers a few pats, making sure she could feel that she was indeed in a diaper, and that it was wet. “Aww hun, so you were scared? That’s all it was? I believe you, besides, you said you’ve never had an accident… aside from just now and earlier at your test,” she said, ticking the two incidents off on her fingers. She undid the tapes on the girl’s diaper and removed it, leaving her wet lower half exposed as she gently put a hand on the girl’s shoulder and had her sit down on the child’s potty. “Go ahead and see if you still need to go, we’ll get you back securely into a diaper after.”

Shannon nodded, trying to go… but she had nothing. “…this–um, this won’t count against me, right? Since it was just a fear-thing… which hasn’t happened in years either by the way!”

“We’ll use a three strikes rule to make it fair… does that work? I know you said it’d never happen, and sometimes we do just get scared, but there’s only so much I can believe… so that’s strike one hun. If I find or hear about you wetting two more diapers… then I’m going to extend this whole thing another week. That’s another week of diapers. … If I find out you’ve messed in a diaper… that’s going to be three strikes automatically. ”

Shannon bowed her head, then nodded. “Well–I definitely won’t mess! Or wet! Promise…”

Nerissa nodded and helped the girl up, shaking her head but not commenting on the empty training potty. She led the girl toward the back of the classroom once more, helping her up on the changing table. She got out another thin diaper and lifted the little by her ankles once more, getting a wipe and cleaning her thoroughly like the toddler she’d been acting like. She put the diaper under her next, getting out powder and liberally applying it before taping it up once more. “There, dry again,” she smiled, grinning at the little who now smelled a bit like a baby.

Shannon nodded, hopping off the table with a smile. At least she was out of that wet diaper… for good, she was SURE of it. She wouldn’t embarrass herself again–either in front of this nice caretaker, or in front of the city full of people. “…Um do you have any drinks? All the walking made me a bit thirsty…”

“You a fan of milk? I have some in my room in the back. I got it fresh this morning,” she said motioning toward the office door in the corner of the room.

“Yeah, I love milk!” Shannon followed, bouncing and crinkling with every step. “Um, thank you! …sorry about all this… accident stuff…”

“No trouble at all hun, that’s what the class is for. And as you said, not going to happen again right? So there’s nothing to worry about,” she said leading the way to her office which had a small desk and two chairs. Behind her desk she had a mini-fridge where she pulled out a metal pitcher filled nearly to the brim with a rather thick milk. “Fresh, and cool,” she said, reaching to a drawer on her desk and pulling out a double handled sippy cup. She poured the cool milk into it and capped it back up. “Sorry, I’m not sharing my own mug,” she said pushing the cup toward Shannon.

Shannon looked at the cup for a moment, frowning. There was something about this world. Childish things didn’t seem THAT bad… and hearing someone that much bigger then you tell you something, you were just inclined to listen. Shannon snatched up the cup quickly, rushing out a small “Thank you” before drinking the stuff. “…Wow, this is really good!” she giggled. It didn’t taste like any milk she’d had before.

“Glad you liked it,” she grinned.


“…So, um, what are the uh guests on the top floor like?” Shannon asked with a yawn.

“Intelligent and energetic girls, most of them are littles like you,” Nerissa said, smiling. The tall amazon was in the midst of the common room, a diaper bag on her shoulder, helping a few other littles who had less than perfect potty training. Shannon had been spending more and more time at the home, but as she spent time on the ground floor, she’d been curious about the upper floor and some of the girls she’d been told were there. People who had passed the test she’d failed. She’d never actually met one herself.

It was already a few days since her arrival and some of the strange things in the home were starting to seem pretty casual. She’d only had one more strike since making the deal with Nerissa. It’d happened after lunch a lunch of milk and sandwiches the other day. It took her by surprise, but other than a warning of not to let it happen again, Shannon had just been changed and sent on her way. It was comforting to know she wasn’t the only little with potty problems.

When Nerissa had finished attending the other little, she came over to get Shannon, scooping her up. Shannon, being tired, was content resting her head against Nerissa’s arm. She even dozed off, ever-so-briefly, breathing out a light high pitched sigh for a second before snapping back to the waking world. Shannon had been given her own guest room on the ground floor and recognizing someone was in need of bedtime, Nerissa had brought her to her room. She set Shannon down just before her bed, making sure she was awake enough to know she was home.

The little yawned again, but then her stomach growled angrily at her. “I missed dinner,” she said sheepishly. Shannon was still allowed to wander around close to the home and she didn’t have her own money so she depended on the home for most things.

Nerissa smiled and nodded. She came around to the other side of the bed and sat down, laying her back against the pillows and motioned for Shannon to come sit next to her as she reached into the diaper bag for something.

Sitting next to her, and squirming over to look inside the bag, a natural curiosity overtook Shannon. Nerissa pulled out a baby bottle, one that was more sized for an Amazon baby, and was rather large for someone the size of a Little. It was filled with a heavy milk, the same actually she’d had at lunch the other day and in the sippy cup before that. She smiled and held it up, motioning warmly for Shannon to rest against her, “It’ll help you relax hun, you seem stressed.”

“…Um… do I have to drink out of the bottle…? I’m trying to *not* be a baby! I mean, I know it’d help… but…”

Nerissa tried to do her best to seem warm and comforting and like there was nothing odd about this at all. The world tended to help these girls act more appropriately to what they really were and it was hard for Shannon to object. Nerissa kindly put her hand on Shannon’s shoulder, pulling her in so that the diapered Little was resting with her head on the amazon’s chest, and she softly, but firmly pressed the nipple between her lips, silencing her protests. “Just relax hun, you’ve had a very trying week.”

Shannon whimpered, but as she was in the position and her tummy was grumbling she nodded slowly, sucking on the nipple. After the first drop, there was no way the Little was going to move an inch. The milk was so delicious, so thick, and… a little sleep inducing. But of course, she made sure to finish the bottle, filling herself up with the creamy goodness. When she finally did finish, she turned her head slightly, resting against the Amazon’s chest. “Thank you…” she murmured, nearly asleep from the milk.

Nerissa smiled as the girl turned her head, being sure to give her back a few firm pats. She had a very full tummy of milk, and Nerissa already knew exactly what that’d do to her. She kept patting her back leaning in to whisper, “It’s okay hun, get some sleep, I’ll be back in the morning to check on you,” she said.

Shannon nodded, letting out a small burp before dozing off in the woman’s arms. After all of the adventure of winding up in this new world, all of the stress, and the belly full of milk, she’d sleep through just about anything.

Nerissa slowly eased Shannon off of her. She tried her best to make the sleeping girl comfortable, propping her on pillows, pulling the covers up. She also couldn’t help taking the girl’s hand, and gently bringing the thumb up to push in her mouth. Nerissa smiled, Shannon was quickly moving along with the program. She grinned to herself, taking the bag, and leaving the room quietly.

By morning, Shannon was still sleeping like a baby in complete bliss. She was still sucking on her thumb and hadn’t moved an inch since last night.

Nerissa was there first thing in the morning to let herself in. She had the same bag from the night before on her shoulder, but it was a bit fuller with a few different things this time. She smiled seeing the girl still sleeping and sucking her thumb, she came around to the side of the bed, easing the blankets off of her and discreetly checking her diaper, trying her best not to wake her.

Shannon slept through the check–it seemed like it would take a lot to wake her from this state. The diaper was, of course, soaked. Her thin diaper had barely managed to take it all and she’d leaked a little on the bed.

Smirking, the Amazon just started prepping things. The milk had apparently worked its magic, the little not even waking as she wet herself like in an infant in her sleep. Nerissa took a seat on the bed next to Shannon, not bothering to change her yet and leaving the blanket off of her. “Shannon, wake up hun,” she said giving the girl a good shake on her shoulder.

Shannon slowed to waking, turning up to look at Nerissa. “Mmmorning…” she murmured. She first noticed her thumb, still in her mouth, and instantly retracted it, blushing. “Um, I don’t usually suck my–” She fidgeted in her embarrassment, causing her to feel something quite foreign. Another fidget confirmed her fear. “I–” she couldn’t come up with any excuse, like she always had before. Either to convince Nerissa, or herself… So she simply started to tear up.

“Strike three hun,” she said softly. “Remember what I said?” She gave the soaked diaper a pat, as if confirming what the girl could feel. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and took out a pacifier, unceremoniously pressing it into the girl’s mouth. “It’s okay, I’m not mad… I kind of suspected from the beginning,” she said, taking out powder, wipes, and one of the very thick disposables from the bag. The disposable had very childish prints on the front and unlike the thin diapers with two tapes that looked more medical. These were baby diapers, one tape on each side, thick able to keep a baby dry.

Shannon shook her head, murmuring a quiet “MmMm! MmMm!” from behind the pacifier, a very childish “no, no”. But… how could she argue it? She was *sitting* in a wet diaper. And she wanted to get out of it, even if it meant getting into the childish diaper. Shannon laid out, turning her head to the side, whimpering a little.

Nerissa stood up and began her task of changing Shannon. She got out a changing mat and placed it on the bed, pulling Shannon by the ankles and resting it under her. She untapped the wet diaper and began wiping her. The amazon took and unfolded the thick disposable, sliding it under the girl. She took out baby oil and rash cream first, starting to work it into the girl’s privates.

The time it took to clean her up made Shannon feel… well, babyish. She didn’t think she could have changed herself for one, and for two, it made her feel kind of gross, knowing that Cart had wipe pee off of her.

Nerissa followed up the rash cream with a healthy dossage of baby powder, this time not just centering it to her diaper area, but on her tummy and thighs as well. This Little was going to smell like a baby. She taped the diaper snuggly in place, it was thick enough that it forced Shannon’s legs slightly apart. “There, dry and clean,” she said offering a hand to help the sobbing girl sit up. Nerissa put the used diaper in the trash and came back to the bed to sit down opposite Shannon, holding her arms out for a hug. “It’s okay hun, it’s not a big deal,” she repeated sweetly.

Shannon hugged her, trying to believe her… for her own sake, really. What she had been so sure of before, now seemed like an insurmountable obstacle looming on the horizon.

Nerissa giggled with the girl and reached over, taking the pacifier and trying to keep her distracted as she reached into the bag and pulled out another full baby bottle. She was gentle, but still firm and insistent as she pressed it into Shannon’s mouth, moving her from hugging to resting against her chest again. She smiled, somewhat smugly now.

Shannon snuggled tightly against Cart, drinking the bottle hungrily. She noticed that rather than get tired of the bottles, she was liking each one more and more and more. Her thoughts eased off of the wet night she had made minutes before, instead easing to a relatively new, infantile bliss.

Nerissa watched Shannon settle into a steady drinking rhythm. She smiled, patting the little on her diapered bottom. “Its okay hun,” she said in a steady, relaxing voice. “Just relax, we both know what you are, you’re just a baby, and that’s perfectly okay. After you finish your breakfast bottle, we’ll get you dressed and bring you to the nursery of the home.

Shannon shook her head when Nerissa mentioned that she was a baby, but wound up relaxing back down, and nodded through the rest of the conversation.

Nerissa smiled as the bottle emptied, and once again, she holds Shannon close to start patting her back. As soon as she’d recovered from the wooziness of having a full bottle, she’d get the girl dressed in something rather juvenile and help her toddle off to the nursery section of home.


It was another day or two later before Nerissa decided to come check on her pet project. Shannon had been coming along rather nicely, the cute little accepting that diapers were something she may need to wear for a while. She grinned just thinking about the small 20-something girl waddling around in them.

Shannon was in the nursery part of the home most of the time now. She was playing alone when Nerissa arrived, and as she set her eyes on Nerissa, rather her typical reaction, she jumped up, scowling angrily. “Nerissa!”

Nerissa smiled warmly. “Hi hun, you settling in well here?”

Shannon nodded on instinct. “Well–yes–but– I was talking to some of the other kids today, and *none* of them passed the test! I don’t think it’s possible!”

She couldn’t really hold up the ruse forever, might as well give a grain of truth on it. “I remember when you asked hun. You asked me and I specifically said ‘only big girls pass the test,’ which is true. And all the girls you asked… were they diapered like you?”

“Well, yeah, but… how many big girls *are* there? Because someone said there aren’t any, only mommies and caretakers!”

Nerissa shook her head, laughing good naturedly. She reached into the bag on her shoulder and pulled out a pacifier. “Just who haaaaave you been listening too?” she asked as she pressed the pacifier between the Little’s lips. “I bet you’re just cranky because you need a change,” she said with another warm smile, bringing her hand to lift the girl’s juvenile dress and check her thick diaper. Nerissa was spot on–though it certainly wasn’t as bad as she expected. Just damp, not even squishy to the touch. Shannon shook her head a few times, blushing, but didn’t remove the pacifier to continue arguing, instead sucking on it and shooting the Amazon a glare.

Nerissa gave her diaper a few pats. “Seems all right hun, I think you can stand to wait for a change,” she smiled. “Come on, I bet I know what will calm you down,” she added, nodding toward a rocking chair in the corner of the nursery.

Shannon let out a small whine, bringing her hand up to the pacifier. “…’tay, but… take me to see the potty-trained kids soon! I mean it!”

Nerissa just nodded absently, not really planing to do any such thing. She took a seat in the rocking chair, lifting up Shannon to sit on her lap. She cuddled her close, holding her head to her chest and bouncing her a little on her legs. Then reaching down, she pulled up another full baby bottle of milk from her bag. “Now just relax hun, I know how much you like your milk.”

Shannon nodded, but eyed the bottle with noticeable suspicion. For a second, it even looked like she would reject it… but with the milk being as addictive as it was, she caved, opening her mouth wide.

Nerissa smiled as she pressed the nipple into Shannon’s mouth, tilting her back to let her drink it all up. She rocked the chair and hummed softly, grinning as she gave the girl’s diaper a bit of a pat. Shannon squirmed, disliking any focus on the diaper, or its slightly wet state. She may have accepted it, but she didn’t embrace or enjoy it. Her mind shifted off everything else though, focusing on how *wonderful* the milk tasted… Nerissa let the girl drink it, she had a plan today, and she’d need the girl in her semi-haze after the full bottle of milk to put it into action.

Shannon drank the bottle, almost mindlessly, gulping the entire thing down as quickly as she could. She didn’t seem to notice, but Nerissa felt the diaper grow warmer and soggier. It often seemed to happen when the girl was drinking her milk now. Nerissa grinned as Shannon was almost finished with the bottle. She looked around and was happy to see that the Nursery was mostly clear now, and so with the cute Little so focused on nursing, she decided to help her come around to the idea of liking diapers a bit more. She began to rub at the front of the soggy diaper, gently, and tracing her hand around to the back, giving a few soft pats.

Shannon let go of the nipple briefly, letting out a small whine. “N–nerissa, what are you–nnh…” she hastily finished the bottle, sucking harder whenever the Amazon rubbed her. Nerissa alternated rubbing the front and giving soft pats to the back. She was counting on the general sleepiness of a full tummy of milk that Shannon wouldn’t wholly understand what was going on. She just coo’d softly. “It’s okay hun, relax, you like your diapers, they feel good don’t they?” she asked with another soggy rub.

Shannon moaned softly. She wanted to say no, she hated diapers, but it was starting to feel really good. “…y–yeah… ” she set her hands down, on Nerissa’s legs, and started to softly squeeze. The Little was breathing out horny little sighs and gasps on every single breath. It felt so wonderful… the squishy padding pressing against her, the soft patting at her bottom… the way the diaper swaddled and cushioned everything… she squeezed tighter with her hands, focusing everything she had on how wonderful her diapers were.

Nerissa kept at it, leaning down to whisper in an ear. “That’s right, diapers can feel really nice when you relax…” she said with a particularly firm pat to her bottom. “Its okay when you’re tired and when you’ve got a nice full tummy to just be a baby and enjoy your diapers,” she said.

Part of Shannon wanted to whine and complain about being called a baby–but that part was shoved back, and her focus forced back on how right Nerissa was. It was always easy to listen to Nerissa and what she told her. She gave a small nod, whining on her next breath.

Nerissa grinned and whispered just a little more. “It’s okay baby,” she repeated, almost like a mantra. “It’s okay to feel good in your diapers. It’s almost nap time for you… go ahead and let go, let everything go in your diaper,” she said with another soggy rub to the front, and pat on her bottom. “Show me you need your diapers,” she said in the softest whisper.

For a brief second, Shannon shook her head, trying to shrug off the attempted suggestion. But by the time Nerissa reached “Let everything go”, Shannon felt something in herself, forcing out. She hadn’t realized how far she’d gotten into all of this… part of her tried to resist, to hold it in. But like so much else, she was powerless to do so. As Nerissa finished “show me you need your diapers”, Shannon’s back arched, and she obeyed Nerissa’s order. And she, however slightly or subconsciously, accepted Nerissa’s suggestion, melting into a pleasure that she /knew/ could only have been caused by her wonderful diapers.

Nerissa smirked as she felt the Little start to shiver and whimper, cumming cutely and adding to the wetness there. And as the Little arched her back, she felt the suggestion take hold, if only for her semi-concious state, and could feel the girl shudder as she gave in to do something really babyish, messing her diaper. Nerissa started to hum the lullaby again, nuzzling the Little as she continued to shake and convulse a bit. “Such a good baby,” she said, watching her use her diaper as instructed. She knew this wasn’t the end, but this little was coming along nicely.

Shannon settled back, shell-shocked from the whole experience. It felt unreal, dreamlike… and part of her wanted to fall asleep right here. “…Did I just poo poo…?” she murmured, confused. She may have been back in diapers, but a full-fledged messy accident? That was the worst she’d had yet.

Nerissa was all coo’s and tenderness. “Aww it’s okay hun, that’s why you’re in diapers. We’ll get you cleaned up and then ready for a nap in no time.” Nerissa didn’t seem to act like anything was wrong. Where Shannon’s previous accidents, she’d tried to console the Little, this time, Nerissa just gave Shannon’s diaper a few good pats, and as she got up, carried Shannon on her hip. “Come on hun, we’ll get you changed out of that poopy diaper and put you down for a nap. You’re usually pretty sleepy after your bottle, huh?” she asked.

Shannon nodded, squirming slightly as the woman carried her. “…yeah…” she sighed, in a daze from what had just happened. “…I didn’t feel it coming at all… I usually do, kinda… I just can’t make it…”

Nerissa nodded smiling as she took Shannon toward the changing table in the nursery. “I know, it’s tough to know when you need to go hun, that’s why you’re in diapers. Accidents happen,” she said, going about the process she had quite a few times before with Shannon, changing and cleaning the Little before putting another thick diaper on. She took out a pacifier and put it to Shannon’s lips.

Shannon nodded, seeming to accept that fact for the moment. She certainly didn’t have the energy to fight it, if she did want to, so she sucked away at the pacifier, nearly dozing off right on the changing table.

Nerissa changed Shannon into a fresh diaper and seeing how she was falling asleep, she quietly and gently changed her into a one piece footed sleeper as well. The bottom was bulging noticeably with her diapers and it just made her all the cuter. Instead of her usual bed, Nerissa carried her to a crib in the next room. Pacifier in mouth, adorably clothed, she looked like a baby.

It was another solid hour before Nerissa came in checking on the cute little. With gentle hands, she scooped up the baby, bringing her back to the changing table and removing her sleeper. She slipped on the juvenile clothes she’d been wearing earlier, and left the pacifier in. Shannon had managed to wet a bit more in her sleep, but she wasn’t soaked, so Nerissa didn’t change her. Then, almost as good as earlier, Nerissa, put the sleeping Shannon back in the playroom, leaving her propped against some stuffed animals. When she woke… it’d be a bit different then earlier. Had earlier even happened? Nerissa left quietly, being sure to just let the girl discover what she will on her own.

Part of having these wanderers in the home was playing a little with their heads. Usually they were already susceptible to things they normally wouldn’t be… the world it made it so. But it was especially effective if you left them believe they’d dreamed up an incident where-in they enjoyed diapers.

Shannon eased out of her sleep, looking around the room in confusion. Her initial reaction was that her experience with Nerissa was undoubtedly real–just like anyone who has a dream. But after a moment, she immediately recognized that the pieces didn’t quite fit. She was in the same outfit, and in a totally different spot, for starters. Two, she was as clean as could be. She kind of remembered being changed… and she couldn’t believe she would have messed, but… maybe she had? Pressing a hand to her diaper, she was just as wet as before that whole thing… she sat up, sucking idly on the pacifier. What an odd afternoon.


As the days went on, things were mostly normal for Shannon… or really as normal as they had become. She was diapered full time, she made friends with the other Little’s of the home, even if most of them were in diapers themselves and no one seemed to question or bat an eye that she was too. The rest of town kind of ignored them, usually only giggling when they saw them around.

As small as they were though, things did change. Shannon hardly noticed them. One day, while back in the park, once again searching for the place that had brought her into this world, her thumb found its way to her mouth. She didn’t even realize it was there, and at the same time, she began to wet her diaper, not knowing she was doing it. Nightly she’d wake up in the morning needing a change as well. There were a few successes mixed in, she found some of the other adults and told them she needed to go poo poo, phrasing it as a child would and was successful in doing that, one time even with Nerissa, who smiled, and praised her, and gave her a nice bottle of milk as a reward. … but the successes stopped the next morning after that.

Right at the breakfast table with everyone else around, Shannon felt an odd sensation in her rear, and before she knew what had happened, she was messing her diaper.

Shannon froze mid-bite, moving a hand behind herself to pat at the diaper in disbelief. In the mornings she often just came to breakfast in a t-shirt and diaper and although no one seemed to mind her accidents, and she had started to care less and less each time. But this… doing it without warning, right at the breakfast table? She hadn’t even felt the need, just suddenly there was a warm mass pushing out of her. She slid out of her chair, rushing towards Nerissa’s spot. “Um–Nerissa!” she whined, waddling and whining as it squished around. “Nerissa I made poo poo again!”

Nerissa smirked, as some of the others at the table giggled. “Turn around hun,” she said, in a somewhat admonishing tone. She proceeded to lift up the back of Shannon’s night shirt, in front of everyone having breakfast, and pulled the back of her diaper out to check her like a toddler. “You sure did hun…” she said, letting the top gently snap back into place. “It’s okay hun, babies can’t help it,” she said with a warm smile, the word baby kind of rolling around Shannon’s head. “Go back and finish your breakfast, we’ll get you changed after.”

Shannon bowed her head, looking around the table. It was humiliating as could be… but the others were *just* as bad as she was! Most of the time, at least… sticking her tongue out at the other girls giggling at her and she toddled back over to her seat. Sitting down in her chair with a little squish. She continued to eat, her face completely red the rest of the meal.


Shannon was wearing a baby pink t-shirt underneath a sunflower yellow pair of shortalls today. It was a lot less embarrassing than the usual onesie she sometimes had on in the nursery. It didn’t even bother her that she never selected her own clothing any more, even if she did have some clear favorites and least favorites in her new wardrobe.

“Hey there hun, I had a fun idea for today, you want to go to playground on the north side of the city?” Nerissa asked with a big smile. She was casually kneeling down next to Shannon, reaching a hand to unsnap some of the poppers along the arch of shortalls, to check her diaper.

“Um, sure! That actually sounds like a lot of fun!” Her diaper was just a tiny bit damp, and she barely noticed the check, having grown used to them.

Nerissa helped Shannon up, redoing the snaps to her overalls. “Well then I’ll go pack a bag and we’ll be all set, why don’t you go find your shoes hun? Those overalls and that adorable shirt should be perfect for a day outdoors.”

Shannon nodded, poking around for her shoes. Her old tennis-shoes had gone missing one day, and they’d been casually replaced with pink, childish sneakers. Once she found those, she slipped them on and bounced over to the door, bobbing in place as she waited for Nerissa.

Nerissa came back with a cloth diaper bag on her shoulder. It was a light pink with baby bunnies on it. The tall Amazon happily took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the front of the home where she’d left a stroller set up.

Shannon blushed a little. A stroller? She could walk just fine! Still, she knew that it was probably a long walk… and the diaper made her waddle really badly… and she knew that Nerissa usually knew better than her.

