By Macska

Cast of Characters:
Scott Reynolds – 15 – Main character
Bekka Reynolds – 17 – Scott’s older sister
Mary Reynolds – Scott and Bekka’s mom (single mom, widowed)
Jeff Simpson – 15 – Scott’s best buddy
Casey Simpson – 7 – Jeff’s little sister
Joe and Nora Simpson – Jeff and Casey’s parents
Cara Martin – 15 – New girl in town, Scott’s romantic interest
Jeanne Martin – Cara’s mom (another single mom, divorced)

This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living, dead, or imaginary, is purely coincidental. Also, even though this story involves minors, the author does not condone the indiscriminate use of magic on children.

Chapter 1. The mall

It was a bright sunny Friday in June and while Scott Reynolds did not usually enjoy going places, or for that matter, being seen in public in the company of his mom and older sister, this was the exception. Being 15 meant not having his driver’s license and somewhat limited his mobility. Especially to the local shopping mall. The mall was a favorite teen hangout and even though it was within biking distance, his mom wouldn’t let him bike there because of the high-traffic in the area. So the only way to get there was to tag along with his mom and older sister.

While his sister, Bekka, was only two years his senior, she might as well have been his second mother. Since his dad was killed in an auto accident six years ago, rather than gaining a promotion to “man of the house,” Scott, being nine at the time, was deemed “the baby,” a role which he, to his disappointment, still retained and thought he didn’t deserve.

Also joining them on this expedition would be Jeff Simpson. Scott and Jeff had been pals since before he could remember. The plan was to swing by Jeff’s house and pick him up. Having Jeff with him meant that Mom and Bekka would go their own way and he and Jeff would have free run of the place. As long as they didn’t get into trouble, which they never did, they were on their own.

As they pulled into the Simpson’s driveway, Scott noticed that Jeff, as usual, wasn’t ready. He told his mom he would be a second and ran in to retrieve his buddy. Scott knocked on the back door (his usual entrance) and heard Jeff’s mom, Nora, call for him to come in. She explained that Jeff was searching for one of his shoes, also not unusual as they typically went flying in different directions whenever Jeff entered the house.

Seated at the kitchen table working her way through a bowl of Frosted Flakes, was Jeff’s little sister, Casey. Even though she was seven years old, Casey had trouble staying dry at night and still wore diapers to bed. Since she had to shower after being in a wet diaper and before her mom would let her dress, she was typically still diapered until she finished her breakfast. Scott wondered how she could stand being in a diaper, let alone a wet diaper, but Casey seemed not to be bothered by it.

Even though most kids wore disposables these days, Nora Simpson, like most other parents in the Portland area were “environmentally friendly” and what most would consider “old-fashioned” cloth diapers and plastic pants were the norm. There was even a diaper service van that was a common sight cruising the streets of their neighborhood.

She gave Scott a big smile and said “Good morning” around a mouthful of flakes.

“Don’t talk with food in your mouth Case,” Nora scolded. Casey just shrugged.

Scott returned the smile and gave her hair a tussle. He couldn’t help but think she looked kind of cute sitting there in nothing but a t-shirt and her diaper and plastic pants. Even though he was too young to remember being in diapers himself, there were plenty of pictures in the family photo album of both him and Jeff running around the yard and house, wearing exactly the same outfit Casey currently had on.

Finally Jeff appeared, shoe located, and his mom gave him his ten dollar weekly allowance and asked, “Will you kids be home for lunch?”

“We’ll probably eat at the mall, if that’s okay, Mrs. Simpson”, Scott answered.

“Okay then. Jeff here’s another five for lunch.” She kissed him on the forehead and said “Have fun sweetie.”

“Mooooom! I wish you wouldn’t do that in front of people,” Jeff protested, wiping his forehead.

“C’mon ‘sweetie’,” Scott chided, which earned him a shot in the arm. “Ow! Mom and Bekka are waiting in the car and you know how ‘Team Reynolds’ gets if they are deprived of shoe sales.”

“Bye ‘sweetie’,” chimed Casey from the table. Jeff just growled and stalked out the door.

Both boys piled into the back of Mary Reynolds’ minivan and they headed for the Pine Hills shopping Mall. When they arrived at the mall, Scott’s mom handed him his weekly ten dollar allowance, and told him to have fun and to meet them in the food court at noon for lunch. Thankfully, she refrained from kissing him. That would have earned him no end of grief from Jeff after the way he busted on him earlier.

First stop was Jeff’s idea and was the comic book store, but that didn’t really hold Scott’s interest for very long. Scott was more interested in the new Magic shop he had heard had just opened in the mall. He was always interested in magic and had been excited to see what they had to offer.

After browsing in the comic book store for a half-hour or so, Jeff had found the Spider Man comic he wanted, and after paying for it, they left. The next stop on Jeff’s itinerary was the arcade. Scott enjoyed video games as much as the next guy, but between the two of them, they had more and better games at home, so he didn’t really see the point. He supposed it was the noise and flashing lights. Plus they had the multi-player “Demolition Derby”, where the cars actually felt like they were moving and they were all linked together through a central computer, so you could race and crash into other cars. This was Jeff’s favorite and he usually won, but Scott got his share of licks in as well.

As they rounded the corner en route to the arcade, there it was, right next door. The place looked ancient, like the shops in all the old black and white movies Scott watched on late night TV. Even the sign looked like it was from the 1600’s and said simply “Magick and Apothecary”.

“Dude, we have to check this place out”, Scott gushed, almost hyperventilating.

“Aww man, what is so interesting about a bunch of crummy magic tricks anyway?” was Jeff’s bored reply, “I would rather go to the arcade. I mean, how good can it be, they can’t even spell the name right.”

“Moron, that’s the way you spell real magic, with a ‘k’, the other kind is just the stage tricks. This is the real deal.”

“Whatever, still looks like old junk from somebody’s basement.”

“Tell you what, you go to the arcade and I’ll meet you there after I check out this place.”

“Fine,” came his buddy’s resigned reply, “Just don’t spend the whole morning in there, I want to whip your ass in ‘Demolition Derby’.”

“Agreed, just don’t blow your whole allowance before I have a chance to show you how it’s done.” Which earned him another good-natured jab in the shoulder, and both boys split up with more joking taunts and promises to whip the other into submission.

Once inside, Scott began browsing the aisles looking for something that would amaze his friends and family. He was shocked at how expensive everything was. The cheapest item he could find was $25 so he was resigned to just window shop.

“Can I help you find anything?”

He was so lost in his thoughts, Scott jumped about a foot and turned to see a pretty girl, probably about 19 or 20 years old, dressed like a goth sorceress.

“No thanks, I was just browsing. Besides, this stuff is all too expensive for me anyway.”

“Real magic costs real money, the stage tricks are always cheaper,” the goth girl replied, “There are some less-expensive items in the back. You know, under $10.”

Thanks very much”, Scott replied. Now that was in his budget. He headed for the back of the shop and began browsing the items. In the middle of one of the shelves, was a peg-board type display with clear zip-lock bags hanging from hooks. Scott stopped dead in his tracks, totally confused by the contents.

In each of several bags was what appeared to be a cloth diaper, a pair of plastic pants and a couple of pins. They were the same kind he had seen on Casey earlier that morning. He removed one bag from the hook to examine it more closely. The only writing on the bag was a sticker listing the price. Five dollars.

“Now why would a magic shop be selling diapers?” he muttered, half to himself.

“Those aren’t just any diapers, they are magic,” came the voice of the goth girl, again making him nearly jump out of his skin.

“Yipe! I wish you wouldn’t do that, you’re gonna give me a heart attack. What kind of magic, anyway?”

The girl just smiled and said, “We don’t reveal the secrets of our merchandise, you have to buy it to find out all of its powers.”

Scott wasn’t usually interested in diapers, and figured he’d just put them back since he couldn’t think of anything useful to do with them.

“Come on,” chided the goth girl, “give them a try. We guarantee you will be amazed.”

Not exactly thinking clearly, Scott agreed and began walking to the cash register. He wasn’t sure why he was suddenly interested in diapers, magic or otherwise, and figured that it was due to him being a 15-year-old boy and a pushover for a pretty girl.

