The Making Of A Bed Wetter

By Tiny Tony

Hi, I’m Jamie, I’m 16. I used to live in the city but now I live in the country with my aunt Becky. You see, it all started about a year ago. I had been getting into trouble with girls, the law, in school, and so forth, so mom and dad sent me to my aunt’s house in the country. That way I didn’t have much to get into. Well, I hate it here. My aunt makes me use my manners all the time and she is totally bug about everything. So I decided to get even one night. I woke up at 2 and went to the kitchen. There I got a bowl of warm water. I thought this would get her back. I’ll make her wet the bed. I walked up to her room, I slowly opened the door and walked over to her bed. Just as I was going to put her hand in the bowl, Fluffy, the cat jumped up on to her bed. She woke up.

“Fluffy!” she said “what are you doing in here?” I panicked and headed for the door. Just as I got to the door my aunt turned on the lamp by the bed.

“Jamie, what are you doing in here?” she said. I put the bowl behind me as I turned around.

“I….. I….. I was…..umm,” I tried to think of a reason I was in her room.

“Oh, I see, it is okay, Jamie, you don’t need to explain,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“I see you had an accident,” she said. I did, I thought. I looked down. The front of my pj’s were soaked. In the rush to get out of her room I dropped water all over my pj bottoms.

“Ya,” I said. “I aaaaaa, wet the bed.”

I didn’t want to get caught. If she knew what I was really doing I would be died.

“Here, let me help you,” she said as she got out of bed.

“NO, I can handle it,” I said I backed out of her room and walked quickly to my room. When I got to my room I was still holding the bowl. I dumped the rest of the water on my bed, and put the bowl under my bed. Just as I finished
my aunt walked in.

“See, I just had an accident, no big deal. I have them every once in awhile.”

I tried to play it off as if I had really wet the bed, I was so nervous.

“It is ok,” my aunt said. “I under stand, now go change your night wear and I will take care of the bed.”

I got some new pj’s and when to the bathroom to change. After I finished I sat on the toilet. Now, what I thought, if I get caught for the stunt I was about to pull, I would be off to military school. I thought for about ten minutes. Well, I decided to just keep going with the bedwetting. I was about to open the door when I hear my aunt knock on it. I slowly opened it and walked out.

“It’s ok, Jamie, I know you didn’t wet on purpose,” my aunt said she gave me a hug and told me to go back to bed. I did as I was told. I went in to my room and closed the door. I turned out the lights and went to the bed, man I thought I pulled it off. I started to get into my bed when I felt something funny under me. “What the–” I said. There was a rubber sheet on my bed. Just then my aunt opened the door.

“Hi,” I said nervously.

“I put a rubber sheet down on your bed. It will keep the mattress dry, you know, so if you aaaa have a um…… well good night,” my aunt said. She was trying not to embarrass me.

“Good night, aunty,” I said as she closed the door.

The next morning me and my aunt didn’t say much about it. I was glad to not get caught. She, I think, just didn’t want to embarrass me. The day wore on like all the other summer days at my aunt’s. As night came it got a little weird. Before dinner my aunt called me into the study. “Jamie, we need to talk about last night,” she said. I could tell she was a little uncomfortable about this. So was I.

“Like I said, it happens ever once in awhile, really, it is no big deal,” I said, hoping to stop this talk from going any farther.

“Well, I didn’t know you were a bedwetter,” she said. “I just hope we can deal with it.”

“Ya, sure,” I answered. “Deal with it, no problem.”

“Good, then I will help you out,” she said in a more relaxed tone of voice.

“Ya sure, I guess, whatever,” I said, not knowing what she was getting at. At dinner I was given a small cup to drink from.

“That will be all the water for you tonight,” my aunt said. I just thought, “hey, better this then getting caught, right?” After dinner she wouldn’t let me get anything to drink. Then at 9 she told me it was bedtime.

“What?” I said. “I go to bed at 10, not 9,” I told her.

“You will go to bed when I say, young man,” she answered. I got up and started to my room, “And just were do you think you are going?” my aunt asked.

“To bed,” I said. “Why?”

“Oh no you’re not, young man, you are go to the bathroom right now. We need to keep you dry tonight,” she said and then walked over and grabbed my hand. Then she took me to the bathroom.

“OK, now drop your drawers and sit there,” she said pointing to the toilet.

“But aunty,” I said, trying to protest.

“NO buts, you go sit on that potty, young man, now,” she said. I did as I was told. As I sat there she left the bathroom. I started to get up when she came by.

“You’re not done,” she told me. “You still have 9 minutes left. She put a cooking timer on the counter by me. I looked at it, it was set for 9 minutes.

“From now on you will have potty time every night. You will sit there for 10 minutes and try to go pee pee,” she told me. “I will stay here to make sure you stay on the potty till your time is done.” I wanted to tell her the truth, but I thought no, this is better then military school. The timer dinged and I was told to go to my room. I got up and when to my room when I got there I saw a box on the floor by my bed. It was labeled ROBBY’S NIGHT STUFF. I had a cousin Robert. He was 30 and had 2 kids of his own. I started to close the door when my aunt came in.

“Sit,” she told me. “Jamie, I bet you didn’t know this but your cousin Rob wet his bed till he was 19,” she told me. “Now I know you are 17 and we need to make this easy on you and me, OK?” she said.

“OK,” I said.

“Good, then you will have to wear something to bed until this stops, okay?” she said as she opened the box. To my horror she pulled out several thick cloth diapers and about ten pairs of plastic and rubber pants.

“OH NO, I’m not going to wear those to bed. I don’t need to,” I said in protest. “I only wet ever once in awhile I told you, really, I’ll be fine.”