Without so much as a word, Nerissa lifted the Little up under the arms and placed her in the seat. It made the Amazon smile, not even an argument. She leaned down to pull a strap snugly up through Shannon’s legs, connecting it to one around Shannon’s waist, securing her in the baby stroller. She put the diaper bag on the tray under it, and gave Shannon a tickle on the nose. “All right hun, lets head to the park,” she said, winking. She couldn’t help but smile at how cute Shannon looked. Pink t-shirt, yellow overalls thickly bulging at the waist, obviously diapered. She was the perfect little baby girl, and she’d be ready for adoption soon.

As they went, Shannon first started to look at people around her–watching them all go about their day, moving back and forth… it was mesmerizing. But after a few stifled giggles as they saw her, she focused off into the horizon, thinking about whatever came to mind–how good the milk she was fed was, how much fun the park would be…

It took a good 10 minutes to walk across town, but it was a nice day out and the journey was pleasant. As nice as it was, Shannon still arrived as red as a beat. Still, it didn’t matter, she told herself. She got to have fun at the playground, after all, and the gigglers didn’t. And as Nerissa kept reminding the Little, what was wrong with being a baby? Shannon might not have fully believed it, but it was a useful thing to tell herself whenever she heard little snickers and giggles.

Nerissa pulled the stroller up to the playground, pausing to unbuckle the strap and help Shannon out of the stroller. She placed the Little in the woodchip area of the slide and swingset, giving her puffy bottom a pat. “I’ll be right over there on the bench hun, you have fun with the other kids,” she said, leaving the Little who wasn’t much bigger then about half a dozen Amazon babies and toddlers.

Shannon blushed, bowing her head a little. It was a bit embarrassing to know that everyone else here was perhaps two dozen years younger. Still, she charged in, intent of having that not matter–after all, a slide was a slide, no matter who rode it!

Nerissa watched with a warm smile as Shannon played. At first a little shy, and perhaps a bit timid as the other kids weren’t entirely sure what to make of her. One Amazon baby girl was overly curious and gave the back of Shannon’s overalls a tug. It shocked Shannon enough that she felt her diaper suddenly warm as she wet it uncontrollably. But things settled down, and not long after, Shannon was having fun, riding down the slide, playing games, and generally toddling around with the other babies. It wasn’t till about thirty minutes later, when Shannon was hardly aware of the passage of time that Nerissa got up to fetch her.

Shannon could never get really used to a wet diaper. She wildly flipped between having not a single clue or care in the world, to awkwardly standing off to the side, her mind inseparable from the soaked padding. Most of the time, though, she was playing and having fun just like any of the actual babies. When Nerissa finally came to collect her, she didn’t want to go. “We’re right in the middle of a game of tag, though! Can I *pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase* keep playing?”

Nerissa came over, and in front of the other kids, and a few giggling parents, unsnapped some of the poppers on Shannon’s overalls, checking her diaper. “Aww hun, you’re soaked, you can play tag again in a moment, but first it’s time for a little baby girl to get her diapie changed,” she said, taking Shannon by the hand and leading her waddling away from the playground a second. She didn’t go far, just back to the stroller to collect her bag and then taking a changing mat out of it. She started to set up the bench as a makeshift changing table. “Up you go,” she said lifting Shannon up under the arms.

Shannon kicked her legs slightly, blushing and looking at the other kids. Many were two or three, but some were older, and undiapered. Getting teased by people her actual age was one thing, but getting teased by people far younger with seemingly more maturity was another. But once again, Nerissa was right… she was absolutely soaked, so she needed a change. Maybe that’s why she was having problems catching people in tag?

Nerissa undid the rest of the snaps on Shannon’s overalls, pulling them back up to her waist and revealing the wet diaper to the playground. Most of the parents and kids didn’t bat an eye, a diaper change was nothing new here. But it was the first very public change for Shannon. Nerissa smiled good naturedly, getting out wipes, powder and some diaper cream as she undid the tapes to Shannon’s diapers and pulled it away, lifting her up by the ankles to wipe her down like a baby.

It was nice that no one minded… still, Shannon couldn’t tear her eyes from the group, watching for anyone who might be staring. She still cooperated of course, helping Nerissa by lifting her legs up. “Um, thank you!” she said courteously, turning her attention back to the group again.

Nerissa placed another thick and clean diaper down on the bench and lowered Shannon to it, she took out diaper cream and rubbed it in, before taking the powder and applying it liberally. Shortly after she brought the front up and taped it snugly on. She gave the little’s diaper front a rub. “There we go, all dry,” she said, helping stand her up and redoing the snaps to her overalls. She sent the little away with a scoot and pat to her crinkling rump. “Go on and play a bit more hun, it’s a nice day.”

Shannon nodded, dashing off to the group. When the game of tag finished, she went to the slide, giggling with excitement as her rump slid down the slide over and over. She went down another four times, Shannon obviously enjoying herself and sinking into the reality that playing carefree with the toddlers could be pretty fun. She had lost track of time again until Nerissa came and lifted her up from behind. “All right hun, all that play had to have made you hungry by now,” she said, smiling and tapping Shannon’s nose. She carried the baby girl back over to the bench, before sitting down, reaching into her diaper bag, she taking out another full bottle. She helped Shannon sit back, craddling her to feed her a bottle. Some of the kids, most of whom younger giggled, as apparently Shannon was really just a ‘little baby’ even younger than them, as she was being fed like this.

Shannon blushed a little, but in the moment, certainly couldn’t find herself caring. After all, the milk tasted absolutely amazing and the others didn’t have any. It was sweet, made her feel warm and soft inside… it was wonderful, even with the giggles in the background.

Nerissa hummed softly, feeding Shannon. She let her nurse, and drain the somewhat large bottle, filling up her tummy with the liquid. After a full 7 or 8 minutes, the bottle was empty, and Nerissa helped Shannon up to her shoulder, giving her firm and gentle pats to her back, causing a few errant bubbles in her tummy to travel up and make the Little burp with a little line of milk hanging out the corner of her mouth. Nerissa cleaned it up gently with a wet cloth and brought the baby girl back to the playground, smiling and letting her play again once more.

Although with a tummy full of milk, she was a bit more slow this time, getting a little more tired with the afternoon. Rather than the more active activities, the girl wandered over to the more relaxed ones, like the large tic-tac-toe board that was set up. Being so obviously an adult, she figured she would beat all the kids who tried–but of course, perhaps because of the milk fogging her mind, she wound up losing most of the matches. Pouting, she decided to head back to the slide for one or two quick goes.

Shannon went down the slide twice grinning. She was getting tired, but she still wanted to do it again. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, climbing up a little slower and one handed to ride down once more. She giggled around her thumb, although all the milk her belly was sitting a little heavy now. She toddled away from the slide, walking a little slow as felt her bottom suddenly push out a big warm mess into the back of her diaper. She stopped and stood still a moment, sucking her thumb.

She wouldn’t be able to say why she just stood there, sucking… it could have been a babyish mindset, it might have been shock and awe, or a bit of the two. She stood there for about ten seconds after, just sort of staring, letting the feeling sink in, before spinning around and looking around at the other children. “Nerissssssssaaaaaa!” she whined, a new instinct from the home. It brought a lot of attention to her as she looked around for the Amazon.

Nerissa had watched the whole thing, smiling as she’d seen Shanon slow, and then babyishly fill her pants. Nerissa had been tracking Shannon’s progress, and even without the bottles, she lately seemed to be at that point where she legitimately needed diapers now. She waved and walked over to the suddenly panicked girl. “Aww hun, everything all right?” she said coming over and gently cupping a the side of her face in her hand. “Someone getting a little tired?” she asked as the girl looked so cute sucking her thumb.

Shannon pressed couldn’t help but nudge the hand and try to lean against the taller woman. Looking for affection with tears forming in her eyes. “I–I made a poo poo…” she whined.

Nerissa bent down and gave Shannon a hug, discreetly reaching a hand around to pat the girl’s bottom, helping reassure her, and let her know that indeed, she’d had a messy accident, but it was okay. “Aww hun, it’s all right. C’mon, let’s get you back home for a nap. I only brought one diaper to the park.” she said taking Shannon’s hand and starting to walk the sobbing baby girl to the stroller. Nerissa had purposefully not brought a second diaper, planning on this with the milk. Shannon had learned to accept diapers, and she needed to learn to accept using them, and sometimes being stuck in them.

Nerissa’s consoling helped dramatically. Shannon winced as they walked, the mess mushing up against her. It was even worse when she was sat down in the stroller… but all that consoling was helping to dry the tears. Nerissa brought the strap up between Shannon’s legs and around her waist once more, causing the girl to whimper a little as she was suddenly pressed into and held firmly to the mess in her diaper. It wasn’t a completely bad feeling, kind of warm, mushy. Nerissa was quick to recognize the look on Shannon’s face and reached into her bag pulling out Shannon’s favorite stuffed animal and a pacifier. She slid the thumb from Shannon’s mouth and pressed the pacifier in, kissing Shannon’s cheek as she handed her the stuffed animal. “Just relax hun, it’ll be a short ride back,” she promised. And the milk was making her tired… although it would be a little bumpy.

Shannon nodded, staying quiet and sucking on the pacifier. She did her best to relax, which was good… it let her feel the warm mushiness against her in a different way. The little bounces might have caused her to wince once or twice, but they wound up helping her come around to acceptance.

Just 8 minutes into the 10 minute walk and nearly back, Shannon nodded completely off to sleep, being at peace enough with the load in the seat of her diaper to ignore it and rest. Nerissa smiled. This was a good step. The goal was total incontinence and acceptance of being a baby. A few more outings and gentle encouragements to get Shannon used to the feeling of wet and messy diapers, and she was sure the little girl would stop asking for immediate changes. Once back at the home, she unbuckled the sleepy baby and carried her toward the nap room, going for the changing table first. No need giving her a rash.

The girl blinked and stirred a little as she was being changed. Nerissa spent a few moments wiping Shannon thoroughly to clean her bottom, before lowering her down onto another thick diaper. She grinned. “No worries hun, just giving you a diapie change before you go sleepy sleepy,” she said, starting to apply diaper cream and powder to her. Shannon barely heard it, back to sleep shortly after.

Nerissa taped up the thick diaper, helping Shannon up and removing her overalls. She left the girl in just the pink shirt she’d been wearing underneath and her diaper. She was placed and left to sleep peacefully in her crib.


Shannon had slept well. Her sleep had felt really good, and she had some memories of yesterday, but they were like dim lights in a fog. The milk had helped her dreams, crafting them to gentle childlike dreams of wonder and simple joy. Shannon didn’t even stir an inch as she wet her diaper thoroughly in the night. This had become normal, and even as she woke up and sat with a slight squish, it only jostled her a tiny bit.

Nerissa heard Shannon and was quick to let herself into the nursery, scooping up the Little and hugging her close, patting her back. “Morning sweetie,” she said reaching into the crib and looking for her pacifier, easing it into the girl’s mouth. “You just need a change huh?” she asked, pretending like this was completely normal, that the Little infant in her arms was just that, an infant who needed coddling.

Nerissa set Shannon on the changing table and the Little went through an all too familiar diaper change. It’d been two, almost three weeks since she’d last even had a chance to use the potty. She was in thick diapers full time. She sucked her pacifier, while Nerissa lovingly cleaned her up. Her sleeper was removed, and she was given a cartoonish baby t-shirt, since it was warmer out, before being brought downstairs to breakfast… where for the first time she didn’t sit at the table with the others, but instead was placed securely in a high chair.

Shannon squirmed in place, looking down at the others. “mm–” she lifted a hand up to remove the pacifier. “How come I’m in the high chair?!” she whined, squirming in place in her crinkling diaper. “I can feed myself just fine!”

Nerissa smiled, she liked head games early in the morning. “Oh you can? All right hun, I just thought the high chair would be a nice change of pace, if you can feed yourself,” she said getting out a simple bowl of oatmeal and a small spoon that had a deceptive weight to it, and putting them both in front of her. “Finish it all up, and you’ll get a nice bottle of your favorite milk,” she smiled.

Shannon snatched up the spoon, immediately fumbling with it a little. But after a few practice swings, she was sure she had it, so she went to snag some, only to drop the spoon entirely in the oatmeal.

Nerissa sighed a bit dramatically, and reached in to reclaim the spoon, letting the need to do so go unspoken. She cleaned it off with a paper towel and then she got a pink cloth bib and wasted no time tying it around Shannon’s neck. She pulled up a chair, took the bowl, and the spoon, and held out a scoop of warm oatmeal, smiling. “Come on hun.”

Shannon shook her head. “I just fumbled a little!” but still, she opened her mouth. She was hungry… and the idea of more milk was a wonderfully enchanting idea.

It was a little awkward at first, but Shannon took a bite, and then another, and then another. There was a drip here, and a soft dab of a paper towel to Shannon’s cheek to clean it away… and as the other residents came in and out for breakfast, it was apparent that Shannon was a baby this morning. Baby shirt, thick diaper, being fed in a high chair.

Shannon gave a little whine, but otherwise, tried to move her attention back to the oatmeal. Not the best of foods to really focus on the taste, but still, better than the others since she got all of Nerissa’s personal attention.

Having started with breakfast that day, both lunch and dinner had Shannon seated in a high chair with a bib around her neck. After another bottle of formula, which she had no power to resist, it was back to bed. Days started to go on like this, and while Shannon got more comfortable with the routine, there was still something nagging at the back of her mind, like something was wrong, like she’d forgotten something important.

It was a day or two later, dressed in another pair of adorable overalls with a onesie underneath, doing nothing to hide her obvious diaper bulge, that Shannon was seated in her stroller. Nerissa was taking her back to the park. Baby Shannon had been well behaved and she needed a bit of excitement. Nerissa also seemed to be excited about something too.

Oddly, the park wasn’t as empty as usual. In one corner of the park, there was a picnic going on… and oddest of all, it was a picnic of littles. Littles who were professional, and adult, at least as they appeared. There were five of them, and almost all watched Shannon curiously as she was helped out of her stroller when she arrived.

The Littles were noticeably more aware that Shannon wasn’t a baby then the Amazonian woman. It didn’t seem to meet Shannon’s attention though. To her, she almost entirely believed herself to be a baby after the weeks and weeks she’d been living such a life. There was something wrong somewhere in her mind, and that something bugged her when she saw the other group her size, but the rest of her and the want to have fun carried her towards the slide, which she rode down, giggling all the way.

With a pacifier in her mouth, the cute babygirl waddled her way up the play structure and rode the slide another two times. The picnic group had all but stopped now, 5 girls watching her a bit stunned. They were acutely aware that Shannon was way too old to be in diapers, even if her size didn’t seem to make the Amazonian parents in the park look twice. Two of the littles whispered something and looked over at Nerissa, who offered a polite wave, which had all the girls quickly look away.

Another parent took a seat with Nerissa after a while, talking about motherhood and her own adorable Amazonian baby which size-wise wasn’t much smaller then Shannon. It was at this point that one of the Little’s quietly made her way over to Shannon. The girl was a red-head with a neat little pony tail and a cute summer dress on. Maybe in her late 20’s. As Shannon went down the slide, she was waiting at the bottom.

“Hi, what’s your name?” she asked.

Without breaking her stride, Shannon popped the pacifier out of her mouth. “Hi, I’m Shannon! Who’re you?” she bobbed up and down in place at the bottom of the slide, brimming with infantile energy, crinkling with each little movement.

The girl tilted her head. “Jacquline… erm, Jackie. Are you… … you’re not really a toddler right? I mean, we’re Little, we can tell, even if the others,” and she indicated the parents around the playground, including the Amazon chatting with Nerissa. “even if they can’t.”

Shannon tensed her fingers up, unsure what to say. She had to think about what she even meant by “not really a toddler”, at first. She sat there, umming and ahhhing for a second, looking at Jackie and then Nerissa. “…um, well–I… don’t know?” she eventually settled on, looking confused and just a little bit embarrassed.

“Are you wearing a diaper?” the Little asked, since it was fairly obvious under Shannon’s overalls. Little’s could be blunt and very forward. Two of the other Little’s from the picnic group had gotten up and were talking to each other just out of the playground area.

“I, um… yeah.” Shannon knew there was absolutely NO denying that one. “…and um… that makes me a baby, I guess!” she added, following Nerissa’s usual line of thinking.

Nerissa got up, along with the other parent who went to get her own child. Nerissa scooped up Shannon eliciting a meep of surprise as she was picked up just like a toddler. Jackie watched wide eyed, calling “You’re not a baby!” in a quiet voice after Shannon. Even as she heard it, Nerissa had something new in store. She’d been working on readying the baby slowly, and sitting down on the bench with Shannon, she started to unbutton her top.

Shannon squirmed. It was… weird hearing that from Jackie. She was a bit upset, and couldn’t quite pin down why. She didn’t want to call Jackie wrong, since Shannon’s physical age was the same as hers… but people *could* be babies even if they were old, right? It was just so weird. Shannon looked up at Nerissa, staring as her top was unbuttoned and a maternity bra came into view. “…Are you… going to breastfeed me…?” she asked realizing the obvious.

Shannon’s paci hung on a ribbon attached to her overalls. Nerissa smiled and nodded at her. Nerissa was not fabulously endowed, just a modest C, but the nipple was already wet as she undid the clasp on the bra, the milk smelt very similar to what Shannon usually drank. “It’s okay hun, I know you must have a rumbly tummy, you can drink your fill baby girl,” she coo’d. The wide eyes of the five Little’s were watching Shannon intently now.

There was a slight revulsion from Shannon, but then that smell, that milk she was soo used too, so … addicted too. Shannon nodded, casting a look over to the Littles. It was difficult to push herself towards doing it, but Nerissa was right, her tummy was all rumbly and that needed fixing. She curled up towards the nipple, latching on and starting to nurse hungrily.

Nerissa cuddled Shannon to her, patting her head one hand, and patting her thickly diapered and crinkly bottom with the other as she cradled her. She was acting like an infant now, shamelessly nursing like a baby and drinking breastmilk. Some of the mothers in the park watched approvingly, but to them, Nerissa just looked like she was feeding a baby, to the Littles, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “Did you make a friend hun?” Nerissa asked of Shannon, smiling and stroking her head as she nursed.

Shannon didn’t move her mouth off of the nipple, but she gave a small, mildly discontented grunt between little sucks.

Nerissa nodded. “That’s nice hun, we’ll have to see about setting up a playdate with her some time. I know you have lots of friends at the home, but it’s always nice to have new friends,” she grinned. She gave Shannon’s bottom a few more crinkly pats, and almost by way of answer, Shannon started wetting her diaper, the padding swelling a little. “Aww such a good baby girl,” Nerissa coo’d softly in her ear.

Shannon blushed, hoping that the others wouldn’t notice. She did take a small bit of pride in it, now… at least when Nerissa praised her. The praise felt good. And having a playmate would be a lot of fun! She finally moved herself off of the nipple, sighing as she finished drinking.

Nerissa just moved the baby to the other teat. Baby girls could drink a lot and over feeding wouldn’t do much more then ensure a full diaper and a nap for Shannon. When she was finally finished being nursed, Nerissa adjusted Shannon to her shoulder, patting her back firmly. Shannon felt a little funny for a second, but then she gave out a little burp, with a tiny bit of spit up trailing down her chin. At the same time as her belch, her tummy cramped a little and helplessly her body pushed out a mess into her diaper. Positioned as she was on Nerissa’s shoulder, the seat of her overalls suddenly drooped and the Little’s watching were able to see just how much of a baby she was, filling her diaper. Nerissa finished patting her back and gave her bottom a few pats, causing the mess to squish. “Such a good good baby,” she repeated the praise.

Shannon would have felt humiliated in front of the other Littles, but the praise helped offset that. She curled her hands around Nerissa, giving her a big squeeze. She didn’t even think any more about how sudden her mess was, or how icky it felt–it was a warm sort of surprise to her now, and wasn’t really a bad thing. Just a part of being her.

Nerissa redid her top, and got up with Shannon, going over to her stroller and gently putting her in her seat before buckling her in. She made sure the buckles were snug, pressing her into her full diaper. Nerissa was still working on making her comfortable with having had an accident. She spoke softly to Shannon, “We’ll chat with your friend before we leave,” she grinned. “Do you think she’d like to come play with you at home? I bet you could show her how fun it could be.”

“I um… I dunno! She doesn’t seem like a baby… but I’d love more friends!” Shannon giggled, unaware of what she was signing the girl up for.

Nerissa nodded, wheeling the stroller toward the group of Littles which were now looking intently like they were busy picnicking. Nerissa stopped just behind the red headed one, tapping Shannon on the shoulder. “What was her name hun? Can you ask her to come here?”

Shannon nodded, looking over to the group of Littles. “Jaaaaackie!” she called, bouncing in the chair (and her mess). She was excited for a new playmate!

The red headed Little stood up a bit stiffly and came over, immediately looking shy before the taller Amazon and the girl in the stroller. She could smell that Shannon had a messy diaper, and her cheerfullness and the way she ignored what she’d done was a little unsettling to her.

“Hi Shannon,” she said with a slight wave.

Nerissa smiled and leaned down to Shannon, “Go on hun, why don’t you invite her to visit?”

Shannon grinned. “Hey, can you join us at my house some time? It’d be a lot of fun to play with you!”

Jackie’s demeanor changed a little as she looked back to her friends, who seem to be focused on their activity. She thought a moment, and looking up, with a slight bit of resolve, she nodded. “Y-yes. I’ll come visit some time, I think I have something I’d like to talk you to you about Shannon,” she said. “We can spend some time being… big girls,” she said with a slight glance at Nerissa and lowering her voice to say the last part. It was the only thing she could think of in terms of fixing whatever was wrong with Shannon.

Shannon tilted her head, looking confused. “Well… you can be! But I don’t think I am…” she squirmed a little in the seat, making a small meep at the feeling of her diaper. “But yeah, come visit, please!”

The other girl scurried back to her friends and Nerissa put the paci back in Shannon’s mouth, pushing her in the stroller back home for a diaper change and an afternoon nap.

“I really do hope she visits,” the Amazon smirked.


It was just after Shannon had been fed a full dinner of baby food in what had become her personal high chair, that Nerissa had decided to give her another lesson. Quietly taking the babygirl to her office by the classroom, she took a seat in the rocking chair with her. She started to rub at the front of Shannon’s diaper, rocking them both in the chair gently.

Shannon had grown slightly used to having her diaper, and chest rubbed on occasion. Even if it was still a bit weird, she quickly settled into the chair, sighing out a pleased and aroused little breath.

Nerissa continued to rub at the front of her diaper, waiting till she got a slight moan with the loud crinkling. “Feels nice doesn’t it hun?”

Shannon nodded, letting out a few soft whines. “Y–yeah… it’s really really nice feeling… it’s ama–ah! oooh…” she leaned her head in, resting it against Nerissa’s chest.

Nerissa traced a finger around Shannon’s ears, continuing to rub her diaper, smirking as the baby’s hips were moving in time with her hands. “That’s a good baby girl… such a good baby girl,” she said, sweetly whispering. “You want to do something for your caretaker baby?”

Shannon nodded, beaming. The praise made her really happy. She softly grinded against the woman’s hand, her hands softly kneading Nerissa’s lap.

“Use your diaper, do everything in it that you can, feel how good it is to let go in your diaper,” she encouraged. It was something they’d done before, but she had a more specific intent for it today.

Shannon squirmed, pushing herself against the woman’s hands. “… I dunno if I can though… I don’t really feel it anymore, so I don’t know if I need to…” she let out a few grunts, trying her hardest. At first, it seemed she definitely didn’t need to–but then, all at once, her diaper start to fill. “O-oh gosh!” she whined, the diaper taking on a new feeling as she was rubbed.”

Nerissa grinned, easing her hand from Shannon’s ear to move the girl slightly, starting to bounce her on a knee and focus both hands now on the front of her diaper. “Such a good girl, filling up your diaper, but there’s still something more you can do,” she said caressing the front of Shannon’s diaper.

The conditioning was going well, Shannon was addicted to the milk, nearly incontinent, and on the verge of a sexual connection between her diapers, and best of all, accepting that she was a baby.