“Hang on a second,” said the girl, placing her hand on his shoulder, “We have to make sure we get a proper fit.”

Proper what? She didn’t really expect him to try on a diaper? Without realizing it, he let her guide him to the back stockroom. Once there, she closed the door and instructed him to remove his pants.

For a second, Scott considered telling her to forget it, I mean, was she some kind of pervert who got off on diapering teenage boys? However, something made him curious to see how this would play out. He removed his shoes and cargo shorts and was standing there in front of this cute goth girl in just his t-shirt, socks, and under pants.

“Hop up on this table,” she said patting a low bench type table. Scott obeyed. She was unfolding the diaper, which he realized was actually his size. She expertly grabbed his ankles with her left hand and lifted his butt off the table, sliding the diaper into position underneath with her right.

“I want to keep my underwear…” He wasn’t able to finish his sentence, as to his complete shock, she grabbed the waistband of his underpants with her free hand and whipped them down. She released his ankles letting his, now bare, butt come to rest squarely on the waiting diaper. Then in the same fluid motion, slid his underpants down his legs and completely off.

Scott lay there in shock, now completely naked from the waist down in front of a strange girl. He was sort of a modest kid and would never even consider letting even his mother see him in this state.

The girl just smiled at his now bright red face and said, “Don’t worry, kid. I babysit on the side so I have done this hundreds of times. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

This only made him blush harder. At this point, he just wanted her to finish making sure the diaper would fit so he could get out of there and never come back.

The girl dropped his underpants on the table and turned to the cabinet behind her, humming quietly to herself. When she turned back, she had a container of baby powder in her hand.

“Now hold on just a minute!” Scott protested, but she just ignored him and began sprinkling the powder on his crotch and between his legs and gently rubbing it in. She sprinkled a generous amount of powder in her hand, set the container down, and again lifted his ankles, bringing his butt off the table. She then rubbed the powder all over his rear end.

“Great, now I’m going to smell like a baby.”

“Don’t worry, no one will smell it unless people routinely sniff your butt,” she joked, lowering him back onto the diaper. Next she brought the front of the diaper between his legs and quickly pinned it snugly in place. At least he was no longer on display, but wasn’t exactly sure this was much of an improvement.

“Stand up and let’s check the fit.”

Scott obeyed and when he stood, he realized how thick the diaper was compared to regular underwear.

“It feels like I have a pillow between my legs.”

“You’re just not used to it. Here,” she said holding the plastic pants out in front of him, just below knee level.

“Do I have to?”

“We have to make sure everything fits.”

Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. He placed his right foot into the waiting pants, followed by his left. The girl then pulled the plastic pants up and over the diaper, making sure everything was tucked in completely.

“Perfect.” she pronounced, “Take a look for yourself.”

She directed him to a triple mirror, like the kind they have in a tailor shop that lets you see nearly all sides. Scott couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Standing there in his t-shirt, socks and diaper, he looked just like a little kid, except he wasn’t. He was a fifteen year old boy. His mind flashed to the image of Casey from this morning.

“Okay, it fits, can I take it off now?”

“Why don’t you just keep it on? Your shorts are loose enough they will fit over your diaper no problem.”

No problem?! Was she joking? “I really don’t want to walk around the mall in a diaper.”

“Would you rather walk around the mall with a diaper and plastic pants in a bag and have to explain them to people when they ask what you bought? Besides, I can just fold up your underpants and put them into one of the leg pockets of your cargo shorts, see?” As she spoke, she retrieved his underpants, neatly folded them into a small rectangle and slipped them into one of the lower pockets, snapping it shut. She then tossed the shorts to the still somewhat stunned boy and turned around. “Go ahead and get dressed, then come up front and I’ll ring you up.”

Whatever gets me out of this crazy place, he thought. I’ll just tough it out until I get home, then change out of this stupid diaper. He quickly dressed and checked himself in the mirror to make sure there was no telltale bulge under his shorts. Luckily unless someone looked really close, they wouldn’t be able to tell he was wearing a diaper. And besides, who would suspect a 15 year-old to still be in diapers anyway.

He walked to the front of the shop to pay for his purchase. The diaper still felt strange between his legs, but he tried to walk and act as normal as possible. He was glad the store was empty with the exception of the goth girl. He paid his five dollars and left to meet Jeff in the arcade. Suddenly, he couldn’t wait to get home and change. Checking his cell phone for the time, he noticed it was only 10:30, this was going to be a long morning.

He and Jeff played several arcade games, but he couldn’t get his mind off the way the diaper felt and lost most of the challenges. Since Jeff usually was the superior opponent anyway, this was not too remarkable. He did begin to notice the diaper was getting hot. The plastic pants trapped his body heat and, especially with the exertion of playing, it was starting to get uncomfortable.

Looking at his phone, he was relieved to see it was almost noon.

“C’mon dude,” he said to Jeff, “time to meed Mom and Bekka for lunch.”

They met in the food court as planned, Mom and sister had several bags in tow. Probably shoes and clothes. He wondered why it was women needed so many of these things. He and Jeff got Big Macs fries and sodas, the women had Panda Express.

They all sat down to eat. The ladies were jabbering on about their finds, and Jeff was engrossed in the Spider Man comic he purchased earlier. This was just as well, as Scott’s mind was still on the undergarment he was wearing and how uncomfortable it was. Just then, he felt an odd sensation and froze with his big Mac halfway to his mouth.

Why was there a strange warmth spreading through the diaper? Oh my God! I’m peeing! WTF?!? His mind was racing. His first instinct was to clamp down and stop the flow, salvaging whatever dignity he had left. His body, however, had other ideas and was ignoring his demand to stop. The flow of pee continued, soaking into the diaper until it was saturated. Crap! What if it leaks? How am I going to explain that?

Finally, his bladder was empty and the torrent ceased.

“Scott! What are you doing?” his mom exclaimed.

He was like a deer in the headlights. Did she realize what just happened? He was doomed!

“You’re dripping sauce all over your pants!” She grabbed a napkin and began blotting the mess.
He froze, hoping her hand wouldn’t detect the diaper bulge, but the sauce dripped lower on his leg and nowhere near the diaper.

“Honestly, sometimes you are worse than a baby. Next you will need a bib.”

Jeff thought this was hysterical and laughed until a well-placed shot in the arm shut him up.

“Sorry mom,” was all he could think to say. He finished his meal and wiped his hands on a napkin.

Before rising to dispose of his his trash, he covertly ran his hand over the legs of his pants, silently praying he wouldn’t find any telltale wet spots. Luckily, the diaper and plastic pants did their job and contained everything. Not that that made his discomfort any less, but at least it was his private hell and not on display for the world to see.

They walked to the car and Scott noticed that the diaper he thought was so uncomfortable before, seemed like heaven compared to how it was at the present time. He could not wait to get home. This torture device was going straight into the trash. He would consider the $5 a write-off to a lesson learned.

Chapter 2. Home sweet home

They dropped Jeff off at his house, said goodbye, and drove the block and a half back to the Reynolds home. Scott was out in a flash and headed straight for his room in order to extricate himself from his pee-soaked diaper.

“Hold it right there, young man!” His mom’s command stopped him dead in his tracks. “Give me your pants.”

Scott felt like someone just dropped a ton of bricks on him. He couldn’t take off his pants in front of Mom and his sister. How would he explain that not only was he wearing a diaper, but had used it as well.

“Um, I’ll take them off upstairs and bring them right down.”

“Nothing doing. Once you retreat to that lair of yours you will get lost in your computer and I’ll have to come up and fetch them.” Nora extended her hand waiting for him to surrender his cargo shorts. “Besides, I am sure your diaper needs changing anyway.”

Bang! Another ton. How did she know he was wearing a diaper and a wet diaper at that? And how could she state it so matter of factly like it was something that happened all the time?

Completely off guard, he steeled himself to remove his pants, exposing the shameful garment beneath. As he handed the shorts to her, she surprised him by pulling the waistband of his plastic pants and thrusting a finger into his soggy diaper.

“Just as I thought, soaked. Bekka, would you mind changing your brother while I start this load of laundry.”

“Sure Mom. C’mon pee-pants, let’s get that wet diapee off before you get a rash.”