“OK, I’ll make you a deal,” my aunt told me “If you can go for a whole week and not wet then you won’t have to wear diapers to bed OK, BUT, for this week ’til you prove you don’t need then you will wear them, okay? But if you do wet you will stay in them ’til you can go two weeks dry, and you will be treated like Robby was on his wet mornings.”

I thought about it. This was a safe bet as I was not a real bedwetter. Besides, this was still better then what would happen to me if she found out the truth.

“OK, but just one week, OK?” I said.

“Good, now lie down so I can get you ready for bed,” she told me, patting the end of the bed.

“I don’t think so, I will put one on by myself,” I said.

“Fine, but if you don’t do a good job I get to do it, OK?” she said to me.

“OK,” I told her, “it’s a deal.”

She got up and put a diaper, a pair of the plastic pants, some diaper rash stuff and baby powder on my bed and left the room. I played with the diaper for about ten minutes. I finally got it somewhat on. I then put the plastic pants on. Just as I finished my aunt came back into the room.

“See, told you I could do it,” I told her. She grabbed the sides of the plastic pants and pulled, they and the diaper fell to the floor. I quickly covered myself.

“Looks like I get to diaper you,” my aunt told me. “Now lie down” I was told. I slowly walked over to my bed and lay down. My aunt got the diaper and told me to lift my bottom. I bent my knees and slowly lifted my butt off the bed.

“Look, you didn’t even use the rash cream or the powder,” she told me as she put the diaper under my bottom. She grabbed my ankles and forced my knees in to my chest.

“Let go of your wee wee, little boy, and hold your legs up,” she told me. I slowly let go of my penis and grabbed my legs to hold them to my chest. My aunty put rash cream on her hand and gently rubbed it in to my bottom, then she pulled my knees apart. I started to let go to cover my nuts again but it was too late. She was already rubbing the rash cream into my balls. I started to get an erection.

“I guess my little boy likes to have his rash cream put on him,” she told me. After my whole groin was covered well in rash cream, my aunt wiped her hands off and got the powder. She put some powder on my bottom, then pulled my knees free from my hands. She laid them out on the bed then put powder on my crotch. She then put the powder down and pulled my diaper up nice and snug. She pinned it on like a true expert. Then she put her arms into the legs openings of the plastic pants. She grabbed my feet and pulled them through the leg holes.

“Stand up,” I was told, I did, and she pulled my plastic pants up and into places. She then turned me from side to side so she could pull the pants over the diaper.

“There, now that was not so bad, was it?” she told me. She got out a T-shirt from my drawer and put it on me. It was short. It barely covered the top of the diaper. She took me to the mirror on the closet and said, “from now on you will look like this at bedtime, got it?”

“But what about pants?” I asked.

“You won’t wear any and this is why.” She took my hand and took me to the kitchen. On the refrigerator she put a chart up. It was labeled “Jamie’s bedwetting chart.”

“Every morning we will come here I will check your diaper, that is why you get no pants. It makes my job easier, if you are wet you get no star, if you are dry you will get a star, and if you go one week with all stars you will be out of diapers, if not, you will stay in diapers, deal?” she told me.

“DEAL,” I said, and when to my room to go to bed. “Man, this would be easy,” I thought as I fell asleep that night. Well as you guessed it, I was dry the whole week. Finally the last night I would be in diapers came. I was diapered like normal and was sent to bed. I thought about how nice underwear would be to sleep in and I happily drifted off to sleep. As the dawn’s early light drifted into my room I woke up and yawned.

“Finally,” I thought, “no more diapers.” I started to get up to go to the chart when I felt a weird feeling. I reached down and touched the diaper.

“No way, it can’t be.” I was wet, not wet, but soaking wet. I had wet the bed. I had to hide or something. Just then my door opened.

“So, did my little boy wet the bed or is he out of diapers?” my aunt said as she walked in.

“I…….. I…….. ummm, well I……” I mumbled.

“You didn’t wet your bed, did you, Jamie?” my aunt said.

“I… I…” I started to cry.

“I…. wwwwettt my bed,” I broke out into tears. I started to tell my aunt everything about what I had done, about how I tried to make her wet the bed, and how it backfired. She just hugged me.

“Well, I guess you learned your lesion, what goes around comes around. Looks like you will be in diapers for a little bit longer,” she told me. “Now, let’s get you ready for the day you get to wear the same thing Robby had, too,” she told me.

She pulled out a T-shirt from Robby’s box and told me to put it on. She then pulled some other items from the box. I put the shirt on. It was white and in black letters it said, “I’M BEING POTTY TRAINED.” She helped me out of my diaper then opened a very childish pair of training pants and told me to step in. I did and she pulled them up.

“This all you will wear on your wet mornings,” she told me. Then she took me by my hand. We went to the bathroom. There she put a seat on the toilet. It was a potty training seat for boys. It had cars, boats, trucks, trains and planes, on it. On the front of it there was even a cuplike thing to catch pee, just like little boy training seats have.

“You will have to ask to use the potty and I will help you,” my aunt told me. I started to cry harder. She took me to the kitchen. On my chart she wrote WET, then pulled it down and put one up for the whole month.

“I didn’t ask for this,” I said as tears ran down my face.

“You made the deal, and you are now the bedwetter,” she told me. For the rest of the day I had to tell her when I needed to go. She pulled down my trainers, she wiped me and I was treated like a potty-training three-year-old. Until night, that is, then it was back to diapers, and hope for a dry night.

It turns out what goes around really does come around. I had became a bedwetter. I spent the rest of the summer using the chart. Soon the school year started. I stayed with my Aunt Becky. I’m now 18 and I’m still on the chart. Man, I really hope I stop wetting soon, but it doesn’t look like it will happen soon at this point.




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    i had read a couple of stories who wet the bed but it was better than others.
    if you want you can talk with me on:
    apologize for some mistakes beacause my mothertounge is persian

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