Shannon bounced, grinding against Nerissa’s hands and genuinely enjoying the feel of her diaper. It wasn’t long before she was starting to dissolve into a body shaking orgasm. Just as she was peaking, Nerissa leaned forward and whispered in Shannon’s ear, right at her most susceptible moment.

“From now on you are forever unpotty trained…” she whispered, “You will be in diapers the rest of your life… and I will always be your mommy.”

The words invaded Shannon’s mind just as she was shattered and racked by orgasm, whimpering and shuddering as she came in her full diaper. Even if she didn’t fully understand it, her body processed it. She’d never feel the need to go again, and she’d found her mommy. It was over, she was officially a baby again.

The poor baby was panting and spent after that. She was more than ready for an early bed time… after a diaper change and short pre-bed feeding straight from the teat of course. She was already asleep before she finished nursing. Not long after she’d been dressed in a new thick diaper under a purple onesie, and laid down in her crib.


Nerissa was relaxing on a couch in the large playroom at the home. She was dressed in a casual spring dress, her feet in flip flops and her hair falling lazily about her shoulders as she read from a book. Shannon was on the floor nearby, playing. Today Shannon was dressed in a short blue denim dress, and a pink t-shirt under it. Her bottom was covered in a frilly diaper cover and it caught the back of her dress, holding it up slightly to show her padded backside.

Shannon seemed to flip back and forth, alternating between hyperactivity and calmness. Half of the time, she would contently color, nearly silent, while the other half of the time she’d be bolting from one activity to another, giggling and laughing to herself. Right now, she was hyper, waddling across the room to grab various toys, which she was busily building into a large fort in one of the corners of the room.

At a knock from the door, Nerissa looked up. She put her book down and looked over to Shannon, just to make sure the babygirl was okay, before going to the door and finding that a Little was waiting outside. It was the girl that Shannon had briefly met at the park.

“Oh hello there hun, have you come to play with Shannon?” she asked.

The red head nodded shyly, looking around Nerissa to Shannon. “It’s Jackie… uh, Ma’am,” she said, before being invited in.

She barely even acknowledged Nerissa and went right to Shannon. “Psst… we need to talk.”

“Um, okay! What do you wanna talk about?” Shannon asked innocently, paying only half attention. She was busy building a stack of baby blocks as a sort of flag for her fort.

Jackie was wearing a simple short dress and a pair of loose shorts under it. She couldn’t help staring at Shannon though. The way the other Little was dressed as a toddler, hair in a pony tail, pink shirt, obvious thick diaper under her denim dress… and not only that, but the red head knew that the other Little used her diapers.

“You’re… not really a baby,” she whispered, watching as the amazon walked across the room to take a seat on the couch, getting her book. She tried to speak so she wouldn’t be heard.

Shannon shook her head, confused. “I don’t understand…” she thought about it a little, stopping her construction. “…Mommy says I’m a baby.” It was so firmly in the Little’s mind, now. After a few seconds, she found her thumb slipping into her mouth, on reflex as she tried to think hard. After all, her hands weren’t being used, so why not?

Jackie shook her head, “Just because you look like a baby, doesn’t make you one,” she said putting a hand out to touch the front of the girl’s diaper. Jackie was doing it mainly to confirm that the other girl was indeed wearing it, but what she didn’t know was how thorough Nerissa’s training had been recently. Which included helping Shannon to really like and enjoy her diapers. The slight bit of pressure on the front of her diaper made her tingle.

Shannon half shut her eyes, whimpering ever so slightly around her thumb. It was hard to pin down exactly what it was, with the thumb in the way. Curiously, though, the girl held totally still as the Little held her diaper, not jumping away or even flinching at all. It seemed she was quite used to having her diaper touched!

Jackie looked a little surprised as Shannon seemed to straighten, and she tugged her hand away as suddenly the diaper began to warm. The baby was peeing, but by the look on her face, she had no idea. Jackie gasped, perhaps she was in over her head, perhaps Shannon was already a baby and there was no saving her.

After a few seconds, Shannon opened her eyes. “…Jackie? What’s wong?” she asked after a few seconds, still sucking her thumb.

Nerissa noticed the odd occurrence out of the corner of her eye, and put her book down, getting up to go over to the two Littles. “Uh oh… I think someone has a wet diapy,” she said coming up from behind to tickle at Shannon’s sides. Jackie took a step back from Nerissa, watching the exchange nervously as if it was something dangerous.

The babygirl’s dress was raised and it was confirmed that she was indeed wet. “Why don’t you go get a new diaper and some wipes from the corner Shannon, I’ll grab the changing mat from my bag,” she said, fully intending to change her right here on the floor. Jackie was dead silent watching them both.

Shannon dashed away, waddling noticeably as she snagged a few diapers and the box of wipes from the baby bag in the corner of the play room. She jumped down, laying out right next to her fort as Nerissa got the mat. She was laying down in front of Jackie and she looked up, blankly, hardly realizing that her and Jackie were having a conversation before.

Nerissa lifted Shannon’s dress up, smiling and giggling. “Why’d you bring so many diapers hun?” she asked, “You bring extra for Jackie?” she teased. The other Little gasped at the thought. “I’m only teasing,” Nerissa laughed at her good naturedly, letting her know she wasn’t being serious (for now).

Jackie had an instinct to leave, something was not right, but at the same time, something magnetic compelled her to stay. She knew what happened to some littles, and if there was any chance of saving Shannon, shIt’d be important to save her. She simply turned aside, letting the diaper change finish. Shannon was very used to it by now, thinking nothing as her legs were lifted by the ankles, she was thoroughly wiped, diaper rash cream applied, and finally followed by a healthy dusting of powder before being taped into a thick fresh diaper.

“Can I get you something to drink Jackie? It’s just about time for Shannon’s bottle,” Nerissa said, taking the wet diaper balled up, and throwing it away. Jackie nodded dumbly, not sure what else to say, and Nerissa returned a moment later with a sippy cup and baby bottle. Both filled with the same thing. Jackie was handed the cup and she looked at it with a frown as Shannon was given her bottle.

Shannon happily stuck the nipple in place of her thumb, drinking hungrily. After a few seconds, Shannon lowered the bottle, looking at Jackie. “Drink! It’s really really yummy.” Shannon sat up, drinking away at the bottle, shuffling around a bit to get comfortable.

Jackie watched Nerissa sit on the couch once more and looked at the sippy cup. “What’s in it?” she asked, curiously. She wasn’t about to degrade herself by drinking from the cup and managed to pry the top off. Nerissa noticed this, but didn’t say anything. The red head gave the drink a worried sniff.

“Milk!” Shannon giggled, getting about halfway through the bottle. She stretched out, feeling a little bit sleepy now. Still, she seemed determined to finish that fort–she stood back up, bottle in one hand, a toy in the other, trying to complete her build.

Jackie stared at her drink a moment. It did smell like milk, but something was a bit off. She looked over at Nerissa again, worriedly, but there was something about the milk that smelt really really good. She tipped it up to her lips, taking a taste, and her eyes widened as she took a little more of a sip, which turned into a gulp, and soon she’d finished off her cup. “That.. was pretty good,” she said nodding. She watched Shannon building her fort for a minute or two, trying to decide how best to handle the situation… oddly, she was starting to feel tired too as she saw the other girl yawning.

Nerissa checked her watch, it’d be nap time for two Little’s shortly. As they worked, Shannon finished her bottle too. She kept working, but she slowed to a literal crawl, and began to yawn every so often. She looked back at Jackie, nodding. “Yeah! It’s pretty good, I love my milkies…”

Not having been used to drinking nearly as much as Shannon, the redhead was not used to its effects, and even as Shannon was crawling around, yawning around her thumb, Jackie had managed to nod off, her back against the wall.

Shannon noticed this after she finally completed the fortress. She crawled over to Nerissa, giving her pant leg a small tug. “I think we need naps mommy…” she yawned, resting herself against Nerissa’s leg.

Nerissa closed her book, smiling at the two adorable girls. She scooped up Shannon first, “I think you’re right hun, let’s get your stuffed animal and your pacifier, and we’ll put you down for a nap in your crib,” she smiled, bumping noses with Shannon lovingly. She carried the Little on her hip for a moment. bringing her back to the nursery and doing what she said, getting her pacifier and teddy bear before easing her down into her crib. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go get Jackie and set up a nap mat in here, I don’t think she’d like the crib,” she said teasingly.

Nerissa went back out into the playroom, scooping up the younger girl. She was out cold, the milk having hit her hard for the first time. Nerissa couldn’t help a grin, she knew this girl would be consigned to diapers and being a baby soon. She brought her back into the nursery, setting up a mat on the floor and laying the girl with a blankie atop it.

Shannon grinned sleepily as she watched, squeezing the teddy bear. It was nice to have a playmate, even if she was a little bit unfun sometimes with her ‘not a baby’ talk. Hopefully she’d stop insisting Shannon was a big girl. Shannon laid down, letting her eyes drift shut.

The girls slept easily. A milk induced sleep was one free of stress. Shannon slept deeply and with wonderful dreams, hugging her teddy, occassionally sucking on her paci in her sleep. She rested so soundly, that the milk’s effect didn’t even wake her. Her bottom pushed out a warm mess into the back of her diaper just like a baby.

And not far away from her, napping fitfully on the mat, Jackie wasn’t far behind. Her body processed the milk and her bladder released in her sleep, causing the ‘adult’ girl to soak her panties, dress and naptime blanket.

At the girls woke up, it would be nothing out of the ordinary for Shannon. For Jackie though, she awake with a start, letting out a startled shriek as she realized what had happened to herself. The red head started to cry, not trying to be too loud and bring Nerissa.

Shannon sat up in her crib, looking at the distressed girl across from her with a big wet spot. At first, it was a little hard to believe–she was such a big girl! But after a few seconds, Shannon tried to reassure her. “Don’t worry–it’s not that bad! I mean… well… I’ll call Mommy and she’ll clean you up! Mommy!!” she called out, watching the crying girl.

Jackie hopped up, still crying and tripping over the blankets around her ankles for a second. She came over and tried to put her hands on Shannon to shush her and keep her from bringing the Amazon. It didn’t help, a moment later Nerissa walked in with her long legs.

“Oh, someone up from their nap? Smells like someone has a stinky diaper,” she said smiling. Her eyes were quick to see the red headed girl next to the crib, with the wet spot on the back of her dress. Sensing this, Jackie let out an eep, backing away from Shannon.

“Oops, looks like there was more than one accident during naptime,” Nerissa said. She quietly shut and locked the door behind her, going for Shannon first to change her baby.

Shannon lifted her arms up, giggling as she was lifted. She didn’t seem to realize that Jackie didn’t want Mommy to be called. Why not, after all? Did she want to stay in her wetness? That wasn’t that weird for the home she supposed, but if she just said that to Nerissa, she’d understand! Or maybe it was that she was a big girl… or, well, apparently not!

“Jackie hun, its okay, sometimes girl’s have accidents. I’m not upset,” she said in a calming and familiar manner that Shannon could almost recognize. “Let me take care of my baby here and we’ll get you sorted. Jackie was too mortified to answer, hands covering her rear and backing herself around the crib so that she was always on the opposite side of Nerissa. Meanwhile the Amazon carried her baby, lovingly laying her down on the changing table and going through a routine diaper change for her. Wipes, rash cream, more powder, and a thick diaper later, Nerissa set the babygirl down on the floor.

“Why don’t you go get her for me,” Nerissa said with a pat to her diapered bottom. “I think she’s scared and embarrassed.”

Shannon nodded, crawling over to Jackie. “Jackie?” she asked, softly prodding the girl’s arm. “Mommy’s all ready to clean you up… don’t worry, it happens! If you really hate it, you gotta get clean and get it gone!”

Jackie was reluctant a moment, looking at Shannon and resisting. “You’re not a baby Shannon, you’re not… and I didn’t have an accident, she did something to me! I’ve never had an accident before like this,” she whimpered. Nerissa could hear her of course, but she remained quiet a moment.

Shannon shook her head. “Well–accidents happen! I am a baby, and if I didn’t have my diapers I’d make puddles everywhere!” She giggled. “Mommy’s really nice and she’ll get you all squeaky clean.”

There was something innocent and truthful in Shannon’s face, and slowly, unsuredly, Jackie came out, walking bowlegged with an obvious accident spot between her legs. It felt gross, and she did want to get cleaned up. She couldn’t look at Nerissa as she was led over.

“It’s okay hun,” the Amazon echoed her baby’s statement, very proud of the girl for how she’d handled it. “I’ll have you all cleaned up and right as rain. I bet you’re worried that I’m going to put you in a diaper huh? Well, I can, if that’s what you want?” to which the red head quickly shook her head no, and Nerissa laughed, “I didn’t think so. I don’t have any clean panties in your size, I do have pull-ups though.”

The girl whimpered at that, but defeated as she was, there wasn’t much she could do. Nerissa helped her get cleaned up, having her stand as she carefully took some wipes and a small baggy to wad up the wet panties and short and put them in. The little didn’t let go of the baby’s hand the hold time.

Shannon squeezed her hand back, smiling all the while. She was really glad to be of assistance! “See?” she sighed, softly resting herself against the changing table. “Mommy’s really nice and stuff! She’s only here to help.”

Freshly cleaned, with pull-ups under a short dress that was designed to be worn with shorts, Jackie was quick to excuse herself. Nerissa reassured her that accidents do happen once more, and that it was okay, and if she needed help with future accidents that she knew where the home was. She also invited her back for lunch whenever she wanted it… The red head was quick to make any excuse she could and escape the place as soon as the nursery door was unlocked.

Nerissa and Shannon watched her go. “I think she’s a shy girl who needs some friends Shannon,” Nerissa said, scooping up her baby girl, carrying her on a hip as she watched the little practically sprint down the front walk, her pull-up easily visible under her dress.

Shannon nodded. “I wanna find her some time again! Maybe we could stop by the playground soon and see if she’s ever there again?” Shannon rested herself against the amazon’s chest, softly tugging at the bottom of her shirt.

Nerissa grinned and began to unbutton her shirt, hugging Shannon close. “I think she’ll be back some time. She looked like she really enjoyed that milk,” Nerissa winked. Her bra was next to go, leaving the girl’s pert chest bare before Shannon. She removed the babygirl’s pacifier and moments later she was breastfeeding again.


The Witches Next Door

by Lizzy

Chapter 1

He’d had a diaper fetish for as long as he could remember, and had learned to live with it as an adult. It had taken years to accept it as part of himself as it had started when he was very young. He never knew why, but as a child, he always had a strange obsession with diapers and a desire to wear them. He never actually had access to real baby diapers when he was that young…at least not before the age of 13. He would indulge his desires by making fake diapers out of anything that would work, using towels, tissues, plastic garbage bags and tape, anything that he could fashion into a diaper. The desires became even stronger as he approached puberty.

Nearly every night after bed time when alone in his room, he would find a way to wear his fake diapers. He would wait until he was sure his parents were asleep and there was no threat of being disturbed, then he would put on his fake diaper. He didn’t know what He was doing at the time, only that it felt good, it felt right; it felt like something he needed to do. Finally one night when he was 12, he had his first climax while wearing one of the fake diapers.

He had filled his underwear with two stacks of Kleenex tissues, one in the front, one in the back, and He was humping his pillow. The pillow humping was something new; he had started doing that several months earlier because he had started to get boners when thinking of diapers and while wearing the fake diapers at night. Of course at the time he had no idea why he liked doing this, he just knew that it made him feel really good down there. On that particular night, it made him feel really, really good. He didn’t know what he had done and was actually a bit scared at first… he thought “did I just pee?” and “what is this sticky stuff?” The release had felt amazing, but immediately afterwards he felt a wave of shame and embarrassment. He needed to get the fake diaper off right away, He felt so stupid lying there with tissues stuffed into his underwear.

He removed the wads of tissue from his underwear right away and hid them in a plastic bag which he then shoved between his mattress and box spring. He lay there in bed wondering what was wrong with him and why he liked diapers so much, he told himself he would stop thinking about them and be a normal kid. That didn’t happen, the very next night he was humping his pillow again and ejaculating into another wad of tissues, all the time imagining that he was wearing a thick soft crinkly Pamper.

This behavior continued almost nightly through his early teens, he even managed to sneak a couple of real Pampers from an unattended baby stroller once. They didn’t fit, but stuffing them inside his underwear and humping in them was amazing. The waves of shame and guilt still consumed him after every climax, but his urges were so strong that even after experiencing climax followed by shame…some nights…ten minutes later he would be humping the diaper again and experiencing the climax and shame all over again.

He couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t know why he liked it, and often thought he was crazy, but he always thought there had to be other kids out there that had this interest too. Nevertheless, he kept it a deep dark secret always worried what his friends or family might think if they knew. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would meet someone who not only shared his desires, but could also help him explore them in a way no one would believe possible.

Chapter 2

In the summer of his 16th year, new neighbors moved in. They had been there just over a week, but he hadn’t met them yet as they seemed to come and go quite a bit. He figured they were busy getting settled and would be ready to meet their neighbors soon enough. His parents had said that it was just a woman and her daughter who, as it turned out, was his same age and would be attending his school when it began next week.

It was a Friday morning; this would be the last weekend of summer vacation. It was raining, and he sat looking out his window wondering what to do with his day when his eyes caught something that perked his attention immediately. Sitting on the curb next to the new neighbors full trash cans was a large white and orange box with the unmistakable “Pampers” brand name and happy baby face. He knew that box anywhere and could easily spot it from 30 yards away.

“What is that doing there?” he thought, “Could there still be diapers in that box?” he wondered. He desperately wanted to go out and investigate, but even with the rain, it was broad daylight. What would people think if they saw him snooping in the neighbor’s trash? Garbage pickup was not until Monday, the box would be sitting on the curb all weekend taunting him.

As the day went on, he couldn’t take his mind off the box; he even found a pair of binoculars so he could get a closer look. The box was open, and probably empty, but the cardboard flap at the top had not been completely torn off. “Maybe it was an old box that the previous owner had left behind?” he thought. He knew that couldn’t be the case, the previous owners had been an older couple whose children were grown and lived far away. “Maybe they had grandchildren who had visited and the diapers belonged to them?” he thought, but he could never remember seeing any visitors with babies or toddlers at the house.

The rain continued, “What a way to spend the last Friday of summer vacation.” He thought. He spent the day indoors, listening to music, talking with friends on the phone, watching TV, but all the while his thoughts kept returning to the Pampers box on the curb. He desperately wanted to see it up close, he knew it had to be empty, why would someone put a box of unused diapers in the trash? After several more viewings of the box through his binoculars, he decided that he would check it out that evening.

He would be walking into town just after dark to meet some friends and hang out. None of them knew what they would be doing that night, but something always came up. Kids his age would always gather in the park near the fire house and someone would always know where the party was. Otherwise they would just hang out in the park, chatting, smoking, skate boarding etc. This would go on until about 10PM when the local police would tell them it’s time to leave the park. It was a “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here” kind of thing. He wasn’t a smoker or a skate boarder for that matter, but the park was the place to be if you wanted any kind of summer social life.

He hoped there would be no big party that evening so that he could just walk home around 10 by himself and get a closer look at the supposedly empty Pampers box on the curb. He would get a quick look at it on his way into town, but later that evening on his way back, under the cover of full darkness, he would be able to do a real inspection.

The rain had stopped around seven, it was still overcast but the forecast called for clearing skies later that evening. He decided not to bring any rain gear. He told his mother he was going out to meet up with some friends, she told him not to be too late as she always did, and he said he’d call her from a pay phone if he’d be out past 10. This was their rule, and by following it, he assured himself that his parents would always trust him. That trust provided him a curfew free summer.

At eight PM he left the house. It was late August, the sun was setting earlier now but there was still a fair amount of twilight at that time of the evening. He glanced at the neighbor’s house for any signs of activity. The lights were on in the kitchen, he saw a woman through the window, and she appeared to be washing dishes. “That’s the mother” he thought. There was no sign of the girl, he hadn’t seen her yet and wondered what she looked like. He hoped she was attractive. He briefly fantasized about how nice it would be to have a cute girl next door in his same class to walk to school with…among other things.

After confirming there was nobody on the street or out on their porches, he casually walked to the end of his driveway, turned right and walked right past the neighbors trash cans. He gave the box of Pampers a slight kick as he walked by. It moved easily but gave a bit of resistance to his kick towards the bottom of the box. “Not completely empty” he thought. Now his curiosity was driving him mad. He desperately wanted to look inside the box, but now was not the time. He would have to endure at least two more hours of maddening fantasies before he could have a look.

He got to the park and found several of his friends already there. They sat around and talked about the upcoming school year. It was a conversation he’d had before, which teachers they hoped to have, what sports they might try out for…if they would join a club or some other extracurricular activity…and girls, they always talked about girls. Who was hot, who was not, who they would love to go out with, etc. He eventually decided to fill his friends in on the new girl that had moved in next door to him.

His friends were intrigued, they all wanted to know about her. The prospect of meeting a new girl first was always a strong desire to boys his age. If you could get to her before everyone else and hopefully catch her interest you were ahead in the game of life. His friends were very disappointed with his lack of information about this new girl, they all teased him and told him to get a move on and meet the new neighbors. He assured them he would.

The evening went on with little activity, there was a party on the far side of town, but without access to a car, it was not an option, way too far to walk too. At 10pm like clockwork, the police cruiser arrived and the officers politely told them that the park was closed and it was time to move on. Some of his friends were going to walk to the late night diner and get some food; he made an excuse and headed home instead.

He was moving fast now, more anxious than ever to investigate the prize on the curb. He reached the bend in the road just up from his neighbor’s house; he could see the trashcans ahead and paused in the darkness between street lights to look for signs of life. The street was empty, he could see the lights of houses, and TV’s turned on, numbing their viewers on a late summer evening. He caught movement on the new neighbor’s front porch. It was the girl.

From his distance, he could see that she was probably about his height, thin, with long hair the color of which he couldn’t make out in the darkness. Then he heard her, she was singing. The voice hit his eardrums and locked him in a trance. It was beautiful. He stood fixed in the darkness staring at the girl’s form moving in the darkness on the porch. She spun and danced slowly, singing to herself. He could see what appeared to be a Walkman in her hand. He knew the song she sang, but couldn’t pull the artist or title out of his head, she was his only thought. Her voice was amazing and it seemed to take control of him. He felt as if he needed to go to her, as if she were calling to him…the words “Please, come see me…in time you’ll want to be here…in time you’ll want to stay here” ran through his mind.

He shook himself out of his trance and stepped to the side of the road, remaining in the shadows. The song was over. He watched as the girl turned once to look out at the street, then opened the front door and went inside. He waited for what seemed like an eternity, wondering if she would return. After about 10 minutes time he proceeded to his target.

The trashcans and box of Pampers were out of the glare of the street light affording him some cover of darkness. He glanced around again to make sure he was alone, then quickly walked right up to the box. He lifted the cardboard flap and the stench of used diapers hit his nose immediately. He flinched and waved his hand in front of his nose. The smell was a disappointment, he had hoped to find unused diapers in the box, but this discovery presented a bigger mystery.

The bottom of the box contained several rolled and taped up clearly used diapers. The stench of stale urine and feces was strong. Had this box really come from the neighbor’s house? Was it possible that his parents didn’t have all the info? Was it a mother, a daughter, and a toddler in the house? He wanted answers, he was determined to get them and decided that tomorrow he would introduce himself. As he turned toward home again he felt a sudden chill, as if he were being watched. He stepped away from the trashcans back into the darker shadows. Looking around he saw no one, the night was quiet but he still felt strange, as if he were not alone, after a moment he made his way quickly up the driveway and into his house.

From the window of her dark bedroom the girl could see him clearly; a gift of her kind. The darkness provided no cover to her prey. He was cute, she thought, well built and handsome. He had taken the bait and she could sense his curiosity. Now she wanted to dazzle him, give him one last curiosity to keep him up late. She watched as he returned to his house, she knew he’d be looking out his window at the box on the curb one last time before he went to bed. She knew that even though he had found it full of used diapers, his lust for diapers was so strong that just the box on the curb would hold his attention until it was finally hauled away. She knew the lust too and had already explored it in ways that he would find unbelievable.