She patted his diapered butt and he walked off towards his bedroom as if in a trance, with his sister following behind him. Had everyone lost their minds? He didn’t wear diapers, why were they acting like this was normal?

His sister followed him up the stairs into his bedroom and two steps in commanded “Turn around, lift your t-shirt.”

She then proceeded to remove his plastic pants. He stepped out of them and she dropped them on the floor. She then unpinned the wet diaper and carefully placed it into a waiting diaper pail next to his dresser.

“When the hell did that get put there?” He thought, his mind still reeling. Then she grabbed a couple of baby wipes from the container on his dresser (which also was not there the last time he was in his room) and began wiping his diaper area. Scott was so mortified by this humiliating experience, he was paralyzed.

Bekka then dropped the used wipes into the trash and grabbed a container of baby powder and a clean diaper from a rack next to the dresser. She unfolded the diaper and spread it out on his bed.

Without having to be told, Scott lay down on the diaper as his sister powdered him just like the goth-girl did earlier and pinned the diaper in place. Bekka retrieved the plastic pants from where she had dropped them earlier and as if on autopilot, Scott then raised his legs and she slipped them over his feet and pulled them up his legs, he even lifted his butt off the bed at the proper time so she could pull them all the way up.

He then stood up and his sister checked to make sure everything was tucked in. He pulled his t-shirt back down and she patted his freshly re-diapered butt and bounced off. He could hear her washing her hands in the bathroom across the hall.

Scott walked over and opened the pail. It contained the only the diaper just deposited there by his sister so this was, in fact, not something that had occurred earlier as well. The pee smell coming from it made him quickly close the lid.

Had everyone gone insane? Scott had just about all he could take. There was no way he was going to continue this game. He walked to his dresser, opened the top drawer, and, Bang! There was that ton of bricks feeling again.

He stared in disbelief, not sure what to make of the sight before him. There were his socks and undershirts, just as always. But where his underpants usually were, instead were about a dozen pairs of plastic pants, just like the pair he was currently wearing.

He had to touch them to believe they were real. Running his hand over the smooth plastic confirmed they were not a mirage. His mind reeling, he closed the drawer. All of his underpants had been replaced with plastic pants. But when, how? And by whom?

Wait a second, he still had the underpants he wore this morning, hopefully they too weren’t transformed. Running down to intercept his mom, he arrived in the laundry room just as she was emptying his pockets. As she opened the leg pocket containing his only remaining pair of regular underpants, he tried to stop her, but too late. She removed the garment and looked at it with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Honey, where did you get these?” she asked, holding them up in front of him.

Scott’s mind raced. He couldn’t very well claim ownership, given the trance that currently affected everybody, she would never believe him.

“From Jeff,” was all he could think to say. “I just wanted to see what it was like to wear regular underwear, please don’t be mad.” He laid it on as thick as he could, proud of the quick thinking on his part. He held out his hand, reaching for his salvation and said, “I’ll give them back to him.”

“Sweetheart, I’m not mad at you. I have told you before, you’re not ready yet for big kid underwear.”

“But Mom, I’m fifteen!”

“I know, and when you prove you can make it to the toilet, I’ll buy you regular underwear. I don’t want you borrowing other kids’ things, especially underwear. It really is not hygienic.”

Thinking as fast as he could, he replied, “But Mom, he doesn’t know I took them. They were in the laundry basket when I went to get him this morning. If you give them to me, I will put them back when I go there next time.” Scott silently patted himself on the back, proud of his quick save.

“That’s even worse, stealing other people’s property,” Chimed Bekka from the doorway.

“Son, you really shouldn’t just take things that aren’t yours. I will keep these and return them to Nora myself.”

Defeated, Scott sulked up the stairs to his room.

“Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy!” said Mary Reynolds, in an exasperated voice.

“Oh, Mom, he’s just frustrated that it’s taking him so much longer than all of his friends. By the way, it is going to be kind of awkward returning those to Jeff’s mom. ‘Sorry my kid swiped your kid’s underwear’.”

“I know,” replied Mary, “I think we’ll just avoid the whole conversation.” With that, she dropped the underpants into the trash. Thinking for a second, she decided that since it was almost full anyway, she would take the bag out to the cans going to the curb that evening.

“I don’t want him finding them and trying to wear them, I don’t need that mess to deal with.”

Sitting at his computer, Scott sulked. Fine, if she wants me to prove I don’t need diapers, I’ll show her. Now that the “magic” diaper was off, Scott assumed his control would return. A day or two and she would be making a trip to the store to buy him new underwear and he could put this whole mess behind him.

He shuddered at the thought of having to spend even one day in these things and vowed to push the matter after he successfully showed his mom he was, in fact, toilet trained. The last thing he needed was for any of his friends to find out. That would be the end of life as he knew it.

To take his mind off his problems, Scott logged on to his computer and hoped to find some friends to chat with. As luck would have it, not only was Jeff (screen name BartsBro as a tribute to his famous surname) online, so was Cara Martin (LAChick). Cara parents were divorced and she and her mom moved to Portland a few weeks ago from L.A. They lived next door to Jeff, and a block or so from the Reynolds house.

Cara was officially, in Scott’s opinion, the hottest girl in town. She was tall and slim with long blond hair and the most amazing green eyes Scott had ever seen. He was so awestruck that when they first met, on the day Cara and her mom moved in, he was like a blubbering idiot. Cara seemed shy but he figured there was no way she would even consider being his girlfriend. Also, he got the feeling she was more into Jeff. But nobody had made any declarations, so he figured he still had a shot.

Scotsman: Hey guys, what’s the happs?
BartsBro: Not much dude, just hangin’
LAChick: Hey Scotty, how was the mall?

Scott didn’t even want to think about it since, in his mind, it was the cause of his current predicament.

Scotsman: Still there, Same-o

The conversation proceeded along with the same banal teen banter for awhile, until…

BartsBro: Hey guys, gotta run. I need a bio-break.
Scotsman: Dude! Over-share!
BartsBro: Sorry Scott, we don’t all have the luxury of being able to just go in our diapers.

Bang! Where the hell were all these bricks coming from anyway? Scott sat there stunned.

LAChick: Huh?
BartsBro: Oops. Sorry Scott. I didn’t mean to blow up your spot.
BartsBro: I’m just used to everybody knowing about it. See ya’ later.
BartsBro: /signoff

Scott was frozen. Not only did Jeff somehow know he wore diapers now, but Cara didn’t (at least not until a second ago).

LAChick: Scott, you still there?
LAChick: Scott?
Scotsman: Yes?
LAChick: What Jeff said, is it true?

No point lying now. For all practical purposes, it was. At least at the moment.

Scotsman: Yes. God, this isn’t too humiliating!
LAChick: That’s cool, really.
LAChick: Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I guess I wouldn’t really be happy with someone asking a lot of personal questions about my underwear.
Scotsman: Well, at least yours is age-appropriate.
LAChick: Ha! Tell that to my mom. She doesn’t approve of a 15-year-old wearing thong panties.

Damn! Here he was discussing underwear with the hottest girl in town, and his would have to be a diaper. That settled it, this had to stop.

Scotsman: Thanks for understanding, I gotta blaze now. Talk to you later?
LAChick: Sure, mind if I stop by in a bit? I’m bored, maybe we can watch TV or something?

Scotsman: That would be awesome!

Too desperate, Scotty, dial it down. Try and maintain some dignity.

Scottsman: Sounds like a plan, See you later.
LAChick: Ta.

Scott figured that he at least managed to salvage something (though his dignity was a write-off).
Cara actually wanted to see him, even after finding out about his new secret. He signed off and he immediately realized something was wrong. His diaper was soaked and he didn’t even remember going. Must have been the shock of being “outed”, but still it didn’t fill him with hope.

Maybe he could change himself and Mom would be none the wiser. He stood up intending on walking toward the dresser, determined to change before anyone caught him, when suddenly, he felt a spasm in his gut. Before he realized it, he felt the back of his diaper begin to fill. To his horror, he was pooping in his pants, err, diaper, and unable to do anything about it.

He stood, paralyzed as the mess emptied into the waiting diaper. How could that be? He wasn’t wearing the magic diaper? Were they all cursed? Trying to comprehend what was happening to him, he sat back down in his computer chair to collect his thoughts.

He realized immediately that this was a huge mistake as it mashed the smelly mess all over his butt and he even felt some ooze out into the plastic pants. Things suddenly got a whole lot more complicated.

Just then his mom walked in.

“Scott, are you going to just goof around on the computer…” Now she was close enough to smell what he was currently sitting in.

“Oh Scott, is that smell what I think it is?” No hiding it now. “And did you have to mash it in? Come on, we are going to have to deal with this one in the bathroom.”

“Take off your t-shirt and throw it in the hamper, you are going to have to take a shower.”

Scott didn’t know what else to do except as she instructed. He removed his t-shirt and socks, tossed them into the clothes hamper in his room, and followed his mom to the bathroom wearing nothing except the poopy diaper and plastic pants .

Scott stood in the tub, utterly humiliated. Mary carefully removed the plastic pants and the diaper and used the front, relatively clean, part of the diaper to wipe most of the nasty mess off of his backside. She then emptied as much of it as she could from the diaper into the toilet.

“Now, shower that mess off of yourself and let me know when you’re finished.”

Jeff obediently did as he was told and Mary left with the diaper and plastic pants to place them into the pail in his room.

Scott finished his shower, dried himself, and wrapped a towel around his waist out of modesty and habit. Why bother? He thought, both Mom and his sister have now seen all he had up close and personal.

Suddenly a glimmer of hope struck. Of course, he wasn’t wearing the cursed diaper, but his sister put the plastic pants from the magic shop back on when she changed him earlier. That had to be it.

He was still dreading what awaited him and as he entered his bedroom, there was mom, waiting for him and on his bed was a clean diaper. Defeated, he lay down on the waiting instrument of torture and humiliation, but there was some happiness that now he would be able to show them he really didn’t need to wear diapers.

“Mom?” he asked, trying to cover the awkward silence as she powdered and diapered him.

“Yes dear?”

“Don’t you think it’s odd that a fifteen year old kid still needs diapers?”

“Honey, everybody is different, you’ll know when you’re ready. All in good time.”

“But none of my friends still wear diapers, except for Jeff’s sister, Casey, who’s only seven, and even she only needs them at night. And how old was Bekka when she was out of diapers.”

“Your sister was completely out of them before her third birthday, but then she has always been in a hurry to grow up.”

“Exactly, why do I…”

Mary cut him off, “Honey, like I said, everybody is different.”

He stood and stepped into a clean pair of plastic pants. His mom pulled them up and made sure the diaper was completely tucked in.

“Mom, I feel like I’m ready.”

“After that mess I just had to deal with, so am I,” she replied with a smile. “When you feel like you have to go, just let me or your sister know and we’ll take off your diaper so you can use the toilet, okay honey?”

“Sure mom, thanks.”

She handed him a clean t-shirt, which he put on, gave him a peck on the cheek and a pat on the butt (man, he was starting to hate that, why did they always feel the need to pat his diapered butt?), and left his room.

Scott absentmindedly wandered downstairs, plopped on the couch in nothing but his t-shirt, which barely covered the top of his plastic pants, and diaper and began flicking through the channels, looking for something to watch.

He began watching a Dexter episode on Showtime that he had missed earlier and was so engrossed in the program, he didn’t hear the doorbell. His sister answered it.

“Hi, I’m Cara Martin from the next block. Is Scott home?”

Bekka was surprised to see the pretty girl at the door. And she was asking for Scott.

“He’s in the den watching something gory on TV,” said Bekka looking disgusted and motioned for Cara to come in. She pointed her toward the den and as Cara leaned forward to set her purse on the floor, Bekka saw the top of her thong peeking out from the waistband of her short skirt.

“I wonder when fifteen year-olds started dressing so slutty?” she thought. “Now stop that Bekka, you’re starting to sound like Mom,” she mentally corrected herself. Here was a cute girl who wanted to see her dorky brother, she should be happy for him.

The two girls entered the den and Cara stopped frozen in her tracks. There on the couch, sat Scott, wearing only a t-shirt, diaper in plain sight.

“Oh hi Cara,” noticing the odd expression on her face, said, “What’s wrong?”

Bekka giggled and Cara couldn’t speak, she just stared.

Suddenly, Scott looked down and realized what she was staring at. Turning about ten shades of red, he jumped up and bolted for his room.

“Wait, Scott, it’s okay,” Cara cried out feebly.

Heart pounding, Scott ran up the stairs, slammed the bedroom door and threw himself on his bed. Don’t cry, don’t make her think you’re a bigger baby than she already does. Could this day possibly suck any more?

Cara didn’t know what to do. Bekka figured she should do something to save her brother from his own stupidity. “My brother the exhibitionist,” was all she could think of.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass Scott like that,” was all Cara could think of to say.

“He did this to himself, you are not to blame.”

“Do you think he’ll even want to see me after this?”

“If he doesn’t, he’s a bigger idiot than I thought possible. Maybe if you go up and try talking to him. If you want to, that is.”

“I do, it’s just he was so embarrassed, and so was I.”

“Boys are all immature, you will have to make the first move, or else we’ll all be retired waiting for him to ‘man up’.” With her pep-talk finished, she shooed Cara up the stairs, “First door on the right. Don’t let the moron send you away. Be strong. Girl Power.” Bekka held her fist in the air and smiled reassuringly.

Scott got up and pulled on a pair of sweat pants when he heard a faint tapping on his door. Time to face the music, he thought, and opened the door. There was Cara standing there looking beautiful and she seemed to be as embarrassed as he was. She also looked just a tiny bit disappointed to see he had put on a pair of pants, but that must have been his imagination.

“Scott, I didn’t mean to walk in on you like that, your sister said you were in the den and to come in, I didn’t expect to…”

“That’s okay, it was my stupid fault for being too lazy to put on pants. You must think I’m a total baby.”

He looked at the ground, afraid to make eye contact, though it was difficult not to gaze into those beautiful big green eyes.

Then she did something totally unexpected. She walked up, threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss right on the mouth. Scott thought his knees would buckle and suddenly he didn’t care about being caught in diapers. Obviously, Cara didn’t care about it.

“I think it’s adorable. In fact that’s why I came over. Do you mind talking about it?”

Crap. Why did girls always want to talk about “feelings?” He just wanted to kiss her again.

“It’s really not my favorite topic, as you might guess.”

“I know, it’s just, well, I never knew anybody my age who wore diapers, and I’m interested. If you are uncomfortable, we don’t have to… When you’re ready is fine. I’ll respect that.”

What the hell, if she’s willing to accept this, then he can at least be a good sport. As long as she was here, that was something.

“That’s okay. Thanks for being understanding about it, not everyone would be.”

Cara walked over and sat on the edge of his bed, patted the mattress next to her to invite him to sit. Even though his legs were like over-cooked spaghetti, he managed to walk over and sit next to her. His heart was pounding in his ears and he was sure she could hear it.

“So, have you needed diapers your whole life or was there an accident of some sort? I read somewhere that people who suffer a head or spine injury, sometimes become incontinent.”

“Actually, it’s more complicated. Umm, this is gonna sound crazy, but please believe me, it is the gods honest truth, I swear.”

She met his gaze and he was momentarily lost in those beautiful eyes.

Since she didn’t say anything, he decided to plow ahead. “I was toilet trained at the usual age. I was too young to remember exactly when and don’t even recall being in diapers the first time.”

“So it was an accident then?”

Here comes the tough part. “Actually, no. I didn’t wear them again until this morning.”

She looked confused.

Slowly Scott recanted the entire story of the mall and the magic shop, expecting her to call BS at any moment, but she gazed steadily nodding slightly from time-to-time and holding his hand gently.

He copped to the wetting accident, but stopped short of the messy diaper story for fear he’d gross her out completely.

When he finished, she thought for a moment, then asked, “So, how long do you think the spell lasts?”

“I am hoping it ended when I was changed out of the magic diaper and plastic pants and into the regular ones.” Just saying that made him feel stupid, I mean, telling a girl you like about getting your diaper changed was not something he ever thought he would be doing.

“So if you don’t need them, why are you still wearing?”