“One…two…three….” She counted to herself, timing the exact moment that he would appear in his own darkened bedroom window. There was no hiding from her eyesight. She turned to her side to present a silhouette to the outside world, and with a wave of her hands her bedroom lights came on. She was now visible to him. This was not her only trick, she wanted him to hear, and he would. She waved her hand again. “Showtime” she thought.

He stood at his window and gasped as he saw the light come on next door. The girl stood in the window, and she was beautiful. Her hair, he could now see, was red, a gorgeous deep red. He stepped back hiding himself slightly behind the window frame. He didn’t think she could see him there in the dark, but the slight shame he felt at his voyeurism forced the reaction. He watched as she appeared to pace back in forth in front of the window. He wondered what she was doing, she appeared to be doing everything, and nothing at all. One moment she picked up a piece of clothing that he couldn’t make out and appeared to be folding it. The next moment she appeared to be lost in her thoughts…looking for something.

“Baby girl, its bedtime sweetie” He heard the words clearly…they seemed off in the distance, yet were coming from her room, and he heard them just fine. “How can I hear them?” He thought. The window was closed, the AC was on, and her window too appeared to be closed. It almost seemed as if the words were inside his head. As if he was imagining them.

“Ok mom” The girl replied. He was dumbfounded, how was he hearing this? Before he could think any further on the matter, the mother appeared in the girl’s room. “Come on sweetie; let’s get you ready for bed.” The mother said, the words, clear as a bell in his head. “Am I dreaming?” he asked himself, and then pinched his arm and slapped his face to disprove his new theory. He watched as the girl and mother left the room. Her light was still on, why had she not pulled the shade? He wondered. Did she know he could see into her room? That he had a glimpse into her world? And why did the mother need to help her get ready for bed? She was his age, certainly capable of doing that task on her own.

All these thoughts raced through his head, but the one that baffled and shocked him most was that he could hear them almost perfectly. The room was empty now, he looked around the neighborhood, fixing his gaze on other houses down the street, focusing, trying to hear other conversations. There was nothing. He shook his head in disbelief.

After about 10 minutes, there was more movement in the girl’s room, and what he saw now made his jaw drop. The mother had returned, and she was carrying a small child, a girl of no more than 5 or 6 years old, a girl with deep red hair. The child was wearing a pink tee shirt, and to his astonishment, a thick disposable diaper. Where had she come from? He thought. Where was the girl?

The mother and child disappeared beyond the window frame, out of his view. A moment later the mother walked past the window alone. “Sleep well baby girl” he heard the mother say as she walked out of the room and turned off the light.

He stood in the darkness completely confused. Where had the girl gone? Where had that little girl come from, and why was she in a diaper? She looked old enough to be out of them. He stood by his window for a full hour before finally climbing into bed. His mind was racing, he couldn’t get his thoughts off of what he’d seen, the thought of diapers sparked his urges and soon he was in the middle of his pillow humping ritual.

As he reached his climax, the girl next door smiled happily. Lying in her bed she snuggled a teddy bear and let out a slight moan as she felt his satisfaction match her own and her diaper swell with warm wetness. “He’s the one” she thought as she smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

His night had been filled with dreams; dreams of the red haired girl, dreams of wearing diapers, dreams of wearing diapers with the red haired girl. When he woke the memory of what he had seen last night was all he could think of. Who was the little girl? Why hadn’t anyone known about a younger child in the house? Why hadn’t he seen the red haired girl return to her room after the mother and younger child had entered the room?

He glanced at his clock, 10AM. He had slept late. It was Saturday morning, the last Saturday before school began. He wanted answers. He wanted to meet this strange red haired girl and find out everything he could about her and her family. He leapt out of bed and walked to his window. His eyes moved quickly to the neighbor’s trashcans, the box of Pampers was still there.

“At least those weren’t a dream” he said to himself. He went through his morning routine, brushed his teeth, answered natures call, and showered. After dressing, he went down to the kitchen where he found a note from his parents,

we’re driving up state to shop for some new plantings for the yard, didn’t think you’d want to come…there are waffles in the freezer. We’re going to stop and visit your uncle on the way back, see you around supper time.


He made himself a plate of waffles and ate them quickly, washing it down with a glass of milk. After breakfast he went out onto the front porch to take in the scenes of the day. It was mid morning, the sun was out, people were outside, some were working in their yards, he saw a jogger go by; it was a nice morning. He then returned his gaze to the box of Pampers on the curb near the neighbor’s trashcans. “This is torture” he thought to himself as thoughts of diapers filled his head once again.

“I’ve got the house to myself all day…” He thought. “I could go upstairs right now and Pamp up”. “Pamp Up” that was just one of his many terms for getting his diaper on. Even though he didn’t have real Pampers, he always pretended that his fake diapers were Pampers, his brand of choice. He didn’t know why, maybe it was because that’s the brand he wore when he still needed them for their intended purpose. Maybe it was because of the way the word sounded “Pamp-ers” he said to himself. Even the word itself could get him going; the word “diapers” had the same effect. They were mantras of sorts to him. During his pillow humping sessions he would often repeat those words to himself in his head, sometimes even muttering them softly under his breath until he reached climax, then it would all end, and the shame would rush in.

He was conflicted. The pleasure derived from diapers overpowered his sense of “normality” inside himself he felt isolated, always asking the question “why do I like diapers…Am I crazy?” and ultimately “Am I the only one?” In time, he would understand that the diapers gave him a sense of calm, safety, and total relaxation, along with the deep sexual satisfaction. For the time being, as a 16 year old approaching what many believed to be the male sexual peak, the “sexual satisfaction” component of his diaper fascination was all he could think of.

“Diapers!” he thought the word in his head, the feelings had begun to take control of him. As he turned to head inside and up to his room, he was stopped.

“Hello?” said the girl.

He turned to his left and looked down into the driveway. There, on the other side of the driveway, at the edge of her lawn stood the beautiful red haired girl.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to startle you” she said.

“Who…umm me…oh no, it’s ok, you didn’t….I was just…umm…Hi.” He replied, fumbling through his words. “God what an idiot I must sound like” he thought to himself.

The girl smiled, she knew she had flustered him. This was her intention; she wanted him to be nervous; she could feel his emotions and wanted to experience every single one of them.

“I’m the girl next door” She said.

“I’m the boy next door” he replied. “Nice to meet you” he said.

“You too” she replied. “I was wondering if you could help my mother and I…we’re still getting settled and she wants to move some furniture around” the girl explained. “She told me I should go ask the boy next door if we could borrow his muscles” she said blushing.
He blushed as well.

“I know it sounds corny but…well that’s what she asked and….I guess I’m corny sometimes too” she told him with a smile.

Her smile relaxed him. There was something beyond that beautiful red hair, something powerful about this girl. She seemed confident…but nerdy…courageous but bashful…so many things wrapped into one. He felt something else too, a sensation that his feelings were amplified, as if she could sense his awkwardness at the situation, and that feeling, somehow put him at ease.

“Oh, umm…sure, I’d love to help.” He said. “Let me just get my shoes on…I’ll be right there” He told her, and rushed inside to find his shoes.

He thought this was amazing. He’d been nervous about going next door and ringing the bell for an introduction, and just like that, the red haired girl shows up and introduces herself. “Luck is on my side today” he thought.

He quickly found his shoes, slipped them on and ran back out the front door. The girl was still waiting for him right where she’d been standing.
“Ok, ready to help.” He said.

“Great, come on.” She replied, motioning for him to follow her.

They walked across the yard and up her front steps. The girl held the front door open for him and her mother was standing just beyond the doorway.

“Hi there, you must be the boy next door?” the girl’s mother said. “Welcome to our house, please come in.”

“Thank you” the boy said. “I’m happy to help you out…anything I can do.”

“We just want to move this sofa and love seat to the other side of this room” The mother said, pointing to the living room to the left of the front entry way. “I’m sure my daughter and I could have done it together but I’ve been lifting so many boxes since we arrived that I’m just a bit sore today.” She added.

The boy and girl each took an end of the sofa and moved it to its new location, then did the same with the love seat. The whole task took less than 10 minutes.

“Is that all you needed?” The boy asked when they had finished.

“That’s it for now…would you like something to drink…coffee…tea, water?” The mother asked him.

“Oh I’m fine thanks” He replied.

There was an awkward moment of silence as the three of them stood in the living room looking at each other.

“So…um, where did you move here from?” The boy asked, desperately trying to break the ice.

“Glendale” the girl replied. “We were in a smaller house before…mom got a promotion and we wanted a bigger place.” She added.

“Well you’ll like it here, this is a nice neighborhood, easy to walk to school” The boy responded. “Oh god I sound like an idiot” he thought to himself again.

“Yeah I guess we’ll be going to school together next week…” The girl said. “Can I walk with you on Monday…so you can show me around?” she asked.

“Oh Yeah absolutely!” He practically shouted. Now he felt really stupid, he didn’t want to sound over anxious but he sure had. “I mean…yeah,
I’d be happy to…” He said.

The mother smiled, and let out a slight laugh. “Well…thank you again for the help…I’ll leave you two to get better acquainted…if you’d like anything, I’ll be in the kitchen.” She turned and left the room.

“So, is it just you and your mom…?” the boy asked awkwardly.

“Yup, just me and mom.” The girl replied.

“Oh umm because…I mean, that’s cool.” He stammered, he had expected her to say that she had a younger sister after what he had seen the night before. Now he was more baffled than ever.

“Because…what?” the girl asked.


“You sounded as if you had another question?” she said.

“Oh, no…I was just…wondering, because it is a big house and…but you said you wanted a bigger house so that’s cool…yeah…” He felt like he was making a complete ass of himself.

The girl giggled. She was soaking in every one of his emotions.

“You’re fun.” She said.

“Huh? Oh…um thanks” he replied. “Wait, did you say fun…or funny?” he added.

“You’re a little bit of both” she answered with a smile. “Come on, I’ll show you my room…want to listen to some music?” she asked and turned to head upstairs.

“Wait…your mom won’t mind?” he asked.

“Of course not…why would she?” the girl replied, giving him a funny look.

“Well…I thought…you know…maybe she wouldn’t want us alone in your room together….I’m a boy…you’re a girl…” he stammered.

“…Yeeeeesss, you are a boy, and I am a girl…you’re right about that.” The girl said, smiling at him. “Don’t worry, my mom is cool.” She said, “Now come on.” She turned and headed up the stairs.

Without any more thought, the boy followed. As they reached the top of the stairs, she turned right and opened the first door. As he followed her into the room, he caught a scent that he knew well…and loved. It was the smell of Pampers…that lovely talcum scent that was on each diaper. He looked up and gasped, the room did not appear to be a teen girl’s room; it looked more like, well exactly like, a toddler’s nursery, complete with crib and changing table, a well stocked changing table. He stood in the doorway dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong?” the girl asked. She was standing in front of him staring at his expression with a smile on her face.

“Well I….your room…it’s a….” and just as he got his words out the room had changed, it was no longer a child’s nursery, but a typical teen girls bedroom, complete with posters of bands, bed, dresser, various clothing strewn here and there.

“It’s aaaaa?” she asked, toying with him.

“It’s very cool.” He said quickly, looking around with a confused look on his face. He could have sworn he was looking at a full nursery; even the Pampers scent was gone. “I must be going crazy!” he thought to himself.

“Kind of feel like you’re going crazy, huh?” the girl said to him.

“What?” he said incredulously. “Did she read my mind?” he wondered.

The girl giggled. “No, I didn’t read your mind that time…well just then I did, but I could tell by the look on your face…tell me, what do you think you saw?” she asked.

“You mean…?” He didn’t know what to say now; did she really know his thoughts…know he had seen something?

She touched his arm and he felt an instant sense of relaxation.

“It’s ok” she told him. “You can tell me what you saw.”

He paused for a second, trapped by the calm feeling her touch had sent through him. Then he spoke.

“I saw a baby’s room…it had a crib and a changing table…and there were…”

“There were diapers and lots of them.” She finished his sentence for him. “Don’t worry you weren’t hallucinating. I let you see that because I knew you’d want to.”

He was in shock; he didn’t know what he had seen for certain or what to say. “How did you…I mean…what is…yesterday, I saw….and the diapers by the trash…who are they…” He stammered.

“They’re mine” she said. “And they can be yours too…if you’d like, and I know you would.” She said with a smile.

Chapter 4

He was a deer in the headlights, standing there in the red haired girl’s bedroom, with his mouth hanging open in complete shock. Had he really heard what she said? Had she really told him that her room was full of diapers, that the nursery he had seen was real…that the diapers belonged to her…and that he could wear them too?

“Cat got your tongue?” She asked, breaking him out of his trance.

“Whaaaa what is this? Am I dreaming?” he asked.

“No, you’re not dreaming, you’re here, in my room…you saw it as a nursery with a crib and a changing table…and diapers…lots and lots of diapers, and what you saw was real.” She replied.

“How….how….how did you do that?” He asked, still in a state of shock.

“Why don’t you sit down” She guided him to the edge of her bed and helped him sit. Then she began her explanation.

“I’m going to tell you some things that may sound crazy to you, but I think you’ll see that I’m telling the truth…after all, you’ve seen some strange stuff already right?” She asked.

“Uh huh” he nodded.

“My mother and I…we’re what you would call…witches.” She began. “That’s not exactly what we are, but it’s the closest way to describe ourselves in a term that you would understand.” She told him.

“Witches?” he asked. “Like with…spells and poison apples…and turning people into toads?” he babbled.

“Not exactly no” she said. “We’re actually from another dimension, and…well in our dimension we develop special abilities, we can manipulate the world around us…what your kind would consider magic.”

“I didn’t drink anything…your mother offered me a drink but I didn’t drink anything right?” He asked. “You didn’t drug me…I’m not on some kind of trip right?”

“No…you’re not….this is real…maybe it will help if I show you again…stand up please?”

He did as she asked and got to his feet.

“Here goes” she said, and with a wave of her hands, the room changed before his eyes.

He found himself standing before her in the nursery he had seen earlier; the wonderful fresh Pamper scent filled his nostrils once again. The bed he had been sitting on was now a crib, and the dresser was a changing table, well stocked with wipes and disposable diapers. The closet to his right was open, and there on the floor was another large orange and white box of Pampers Ultra Size Large diapers. Unlike the box by the trash on the curb, this box was full of perfect fresh diapers. Just seeing the box got his urges going.

“Taaa daaaa” she said, breaking him out of his daze.

“It’s…It’s real?” he asked, looking around the room in shock.

“It’s real…go ahead, touch anything…touch the diapers…you know you want to” she said.

He walked to the changing table and put his hand on the first stack of diapers in the shelf beneath the table top. He felt the plastic on his finger tips. He picked up a diaper and brought it to his nose, inhaled its fresh scent.

The girl giggled behind him. “Love that smell, don’t you?” she asked.

“God yes.” He replied. “This is amazing.”

“You’ve got a million questions I’m sure?” she asked. “Ask me anything, there’s nothing to be afraid of” she told him.

“Well…” He hesitated.

“Go on, it’s ok.” She encouraged him.

“The other night…I was watching…” He blushed. “I was watching your window from my house…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…but your light came on and your shade was up and I could see you.”

“I know.” She said with a smile. “I wanted you to see me.”

He blushed. “Well…I also heard you…and your mother…how did I hear you…and she told you it was time to get ready for bed and you both left the room….but she came back, and you didn’t, and she was carrying a little girl…in a diaper.” He told her.

“That little girl was me.” She told him with a smile. “You heard us because I wanted you to.”

He stood staring at her with his mouth open again, lost for words once more.

“We’ve got to do something about your silly expressions.” She told him with a giggle. “My mother and I can manipulate reality…so like turning this room into a nursery, I can turn myself…or anyone else into…well…just about anything…even a 6 year old girl…or even a baby girl for that matter.” She said. Then she did something even more amazing. “Watch” she told him, and waved her arms again.

Before his eyes, she shrank down instantly, becoming the small girl he had seen carried into the room by her mother the other night. Her clothing fell to the floor and she stood naked before him as a little girl.

He turned his head away in embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” She asked in a squeaky voice.

“You don’t have any clothes on…and well…you’re….”

“About 6 almost 7 years old…in form only.” She said, finishing his sentence. “How else did you think I would fit into these baby diapers…It would be a real stretch as my 16 year old self wouldn’t it? She added.

“So…why 6?” he asked. “Why not become a toddler, or a baby?”

“Oh I’ve done that, its fun, I just like being a bit older…like too old to be in diapers, there’s a feeling of embarrassment that I find interesting” she said. “When my mother and I first arrived in your world that embarrassment feeling was one of the first feelings I soaked in from a human. It didn’t give me the kind of energy that your orgasms give me, but it’s an interesting feeling…not sour, like the feeling of shame you have after you finish masturbating in your fake diapers. “

He choked…she new everything about him.

“Sorry…I can read your thoughts, feel your feelings…pretty much experience everything you do”. She explained.

“You see it’s the emotions I love, the feelings. I can read yours and feel yours…and everyone’s. It gives me energy…energy I need to live here…to be able to grow stronger.” She told him.

“You don’t seem embarrassed.” He told her.

“Oh…this form…this is the form of a little girl that lived next door to us when we first arrived here…” she told him. “That girl was embarrassed because she was a bed wetter and had to wear diapers at night time…her brother’s teased her…some of the kids in the neighborhood knew and teased her sometimes too.” She explained.

“What happened to her?” He asked.

“Nothing, she’s still alive, still wets the bed too…I couldn’t fix that for her unfortunately, even if I wanted to. But every night I could feel her emotions as she was diapered for bed…her embarrassment of having to wear the diapers, it was a deep intense feeling, it was among the first I experienced here.

There was something else though, when she was alone in her room, she actually liked her diapers…and as she got older, she started to have new feelings, like the way you feel when you think about diapers…and well…I felt those feelings too.” The girl explained.

“Seriously? You mean…like she felt good in the diapers…like I do?” He asked.

“Exactly” she said.

“Wow!” He replied. “I thought I was the only one in the world that got horny from diapers.”

“Oh you’re not alone…there are millions…all over the world.” She said. “I can’t feel them yet…but my mother can sense almost all of them, she’s much more powerful than I am.”

He was still in shock, taking it all in was a lot for his brain to handle “So…if you can manipulate reality…why not make the diapers big enough to fit you perfectly as a sixteen year old?” He asked.

“I’ve done that too” she smiled. “If that’s what you want it’s as easy as snapping my fingers.”

She snapped her fingers, and instantly was back in her teen body, naked before him. His head was spinning; she had no shame, not a care at all that he was practically drooling at the sight of her body. She turned, and walked over to the changing table where she picked up one of the diapers stored there. He could see that it was much larger now.

“This will fit me perfectly…and you as well I’m sure” she said with a smile.

He was becoming aroused at the sight of her standing in front of the changing table, naked, holding the diaper in her hand. He blushed and held his hands in front of his groin.

The girl giggled. “Don’t be embarrassed, I know what you like to do at night…and you can do it here with me” she said.
It was too much for him, he was practically bursting in his underwear.

“You need a hand with that baby girl?” The voice had come from the doorway behind him. It was the girl’s mother.

“Thanks mom.” The girl replied as she hopped up on the changing table which had grown instantly to accommodate her teen size.

The mother walked past him and as she did, gently brushed his upper arm with her hand. “Relax sweetie, you’ll get your turn next” she told him with a smile.

He watched in amazement as the mother took the diaper from the girl and opened it. The girl lifted her bottom and the mother placed the diaper under her, she giggled as her mother brought the front half of the diaper up between her legs and fastened it in place.

“There we go…all done sweetie” the mother said as she finished.

“Thanks mom” the red haired girl said as she hopped up off of the changing table.
He was still in shock, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful diapered red haired girl before him.

“You’re welcome sweetie…I’ll leave you to take care of him, I’m sure you can handle it.” The mother said as she smiled at him and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Well….” The girl said, holding up another large Pamper and smiling at him.

He stood there frozen…this was real…this was really happening. He could be diapered for real…in a Pamper that would actually fit him. He was fully aroused and it was apparent.

“I know you want to….I can see someone’s little friend wants it too…hee hee.” She giggled as she pointed at the tent in the front of his pants.
Without another thought on the matter he snapped out of his gaze and began to undress. The girl giggled as he fumbled with his pants, his tighty whities got stuck on his flag pole for a moment as he fiddled with them which made the girl laugh out loud. A moment later he was naked before her.

“Not bad at all” she said with a smile. “Now…up on the changing table baby boy…it’s Pampy Pampy Pamper time!” she said with a giggle as she waved the diaper back in forth in front of him.

He did as he was told and climbed up onto the changing table, she gave him a playful slap on his behind as he did so. This sent a wave of excitement through him which nearly made him burst. He laid himself down on the table before her; he was fully aroused to the point of pulsing.

She giggled “Wow, you’re throbbing…you feel so excited…like you’re going to lose control if I just touch you!” she giggled. His excitement was mixing with her own, the anticipation of sharing that moment with him was driving her mad, but she was holding it together.
“Try to relax” she said told him. “As cute as it would be to see you have a ooopsie before I get you diapered…I think we’ll both enjoy it more if I can get you in the diaper first. Now lift up” she instructed him as she opened the bottom half of the Pamper.

He did as he was told and raised his bottom off the table. She slid the open half of the diaper under him and instructed him to lower his bottom. He did so, and was instantly filled with another intense wave of excitement as he felt his bottom come into contact with the soft thick lining of the diaper. The fresh diaper scent was strong on the air, all his senses were heightened, and he was going crazy.

“Ok…here comes your diapee diaper cutie.” She said as she brought the front half of the diaper up between his legs and over his swollen erection.

He shivered with pleasure; he nearly lost control as he felt the diaper come into contact with his boner. “Oh god, this is amazing!” he said.
She giggled at his remark as she taped the diaper securely around his waist.

“There we go…your first real diaper since you were 3” she said with a smile.
And she was right, he had dreamed of this moment for years. The feeling was amazing; he placed his hand on the front of his diaper and moaned. She gently took his hand and guided it away from his pleasure zone.

“No no no cutie…not yet” she said. “Let’s snuggle together.” She said. She motioned for him to follow her to her bed. As he lifted himself off of the changing table he felt the diaper against him, it was amazing, the soft thick padding pushing his legs apart, the loud crinkle with every movement, and the feeling of the soft lining against his arousal. He could hardly control himself; he knew he wouldn’t last long. With every step his excitement built.

She laid herself down on the bed before him and giggled. “Come on baby boy, join me” she beckoned to him. He climbed onto the bed as she held her arms open, inviting him to join her embrace. “I’m your pillow today baby.” She told him as she spread her legs and maneuvered herself into a position which allowed him to mount her.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, in less than a half hours time he had gone from moving a sofa to his diapered fantasy paradise. “I must be dreaming…this can’t be real?” He thought to himself.

She had read his thoughts again. “You’re not dreaming, this is real…come on…I won’t hurt you.” She said with a smile and guided him on top of her. They kissed, and as they did, their diapers made contact for the first time, his pressing against the front of hers. She wrapped her legs around him and held him tight, pulling him in close.

He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest; her nipples were as firm as he was. “Oh god…” He moaned. He began to hump her, moving his waist rhythmically and pressing his arousal into his own diaper and against the front of hers.

She could feel him through her diaper, his erection was solid and the pressure against her most sensitive of areas felt wonderful. She could feel his excitement as well and it mixed with her own, feeding her, giving her new energy that she had never before experienced. This new energy was allowing her to reach out further than she had before, detecting the feelings of hundreds of people many miles away. She sensed the sadness of a girl who had just fallen off her bike and skinned a knee, the disappointment of a boy who had just struck out at bat in a baseball game at a nearby field. But there was more, she could hear thoughts too…she had never been able to read thoughts from more than small distances… the house next door, or across the street on a good day. What she was hearing now was a jumble of chaos, she couldn’t separate the thoughts, and she needed to focus. The energy his excitement was giving her made her powerful, as her mother said it would, she was growing stronger and it felt wonderful.

She knew he wouldn’t last long. The power his feelings gave her was amazing and she wanted it to last as long as it could, but her own sensations were powerful too. She felt the pleasure of her human form growing as she moved her hips to match his rhythm.

He was in his own world now; the pleasure was building to the point of no return. As much as he wanted to make it last forever he knew he would erupt any second. “Mmmmmm oh God!” he moaned again.

“Shhhhh….slowly baby boy….don’t rush.” She whispered in his ear, hoping he would hold out just a moment longer, but she knew it was coming, he was about to explode into his diaper, and this too, she wanted to feel as much as he did. She was about to do the same in her own diaper.

His mind was racing, he was right there, that moment of pure arousal and peak excitement…just before release, his mind hanging in emptiness except for the feeling of pleasure…and then it happened. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned as he ejaculated into his diaper. It was the best climax he had ever experienced, wave after wave of release bursting into the soft lining of his diaper, a real Pamper that fit him perfectly, he was in paradise.

Her orgasm was explosive, the feeling of his pleasure, together with her own was more intense then she had experienced before. For a brief moment the energy she was receiving from his emotions gave her the focus she needed to filter the individual thoughts she was hearing. In this moment she found a girl of his age, and the one thought she caught from this girl, just before the orgasm took her focus away was “diapers”. She had found another. The pleasure took her completely now and she felt her release flooding her diaper. She bit his ear gently and moaned softly as she rode the waves of pure happiness to completion, feeling her diaper grow warm and damp.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, his mind slowly returned to reality, he was still humping her…slowly now, feeling every last wave of his eruption complete, until his erection became so sensitive in the diaper that he knew it was time to stop. As he halted himself he could feel her biting his ear gently and breathing heavily, holding him tightly and still pressing her own waist hard against him. The shame came on quickly, “what am I doing here in a diaper…I’ve got to get up, I feel so stupid” he thought.

As her orgasm completed she returned her focus to him, and she heard his thought and felt his shame.
“No…stay” she said, holding him close to her. “Don’t be ashamed…you have nothing to be ashamed of, that was wonderful, amazing!” she told him. “Hold me…I’ll help you through the shame…you’ll see…we have all day to enjoy this…just relax.”

He felt her embrace and it relaxed him. His erection had receded and he now felt the warm slippery mess he had made in the front of his diaper. It was an odd sensation and it embarrassed him more, he wanted to get the diaper off.

“There there, just relax baby boy…you did such a good job.” She whispered too him, trying to bring his attention off of his shame and onto herself. She leaned back exposing her breasts to him, knowing that their site would distract him from the contents of his diaper, and she was right.

His attention went to her breasts, they were beautiful, and he had been so excited before that he hadn’t fully taken the time to appreciate them.

“That’s a good boy” she said as she sensed his distraction, she giggled at his thoughts on the matter. “So, how did it feel to do that in a real diaper for the first time?” she asked him.

“That was…that was amazing.” He stammered. He thought about it now, realizing that it had been amazing, the shame was fading, and his excitement was slowly returning, helped on by the view of her breasts and diapered form. He looked down at the front of her diaper, noticing that low between her legs it appeared wet. “Did she wet her diaper?” he wondered.

She giggled at hearing his thought. “No silly boy, I didn’t go pee pee in my diaper…I soaked it in a different way…girls do that too you know.” She would have to teach him about this sort of thing, and she knew she would have time to do it.

“So whaa what do we do now?” he asked.

“Now we have more fun.” She answered. “Now we get little and make pee pees and poo poos in our diapers!” She said, and giggled at the surprised look on his face.

Chapter 5

“Wait what?” He asked.

“Now we get little and make pee pees and poo poos in our diapers” she repeated with a giggle.

“You mean like…babies?” he asked.

“If you want.” She replied. “But I prefer to be a bit older…like 6 or 7ish” she said.

“I don’t know…I mean…that seems…is it safe?” he asked cautiously.

“Of course…I can change us back in an instant” she told him. “Don’t be afraid, it will be fun…and…your big boy wee wee will still work like a big boy wee wee…we’ll still have lots of fun together.” She said with a wink. “We won’t actually be 6, we’ll just look like we are.”

“I don’t know…” he said.

“Come on…you’re going to love it…trust me.” She told him. “I’ll go first if it will make you feel better” She said. With a wave of her arms she became the small red haired girl he had seen the night before and earlier that morning. Her diaper had resized to fit her small form.
“See…nothing to be afraid of…now it’s your turn.” She said.

“Waaa wait…” he stammered, but before he could say anything else she waved her arms in the air again and in an instant his world changed. Everything looked huge, and everything was not as it had been. They were now sitting on the floor and the room was completely changed. It was the nursery that he had seen before, filled with toys, and stuffed animals, children’s books, dolls…even a full set of Barbie cheerleaders. The crib and changing table which he had seen earlier were now huge too him. He looked at his body, all his body hair was gone, he was small, and the diaper…a real Pamper, was all he had on. His form was that of a 7 year old.

“Hee Hee, you’re cute” she giggled.

He was again at a loss for words. Sitting there on the floor staring at his small arms and hands, he hadn’t felt a thing. He thought that it would feel painful or at least tingly, but there had been nothing. One moment he had been his 16 year old self, the next he was small and sitting on the floor.

“See…I told you there was nothing to be afraid of” she said.

“I…I can’t believe it.” He replied.

“Believe it.” She told him. “And also…I’ve taken away our potty training.” She giggled.

“What?” he asked…with a tone of concern.

“Don’t worry, it’s just for when we’re being little…so we’ll have fun and use our diapers” she said. “You may feel like you have to go pee pee or poo poo…and you may try to hold it…but you won’t be able to” she added with another round of giggles. “You’re going to love the squishy feeling in your Pampers when you go poo poo” more giggles.

She moved closer to him and stroked the front of his diaper. “Just relax” she said. “Enjoy this.”
Her hand on the front of his diaper took away all worries. His arousal returned with a vengeance and he felt it against the slippery mess he had made in the diaper earlier. It was amazing, he was small…yet he felt completely unchanged. In his mind, he was still 16, and felt every bit as excited as he had been before.

“That’s right baby boy…enjoy it” she said with a smile as she moved in closer and hugged him tight with her small body. She began rubbing the front of his diaper gently but firmly, before long, he was responding with high pitched moans and short breaths.

He was in heaven again, he didn’t care what she had done to him, and all he could think about was how good it felt to be wearing a diaper and have her hold him and stroke the front of his diaper. He climaxed yet again into the soft lining of the Pamper. Waves of pleasure raced through his body as he let out a squeal of happiness in a high pitched tone.

She felt his orgasm combine with her own, it was powerful and she soaked in the strength she received from his pleasure, but this time it was too much. A wave of chaos filled her vision; she could hear the thoughts of hundreds of people at once and couldn’t focus as she had before. The noise in her head was too much for her small body to handle and as the waves of pleasure subsided, she collapsed into his tiny arms.

As his orgasm faded he felt her weight collapse onto him, he held her with his small arms and gently rolled himself to a position so that she was lying beside him. He snuggled her close, he felt tired as well; he kissed her forehead and then shut his eyes.

When he awoke later that afternoon, he found her still snuggled beside him. She was sleeping soundly. He thought that his movements might wake her, but even as he moved his arms from around her she continued to sleep. He felt a warm damp sensation in the front of his diaper, between his legs and around his bottom. In a shock of realization, he understood that he had wet the diaper in his sleep. He remembered what she had said before they fell asleep together, “I’ve taken away our potty training”.

He panicked as a wave of embarrassment and shame went through him, he slid away from the small form of the red headed girl and stood up. She continued to sleep. He was small, the room looked huge to him, and it was still a child’s nursery. The toys, the dolls, and the changing table looming above him brought his current reality front and center, he was wide awake now. Yet she continued to sleep. He tried to remove his diaper, but as hard as he pulled on the tapes, they would not tear free, either he didn’t possess the strength to tear the tapes open, or the diaper possessed the strength to keep him from doing so. Then he felt it, a familiar fullness…a feeling of pressure…down below, a feeling he had learned to recognize a long time ago…telling him that something was coming.

More panic now, the urge to get the diaper off grew stronger. He ran to the bedroom door, he could reach the knob but it would not turn. The pressure from his behind grew stronger, something felt different, his efforts to control himself were useless, as if he were thinking of holding it in but his muscles were not responding. Then he heard something new. It sounded like girls singing, but not quite. “What is that?” he thought. He looked around the room for the source of the noise and his eyes settled on the toy shelf, the set of cheerleader Barbie dolls. They were dancing and chanting and waving their pompoms. He gasped and wondered if he was hallucinating. “Poo poo in your diaper..pampy pamp!…poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp!” was the chant, to the tune of “Here we go (insert team name here) here we go!”

In an instant he felt himself messing in the diaper. He stood frozen in his spot while he felt the mess coming out of his behind and filling the diaper. It felt like farting but then there was a warm lump pressing back against his bottom, as if he had suddenly sprouted a tail inside his diaper. It didn’t stop, the lump in the seat of his diaper continued to grow as his bowels emptied completely, and the chanting from the dolls continued.

He fell to his knees, not letting the seat of his diaper touch the floor, he felt totally humiliated. The chanting had stopped now, it was replaced with giggles “he did it! he poo pooed in his diaper…yay!” one doll shouted. All the cheerleaders giggled now.

Tears filled his eyes and he began to whimper. “Why did I let her do this to me?” he wondered. He looked at the red haired girl, still sleeping on the floor, she seemed lifeless. If not for the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed he would think she were dead. He collapsed into a squatting position and felt the mess squish back against his bottom as the seat of his diaper hit the floor. He cried.

Moments later, the bedroom door opened. He looked up to see the girl’s mother standing over him. She too looked different, younger, and even more beautiful than he remembered. The woman looked down at him and smiled. “Oh…what’s wrong cutie…do you need a change?”

Chapter 6

He looked up at the girl’s mother with tears in his eyes. He had just now became fully aware of the squishy mess in the seat of his diaper pressing back against his bottom. He could feel it squishing between his cheeks and pressing against his anus. He sniffled and nodded his head “yes”.

The mother smiled down at him. “I think I smell a poo poo diaper” she said with a giggle. The cheerleader dolls giggled too, some were pointing at him and laughing. “He went poo poo in his diaper!” one shouted. “Goo goo gaa gaa pamper baby!” another one shouted. They all giggled.

“Now now, you pay no attention to those silly dolls sweetie…I’ll take care of you.” The girl’s mother said as she leaned down and scooped him up off the floor. Something seemed different now, she lifted him up so easily, and she looked so huge to him.

“Oppsie…look at that, she’s made you even younger now.” The mother placed him on the changing table and pointed to the mirror on the wall just behind the table.

He turned his head to see himself on the table; he was now the size of a toddler. “Whaaaa how…she’s sleeping…why am I smaller…I don’t want to be a baby…please make me big again please…!” he cried.

“Shhhh there there sweetie…don’t be afraid. You’ll be safe here. She’s just dreaming, and in her dream she has made the two of you even younger than before…see” She told him as she pointed to her daughter’s sleeping body on the floor.

He looked at the red headed girl who was now also a small toddler. Her diaper, like his own, had resized itself to fit her smaller form.

“You’ll be fine when she wakes up, she’ll be able to change you both back to your normal size when she’s awake.” The mother told him.

“Can’t you change me back to normal now?” He asked the mother.

“No sweetie I can’t, it was her energy that made you this way, she’s in control…you’ll have to wait it out. She’s still very young…even at her normal size. She’s just starting to learn how to control her powers and well…I think she over did it today. You’re excitement and orgasms sort of…overloaded her system, so she passed out.”

He blushed at the mention of his orgasms, and wondered if the mother had known what they were doing all along.

“Yes I did know what you two were doing.” The mother told him, having read his thoughts. “Don’t be embarrassed, I could feel your experiences too…and I have to thank you…that was quite enjoyable cutie!” She said as she gave the seat of his poopy diaper a pat. “Wow, that feels like a big poo poo in there. Let’s get you cleaned up now.” She went to work changing him, opening the diaper and making a face that showed she could smell the contents of his diaper. “Peeeeuuuuuuyyyy what a stinky baby you are” she said with a giggle.

“But I’m not a baby…” he told her.

“I know cutie…but we can have fun with this, just relax and enjoy the experience.”

And he did. He lay there on the changing table as she cleaned his bottom thoroughly with baby wipes. He felt her fingers through the wipes pressing in between his bottom cheeks cleaning every bit of him. He couldn’t take his eyes of her breasts as she worked, she was beautiful he thought. A shiver of excitement went through his body as she cleaned his small private parts.

“That’s a good baby, just relax, Mommy is almost done.” She cooed to him softly as she held his legs by his ankles, lifted him up and slid the dirty diaper out from under him. She gave his bottom a few more wipes and then lowered his legs and rear back onto the changing mat. He watched as she rolled up the dirty diaper and dropped it in the diaper pail. She then retrieved a fresh diaper from the shelf below the table, opened the bottom half, lifted his legs and rear again and placed it under his bottom, then lowered his legs back down, bringing his behind in contact with the soft thick lining of the fresh diaper. A wave of happiness and excitement went through him as she brought the front of the diaper up between his legs and taped it securely around his waist.

“There we go…all better cutie.” She said with a smile. She scooped him up off the table and carried him over to the crib, gently placing him on the mattress and raising the side bar, trapping him inside.

“Why do I have to be in the crib?” He asked.

“Well sweetie…she’s still asleep…we don’t know how long it will take her to get her strength back. She could be out for a few more hours…or a few more days. She’s still dreaming…and if she makes you even younger, I wouldn’t want you falling down and getting hurt. I think the crib will be the safest place for you until she wakes up.”

“Days!” he said with in a tiny squeaky voice. “I can’t be a baby for days; I have to go to school on Monday! And my parents will be home this evening…they’ll wonder where I am and freak out if I don’t come home!” He said in a panic, practically crying again.

“Shhhh don’t worry sweetie…I can take care of everything. I’ll put a charm on your parents to make them forget about you until we can return you…and if she’s not awake by Monday…well…I can always adjust the school attendance system for you…everyone will think you’re at school even if you’re not present.”

“But I’ll miss everything…I won’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.” He said.

“Don’t panic cutie, if it comes to Monday and my daughter is still asleep, I’ll be able to fill your head with everything that you missed at school, I can just tap into one or more of your schoolmates experiences and give them to you…I have that ability you know.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Really” she told him. “Someday my daughter will be able to do that as well, but first she needs to gain her strength back and learn how to not get overwhelmed by too much pleasure at once…You’ll help her with that…which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.” She giggled and winked at him.
She then scooped her daughter’s small form up off the floor and proceeded to check the girls diaper on the changing table. “Just wet it looks like…she’ll probably make a poo poo when she wakes up though…those cheerleaders will want to tease her too I’m sure.” The red haired girl slept right through the diaper change. When her mother had the girl in a fresh diaper, she picked her daughter up and carried her over to the crib, laying her down on the mattress next to him.

“Now then…what was that you were thinking about my breasts while I was changing you?” she said to him with a smile.

He blushed and looked down at the floor. He knew that he really needed to get a handle on his thoughts if he was going to be here for a while.

“Oh cutie, don’t be ashamed of anything while you’re with us…we can do anything to make you happy…and I think these will do the trick to perk you up while you wait for sleepy head there to wake up.” She pulled her shirt off exposing a black lace bra, which she quickly unfastened, releasing two large beautiful breasts.

He stood dumbfounded. There he was the size of a toddler, just a tad too old to be breast feeding, but it was all he could think of, and before he could get it out of his head she lifted him out of the crib.

“Its ok cutie…I know you’re thirsty.” She said with a smile. “Go ahead, give it a try…you’ll love it.” She told him, holding her right breast up for him to feed from.

Instinct took over and he found himself latching onto her nipple without any further thought. He began to suckle, and the milk that filled his mouth was heavenly, it tasted like a cool vanilla milk shake…not at all what he had expected, and he couldn’t get enough of it. He suckled and suckled, breathing every so often through his nose.

“That’s a good baby boy…that’s yummy isn’t it?” she said with a giggle. “Mommy’s milk will fill your tummy right up so you won’t be hungry or thirsty at all while you wait.” After a while she switched him to her left breast and waited as he drained that one as well. The milk was wonderful and the breast seemed even larger now than it had been as he continued to suckle. He heard the girl’s mother giggle.

“Oppsie…looks like she’s made you younger again.”

As he heard the words he felt her turn him towards the mirror. He detached himself from her breast to look and saw that he was no longer a toddler, but an actual baby.

“I’d say you’re about six months old now cutie…there’s no choice now but to wait it out in the crib…look, she’s done it to herself too, she must be having a wonderful dream.”

He began to cry again, sounding exactly like the baby he had become. He felt completely helpless and scared. What if she didn’t wake up for days, what if she made him even smaller still. The girl’s mother comforted him.

“Shhhh shhhh little guy, it’s going to be fine, you’ll see when she wakes up, everything will be fine. I’ll keep you both safe while you wait. You lay down with her in the crib and rest, everything will be back to normal before you know it.”

She held him for a while, gently patting his diapered bottom and rubbing his back until he calmed down. When he finally stopped crying, she laid him down in the crib beside her sleeping daughter. “Go to sleep cutie, you’ll see, when you wake up, she’ll be awake and ready to make you both normal again.” She smiled at him and left the room, closing the door behind her.

As he lay there in the crib he began to feel sleepy. He knew he had already slept for quite a while and wondered if this too was the work of the red haired girl. He heard giggling and rolled his head towards the shelf where the cheerleader dolls were. They were giggling and pointing at him. “awww…such a cute wittle diaper baby.” One said. “He’s gonna make more wet wets and poo poos in his pampers!” another said. This was followed by another round of giggles and then the group broke out into their cheer again. “Poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp….poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp…poo poo in your diaper pampy pamp…” was all he heard as he drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 7

He was dreaming. Somehow he knew he was dreaming. He was back to his normal 16 year old self, but he wore nothing but a diaper, a perfect thick soft crinkly Pamper, that fit him just fine. He was in a large room, filled with diapers, fresh folded pampers were all over the floor. He was lying on them, rolling around on them, and there were boxes and boxes of fresh pampers too…a lifetime supply.
The room had no door, but there were windows.

Outside the windows a storm was raging, but he didn’t mind. Inside the soft thick diaper he felt his arousal throbbing. If this was a dream, and he knew it had to be, it was the most vivid he’d ever experienced. He continued to roll on the floor in the piles of pampers and giggled.

“Having fun?” the girl asked.

He sat up with a start. Where had she come from? He blushed. “Yes.”

“I’m glad” she replied. She stood before him in her grown form also wearing nothing but a perfect Pamper.

He had a hard time taking his eyes off her breasts, and sat there on the floor with a dazed look on his face. “Where are we?” he asked. “What is this place?”

“You’re in my dream.” She told him. “This is a safe place and I’m regenerating, you took a lot out of me.” She said with a smile.

He blushed again. “You made me smaller…and made me poop in my diaper” he said with a sheepish grin.

She giggled. “Well…I’ll bet it felt great didn’t it?”

“Yes” he replied, blushing harder.

“Well you’re welcome then.”

“Why is there a storm outside?” he asked.

“That’s my subconscious…it’s…reminding me of what’s to come.”

“Is there a storm coming?”

“In a way yes.” She answered.

“A bad one?” he asked.

“It’s not so much of a storm as it is a terrible danger…to my mother and I…and well…to your kind as well.”

“For real?”

“Yes for real.” She sat down beside him and hugged him. “We’re safe for now though.”

“Are we in danger when we wake up?” he asked.

“Maybe, it’s hard for me to tell, I don’t have all my powers yet. But my mother will know, she’ll warn us when the time comes.” She reached between his legs and gave the front of his diaper a rub. He moaned with pleasure.

“Don’t you need to rest?” he asked. “Won’t you feel my excitement and lose strength again if we do that?”

“Not here, not in the dream.” She replied. “Here I’m just as human as you are.”

She continued to rub his diaper and didn’t stop until he climaxed again and collapsed to the floor. She snuggled beside him amongst the piles of pampers.

“What is the danger?” he asked after he had recovered.

“Demons.” She replied. “That’s the best way to describe it I think. We’re being chased.”

“Chased by demons?”

“Yes, we were slaves, the demons used our powers to control their world; it was horrible the things they would make us do, we were miserable. I was very young, just a baby really, but my mother…she was strong, and she found a way for us to escape, but the demons discovered our escape before she could…what is the phrase I’m looking for?…cover our tracks…you would say?

“They followed you?”

“Yes, and we’ve been running ever since. When we found your world, my mother decided we were safe enough hiding here for me to grow and develop my full strength. You’re helping me do that.” She hugged him tight. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” He replied, and snuggled her tightly.

“When I have my full strength it will be much easier for my mother and I to escape them once and for all.”

“So you won’t be staying…?”

“Not forever no…when I have my full powers, we’ll need to leave.”

He felt sadness inside him. He had only just met this wonderful girl, but in a few short hours, she had completely rocked his world, fulfilling nearly every fantasy he’d had. He didn’t want her to leave, and here, in the dream, she would not know how he was feeling.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“You can’t feel me here can you?”


“I’m sad.” He told her. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“I don’t want to leave either, I don’t like being chased, but even if we were safe here, my mother and I couldn’t stay here forever. There are others, more witches, still held as slaves, we have to help them.”

“Can I come with you…to help you, when the time comes?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t survive, but you already are helping. You’re helping me grow.” She kissed him. “That’s your part in this.”

Outside the windows the storm continued, the wind howled and rain beat against the windows.

“Is it getting worse?”

“It will get worse before it gets better.” She said. “Rest with me, I’ll be waking soon.”

Chapter 8

When he woke, he found himself at home, in his own bed. He was his normal teenaged self, wearing the same clothing he had on when he first went next door to meet the neighbors and help move furniture. Had it all been a dream? He wondered.

He got out of bed and went to the window. Daytime outside…but what day was it? He found his watch which showed the date. Sunday, 9:25AM. It was the next morning, had he slept the whole of Saturday and into the next morning? He wandered out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. The house seemed quiet and empty. Glancing out the window into the driveway he noticed his parent’s car was gone. They would be at church until 11 he thought. His mind was racing, was it all a dream he wondered, the girl, the mother, the diapers, regressing down to a small baby?

He sat down at the kitchen table and scratched his head, and as he did, a flash of light appeared before him on the kitchen table lasting only for an instant, as if a camera flash had gone off. When the light disappeared, in its place on the table was a sheet of paper with handwriting on it.

He moved back from the table in surprise “what the…” he said. Then he noticed the handwriting. He moved back towards the table and carefully picked up the paper.

Good morning cutie,

No it was not a dream, and you’re not going crazy. I am what you would call a “witch” and a good one at that. You were very helpful yesterday; I’ve learned so much more about my powers in the last few hours alone, some really amazing things that I can’t wait to share with you. For now I’ve got some exploring that I need to do on my own, but I’ve left you a surprise in your closet. One that I’m sure you will enjoy. I’ll contact you soon.


The girl

In another flash of light, the note disappeared right out of his hand as soon as he finished reading it. He raced back to his room and opened his closet door. Another flash of light appeared and when it faded, a large orange and white box of Ultra Pampers Plus Size Large diapers sat on the floor of his closet. Another note lay on top of the box. He picked up the note and read it.


I hope you enjoy these. I know you will ;-) Don’t be worried, you are the only person that can see these and what they will do to you. Anyone else will see you as you normally appear. (other than me and my mother of course).

Have fun!


The Girl

Again the note vanished out of his hands in a flash. He couldn’t believe it, everything had been real. He was in love with the girl next door, a beautiful girl with amazing powers. A girl that had made all of his wildest fantasies come true…and was still doing so.