“I don’t have any regular underwear, and besides it’s just a theory.”

“I see, so you’ll know the next time you have to pee?”

“Yup, just waiting for the ‘magic’ to happen.”

“So what happens, do you think your mom will let you out of diapers just like that?”

“That’s the plan. I just have to prove I can make it to the toilet, and all will be right again.”

He couldn’t be sure, but he almost thought she looked disappointed by that.
She began fidgeting a bit and her voice was very quiet.

“Scott, um, I was wondering something…” She swallowed hard and it was his turn to say nothing. He held her gaze and waited. She seemed very shy suddenly and looked like her mouth had gone dry.

“Would you mind, I mean do you think it would be okay if, um…”

Another pause. “Yes?” he coaxed her.

“Could I try on one of your diapers?”

Scott didn’t know what to say. Now it was Cara’s turn to go crimson.

“Why would you want to do that?”

She was trembling. “I um, I just wondered what it was like.”

“I don’t understand it, but I don’t mind. One thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“What if the spell is on all of the diapers here? I mean, they did appear by magic. What if you put one on and the same thing that happened to me, happens to you? You’ll be trapped just like me.”

“Well, then we’ll know what is in store for you, won’t we? And we can figure a way out together. Besides, I wouldn’t mind sharing this with you. Can we keep it our little secret?”

“I think it’s a crazy risk, but go for it.” He thought again about how cute Casey looked this morning and the thought of Cara in a diaper was driving him mad. He was thankful the diaper hid his erection from her and he got up and handed her one of his diapers, two diaper pins from a tray on the dresser and the container of powder. Then he retrieved a pair of plastic pants from the drawer and handed them to her as well. She took them from him and walked toward the bathroom.

“Need any help?”

“Pervert,” she winked and closed the bathroom door behind her.

Cara’s heart was pounding as she spread the diaper on the bathroom floor. Then she reached under her skirt, pulled down her panties, and stepped out of them. She couldn’t believe she was actually going through with this. She had always had an interest in diapers and since her parents divorce, it had become more pronounced. Since she found out Scott wore diapers, though not by choice, and now it turns out, due to some pretty bizarre circumstances, that was all she could think of. She hatched the plan in an instant, before she even had time to think of the consequences. She had hoped that maybe she and Scott could become “diaper buddies”, though it seemed he only wanted out of his predicament.

She decided the process would be smoother if she removed her skirt as well. She then positioned herself on the diaper and applied the powder, carefully spreading it around. She wasn’t sure if she’d actually be able to wet, though from what Scott said, she may not have a choice, but if it happened, she didn’t want to risk having to explain a diaper rash.

Hands trembling, she brought the diaper up between her legs and began to pin it in place. Cara had been babysitting since she was 10 and had been on the other end of her share of diaper changes, but this is the first time she ever diapered herself. With a few readjustments, she finally pronounced “mission accomplished” and stood to admire her handiwork in the mirror.

Satisfied with her workmanship, she stepped into the plastic pants, pulled them up, and made sure they completely enclosed her diaper. “Her diaper”, she ran the phrase around her mouth and giggled at how it sounded. She spent a couple more minutes admiring her diapered butt in the mirror, then put her skirt back on. It was pretty short, actually all of her skirts were. She always thought her legs were her best attribute and liked to show them off whenever possible. She was afraid it might reveal her diapered state, but if she was careful, she could hide the diaper from Bekka and Scott’s mom.

She walked out of the bathroom enjoying the feeling of the thick diaper between her legs and had to pop back to retrieve her panties from the floor. “Pay attention Cara,” she scolded herself, you don’t want to get busted. She wondered what to do with them but since she usually wore pretty skimpy underwear, to her mom’s dismay, she could easily hide them in her hand and transfer them to her purse when she got back downstairs.

As she walked into his room, Scott asked, “So how did it go, it took so long, I thought you had trouble.”

“A little, nothing major. It is harder to put a diaper on yourself than on someone else.”

“Hey, I offered,” which earned him a light smack on the arm, “So, did you get everything right?”

Her response was to giggle and lift the front of her skirt, revealing her diaper. Then she gave a quick twirl, causing her skirt to fly out giving him a full 360 panoramic view.

Cara noted the look of approval on Scott’s face.

All he could think of to say was, “Better be careful nobody else sees that. C’mon, lets go watch TV.”

They both walked downstairs, Cara being careful not to seem nervous and making sure her skirt didn’t ride up.

“Cara,” Scott’s mom popped into view, startling her, “Sorry hon. Would you like to stay for dinner? Friday is Pizza night at ‘Chez Reynolds’ and I already cleared it with your mom.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

“Besides, I have been trying to get your mom to come out for ‘Ladies Night’ with Nora Simpson and me, and this way she won’t have to worry about you sitting home all by yourself.”

“We were going to watch a little TV, Mom,” Scott said.

“That’s fine, the pizza has been ordered, you kids have fun”.

“Thank heavens I won’t have to be the only girl here,” chimed Bekka.

“You girls better not turn this into a slumber party.”

“Aw, we could do your hair an makeup,” his sister taunted. Scott just stuck out his tongue at her.

Scott, and Cara sat next to each other on the couch, the distance, or lack thereof, between them was not lost on Bekka.

She gave Cara a covert “thumbs-up” and smiled as she sat in the recliner. Tomorrow night was Bekka’s turn to go out with her boyfriend, but she tried to give her mom a night of fun. Besides, it was nice to see her brother developing an interest in girls finally. And he was starting out with a really cute one.

After a bit of debate, they decided on a movie that all could enjoy. Scott was happy to note that he and Cara shared similar taste in movies, all of which Bekka found beneath her dignity.

The pizza arrived and the three hungry teens tore into it along with several glasses of soda.

To his dismay, by the end of the movie, Scott realized his diaper was wet, killing the theory that the spell was broken. He also noticed Cara beginning to squirm. Bekka excused herself. Scott knew the reason and was envious of her for being able to use the toilet as he himself was able to do just this morning.

When she left, he leaned over to Cara and whispered in her ear, “No sense in being miserable, just let it go.”

She blushed slightly and replied “That’s easier said than done. I’m fighting a dozen years of conditioning.”

“Well, the fact that you are able to resist says my theory about the spell being on all the diapers is a negative.”

“And you, what is your condition?”

“Sub-optimal,” he replied and by the look on his face, she knew exactly what that meant.

Cara closed her eyes and concentrated. Soon she felt a trickle of pee escaping into the diaper and let out a surprised gasp at how hot it felt, which caused the flood gates to open and soon her diaper was as soaked as Scott’s.

“Kind of a strange feeling huh?”

“Yeah”, was all she could think of. She shifted her bottom and felt the wet diaper move. The feeling was almost erotic. She let out a contented sigh and said, “This isn’t that bad, I don’t know why you hate it so much.”

“Doing it on purpose is one thing, my situation is not the same. I don’t even know I’m doing it unless I happen to be paying attention when it happens.”

She could see his point. Just then, Bekka reentered the room and said “Well, since I’ve taken care of my bladder, it is probably time to repair the damage for you Scottie.”

Scott glowered at her.

“Oh don’t give me the death-stare, I’ve changed your diapers hundreds of times and you gave Cara the ‘Full Monty’ when she first got here, so we don’t have any secrets. How about you Cara? I’ll bet your diaper is wet as well.”

Both teens stared open mouthed at the elder Reynolds who simply smiled in response.

“How?” was all the stunned Cara could manage.

“Honey, if you are going to wear a diaper, you should really wear a longer skirt. I caught a glimpse of your plastic pants when you sat down on the couch. Also, since I didn’t notice you wearing them earlier, I can only assumed you tapped into my brother’s supply.”

Cara gulped but otherwise remained speechless.

“Plus by the way you were squirming when I got up to go and the fact that you aren’t any longer, I can only assume that your bladder was full and now it isn’t. C’mon, diaper changes all around.”

She headed up to Scott’s room and the two teens had no option but to follow. Cara wasn’t sure her legs would support her, but she somehow made it.

“Ladies first.” Bekka commanded, “Scott, be a gentleman and wait outside.” She ushered Cara into Scott’s room and closed the door. Scott stood outside and patiently waited his turn. At least knowing that Cara was enduring the same humiliation made it a bit easier to take.

A few minutes later, Cara emerged wearing one of Scott’s over sized t-shirts, his usual sleeping apparel, looking like a little girl. “This diaper’s twice as thick as the first”, she whispered, “I guess it is for overnight.”

Next was Scott’s turn and though this was becoming routine, he still felt embarrassed having his sister change him. After a few minutes, he emerged dressed in a similar outfit to what Cara had on.

“Mom said they will probably be out late, so she green-lit Cara sleeping over. Cara, there’s a new toothbrush in the bathroom, it’s the red one. We have that big inflatable mattress from camping and a bunch of blankets and such if you guys want to crash in the den.”

Though it was June, the nights still got cool in the Pacific Northwest and the Reynolds family was big on open windows, especially for sleeping. This suited Cara just fine as she preferred an open window and would burrow under her goose-down comforter at home.

The arrangement was also fine with Scott. Finally something good to offset all of the misery he had endured thus far today. After Scott inflated the mattress and spread out the blankets, Cara and Scott each grabbed a pillow and flopped down on the mattress and wriggled under the thick comforter.

“Now you two behave yourselves, keep it G-rated,” Bekka teased. To be honest, she was glad that Scott had finally found someone. Given his “toilet training” status, she had worried he would never have a girlfriend. Plus, having a girlfriend who actually seemed to like diapers, which to be honest, Bekka didn’t quite understand, was a plus.

Bekka set the auto-shutoff timer on the TV for one hour and turned out the den lights leaving the two younger teens with just the glow of the TV screen for illumination. Cara leaned in and kissed Scott goodnight. Yep, this day no longer sucked. As it had been an eventful and emotionally draining day, both were asleep and snoring softly before the TV switched itself off.

Cara woke up in the middle of the night and was momentarily disoriented. It took her a second to realize where she was. This usually happened to her when sleeping in a strange place. Scott was lying next to her with his arm wrapped around her mid-section snoring quietly. She looked around and saw the digital clock on the cable box glowing 2:42. She hated that her bladder insisted on waking her in the middle of the night and was dreading leaving not only the warmth of the bed, but having to disturb Scott.

As she shifted, she felt the bulk of the nighttime diaper and remembered that she was wearing it. She sighed deeply as she let go and flooded the diaper. It was thick enough to take every drop and she smiled as she felt the warmth spread and envelop her. Snuggling closer to Scott, she drifted back to sleep. “I could get used to this,” she thought.

Chapter 3. The next morning.

While Scott was by no stretch of the imagination a “morning person”, Cara could never sleep in once the sun came up. This particular morning, it was not only the light streaming in the window that roused her, but the wonderful smell of sausages, and coffee wafting in from the kitchen.

As she shifted, she felt the soggy diaper she wore. Now that its contents had cooled, it wasn’t as comfortable as when she drifted off to sleep earlier. She let out a contented sigh as she let her bladder empty its contents. This made the diaper warm again.

She managed to extricate herself from Scott without waking him, though a stick of dynamite would have had as much luck of doing so, and followed her nose to the kitchen.

Bekka was also an early riser and since mom was out late with her friends most Friday nights, she usually slept in on Saturday mornings, making Saturday breakfast a self-service event. Bekka figured she could show her brother’s guest a little hospitality and not have her go home hungry.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” she asked as Cara shuffled into the room and plopped down on one of the stools at the breakfast bar.

“Like a baby”, was the reply.

“Right down to the wet diaper, I’ll bet.”

Cara blushed in response.

“Don’t worry, it will be our little secret. You want some breakfast, or would you rather get “dressed” first?”

Cara could hear the verbal quotes around the word dressed and knew Bekka meant out of the soggy diaper. She wanted to enjoy the feeling a bit longer, though. After all, who knew when she’d get the chance to wear a diaper again.

“Can I get some breakfast first?”

“No problem, mom won’t be up for another hour or so and as long as you’re dressed by then, no one but us will know.”

“Bekka, do you mind if I ask you something about Scott’s, um, problem?”

“Sure, I wanted to say how cool you have been about the whole thing, I’m happy he found someone who understands.”

“So, he has been in diapers his whole life?”

“Yeah, I guess he’s what you would call a ‘slow trainer’.”

“Because he told me yesterday that he was out of diapers at the normal age and only started wearing them again because of some magic spell.”

“That sounds like something he would say. He also has one heck of an imagination. Trust me, I have known him his entire life and never once has he used the toilet. In fact, I have been changing his diapers for the past five years.”

Bekka served up a stack of pancakes and a couple of breakfast sausages and asked if Cara was a coffee drinker.

“No thanks, but that orange juice looks good.”

“Freshly squeezed, here you go.”

Cara hadn’t realized just how hungry she was and devoured the food.

About halfway through, Scott stumbled into the kitchen and joined them. Since she finished first, Cara popped upstairs to Scott’s room and closed the door. She removed the t-shirt and tossed it into the hamper, then carefully removed the plastic pants and now totally soaked diaper and deposited them into Scott’s diaper pail along with the others. She wasn’t going to impose on the Reynolds family by asking to use their shower and would want to change into clean clothes afterward anyway, so she used a few of the baby wipes to carefully clean up her diaper area.

Satisfied with her work, Cara dropped the wipes into the wastebasket and dressed in her regular clothes.

A quick trip to the bathroom to brush her teeth, touch up her makeup, and run a quick brush through her long blond hair and she figured she was passable to go out in public. She went back down to the kitchen as Scott was finishing his breakfast and Bekka was loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

“Okay, Scottie-boy, let’s get you out of that wet diaper,” said Bekka shooing him up to his room.

Even though this was becoming routine, Scott still blushed hearing his sister talk to him like this. Especially in front of a cute girl. Cara just smiled reassuringly at him which took some of the sting away.

After changing him into a clean diaper, Bekka left him to continue dressing. After a minute, he was set to go. He bounded down the stairs and Cara was envious of how easy it was for boys to get dressed and go out. She was also slightly envious of the diaper he was wearing, the slight bulge of which was barely visible beneath his shorts.

By now, Scott’s mom was awake and slowly sipping her coffee.

“Scott, why don’t you escort your guest home before her mother thinks we’ve kidnapped her,” Mary Reynolds said with a smile.

Scott and Cara walked the block and a half to her house and as they walked, Cara posed the million dollar question, “what now?”

“You mean about the, um, you-know-what?”

“Yup. Obviously the spell is on you and not the, err, you-know-what.” If Scott couldn’t bring himself to say the word diaper, she wasn’t going to humiliate him by doing so. “Also, talking to your sister, she really believes you have always needed to wear them.”

“I have to find a way to get back to that magic shop and find out how to undo it, I guess.”

“That could be difficult, given the fact that our moms defiantly won’t let us bike there.”

“I know, and believe me, I am not looking forward to being stuck in these diapers for another week, but I don’t have any choice.”

“Well, any time you want company, I would be glad to join you.” she smiled giving him a light peck on the cheek.

“Cara, about that,” he said slowly.

Since he seemed to need coaxing, she looked directly into his eyes and said sweetly, “Yes?”

“You um, don’t just like me because of the…” his voice trailed off.

“Scott Reynolds! How shallow a person do you think I am?”

He broke his gaze and stared down at his shoes. “I’m sorry, but it’s just that you never seemed that interested in me before, and suddenly it’s like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“And you have a problem with me being your girlfriend? Because I sure don’t have a problem with you being my boyfriend.”

Scott continued studying the cracks in the sidewalk. He was an idiot for even bringing up the topic in the first place, but he had to know.

Cara continued to lecture him, “Listen, I liked you from the start, but didn’t want to push you in case you weren’t that into me. I used the diapers,” she punched the word for emphasis, “as a way to get close to you. I told you the truth when I said I liked diapers and figured as long as you had to wear them and I liked to, it would be something we could share.”

“Cara, I’m sorry, I am just confused and the only good that’s come out of this miserable experience is you. Please don’t be mad.”

She kissed him again on the cheek and said sweetly, “Apology accepted. Boys are so stupid!”

With that, she flashed him her magnificent smile and bounced up the stairs to her front door.