“What they will do to me?” he said aloud, remembering what the note had said. His lust for diapers got the better of him even more than his curiosity to find out what the girl had meant by the note. He stripped off his cloths knelt down on the floor and opened the box of Pampers. The amazing Pampers smell hit his nostrils like a freight train and he was filled with a powerful sense of happiness. He took out a fresh Pamper from the box, it was a real Pamper as far as he could tell, even though it was a large size, there was no way it should fit his teenage body. “If I could just make myself small enough to fit the diapers…” he thought with a laugh. But even though he knew he couldn’t wear it properly, at least he could still have fun with it, he leapt to his bed.

Opening the bottom half of the diaper, he quickly lay on his back, lifted his bottom and slid the diaper beneath him. As he brought the front of the diaper up between his legs and into place over his throbbing arousal, he felt a strange tingling sensation. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, as he did, his body seemed to be on auto pilot. He continued to diaper himself, closing first the right tape, then the left one, securing the diaper around his waist with near perfect fit, he was astonished.

When he jumped up off the bed he learned what the girl had meant in the note. Everything around him was bigger, his bed, his desk, the chair. He quickly realized that it wasn’t the room that was huge; it was himself that had become small. Comparing his height to the bed next to him, he guessed he was about the size of an eight year old.

He walked over to his mirror, the diaper crinkled loudly as he moved. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he did not see a small eight year old boy, however a shrunken version of his teenaged self, sized just right to fit the Pamper he was wearing.

“Amazing!” he said while staring at himself in the mirror. Another flash of light appeared, this time in his right hand. As the light faded a new note appeared in his hand. He read it.

These diapers will match your mood, just think about how you want to enjoy them, and they will accommodate you.

Have fun!


The Girl

She was right; the diapers had made him small enough to fit them, exactly what he had thought about before putting one on. The note vanished. His arousal got the better of him and he quickly returned to his bed. As he had done so many times before with fake homemade diapers or just a mound of Kleenex stuffed into the front of his tighty whities he mounted his pillow and began humping in his diaper. “Oh Yes!” He moaned moments later as he came hard into the soft lining of the Pamper.

As his orgasm ended and his mind returned to his surroundings, he felt different. This time there was no shame, no intense urge to get the diaper off and hide any evidence of his actions. His only thought was of how lucky he was to have found such a wonderful girl, and of the box of diapers in his closet…and the possibilities they presented.



Spring Break

by garbagebabe42
German Translation: Semesterferien von TenaTim

Chapter 1 – Home again

This is a short story about Tammy, a college freshman returning home for spring break. She is 5’ 4” slender with long red hair. She is the youngest of 3 children. Her best friend Sara 5’6” with shoulder length brown hair lives across the street. They have had a secret crush on each other for years and Sara was always jealous of Tammy’s little problem growing up. The events take place during her spring break.

“Finally,” Tammy said to herself as she pulls unto the driveway. The three hour drive home is finally at an end and she can officially begin her break. She brings her bags in from her car and takes them into her room. Exhausted from her trip she decides to take a nap,

“Knock, knock,” Tammy’s mom shouts playfully poking her head into the room to roust her daughter from her nap.

“Hi, mom,” replies Tammy getting up to give her mom a hug.

“How is school sweetie?”

“Tiring, I think I may sleep the whole week.”

“Well before you slip into a week long coma I need your help. Your father is having a new air conditioner and furnace installed next week and I want you to go through the boxes that are piled up in the basement since most of it is your stuff.”

“Alright I’ll do it after dinner Sara is coming over and she can help me.”

“Sure thing, dinner will be ready in a few.”

Chapter 2

After dinner Tammy conned Sara into helping her sort through her stuff. Sara accompanied her Tammy to the basement to begin looking through the boxes from her childhood. Tammy opened the first box and dumped the contents on the floor

“Ok we can use this box to put anything you want to keep in this box and the rest can go into these bags” Sara offered helpfully.

“I don’t know if I can condense this all down to one box”

“This stuff has been collecting dust down here for years I’m sure you can live without most of it.”

Tammy rolled her eyes and began sorting through the pile. The first box contained some of her stuffed animals many of which had seen better days. She picked out a teddy bear her aunt gave her when she was little and “Mr. Turtle” a stuffed turtle she slept with as a child and placed them in the box while Sara placed the remaining ones in the garbage sacks.

The next box was filled with old school work and drawings. Tammy the papers her and picked out a few sentimental masterpieces to preserve for her mom before discarding the rest and moving onto box number three.

“Wow my Cabbage Patch Dolls I almost forgot I had these,” Tammy said reaching in to get one out.

“I remember the day when your bed was covered with them it took 10 minutes to take them off at night and put them back on in the morning.” Sara teased.

“You are just jealous of how awesome I was.” Tammy fired back playfully.

“You know me so well. Why did you ever take them out?” Sara asked.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do when I got to High School.” Tammy answered.

“You should put a few up on a shelf or something” Sara suggested.

Tammy begins pulling out the dolls one by one and looking them over surprised that she could still remember most of their names. As she picks up Ariel, a red haired girl wearing a little mermaid shirt and a size 1 Luvs diaper with Barney on it, she realizes something isn’t right.

“Gross there were mice in here,” she said showing Sara the telltale droppings that were clinging to Ariel’s hair.

“Eww gross. Well guess that solves the question of what to do with them.” Sara said opening a garbage bag and placing it under Ariel. Tammy did not move and Sara noticed tears beginning to build in Tammy’s eyes. “Don’t cry we can try washing them” she offered hoping to cheer up her friend.

“No it’s ok” Tammy answered sniffling slightly, “I am an adult now and they are disgusting time to throw them away.” As Tammy finished her sentence she let go of Ariel and the cute redhead landed in the open garbage bag.

Sara held open the trash sack while Tammy puts the mouse infested dolls in it. She says goodbye to them one by one as she drops them in the garbage bag. Her mom, checking on their progress, convinces her to keep her first doll Sandra a brunette with blue eyes and also Alyson who was a gift from her grandmother. The remaining 21 fill 3 garbage bags.

The next box contains her care bears. Tammy saves a Funshine bear and Love a lot and bags up the rest.

They go through two more boxes of dolls and stuffed animals saving a few sentimental items and filling 6 more garbage bags. Tammy opens another box and looks puzzled.

“Mom why did you keep these?” her face turning red as she holds up a package of goodnites.

“I don’t know honey when you stopped wetting the bed I just stored them in case you needed them again. Fortunately you never did.”

Sara had a smirk on her face but stayed quiet not wanted to embarrass her friend.

Tammy put the partially open bag of goodnites along with two more unopened ones in a bag and tied it shut. The rest of the box had some old sheets to a bed she no longer owned. Finally finished going through the boxes, Tammy sat back and surveyed their accomplishment. Six boxes sorted through 16 bags to throw away and one box of sentimental items to wash and save.

“Good job. Now let’s get these bags out to the alley.”

Sara, Tammy, and her mom began hauling the bags two at a time out back for pickup tomorrow. Slowly but surely the pile of bags began to pile up until finally Tammy dropped bags fifteen and sixteen on top of the pile. She looked at the pile then said “wow that sure is a big pile.”

“Yeah you sure had a lot of stuff” Sara answered

Tammy lingered surveying the bagged up remains of her childhood. She went over each bag again and making a mental note of the contents stuffed animals, school work, cabbage patch dolls, her hand stopped when she reached the bag of goodnites she quickly realized Sara was looking at her and said “I am going inside are you coming.”

“I’ll be right in I need to get something from my car,” replied Sara.

Once Tammy was out of sight she untied the bag and pulled out one of the goodnites. She surveyed it remembering how Tammy had to wear one each night until she was 14. A flood of memories came rushing back to her she was always jealous of Tammy. She put two goodnites in her pocket and went back inside.

Chapter 3

Sara closed the room and sat down next to Tammy. “How you doing?” she asked.

“Alright just got a bit nostalgic.”

“Yeah sorting through a lifetime of stuff will do that. I noticed you staring at the goodnites …” Sara stopped talking as she saw embarrassment in Tammy’s face. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I was always a bit jealous of you. You had all those dolls and got to wear diapers.”

“Got to?” Tammy asked dumbfounded.

“I know it’s stupid and you hated it but I always thought you were so cute in them. I always wanted to try one on but was too embarrassed to ask.”

“Oh.” Tammy replied. “Well there are a few packs in the garbage if you really wanted to…”

Sara smiled and took the goodnites out of her pocket. “Will you put one on too?” Sara asked her voice trembling a bit as she held out a diaper to Tammy.

Tammy nodded and took the goodnite from her. She opened it and stretched the sides. I must be crazy she thought. After a moment of hesitation she took off her pants and put the goodnite on. Surprised that it still fit she examined herself in the mirror.

“You are just adorable” Sara said, “How do I look?” Sara did a 360 so Tammy could see her in all her diapered glory.

“If anyone can make a diaper look sexy its you.” Tammy answered.

Sara blushed and told her thanks. Since it had been a long day they decided to call it a night. Tammy grabbed her pajamas and was about to take off the goodnite when Sara begged “please keep it on we can both wear them to bed.”

Tammy reluctantly agreed. She lay in bed remembering all those nights as a child. She was always so embarrassed that she still wet the bed and was so happy when she finally stopped. So why did she let Sara talk her into wearing a goodnite?

Despite feeling exhausted Tammy had a hard time falling to sleep. Images of her childhood kept creeping into her thoughts. After hours of drifting in and out of sleep Tammy finally gave up and just let her mind wander. She remembered how her room used to look. She remembered her Cabbage Patch Dolls how she loved having them on her bed but she was afraid to sleep with them in case her goodnite leaked. She could feel her goodnite and instinctively looked over to the corner where her dolls were always piled up and smiled; however her smile was short lived, when she looked over the corner was empty and she remembered. Her dolls no longer lived on her bed. They were now sitting outside in the garbage waiting for the garbage man to collect them. She remembered the faces of her dolls as she put them in the trash bags and began to regret her decision. She was suddenly glad her mom had insisted that she save two of them; however, of the two she saved two of her favorites Ariel and Samantha were not among them. Tammy remembered throwing Ariel away because of the mouse droppings in her hair. At the time the doll had seemed so dirty and it caused her to forget how much she loved her and she began to cry.

“What’s wrong?” Sara asked.

Tammy told her about the dolls and how much she missed them.

“Well if they are important to you then let’s go get them.” Sara said beginning to get up.

“Aright but not now first thing in the morning I am warm and comfy right now.” Tammy answered snuggling up to Sara as she drifted back to sleep.

Chapter 4

The faint hiss of air breaks and the roar of a diesel engine got Tammy’s attention. The garbage truck was in the alley and she still hadn’t rescued Ariel and Samantha. Tammy rushed downstairs and outside. On her way she realized she had to pee. If she stopped to go to the bathroom, it would be too late so she went in the goodnite. It had been over four years since Tammy had peed in her pants and this was the first time she could recall that she had ever done it when awake. The sensation as the pee splashed against her skin and soaked into the diaper was oddly pleasant but Tammy did not have time to dwell on it.

Tammy reached the garbage pile just as the truck was pulling up to her house. Oh great she thought, sixteen bags to go through and ten seconds to do it. She knew Ariel was at the bottom of one of the bags but Samantha was probably in the middle of a different bag. To make matters worse, there was no order to the pile. The three bags of Cabbage patch dolls were scattered randomly throughout the massive pile. With no better idea she decided to just start going through the pile and hope for the best. The very top bag was the one with the goodnites. Despite the lack of time she, felt the need to move the bag away from the pile. Moving the bag cost her the precious few remaining seconds and the garbage man got out of his truck and walked to the pile.

“Good morning,” he said as he bent over and picked up two of the bags to throw in his truck. As he walked to the back of the truck to load them he noticed their contents and commented “throwing out some old dolls I see, any of them yours?” As he finished the sentence he lobbed the bags into the truck. They appeared to go in slow motion as the two bags, one filled with care bears and the other with her cabbage patch dolls, floated into the truck. They bounced off the compactor blade before landing on top of the bags of trash from the house next door.

Tammy cursed her luck, out of fifteen bags one of the first two had to be one with cabbage patch dolls in it. Now what, she thought to herself. Deciding that she already must look a bit foolish standing next to a pile of garbage in her pajamas she decided to bite the bullet.

“Yeah, actually all of them are mine. Mom wanted me to clean out my stuff from the basement while I am home on break. Unfortunately, I did it so fast I think I accidentally threw away some sentimental dolls one of which may be in the bag you just threw in. I just discovered it this morning and didn’t have time to look before you pulled up.”

“Well I’ll tell you what,” he said reaching down for another bag. “I will put the bags next to the truck if you think you want anything inside them just tear the bag open.” Throw anything you don’t want in the truck and set the keepers down on the ground.”

“Thank you very much.”

“No problem.”

The garbage man set the bag of dolls he had picked up next to the truck and reached and tore open the two bags already in the truck and spread the contents out so Tammy could sort through them quickly. Tammy quickly found her target. Ariel was laying face down on a bag of diapers from next door. Tammy retrieved her and surveyed the rest to be sure Samantha was not in there. Satisfied that Samantha was not she picked up the next bag. Some Barbie’s and small plastic baby dolls and accessories she puts the bag in the truck and is unable to look away. The sight of six cabbage patch dolls scattered in the truck surrounded by garbage combined with the smell of the garbage truck is too much for her. They belong in my bed not in this rancid truck she thought. She reached in and took out Beth a brunette with green eyes as well as Summer a blond girl with blue eyes. She surveyed the remaining four but found bite marks, mouse droppings and urine stains on them. Reluctantly she admits they are goners and moves on to the next bag. She makes quick work of a bag of stuffed animals and school work and is ready for another bag when the garbage man interrupts her.

“I need to run the compactor real quick so it will give you a minute to sort through some of these.”

Tammy nodded and looked over the bags piled next to the truck. The roar of the engine got her full attention and she couldn’t help but watch as the truck’s compactor ran. The blade retracted which caused garbage to spill out from inside the truck back into the hopper. The garbage rushing out pushed the items in the hopper forward two of her cabbage patch dolls were pushed to the front facing her with their arms outstretched as if begging her to get them out of there. The sight tugged at Tammy’s heart but not enough to risk doing something foolish. The scene did not last long as the blade descended down and covered the garbage. Once the blade was down the garbage man signaled that it was ok for her to put more bags in.

Tammy put a bag of old school work and one with stuffed animals in the truck. They rested against the blade which was only beginning to move back up, compacting the trash as it drew it into the truck. Two more bags, one filled with sheets the other with doll accessories, went into the truck. As the blade retracted Tammy’s ears were assaulted with cracking and popping sounds as the blade crushed the mixture of dolls and garbage. Tammy tore open a bag of dolls and spilled the contents into the truck but did not see anyone worth pulling out. She looked up and saw the blade returning to its resting position as the blade pulled to a stop Tammy could see the crushed cabbage patch dolls poking out from under the blade. A leg from one a flattened head from another and the bag of dirty diapers right up next to them. She quickly looked away and focused on the next bag which was the second of three containing her cabbage patch kids. She tore open the bag to reveal seven more of the dolls.

She debated which to save and which to cast into the hell of the garbage truck to be destroyed. The top two a boy Ryan and a girl Kristina were both covered in droppings but otherwise undamaged so she set them aside. Three more Piper, Ben, and Nick were dirty and not sentimental enough to save so she reluctantly flipped them into the truck. She found Samantha near the bottom of the sack no chew marks but covered in drippings and her body had urine stains on her. The sight broke her heart one of the two dolls she desperately wanted to save was ruined. While she stared at Samantha debating what to do the garbage man dumped the can with the household trash and signaled to her that he was going to run the compactor. Numbly she set Samantha down in the truck and stood back.

The garbage man began the cycle and she could see the dolls crushed in the first cycle. After only one round with the merciless machine they were flattened and dirty. Oh my God, she thought that is about to happen to Samantha. The blade covered the trash and began to compact it.

”STOP!” She yelled.

“What is it?” the garbage man asked as he hit the stop button freezing the cycle.

“I made a mistake I need to get that last one out of there.”

“The blade is already half up she is probably smashed by now”

”Please just release it and let me see.” Tammy said beginning to tear up.

The garbage man pulled the release lever dropping the load back into the hopper.

“Stay back and let me look I don’t want you getting hurt. What does she look like?”

Tammy described Samantha.

“She is one of the cabbage patch dolls like these.” She said pointing to the dolls piled up on the curb “red hair wearing an orange dress I set her down on the right side of the truck just as you began the cycle.”

The garbage man poked around for a minute. “Is this her?” He asked holding up a doll.

“Yes, thank you.”

Tammy inspected the doll as the garbage man finished the cycle. She was a little dirtier from the truck and her face was dented slightly but was already returning to its original form. Another few seconds and her face would have been destroyed but she had avoided any permanent damage. Her outfit was probably ruined but after removing her clothes and diaper, Tammy discovered her body was in good shape.

Tammy decided she could not subject any more of her Cabbage Patch dolls to the torturous death inside the garbage truck and set the final bag aside without even looking at it. She loaded the final 3 bags of stuffed animals and dolls into the truck sorry for what was about to happen to them but satisfied that she had rescued the important ones.

The driver ran one final cycle. Tammy saw the bags containing her dolls and Care Bears fall back mixed with garbage from dozens of homes. She saw the dirty diapers pressed into the loose cabbage patch dolls their faces caved in and their bodies and hair smeared in gel and poop from the diapers. Tammy watched as the blade came down and a big piece of her childhood disappeared inside the truck compacted with the rest of the unwanted garbage. As the truck moved on she focused on what remained, three packages of goodnites and thirteen dolls. I must be crazy. She gathered up the refugees and took them inside.

Chapter 5

Tammy took the dolls into the laundry room. Sandra, Alyson and the two care bears were sitting on the shelf. Her mom must have washed them last night. She put the other dolls in the washer and went back upstairs with the packages of goodnites. She took off the wet diaper and wondered how she was going to dispose of it. I should have thrown this in the truck, she thought to herself. She rolled the diaper up and put it in a Wal-Mart sack I’ll put it in my room for now and she put on a fresh one.

She sat down on her bed and realized how tired she was. Her heart had been beating a mile a minute ever since she rushed out to the trash pile. She began to think about what had just happened about her cherished childhood toys crushed in a garbage truck and began to cry. She had to pee and just let it go in the goodnite.

“What is wrong sweetie?” Sara asked in a caring voice as she woke up and saw her friend in tears.

“I heard the garbage truck” she sobbed, “My dollies were still there. I ran out to save them and I had to pee. I went in my pants” Tammy’s voice cracked as she kept crying. “The garbage man was already throwing my dolls in the truck I had to ask him to stop. I saved a few but the ones I left I saw them crushed in that horrible truck. My dollies crushed with that awful smelling garbage. How could I do that to my dollies?” Tammy paused and looked into the mirror. She saw herself wearing a pajama top and a wet goodnite and suddenly felt very ridiculous. I am an eighteen year old college freshman and I just rushed out to the street in my pajamas and a wet diaper and rummaged through the garbage for a bunch of dolls I outgrew years ago, and now I am sitting in my room crying over the ones I threw away and peeing my pants. Sara must think I am a lunatic.

“It’s ok baby” Sara said as she stroked Tammy’s neck. “Your babies were very important to you. Now lie down and let Sara get her little girl out of this wet diapee.”

Tammy lay back on the bed as Sara pulled off her goodnite. She threw the soaked diaper to the ground and climbed on the bed over Tammy. Sara looked into her eyes asking the question she had never dared ask. Tammy nodded and Sara bent down and kissed her. Sara pulled off Tammy’s shirt and began licking her breasts while Tammy slid her hand down Sara’s diaper. Tammy rubbed Sara’s clit and Sara began grinding her diaper up against Tammy’s pussy while licking her breasts and neck. Sara kept grinding until Tammy began to shake from orgasm. The sight of Tammy’s orgasm combined with Tammy’s nimble fingers and her full bladder caused Sara to lose it she shook violently giving into her own ecstasy.

“That was amazing.” Tammy said as the shaking stopped.

“I have wanted to do that to you for years but never well I never thought you felt that way about me” Sara answered her and she began to squirm as the pressure built in her bladder.

“You have always been a great friends I guess I always kinda had a crush on you too” Tammy said “why the squirmy face?”

“I really need to pee” Sara said.

“So pee silly you still have your diaper on. Come on I did it not it’s your turn.” Tammy taunted Sara playfully. “Here let me help you” Tammy began to tickle Sara and that was all it took as she let loose a flood of pee came rushing into her diaper overloading it causing it to leak soaking Tammy and her bed.

“Oh no I leaked” Sara said a bit embarrassed.

“No worries” Tammy replied, “I think these sheets were going to need washed anyway.”

“Good point” agreed Sara who moved to begin removing the sheets.

“Not so fast” Tammy scolded her “I believe you forgot to finish something.” A moment of confusion passed over Sara’s face when Tammy gestured at the soiled goodnite on the floor. “You owe me a fresh diaper.”

“Oh yeah I did get a bit distracted” Sara agreed as she went over to get a fresh goodnite out of the pack and put it on Tammy. “Good thing you got these out of the garbage. There now do me” Sara said as she traded places with Tammy on the bed.

Tammy pulled the pee soaked diaper off of Sara “wow mommy sure had a full bladder good thing she was wearing one of my diapees.” Tammy pulled a clean goodnite up and gave Sara a kiss. “All done.” She said proudly as Sara got up.

Sara looked at herself and Tammy in the mirror “we sure do make a cute couple in our diapers. Now about these sheets.”

“Yeah better get them washed before mom gets home” Tammy agreed.

Chapter 6

Tammy and Sara finished washing the dolls and sheets about an hour before her mom got home. They took the dolls up to her room and Sara arranged them on her bed. “There now my baby’s room is back to the way it should be.” Sara noticed the tired look in Tammy’s eyes and told her “baby has had a busy morning I think it is time for her nap.”

“Ok” Tammy agreed “will you take a nap with me mommy?”

“I would love to baby” Sara answered getting into bed with Tammy. They lay down next to each other and cuddled. Tammy reached over to give Sara a kiss. Sara returned the kiss and as they embraced each gently slid their hand down the other’s diaper. When they were finished they fell asleep peacefully in each other’s arms surrounded by the dolls.

They awoke to the sound of knocking on her bedroom door.

“Wake up sleepy head.”

“What time is it,” Tammy asked not yet awake enough to realize how she must look.

“It’s almost three. I was going to give you a hard time about sleeping all day but it looks like you were up earlier. I see you had a change of heart this morning.”

Tammy’s mind jolted awake as she remembered how she fell asleep. She was grateful the sheets were covering them since she felt foolish enough about the dolls.

“Going through my stuff brought back a lot of memories and I decided I wanted to try to clean up some of my cabbage patch kids. After I finished I just collapsed.”

“You must have worked fast everything was still piled up and the truck was pulling down our alley when I left this morning.”

“Yeah it woke me up and I went out to retrieve them. The garbage man beat me to the pile but he was nice enough to help me get the ones I wanted and I helped him clean up the mess.”

”Good I felt guilty leaving such a large pile. I thought about staying around to help him but I needed to get my errands done. Anyway sweetie I am glad you got the ones you wanted in time I was going to save a few more for you last night but decided I was just being silly and trying to hang on to the past.”

“Thanks mom,” she said a sense of relief coming over her.

As her mom left the room, Tammy and Sara realized they needed to pee again so they let it go in their goodnites. They lay down in each other’s arms in their wet diapers surrounded by the dolls and felt truly relaxed and happy. After enjoying the wet diapers for a bit they changed each other and went downstairs to enjoy the day.

Chapter 7

Tammy woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. She looked over in the corner to see the familiar pile of dolls. Ah just like the old days except my diaper isn’t wet she thought. That thought was short lived when she realized her diaper was in fact wet.

She didn’t know what freaked her out more that she was wet or that she seemed to enjoy it. She convinced herself that it was an isolated incident – she probably woke up in the middle of the night and wet it without remembering it. Satisfied with her rationalization, she got up and showered.

After her shower, Sara dropped by and told her she needed to go to Wal-Mart for some supplies. Tammy was happy to tag along. They wondered around the store checking off the items on her list. Sara was almost finished when they drifted over to the diaper isle. “My Cabbage Patch dolls’ diapers were ruined I should get them some replacements” Tammy announced.