Scott admired her beautiful body as she disappeared inside the house.

The rest of the week was not nearly as pleasant. Other than hanging out with Cara and Jeff, who now knew they were “a couple” and thought it was great, life pretty much sucked.

Scott continued to be unable to control his bladder or bowels, and while having his diaper changed regularly by his mom or sister was becoming as regular to him as it seemed to them, he was still mortified each time one of them just walked up and sniffed his pants or probed into them and pronounced that his diaper needed changing.

Plus the plastic pants were hot and it seemed that after the slightest physical activity, he would usually be sweating in them.

Finally, Friday came around and he was determined to get this curse (he no longer thought of it as a “spell”) lifted.

Chapter 4. Back at the Magic shop

This time Jeff couldn’t join them as his parents had taken him and his sister to visit their grandparents up in Seattle. Scott was afraid he would be stuck with Mom and Bekka, but to his pleasant surprise, Cara asked to join them.

Once at the mall, the two teens went directly to the magic shop. This was one time Scott was glad Jeff wasn’t here. At least there were no diversions.

As they entered the shop, Scott was again glad for the fact there was no one in the store except for the goth girl.

She recognized Scott from the previous week and greeted him with a broad smile. “How’s my favorite customer, did you have fun with the magic purchase you made?” She winked.

“That’s what I’m here about,” he replied coldly, “How the hell to you break this curse?”

The girl was slightly surprised and wasn’t sure if she should say any more in front of Cara.

Scott noticed her hesitation and continued, “That’s okay, this is Cara, my girlfriend,” he liked the way that sounded, “and she knows all about it. In fact, she’s the only one who believes me and doesn’t think I have worn these stupid things all my life!”

The goth girl just looked him with a stunned expression and said, “Do you mean you are still under the spell? You have been in diapers for the past week?”

“Yes, and I hate them. I can’t control when I use them and everybody is okay with this and acts like it is perfectly normal.”

“Well, duh! That’s how the magic is supposed to work, silly. You could have ended it any time you wanted to.”

“I would have the first time I, um, ‘used’ them, had I known how.”

“Simple, you just take off the diaper and put on your regular underwear and, poof, everything goes back to normal.

“The only problem is I don’t have any regular underwear. All of mine changed into these stupid things”, he said pulling down the waistband of his pants slightly, revealing the top of his plastic pants, “and my mom found the pair of underpants that you put in my pocket and took them away. I don’t know where they are.”

“Oh, my. Then you do have a problem.”

“What do mean?”

“Well, you need the original pair of underpants that you were wearing to break the spell. If you were to try just putting on a different pair, things would be, uh, messy to say the least.”

“Can you help me?” Scott was close to breaking down, but remained in control.

“Maybe, but things would be a bit more difficult. I’ll need to get a pair of regular underwear and I will have to ask a sorceress that I know to put a reversal spell on them. Also there’s going to be a charge for the service. $100 should cover it.”

“A hundred dollars! I don’t have that much on me. I only get $10 a week for allowance, at that rate, It’ll take me months to save that much.”

“Hey, I have expenses too, you know. Besides, you don’t have to pay me now. Just bring the money when you come back.”

“You mean I’m going to be stuck wearing diapers until then?!”

“Looks that way. Sorry kid. If you save all of your allowance, we should have you ‘potty trained’ before you have to go back to school.”

“Wait, Scott, I have an idea.”, Cara took him aside and spoke in a low tone, “You know I don’t mind wearing diapers. What if I agree to be put under the same spell, then you could use my underwear to reverse the spell on you?”

“That’s a terrible idea!”

Before Scott could stop her, Cara grabbed a package of the magic diapers off the peg and handed the goth-girl $5. The girl just shrugged and motioned for Cara to follow her to the back room.

Cara and the girl went into the back room leaving a speechless Scott. They reemerged a few minutes later and Scott noticed Cara pulling down the hem of her short skirt presumably to hide the diaper she now wore beneath it.”

“I have a question”, Cara asked when they got to where Scott was waiting. Then, holding up her panties, said, “Since Scott really hates wearing diapers and I, err, kind of like it, could he break the spell if he put these on?”

“Oh that would do it alright, there are only two problems with that idea. First, then you would be stuck in diapers until you saved the $100.”

“I wouldn’t mind that much”, Cara interrupted, “Like I said,I kinda like wearing them, but Scott is miserable in them.”

“You didn’t let me finish.”, the girl continued, “Those are girls panties and if he were to put them on, not only would it remove the diaper spell, you would no longer have a boyfriend, but a girlfriend. If you two are willing to take that step, I can’t stop you.”

“Never mind, I like him better as a boy.” Turning to Scott she said, “At least you won’t have to go through this alone and we can spend the summer together in diapers.”

As they started walking to the shop entrance, Cara froze and her grip on Scott’s hand tightened. Her diaper was beginning to get wet. “This is going to take some getting used to, she gasped.”

“Just wait”, replied a dejected Scott, “It gets better”.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say that peeing isn’t the only thing that you used to do in the toilet, but will now do in your diapers.”

“Oh? Oh, crap!”

“Right on the first guess.”

“Oh well, I don’t want you to have to go through this alone.”

“See you two in a few months. Here’s hoping you don’t get a diaper rash. And tell your moms to feel free to call me if they need a babysitter.”

The teens ignored her and walked out of the shop. Both knew they would be stuck in their wet diapers until they could get home and have their respective parents change them. Plus they would be in them, one by choice, the other not so much, for the remainder of the summer.

Chapter 5. Cruel Summer.

Scott Reynolds was a man with a mission. And that mission was to get rid of those stupid diapers.
He refused to spend any allowance and even stopped going to the mall. This caused his buddy Jeff to question his sanity and Mom to consider a full psychiatric evaluation.

The reason for the mall boycott was the last time he went with Cara and Jeff he got suckered into spending that week’s allowance on useless stuff. Sitting in the car on the way home in a very wet diaper brought home the cruel reality that he would be spending an additional week in his current condition.

Then there was Cara’s birthday present. Now that they were officially “a couple”, he had to buy her something. He found a beautiful gold chain that she loved and had worn every day since, but that would cost him two more weeks diapered.

These financial setbacks put him to about mid September and made it a given that he would be returning to school as a diapered sophomore. He wondered what that was going to be like.

At least he wouldn’t be the only diapered sophomore. True to her word, Cara stayed in diapers as well, but that was different since she actually enjoyed it. She confessed to him, however, that she hated pooping in her diaper and had even tried to anticipate the “event” so she could try to get to a toilet on time. The spell, however, was not so easy to circumvent.

If she waited until she could feel it coming, it was already too late and all she could do was freeze in place helpless and feel the mess fill the back of her diaper. Trying to get ahead of it meant sitting on the toilet for an extended period of time unable to make anything happen. Then within five minutes of her mom diapering her, surprise! It was enough to almost bring her to tears.

Her mom was very supportive through all of this and offered words of comfort and encouragement, but that didn’t make it any less humiliating and uncomfortable. One thing she and Scott discovered, well, Cara discovered it and taught Scott, was to learn her body’s “schedule”. She told him to pay attention to what time of day it usually happened. At least this way he wouldn’t have to worry about pooping in front of anybody and could find a quiet place with at least a bit of privacy.

Mary Reynolds, Jeanne Martin, and Nora Simpson still had their weekly outings every Friday and Scott’s sister Bekka was the designated pizza night host and butt-wiper (Scott’s term for her) to both Cara and Scott. Since allowing herself to be put under the spell, Cara was assumed to be diapered and taken care of just like Scott. Cara’s mom thought this was “above and beyond the call of duty” and insisted on paying Bekka for the extra work of changing her daughter’s diapers. Though she didn’t mind doing this, Bekka was always happy to have a little extra cash.

Then there was the time, when Scott and Cara were at her house listening to music and making out and Scott realized his diaper was soaked. This was becoming routine for both teens and since Cara was wet as well, they went downstairs to find her mom so that they could get changed.

Arriving in the Martin’s kitchen, Cara found a quick note scribbled on the white board.

“Kids, we ran out of milk and bread ran to the store back in twenty, Love Mom.”