“Good idea” Sara agreed.

So many choices she thought to herself. She studied each package carefully. The Luvs with their Blues Clues designs did not interest her but she was torn between the Huggies with Pooh and Pampers with the Sesame Street designs. Unable to decide, she put one of each in her cart.

She was about to leave when Sara pointed out the goodnites. “These are adorable baby we have to get some.” They had obviously made some changes since her bed wetting days. They now made separate designs for boys and girls. She couldn’t resist and put one of the L-XL girl’s packages in her cart. Before leaving the diaper isle, she picked up some wipes, powder, Desitin, and scented diaper disposal sacks.

With their shopping complete they headed for the checkouts. On her way up she wet her goodnite. She felt so naughty deliberately wetting her pants in public but also enjoyed it far more than she thought possible.

Sara noticed her face and whispered “did baby have an accident?”

Tammy nodded sheepishly as they got in line. She felt a bit nervous as she unloaded her items on the belt. Relax she told herself people buy diapers all the time it is no big deal. Her cashier was pleasant and friendly as she scanned her items.

“Wow two in diapers you must have your hands full,” the cashier said as she scanned the diapers and goodnites.

“Yes two in diapers is quite a handful” Sara answered a little playfully.

The cashier nodded and completed the sale. She thanked them and told them to have a nice day.

When they got home, they ran upstairs eager to try on the new diapers. Sara tore off the wet one and put it in a sack. Hmm I am going to have to dispose of these wet ones somehow Tammy thought to herself as Sara applied some powder and Desetin. She put the new goodnite on Tammy and admired her. “Very cute baby much better than the boring old white ones. Now time for mommy to get on her diaper.” Sara said trading places with Tammy. “Very good baby you know just how to diaper mommy you will make a good mommy someday”

After they stowed the diaper supplies, they got to work diapering the dolls. Half the dolls got Huggies and the rest got Pampers. Not wanting to waste the remaining diapers Tammy split open one of the Pampers and stuffed it in her diaper. Sara did the same with a Huggies they were rewarded with a nice thick diaper when they flooded it a few minutes later.

Chapter 8

Tammy and Sara spent the next five days in diapers and playing with dolls in between passionate love making. Tammy enjoyed the freedom of wetting herself whenever she pleased but she knew her break would soon come to an end. She was torn. She enjoyed the diapers and dolls but knew she didn’t want to explain this to her roommate and she defiantly couldn’t hide it and what about Sara. Sara went to a community college locally and they would be separated when she went back.

“It’s ok we can visit each other on weekends and summer isn’t that far off” Sara reassured her. “Get some rest I will see you off tomorrow.”

When Sara left for the night Tammy made the decision she needed to be able to act grown up at school and that meant cutting ties with these dolls. Sara has been a good sport but she will grow tired of the baby act soon enough Tammy thought. She went downstairs and returned with a trash bag. It had been a week and what a week it was; however, it was time to grow up. She opened a bag and picked up a doll. She stood there staring at it trying to force her hand to let it drop in the bag. Damn that garbage man why couldn’t he have just taken you last week. She mustered all the willpower she could and let the doll drop. She Put Ariel, Samantha, Sara, and Alyson in a box in her closet and the rest into the bags. She took the dolls along with the remaining diapers outside and put them in the bottom of the can. Her mission complete she returned to the house.

Chapter 9

Tammy endured another sleepless night. It felt strange to be without a diaper for the first time on over a week but she refused to give into temptation. At some point she must have fallen asleep because the sound of the garbage truck pulling up to her house woke her up. I am not getting out of bed she told herself and closed her eyes trying not to picture her dolls being dumped into the truck. She heard the roar of the engine and knew that meant that the compactor was running. It’s over I made it. Relief and regret washed over her. Her eyes swelled up and she cried herself to sleep.

Tammy packed up her car preparing for the return trip to school. She glanced over at the can knowing it was empty but not able to bring herself to look. Finally after the third trip outside she opened up the lid and as expected it was empty. They are really gone she thought and resolved to move on.

Her mom went with her to Wal-Mart to pick up some school supplies and groceries. As she walked the isles she remembered her trip a week ago. It already seemed so distant.

They returned home and Tammy helped her mom unload the car. As they were walking in her mom said “Something wrong sweetie?”

“I threw my dolls away.”

”Why sweetie? You and Sara had so much fun this week. You are more relaxed than you have been in a long time.”

”I know that’s the problem. I am too old to play and sleep with dolls. I can’t do this at school so I just need to remove the temptation.”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with you and Sara making out and wearing diapers all week would it?”

Tammy’s face turned ghost white and she was unable to speak.

“Don’t look so surprised I saw the goodnite hanging out from your pants last Friday afternoon and saw how you two looked laying on your bed. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to embarrass you. I knew you were worn out from school and needed some time to decompress. You wore them to bed every night until you were fourteen so it is natural you would get some security from them and I got the vibe that there might be something between you two for a long time now.”

“That is the problem I was afraid if I kept going like this I wouldn’t be able to stop I need to be a grown up at school and Sara was playing along but she would get tired of that baby crap after awhile I am sure.”

“I doubt that sweetie she seems to like you quite a bit every part.”

“Well it doesn’t matter now anyway the garbage truck crushed them hours ago they are probably in the dump by now and I need to finish packing,” she said as she went up to her room.

“Sweetie before you go upstairs could you take the laundry detergent downstairs for me.”

Tammy walked downstairs into the laundry room and her jaw dropped. Sitting there was Sara holding the two bags of dolls and the bag of goodnites.

“I figured you might try something foolish after I left last night so this morning when I saw the garbage truck at your house I watched the driver empty the cans. When I saw what looked like your dolls spill out I went up to him and convinced him to give them to me. You deserve a good spanking for treating your dolls like that baby” Sara said in mock sternness as she gave Tammy a little pat on the butt. “No diaper that just will not do.” Sara pulled down Tammy’s pants and took off her panties. “You have a long car trip and you might have an accident.” Sara pushed Tammy to the floor on top of the bags of her dolls to put a fresh diaper on her.

Tammy teared up, “Thank you I love you.”

”I know baby I love you too.” Sara said her hand moving down Tammy’s thigh. “Now time for me to say a proper goodbye.”

Tammy pulled away from the house and headed back to school. What a good spring break she thought. She took a drink of her 32 oz tea knowing she would need to pee soon because of it. She smiled as she looked down at the waistband poking out from her shorts. Good thing I came prepared she thought.



Sample Pack

by personalias

Rachel woke up late that Saturday feeling bloated and cramping. Great, her period was starting early this month. She was supposed to have a few more days according to her calendar. Still, it was better than NOT getting her period, she supposed. Granted, the way her sex life had been lately she would have been truly surprised to be pregnant.

Rachel was at that “special age” of potential child bearing. Not so young as to be jail bait or in a “babies having babies” situation, but so old where people were asking her “why haven’t you yet?”. For now, that was the way she liked it. She was young, independent, and (if she said so herself) pretty good looking. She was totally not ready to be anybody’s “mommy” yet, and purses were so much better than diaper bags.

She stumbled into her bathroom and turned the shower on. There was going to be blood today anyways so she might as well as well do a little landscaping and shave. Society had it all backwards: Men were expected and allowed to be the gross ones, all hairy and sweaty.

Guys? Gross? Really? All they had was a piece of meet dangling between their legs. She bled out of a hole in her body. Hell, her privates needed to come with an owners manual and a specialist doctor. Which was grosser, really?

Still, Rachel was a hypocrite and she admitted it to herself. She bought into and promoted the idea of a woman being smooth, clean, and pretty. At the same time, she was just as committed to being strong, free-willed and independent. She was a beautiful flower made of gleaming steal that could transform into a sword…or something like that. The contrast was difficult to pull off.

When she was done bathing and wo-manscaping, she toweled off and looked under the sink. Crap, no pads. She had just broken girl scout rule #1. She poked her head out of her room and called out “Hey Steph, do you have any pads?”

“You know I don’t,” her roommate called back. “I have some tampons if you want.”

“No thanks,” Rachel called back, “I’ll just run to the store.” Rachel hated tampons. She had tried them a few times, and never felt comfortable with them. She just didn’t feel comfortable having something inside her for that long. Combined with what she learned about toxic shock syndrome in middle school health class and a few disturbing “news” stories she read online, her distaste for tampons bordered on irrational phobia. She sighed as she closed the door to her bedroom and quickly got dressed. Rachel would have to go shopping

She quickly slipped on some red silk bikini panties- the red to hide any unfortunate events; the silk to give her motivation to get to the store in time- and matching bra. She buttoned up a matching red blouse, and pulled up some skinny jeans over her hips. Rachel added black leather belt, more as an accessory than a need and slipped her feet into her trusty black flats. All she needed was a headband to keep her raven locks out of her face and she was out the door.

When she walked out of her room, Stephanie was already sitting on the couch. Stephanie was Rachel’s best friend since college and roommate, though just by looking at them you might not think so. Stephanie was the poster girl for tom boys. She kept her blonde hair trimmed relatively short, never touching her shoulders, and looked as if she would be more comfortable at Wrestlemania than at the ballet. She was currently wearing a baggy T-shirt and some boy shorts.

“Going to buy diapers?” Stephanie asked as Rachel grabbed her keys and went to the door. Stephanie had taken to teasing Rachel about her phobia for tampons, and those tampon commercials that said: “Why wear a pad that feels like a diaper?” made it Stephanie’s nickname for pads. Rachel was a good sport though, so it became more of an in joke than an insult.

Rachel rolled her eyes and then turned to face her roommate. “Yup,” she said, “I’m a little early, how about you?”

“Nope,” Stephanie said disinterestedly. “Let the countdown continue.” she made a “whoop-de-doo” motion with her index finger.

“That’s odd, we’re normally so in sync.” Rachel said. “Hope you’re not pregnant.” she teased. This may have been more of a concern for Stephanie. She had been on a bit of a hot streak lately when it came to one night stands. Something about getting drunk with a girl in a bar on poker night made it a lot easier for her to beat you and then take you to bed.

“Stop the presses,” Stephanie droned, not breaking her monotone, “girls that live together not bleeding at the exact same time. Economists predict new recession” Rachel had to giggle at that. “Now get to the store before you start spotting all over those red panties you always wear when your period hits.” Yeah, Stephanie knew her alright.

Rachel opened the out into the hallway of her apartment complex. Before she could step out, she noticed a small cardboard box in front of her door. She looked down at it. The box was labeled “Bay-Bee Beauty and Hygiene Products”. It had a picture of a smiling cartoon bee on it. It looked as though a child had drawn it with crayons. A quick glance down the hallway showed that identical boxes were at every doorstep. Must be some type of promotion or something.

Rachel picked up the box and brought it inside. Stephanie looked up from the couch to see Rachel open the box. Inside was a letter. It read:

Dear Future Customer,

The Bay Bee Beauty and Hygiene Company is dedicated to providing the most high quality products available to women like yourself so that they can get out into the world and live their life while looking beautiful and feeling confident. We know you’ll love our products so much that we are giving away free samples to show that you we are the best in the business. Enclosed within this box you will find:

– One (1) stick of ruby red lipstick from Bay Bee Beauty and Hygiene® so all you have to do is pucker up and we’ll take care of the rest.
– One (1) stick of deodorant with baby powder from Bay Bee Beauty and Hygiene® so that you don’t break a sweat and smell your best.
– One (1) sample bottle of Bay Bee® skin moisturizer so that your skin can be soft and smooth.
– Five (5) Bay Bee® Sanitary Pads and Wipes so that you’ll be sure you’ll never leak and always feel clean and fresh.

Stephanie peered over Rachel’s shoulder. “What is it?” she asked Rachel?

“Looks like some kind of giveaway sample pack.” Rachel told her friend. Stephanie poked around the box and examined it’s contents.

“Huh…looks like you don’t have to go shopping,” Stephanie snickered, “you got doorstep diaper delivery. Very convenient.”

“Look, I get it,” Rachel began, starting to get a little annoyed- the in joke was only funny after a certain point, “but their not diapers.”

“Oh really?” her roommate smirked, holding up a pad with cute little bee’s stenciled in. “Then why do they have little decorations on them?”

“Oh….shut up!” was all that Rachel could muster as she snatched the pad from Stephanie. She took the box and hustled back to her bathroom for a few minutes of privacy. She unwrapped and inserted one of the pads into her panties, and redressed herself, examining herself in the mirror. These were really thin, she barely noticed she had them on. Rachel hoped they wouldn’t leak, but at least she didn‘t have to worry today; though she should still probably go shopping for more by the end of the day. She put the rest of the pads in her little leather purse along with the deodorant, lip stick, and moisturizer.

She walked back out into the main room of the apartment and went for her keys. “Still going somewhere?” Stephanie asked not having moved from the couch. “I thought you’d be good for the day with the free pads and all.”

“I still think I’m going to go out and have a day on the town,” Rachel said, glad that Stephanie had let up a little and called them pads instead of the d-word. “Wanna come? If we left now we could catch an early matinee at the movies.”

“Why not?” Stephanie shrugged and got up from the couch and moved towards the door.

“Uh, Steph.” Rachel interjected. “Maybe you might want to at least put pants on first before going outside the apartment. Stephanie looked down at herself. No bra, a baggy t-shirt and her underwear. She smirked, and shrugged.

“Fascist!” she joked as she turned around to quickly go get some pants on. She came back with some gray sweats on, and a pair of sneakers. “Okay, now I’m ready.” Rachel just smiled and rolled her eyes. Her friend was so immature sometimes.

They got in Rachel’s car and drove off for the movie theater. “So what are we going to see?” Stephanie asked as they sped down the street.

“Oh I was thinking something like a romantic comedy.” Rachel answered. Stephanie rolled her eyes.

“Please, girl, we can do better than that. Let’s watch the action flick that just came out!” a mischievous grin came across her face. “With a romantic comedy, you get to hear about some way too pretty chick wine about why she can’t get a boyfriend, and then…surprise! She does! You’re lucky if the guy takes off his shirt twice in the whole damn flick. We go to an action movie and we get to look at a bunch of ripped hunks shooting guns and kicking butt while their shirts get ripped and burned off their glistening bodies! Win-win!”

“Oh come on, Steph!” Rachel whined to her friend. “Can’t we do what I want to do this time?”

“I put on pants for you.” Stephanie rebutted. There was a silence. Stephanie wearing pants on a Saturday was a big step.

“Pfft…fine.” Rachel relented. “We’ll go to the stupid action movie.”

At the concession stand, Rachel purposefully bought the largest drink she could so she’d have an excuse to go the bathroom and miss even a little bit of the testosterone fest she was about to suffer through without looking rude. As soon as she and Stephanie took their seats, Rachel start sipping on her extra large coke with no ice.

For whatever reason, she liked the feeling of the straw in her mouth and felt rewarded every time she took a sip and soda passed through her lips. She started to try to make a game out of drinking the soda. See if she could drink fast enough to keep a steady stream of liquid in her mouth, but slow enough so that she wouldn’t have to break her sipping stride when she swallowed. That way it would feel like she had a constant and steady stream.

She was almost all the way done by the time the previews aimed at men who hadn’t evolved yet ended and the feature presentation began. It wasn’t anything special, if you had seen one action movie on TV, you’d have seen it all. From off camera, some British guy with a raspy voice narrated “My name is Bob…and this is how all of my films start.” And so it went…

Blah blah blah…pretentious tough guy dialogue…blah blah. Stare down, BOOM! Walk away from explosion without looking back. Rachel kept chewing on her straw, absent mindedly, just hoping for this to be over. Next time, definitely romantic comedy.

About half through the second reel nature finally called to release Rachel from her torment. She got up hurriedly, taking her purse with her as she scooted out of the theater and into the brightly lit highway. Her eyes soon adjusted and she ran into the nearest stall, locked it, pulled her pants and underwear down and sat.

She relaxed and exhaled as the tinkling sound of liquid hitting liquid greeted her ears. Now she’d just take her sweet time, maybe take another trip to the concession stand, and the movie should be hitting it’s 30 minute continuous fight scene sequence by then. She absent mindedly stuck a finger in her mouth and began sucking on it like it was a straw.

Rachel looked down at the maxi-pad between her legs. Whoah! Gross! She had done a number on it. Her flows had never been this heavy. There wasn’t a clean spot in there. She carefully removed the pad, and inspected her white cotton granny panties. Not a spot on them. At least these free samples were pulling their weight. With absorbency this good, Rachel wondered whether or not the full packs would be expensive.

She reached into her big leather purse and pulled out another pad and a wipe that came with it. She cleaned herself up- admiring the job she did shaving this morning in the processes…not a single hair- inserted a new pad into her underwear, and pulled her pants up before flushing.

Rachel walked over to the restroom mirror and examined herself to make sure she was straightened out. Something about her outfit caught her eye. She was still wearing her red headband and matching t-shirt. Her white Velcro shoes were on correctly and her socks were straight.

Something didn’t seem right about that. Hadn’t she worn a belt today? Didn’t she come to the mall in a red blouse and her trusty flats with no socks? Hadn’t her purse been smaller and less baggy? And hadn’t she begun wearing red satin panties today? Her head suddenly felt fuzzy, and she didn’t want to think about it anymore. Time to get back to the movie.

On her way back to where the action movie was playing, Rachel passed by what looked like a children’s movie. The poster for it had brightly colored cartoon’s and puppets. Cartoons AND puppets; now that was a deal! It looked a heck of a lot more fun than some stupid action movie.

She looked at the running times for it. There was a show going on right now! If she timed it just right, she could theater hop, catch the rest of this movie, and the action movie would be letting out at the same time. But she’d be leaving Stephanie by herself in the action movie…that Stephanie had wanted to see in the first place. Yeah…Stephanie didn’t even know she was gone. What harm could it do?

Rachel checked the hallway to make sure she wasn’t being watched by a theater employee, and snuck into the kids movie. It was great! She laughed, she cried, she caught onto important plot points and became emotionally invested in the characters’ development, and in the end the Pixie People got back their glitter dust so the people of Feltville could live happily ever after. She didn’t even notice that she was the only adult there not accompanying a small child. Neither did anyone else for that matter.

When the lights finally came up, and Rachel was done applauding enthusiastically for the blockbuster entertainment she had just witnessed, she shuffled out of the theater and into the hallway. She stared expectantly at the entrance to the action movie.

People started trickling out, but there was no Stephanie in sight.

“Heya Rachel!” Stephanie said from behind. “Did you like your movie?” Rachel jumped about a foot in the air. “Easy there girl, easy!” Stephanie patted Rachel on the back. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Okay, maybe I meant to scare you a little, but not that much.”

Rachel caught her breath. “I thought you were at the action movie.”

“No, why would I want to see that? Remember? You wanted to see the kids movie, and I wanted to see the romance one. They let out at about the same time, so we decided to watch our own movies and meet up after, remember?” Rachel didn’t remember that actually, but something about that made sense. So,” Rachel said, “where to now?”

Stephanie seemed to think it over for a second. “How about the mall?” she suggested. That seemed good enough to pass some more of the day away. She agreed and off to the car they went. When they were outside in the parking lot, Rachel couldn’t help but notice that something seemed different about Stephanie. Her clothes looked tighter on her, that is to say they looked like they were made for someone in her size instead of baggy. She hadn’t miraculously gained a hundred pounds, more like her clothes had hemmed themselves in to actually fit her. And…and….was her friend wearing a bra?! This didn’t make any sense, but she couldn’t say why.

Rachel pondered this as she got into the back seat of the car and buckled herself up. Stephanie got in the driver’s seat. She absent mindedly began to suck on her thumb as the car made its way to the mall. She allowed herself to close her eyes as she pondered what was wrong and dozed off.

All too soon, the car stopped and Rachel heard the driver’s side door opening and closing. She kept her eyes closed, feeling awfully lazy as she heard her door open up. “Awww how cute,” Stephanie teased, “today you’re wearing diapers AND sucking your thumb. New record.”

Rachel shot an evil look at Stephanie. “They’re not di-”

“I know. I know. I’m sorry…kinda.” Stephanie half heartedly apologized. “You’re my best bud, so it’s fun when I get the rare opportunity to mess with ya.”

“You mean rare as in monthly?” Rachel asked getting back into the swing of things.

“Oh come off it!” Stephanie, “I already said I was just ribbing you!”

“Leave the ribbing to your boy toys’ condoms.” Rachel lobbed a joke back at her.”

“Zing! Oh that hurts SO bad!” Stephanie mocked hurt as she clutched her yellow tank top . “Now are we gonna go window shopping, or have you forgotten how to unbuckle your seat belt?”

“Oh,” Rachel blushed realizing she’d been sitting in the back seat looking up at her friend this entire time. “Yeah, I forgot about that.” She got out of the car, and the two of them started walking to the mall. Rachel’s mouth felt empty without something in it, but she resisted the urge to suck on anything.

A new feeling hit Rachel. Fear. She was out in a big open space with no one to protect her. She was vulnerable; alone! “Um…Steph?” Rachel called out, “would it be okay if we…um…you know…hold hands?”

Stephanie frowned. “Weird.” she said as if she wasn’t quite wrapping her head around the necessity of the situation. Then she looked at Rachel and saw the panic in her eyes. Her features softened. “But, okay. It’ll make picking up guys harder…” she paused for a second …. “or easier,” she grinned. She offered out her hand to Rachel in the parking lot. Rachel gratefully accepted.
They walked into the mall together, hand-in-hand. It was Saturday, so as usual the Mall was crowded. Rachel knew she shouldn’t be, but all the people there, and the white noise of voices echoing off walls al around her just overwhelmed her. It was like she was in a cave of people and sound. She was almost mesmerized as she walked along.

Then something caught her eye. CANDY! There were big glass candy dispensers directly in front of them. “Oooh Steph! Steph!” Rachel bounced in place while she pointed with her free hand. “Can we get some candy?”

“Sure thing, Raych.” Stephanie grinned, as she dug around her jeans for some quarters. “Whaddya want?” Rachel knew instantly.

“Jawbreaker!” Rachel practically squealed. If she got a jawbreaker, she could suck on it and no one would think it was strange. It probably tasted better than her thumb anyways. She was so clever. Stephanie led Rachel by the hand and inserted the quarters. She turned the silver knob, and out came a jawbreaker. Rachel greedily snatched it up and popped it into her mouth.

He eyes rolled back into her head. THIS was heaven. She had never had anything this good, this satisfying before. This was better than sex, it was so good. She had never had crack before, but this must be what it was like. Awesome. Just awesome.

Stephanie wordlessly led Rachel around the mall, through crowds of people and in out of stores. They were mostly boring clothes stores, but Stephanie let them walk around a neat toy store too. Rachel found that she loved looking at the dolls. Finally they came to the food court. “Let’s get a little late lunch,” Stephanie said. There was a McDonald’s in the food court, so as usual, Stephanie ordered a salad shaker and water, while Rachel got the Happy meal.

A cute guy came and sat down across from them at the food court. “Hey,” he introduced himself as if that’s all that needed to be said. Oddly, (or sadly) enough, that was all he needed to say.

“Hey,” Stephanie responded, getting lost in the man’s eyes. Rachel just rolled hers.

“Sorry to interrupt you and your little friend here,” he indicated Rachel, “but I was hoping I could give you this,” he slid a folded piece of paper across the table, “and you could give me a call when you were done babysitting for the day.” The guy then got up and walked away, winking at Stephanie.

Little friend? Babysitting?! Was that some kind of joke? “Asshole!” Rachel called out after the jerk.

“Rachel!”, Stephanie gasped, “the man was just being nice to me. You don’t have to call him names like that!” Rachel couldn’t believe it. Her own best friend was against her in this. She snatched her big canvas purse and stood up.

“I gotta go to the bathroom anyway,” she huffed, “you go get your game on with that jerk if you want to.” She started walking to the ladies room (which is never far from the food court in any given mall). In her anger, she completely forgot about her need to hold hands.

She walked into the restroom. Little friend? Babysitting? She might have been eating a happy meal, but that didn’t mean she was a baby. She examined herself in the mirror. Her hair was still tied up in a bow, her t-shirt still had it’s frilly sleeves that she liked. She wasn’t a baby. She was cute as a button. She took her purse into the nearest stall and closed the door.