“Great, now we have to sit in these soggy diapers until she gets back.”, complained Scott. He was getting so tired of having to depend on parents for this simple task that a short month ago he was performing all by himself.

“Not necessarily”, was Cara’s reply, delivered with her usual dazzling smile.

“What, we walk all the way to my house so my Mom can do it?”

“God Scott, are all boys as dumb as you? You may have forgotten that in addition to being a teenage diaper-wearer, I am an experienced babysitter. I am more than qualified to change your diaper.”

Scott was in total shock at the suggestion of this. “You can’t be serious?”

“Why not? Everything we need is upstairs. We can spend the next hour uncomfortable, by the way, any time estimate Mom gives, you automatically have to triple at least, or we can turn diaper-change time into a fun activity”.

She took him by the hand and led him back up to her room. “First I’ll change you, then you can change me.”

Scott was basically out of arguments against this, other than his stupid macho pride, which he knew would never work once Cara set her mind to something. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and lay on her bedroom floor as she undid the snaps on his plastic pants (their moms had since augmented their “wardrobes” with several pairs of the snap on type to make changes easier).

As he lay there, reviewing baseball stats in his head to avoid the obvious involuntary physical response most boys (especially in their teens) have to their girlfriends undressing them, Cara busied herself with removing the wet diaper, cleaning, powdering and re-diapering him. She clicked the last snap on his plastic pants closed and he stood and pulled up his pants.

Then, flipping up her short skirt, she lay down in his place and said three words that, under different circumstances, any guy would love to hear his girlfriend utter, “Now do me”.

At his age, Scott’s only familiarity with the female anatomy was from the Playboy magazines that he and Jeff stole from Joe Simpson’s supposedly secret hiding space. He had never seen it in real-life. His hands were trembling as he unsnapped Cara’s plastic pants. She thought this was cute, but made sure to keep her face blank so as not to put further stress on him.

He got the wet diaper off of her and dropped it into the diaper pail, then she talked him through the proper way to wipe a girl. The powder was next and he was so nervous, that he squeezed the container too hard, sending a huge plume of dust causing them both to start coughing. This was more than she was able to stand and Cara was reduced to an uncontrolled fit of the giggles. This in turn caused Scott to lose it and actually relieved the tension. When the dust settled (literally) he finally got the diaper pinned on, though that took a couple of tries.

Cara offered words of encouragement and finally after what seemed like an eternity, he was snapping up her plastic pants. She stood and gave him a hug and kiss and as they went to the bathroom to wash their hands, she smiled and said, “See, now we are that much more self-sufficient.”

Scott doubted that their Moms (especially Cara’s) would see this as a good thing, but he was definitely looking forward to the next time they got to do this. He thought that not many teenage couples changed each others’ diapers.

Aside from these high and low points, the remainder of the summer was pretty normal.

Chapter 6. Back to School.

Then came the day he had been dreading, the first day of school. Cara was nervous as well and wondered how this was going to play out. The magic spell had all the bases covered and did not disappoint.

Arriving home the week before school started, Scott saw a couple of packages of disposable diapers waiting on the kitchen table. When he asked his mom about them, she explained the new school policy. Apparently, there were several kids attending the local high school in diapers. To simplify things, the school requested that parents provide a package of disposable diapers for each student that needed them. They would be kept in the nurse’s office and the school had staff who would see to changing them as needed.

Most of Scott’s friends were cool about his situation and thanks to the friendly spell, just accepted it as something that had always been that way. Those that didn’t were the same assholes that would have just found something else to pick on him for.

Cara had a bit easier time of it. Being new, she was able to keep this secret from all but her inner circle of friends. She knew, however, that it was only a matter of time before word got out. She watched how Scott was treated so that she would be ready for the inevitable day when it arrived.

Scott and Cara discovered that there were, in fact, quite a few students who had visited the “Magick” shop over the course of the summer and had somehow been enticed into purchasing the same spell that currently had them in its grasp.

The two set out on a mission to locate and identify fellow diapered classmates. Boys were typically easier to pick out since the diaper bulge was noticeable if you knew what to look for. Girls had an easier time hiding them under skirts, but Cara was ever vigilant for the tell-tale crinkle or the way a girl squirmed when she needed changing. Noobs were especially easy to spot as they let out a gasp or get a shocked look on their face when they wet.

There was the beginnings of a club of “wearers” as they liked to call themselves. They sat together at lunch at what the other students derisively called “the kids tables”. Some of the kids even recruited their friends and diapers were becoming more of a fashion statement. Whenever one of the new recruits worried that their parents wouldn’t approve, they were quickly told where to buy the first pair and everything else would just sort itself out.

Then came the Friday that the Juniors and Seniors had their annual homecoming dance. Scott’s sister Bekka would not be able to babysit for them. This had happened one other time during the summer and in that case, the two stayed at Jeff’s house where Joe Simpson had “diaper duty”. This worked since they all got to have a big party and even Casey got to be included.

This time, however, Joe was out of town on a business trip and just as they were writing off their weekly night out, lady luck seemed to smile upon them. Bekka saw an advertisement at the local supermarket for a girl named Cassandra Jenkins offering her babysitting services to help pay her way through college. The rates were pretty fair. Ten dollars per hour, extra kids two-fifty each.

Bekka gave her mom the info and mom placed the call at once. Cassie, as she liked to be called, answered and Mary Reynolds explained the special situation. Cassie did not seem to mind a boy and girl in their mid-teens still in diapers as well as another Seven year old who needed to be diapered before bed.

Everything was arranged and all three families converged at the Reynolds house awaiting Cassie’s arrival. Scott was not thrilled at the prospect of having his diaper changed by yet another strange woman, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. After all, he and Cara couldn’t very well admit they had changed each other a few times over the course of the summer. That would have guaranteed they never would be left alone again.

Right on time at 5 PM the doorbell rang. Feeling like a prisoner on death row, walking “The Green Mile”, Scott got up and answered it. As he opened the door, he was greeted by a familiar face.

“You!” Was all he could say as the smiling face of the goth girl from the magic store beamed back at him.

“I told you I babysat on the side.”

“You two know each other?” Mary asked.

“Scott and Cara have been to the shop in the mall where I work part time.”

“So you are all old friends then, great,” piped Jeff’s mom. As they filed out the door.

“You kids behave and don’t give Cassie any trouble,” chided Mary Reynolds.

“Don’t worry, if they do I’ll cast a spell on them,” joked Cassie.

“What another one?” muttered Scott so that only Cara could hear.

All-in-all, it tuned out to be a pretty fun evening. Cassie was pretty cool and really good at Call of Duty. It seems that Scott had done battle against her avatar and gotten beaten badly. Now that they knew each other, they fought on the same side and he was glad to have her as a partner.

They had been playing for about an hour when a pause in the game allowed Scott to make a trip to the kitchen for drinks. As he stood, Cassie put her hand on his shoulder and said, “I think it’s time for a diaper-change buddy.” Pointing to the two wet “smiles” on the back of his sweat-pants where he had leaked.

“Huh?” Scott hadn’t even realized he was wet, he was getting that used to being diapered. In fact when he thought about it, he was having a harder time remembering back to when he wasn’t in diapers.

Cassie changed Scott and Cara as well as putting Casey in her night diapers. Afterward, the two older kids sat up chatting with Cassie about how accustomed they were becoming to being diapered. She explained that the longer the were under the spell, the more they would forget what it was like to not be diapered. She warned them that if the stayed under the spell for much longer, about a year by her reckoning, they would themselves believe that it had always been that way.

Cara had no problems staying diapered and had told him earlier that she planned to stay this way. She had even thrown away the only pair of panties that could break the spell. Somehow, this didn’t bother Scott as much as it would have at the beginning of this ordeal. He was actually beginning to feel comfortable wearing and using diapers and cared less and less about getting out of them.

To his way of thinking, being diapered wasn’t so bad as long as he had someone like Cara to share it with.

So began the beautiful relationship for the “diapered couple”. As the spell spread to more kids in the neighborhood, diapers became an accepted form of undergarment. The kids that stuck with them had, by the end of the school year, forgotten about their life before diapers and they became an accepted way of life for about a quarter of the kids at Shermer High School.

The End


Source: foxtalestimes

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