Rachel didn’t really need to use the toilet right now, but she might as well check her pad. She undid the snap button on her elastic waistband and slid her jeans down to her pink Velcro shoes and frilly socks. Next came down her undies.

Upon inspection, there wasn’t much of a mess at all; just a little spotting. Still, she didn’t want to sit in her own menstrual excrement if she knew about it. She took the pad out of her panties and rolled it up so she could throw it away. Oddly enough, the pad seemed to have lost it’s decorations. She took out another pad, inserted it and pulled her panties up before inspecting the front.

The front of her white panties now had decorations of smiling cartoon bees on them! Holy crap! Product defect! Product defect! The decorations had bled through to her white underwear! That was definitely a strike against them she thought as she pulled her pants back up and buttoned the snap back up.

Rachel walked out of the ladies room and looked around the busy food court. Where was Stephanie? She couldn’t find Stephanie! It was like playing the world’s hardest game of “Where’s Waldo” because all the other people in the picture were constantly moving too. Rachel stuck her thumb in her mouth as she began to feel scared. Maybe something horrible happened to Stephanie, or maybe she didn’t want to be friends anymore. The thought was almost too much to bear.

A soft hand took Rachel’s and held it. Rachel looked to see who it was. “Ready to go, kiddo?” Stephanie asked. Rachel nodded and they walked out of the mall and to the car. Her legs on a kind of autopilot, Rachel was led out to the car and stopped by the backseat door. Some new piece of furniture.

It kind of looked like a roller-coaster seat without the big heavy harness to keep you falling out. When Stephanie opened the door for Rachel to get a close look at it, she saw that it had an upholstered and padded interior, and that there were seatbelt like straps to keep someone about her size in place. It was a giant baby seat.

Rachel felt her legs sweep out from underneath her, as Stephanie picked her up and placed her in the car seat in one swift motion. “Whoah, Steph, what the fuck?!” Rachel protested.

“What?” Stephanie asked. “I’m just getting you in your car seat like always.” Stephanie started pulling the straps across Rachel’s body, strapping her in. “You’re my best friend, I just want to make sure you’re safe.” Rachel found she could do nothing as her friend finished strapping her into the device. This was wrong. This was so totally wrong. “We have just one more stop, and then we can go back home.” Stephanie told Rachel.

Rachel sat in the giant car seat, afraid of what was happening. Worse yet, she was afraid because she couldn’t quite put her finger on what was happening. It’s just that people were treating her differently, and she was acting differently but she didn’t know how or what was different.

The car came to a stop outside a local grocery store. “Here we are,” Stephanie announced as she turned the car off. Rachel waited as Stephanie came around the back and opened the door. Stephanie unbuckled Rachel from her car seat and moved to pick her up.

“I can do it myself,” Rachel said as she slapped Stephanie’s hands away. Rachel got up out of the seat, and got out of the car all by herself. Stephanie just shook her head as Rachel had to duck and twist to get out of the car without bumping her head.

“Someone’s awfully independent, all of a sudden.” Stephanie proclaimed. She grabbed Rachel’s hand. Rachel tried to resist, but Stephanie was really strong with a vice grip. Furthermore, her legs wouldn’t cooperate, they just kept walking towards the store as Stephanie led the way. As the two approached the door, Rachel was squirming a little as they walked, squeezing her legs together while trying to keep going further.

“Everything okay, Rachel?” Stephanie asked as the doors to the grocery store whooshed open.

“Yeah…” Rachel lied, still doing the potty dance. She looked at the ladies room. “But…I gotta go…checkmymakeup!” she managed to break free and sprint for the women’s room. She e felt a trickle leave her bladder and soak into the padding.

“Ooookay!” Stephanie called out after her. I’m going to start shopping and get some of the stuff I need. Come find me as soon as you’re out of the potty, okay?” Rachel didn’t bother to answer as she ran into the bathroom for the open stall. Rachel sat on the toilet and immediately relaxed her bladder. To her horror, her ears were greeted with a hissing sound instead of the familiar tinkle. Her crotch became warm and wet. She had forgotten to pull her pants down.

Rachel stood up and frantically pulled her pants down. She was so fast and frantic in fact, that she accidentally pulled them off over her shoes and off of her. Her jeans went sliding out from under the stall door. Great, just another thing going wrong.

She inspected the rest of herself. There was no urine running down her legs, no leaks. Apparently the pad worked just as well on pee as it did on blood. Rachel made a note to herself to never ever let Stephanie know this information.

Gingerly, Rachel pulled her panties down to inspect the damage. The padding was soaked, through and through and the smell of ammonia wafted up to her nostrils. Gross. She carefully searched for the adhesive strips that kept the pad in place, so she could take it off, but couldn’t find them. Furthermore, the padding seemed to have expanded so much, that it now occupied the majority of her panties instead of just the main strategic area.

She searched through her pink satchel bag for another pad. Maybe she could figure out how to get it off. Instead of a pad, her hand drew out an entirely new pair of panties. They were white, and had smiling cartoon bees stenciled into them. Rachel looked inside of them and noticed that there was thin padding on the inside.

Feeling like she didn’t have much choice, and finding it hard to remember how that got there, Rachel resigned herself to changing her underwear as well as her pad. She kicked off the sodden pair of panties that she had put on this morning, wiped herself gingerly, and pulled the new pair of thinly padded panties up her waist, all while not taking off her shoes. Now came the hard part.

She picked up her wet panties and balled them up. She hadn’t heard anyone come in the restroom, so presumably, she was alone. The problem was Rachel couldn’t be sure how long that would last, and it wouldn’t do to be caught in this situation, her jeans lying somewhere on the floor being a dead giveaway of her current predicament.

Rachel counted to three, then opened the stall door. Immediately she went to the nearest trashcan and tossed her panties in. Then she whirled around and looked for her pants. They were no where to be found. Where the hell could they have gone? Then caught sight of herself in the mirror.

Her hair was done up in pigtails. Her red shirt with frilly sleeves had somehow elongated into a dress that stopped just above her knees with frilly sleeves. Right before her eyes, it changed color, too- from hot red to baby blue. What in the world was going on?

Then it became obvious. Her clothes were transforming, and so was her mind. But not her body. She was turning into a giant baby. She was turning into some kind of freak. Either that or she was going insane! And it all had something to do with that package that had shown up on her doorstep. She had to find Stephanie. She’d know what to do; Stephanie always knew what to do.

Rachel gathered up her pink satchel and sprinted out of the restroom door and into the grocery store. “Stephanie!” She called. “Help! Stephanie!” Then another impulse forced it’s way into her brain. “Mommy!” she screamed. “Moooommmmmy!”

A sign caught her eye all of a sudden. It read : “Aisle 9, Feminine Hygiene, Baby Products.” Feminine Hygiene! If she could get another brand of maxi pad, or even a tampon, maybe it would stop all the craziness that was going on. She rushed to aisle nine and sprinted, then she stopped dead in her tracks.

Right in front of her on the Baby Products Shelf were packages upon packages of diapers. The pictures on each package were of different young women wearing nothing but the diapers doing infantile things. One was crawling, one was on her back, another appeared to be walking unsteadily. All had a look of pure bliss on their face. The packages all read “Bay-Bee® Diapers”

Rachel’s panties felt much thicker all of a sudden. She felt pressure build up in her bowels. She heard a distinct crinkling sound as she bowed her legs out and squatted. She knew what she was about to do, but she couldn’t help herself. She pushed and felt the warm poop ooze out between her cheeks. She pushed again and felt more come out and push against the seat her panties. Soon she was empty, and was standing there in a dress, pigtails, frilly socks, pink Velcro shoes, and poopy panties.

“There you are!” Stephanie called out pushing a shopping cart. Her wardrobe had changed to a concealing yellow dress with a floral pattern. “Mommy was so worried about you sweetie! Don’t ever run away from her again, okay?” Rachel was speechless. Was this really happening? “Looks like you were trying to be mommy’s helper by carrying around your diaper bag finding your favorite diapers.” Sarah cooed. Then she sniffed the air. “And I think I can guess why. Come on, you little stinker.”

Stephanie took Rachel’s hand, and picked up a package of diapers, depositing them in the shopping cart. With one hand she pushed the cart towards the check out line, and with the other she dragged Rachel along behind her. Rachel could only be led. Her feet had stopped listening to her.

“Steph, snap out of this!” Rachel pleaded. “Please, something weird is going on here and neither of us are acting like we normally do.” Stephanie just ignored her. “Stephanie! Please! Listen to me. I’m your best friend, not your baby!”

Stephanie made them approach the check out line. She reached into her purse which had suddenly materialized with this latest wardrobe change and slapped a fifty dollar bill and a twenty on the counter. “This should cover everything,” she said. “Would you mind ringing me up while I go change my daughter‘s diaper?”

“No problem.” the cashier said. A new round of begging and screaming began as Rachel was picked up and carried again towards the women’s restroom. But it was to no avail. It was as if Stephanie couldn’t understand her anymore. Rachel was carried into the restroom, where she noticed a much larger than average changing table mounted on the wall. It was labeled “Bay-Bee Changing Station”.

Stephanie pulled the tray down and hefted Rachel onto it. Rachel was pushed down on her back before she could struggle, and a strap was pulled across her body. “Just a minute, baby girl,” Stephanie cooed to her roommate. “Let’s get this over with and you’ll feel so much better.”

She reached into the diaper bag that had once been Rachel’s purse and pulled out a pacifier. It’s nipple was ruby red. Stephanie placed the pacifier on Rachel’s lips, and Rachel instantly began to suck on it. All Rachel could do now was grumble around the pacifier, not being able to make any coherent sounds. Her lips were practically stuck together.

Rachel’s dress was lifted up and her poopy panties-now a full blown diaper- was in plain view. Stephanie undid the tapes of the diaper and unfolded it, air her mess out. Rachel’s legs were lifted into the air, and she found herself staring at her pink shoes and frilly socks while she sucked on her paci. She blushed a deep crimson as Stephanie took out a tub of baby-wipes from the diaper bag and started wiping her bottom.

Stephanie balled up the used diaper and threw it away. She reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a fresh diaper. “Whoops, last one,” Stephanie commented. “Good thing we just bought some more, huh sweetie?” She unfolded it and slid it under Rachel’s butt. Stephanie took out some baby oil, and squirted some into her hand before rubbing it all over Rachel. “To keep your cute little tushie soft and smooth,” she said.

Next, she took out some baby powder and sprinkled it all over Rachel’s backside and crotch. “To make you smell your best.” she explained. With that, she pulled the diaper up tight between Rachel’s legs and taped the sides shut. “All better!” She proclaimed. She then unbuckled and picked up the helpless Rachel, before sliding the changing tray back into place. She gave Rachel a peck on the cheek and exited the restroom. All Rachel could do was suck on the pacifier.

Upon exiting the restroom, Rachel noticed that the shopping cart was right by the door, all the groceries bagged up, and some change was left in the baby seat. Rachel then saw a middle aged woman pushing a large pink stroller into the grocery store. Inside the stroller was a young girl who looked to be about 11 or 12- 13 tops. She was bawling her eyes out and was wearing nothing but a pink t-shirt and a diaper. It didn’t take Rachel any time at all to realize what had happened.

“Mommy!” the young girl wailed from her stroller. “You promised these weren’t diapers! You promised!”

“Looks like someone is a little fussy.” Stephanie commented to the older woman. The older woman sighed in exasperation..

“I can’t figure out what’s gotten into her, today,” the woman said. “She normally such a sweet baby.”

“Maybe she’s wet or messy,” Stephanie suggested. “My Ray-Ray here is always fussy when she needs to be changed. Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Good idea,” the woman said as she looked into a diaper bag. “Hmm…only one left. Well good thing we’re at the grocery store.” She pushed the stroller into the bathroom, and Rachel could make out the girls screams as the she heard the tapes come ripped off.

Stephanie pushed the cart and carried Rachel out into the parking lot. Strange things were happening out there too. More cars pulled in, and women dressed as big babies were being taken out of over grown car seats. Some were crying, some looked confused, a few didn’t even seem to notice anything was wrong.

She saw a van with the hatchback open. A woman was laying in the back while what must have been her husband was unbuttoning the crotch snaps of her onesie. A crying teenage girl was being dragged into the store by her balding father while her five-year-old sister was proclaiming that she was the big sister now. She saw a middle aged woman, breastfeeding a young lady in her mid twenties.

All of this was happening, and more. There didn’t seem to be anyway to stop it. Rachel looked at all of this and she did the one thing she could do. She cried.



Die Rutsche

von tbcg
Übersetzung aus dem Englischen: The Slide

Susie beobachtete nervös ihre 5 Jahre alte Tochter, die oben auf dem Podest der Rutsche stand. Marie war schon lange kein Kleinkind mehr, aber Susie dachte trotzdem, dass die große Rutsche etwas zu groß für sie ist. Letztes Jahr stand es noch außer frage, das sie Marie da runter rutschen lässt, selbst wenn Marie immer wieder gefragt hatte. Die Rutsche sah schon etwas eigenartig aus. Aus Metall mit einer roten Plastik Röhre auf dem halben Weg nach unten. Ein merkwürdiger Mix aus zwei Rutschen-Designs in einer. Marie setzte sich vorsichtig hin und stieß sich ab. Susie beobachte wie ihre Tochter aus der Röhre schoss und war überrascht, wie viel Geschwindigkeit sie doch aufgenommen hat. Sie fing das Mädchen auf dem letzten Stück ab, hob sie hoch und schwang sie herum. Marie lachte laut los – dieses Lachen, wie es nur kleine Kinder können und das einem das Herz erwärmt.

“Jetzt musst DU aber rutschen Mami!” Sagte Marie aufgeregt und zeigte die Rutsche hoch.

“Oh, ich weiß nicht Schatz, wir müssen eigentlich los jetzt … es ist bald Zeit fürs Abendessen.” Sagte Susie in einem Erwachsenen Ton. Doch Marie zog an ihrem Arm.

“Komm schon Mami, wie ein Kind … bitte?” Susie seufzte. Naja was soll’s, wird schon nichts passieren? Sie sah sich nach den anderen Familien im Park um. Die werden sich bestimmt Kapput lachen, aber wen interessiert das schon? Das Leben ist viel zu kurz, dachte sie. Sie stieg die Stufen der Rutsche hinauf und setzte sich oben hin. Sie schaut die Rutsche herunter. Die Distanz zum Ende war nicht sehr groß. Insgeheim Wünschte sie sich, das sie Jung genug wäre, um die Abfahrt voll genießen zu können. Sie stieß sich los und schrie laut “Yuhuuu!” als sie herunter rauschte.

Anstatt am Ende der Rutsche davon zu fliegen, wurde sie langsamer und stoppte auf dem letzten Stück mit einem erschrockenen Gesichtsausdruck. Es war ein unglaublicher Gedanke, eine schreckliche Gewissheit, die sie überkam, als sie stoppte. Ihr Kopf kämpfte noch mit der Vorstellung – das war nicht Möglich.

Als sie die Rutsche herunter kam, fühlte Sie ihr ganzes Erwachsen sein von sich streifen.

Sie sah in Panik an ihrem Körper herab. Das war immer noch ihr selbes 30 jähriges ich, das sie da sah. Sie muss den Verstand verloren haben. Sie versuchte die Bilder von ihr als kleines Mädchen aus dem Kopf zu bekommen. Das muss so was wie eine irrationale Panikattacke sein, sagte sie sich selbst, und wünschte es wäre so. Ihre Hände griffen die Seiten der Rutsche. Es war als wäre ihr Körper künstlich vergrößert für ihr Alter. Es fühlte sich nicht “Richtig” an, ein Erwachsener zu sein. Sie wusste tief in sich drin, das ihr Körper schrumpfen musste, um sich ihrer neuen mentalen Realität anzupassen. Sie versuchte zu wiederstehen, schloss ihre Augen und schüttelte den Kopf. Die Bilder waren zu stark. Als sie mit geschlossenen Augen nach der Rutsche griff, spürte sie, wie sich die Position ihres Körpers verschob. In Panik öffnete sie ihre Augen. Sie hatte Angst es zu sehen, doch sie musste es wissen.

Sie WAR jünger, das war an der Größe ihrer Brüste offensichtlich zu erkennen. An ihrem T-Shirt konnte man ganz genau sehen, wie winzig ihre Brüste geworden waren. Wie die einer Jugendlichen. Sie wusste sie war 16, auch wenn die Idee lächerlich war. Sie wusste auch, das sie nicht lange 16 sein würde, als sie eine weitere “Anpassung” kommen spürte. Sie weinte und drückte ihre Beine zusammen. Warum passiert ihr das? Unbewusst drückte sie ihren Hintern auf die Rutsche und schob sich vorwärts. Sie spannte jeden Muskel in ihrem Körper an und krümmte ihren Rücken. Als die Spannung unerträglich wurde, lies sie los und ihr Körper entspannte sich in der Regression. Die Pubertät in umgekehrter Richtung. Sie schüttelte sich und schrumpfte, sie streifte die 15 und verlor noch mehr von ihrer Brust als es mit 14 pausierte. Sie wusste ihre Schambehaarung hatte ihre “drahtige” Qualität verloren und wahr jetzt fein und kindlich. Ihre Organe haben sich neu angeordnet um in ihren kleineren Körper zu passen. Ihr Magen fühlte sich kribbelig und warm an.

Aber der Prozess ging noch weiter. Sie schrie, als sie eine neue Welle kommen spürte.

“Oh neiiin!” Keuchte sie außer Atem. Sie stand an der Brücke zur Kindheit: weiter Schrumpfen würde sie auf die falschen Seite der Pubertät führen. Sie atmete gedämpft und wippte vor und zurück, die Hände immer noch fest an der Rutsch, so als würde ihr das Kraft geben. Sie fühlte sich geknebelt, als die Verjüngung wieder begann. Dieses Mal war es noch dramatischer, da ihr Körper wirklich seine Form und Größe verlor. Es waren kleine, aber intensive Stöße von Elektrizität, jeder davon beraubte sie um ein paar Monate. Sie erschütterte sich mit jeder Veränderung. Sie fühlte sich verlegen, wie jung sie doch geworden ist. Sie errötete und machte die Veränderung zu einer 13 Jährigen … und dann einer 12 Jährigen. Sie fühlte sich kahl und nackt zwischen ihren Beinen. Ihre weibliche Anatomie wurde wieder die eines Mädchens. Ihre Brüste waren verschwunden und jegliche Kurven mit ihnen. Es war ein merkwürdiges Gefühlt, so als wäre ihre Weiblichkeit zusammen gebündelt wurden in eine noch kommende Entwicklung.

Merkwürdiger weise passten ihre Sachen noch. Jedoch hatte ihr weißes T-Shirt jetzt eine große gelbe Blume vorne drauf. Sie schaute sich kurz um. Nahe bei der Rutsche saß ein Pärchen auf der Bank, sie schauten zu ihr herüber und lächelten, so als kannten sie sie genau. Sie wusste, das würden ihre Eltern sein, wenn das alles vorbei war. Ihr früheres Leben als Mutter schien eine Ewigkeit weg zu sein. Sie schüttelte den Kopf um es zurück zu bringen, doch ohne Erfolg. Die Vision klein zu sein war jetzt zu stark für sie. Sie verlor die Kraft dagegen Anzugkämpfen. Sie suchte in sich nach wenigstens etwas Reife, doch fand nur, dass sie IMMERNOCH zu alt war. Nein, nein, nein, wimmerte sie vor sich hin, als sie wieder jünger wurde. Die eine Hälfte von ihr empfand die Veränderungen als “natürlich” und “notwendig”, während die andere Hälfte jammerte und klagte. Sie ist kein kleines Mädchen, kein kleines … sie kann nicht.

Sie zitterte als sie in ihr elftes Jahr rutschte. Sie biss sich auf die untere Lippe. Ihre Sachen veränderten sich mit ihr. Ihre Jeans wechselten die Farbe von Blau zu Gelb und die Blume auf ihrem T-Shirt veränderte sich in irgendeine undefinierbare Form. Ihre Beine wurden kürzer, als sie eine 10 Jährige wurde. Sie streckte ihre Zehen, um den Sand unter der Rutsche zu erreichen. Das verschaffte ihr ein falsches Gefühl der Sicherheit, den Boden mit den Zehenspitzen zu erreichen.

Doch sie schrumpfte weiter, passierte die 10 und wurde 9. Jetzt fühlte sie sich wirklich verlegen. All ihre Kraft, ihr Selbstwertgefühl, ihr Können wurden aus ihrem Körper gesogen. Sie wusste das da ein kleiner feuchter Fleck zwischen ihren Beinen war. Sie war neun und hatte von Zeit zu Zeit immer noch kleine “Missgeschicke”. Sie war kurz etwas benommen, fing sich aber wieder und beurteilte ihre Situation. Sie braucht eine Lösung … JETZT!

Es dämmerte ihr, das sie sich gewünscht hatte wieder jung zu sein, bevor sie die Rutsche runter ist. Die Rutsche hat den Wunsch war gemacht! Sie muss wieder nach oben und sich wünschen wieder ein Erwachsener zu sein. Instinktiv drehte sie sich um und versuchte die Rutsche hoch zu klettern, so wie es Kinder öfters machen. Die Rutsche kam ihr jetzt viel Größer vor. Sie stoppte vor der Röhre. Wie kommt sie dort durch nur nach oben? An den Seiten kann sie sich da drin nicht festhalten. Sie versuchte es trotzdem und kam auch bis zur Hälfte, als ihre schwachen kleinen Arme nicht mehr konnten. Außerdem schrank sie weiter. Ihre Arme und Beine wurden fein und dünn als sie 8 Jahre alt wurde. Sie versuche sich in der Position in der Röhre zu halten. Sie drückte Arme und Beine gegen die Wände. Aber sie konnte sich nicht lange halten und rutschte wieder ein Stück zurück. Dabei pullerte sie sich etwas ein, als sie sieben wurde. Sie kletterte Rückwärts. Sie muss die Leiter hoch. Sie war kurz etwas irritiert als sie am Ende der Rutsche ankam. Sie setzte sich hin und fiel rückwärts auf ihren nassen Hintern in den Sand. Tränen kullerten in ihre sechs Jahre alten Augen, als sie an sich herab sah. Ihr Schritt war total durchnässt und sie erkannte die Figur auf ihrem T-Shirt als Mickey Maus. Ihre Jeans waren jetzt gelbe Hosen.

Sie kam wieder zu Sinnen und richtete sich auf, um zu der Leiter zu gehen. Ihre Koordination wurde immer schlechter. Sie fühlte sich unbeholfen und Chaotisch in ihren Bewegungen. Sie rannte weinend zu der Leiter, geängstigt von der Aussicht noch jünger zu werden.

Sie hatte es fast geschafft. Doch als sie nach der ersten Stange griff, merkte sie, wie die finale Sequenz der Verjüngung einsetzte. Sie hockte sich hin und wurde 5. Sie heulte laut los und machte sich nochmal nass. Sie konnte es nicht mehr stoppen … es war zu spät. Sie hockte sich tiefer hin. Fast auf dem Boden sitzend, wurde sie ein 4 jähriges Kleinkind. Mit einem lauten Furzgeräusch, kam alles aus ihrem Hintern, hinein in ihre Pull-Up. Es war zu ende.

“Wo willst du denn hin Kleine?” Fragte ihr Papa, als er sie hoch hob. “Du bist viel zu jung für DIESE Rutsche. Komm wir … oh oh … “ sagt er, als er es roch. Sie wusste, das ihr Papa sie zu Hause wieder in Windeln stecken würde. Sie war so gedemütigt. Susie wünschte sich, sie wäre so groß wie ihre ältere Schwester Marie, dann könnte sie die Rutsche runter rutschen. Sie weinte auf dem Weg nach Hause in ihrem Kindersitz. Nach der halben Strecke vergaß sie aber warum und steckte sich unbewusst ihren Daumen in den Mund und begann zu Nuckeln.


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