My Mom is a B!

by peter pants

Chapter 1: Trouble

“Hurry up, drive faster!”

“If we get pulled over it will only make things worse!”

Still I pushed down on the accelerator watching the needle ease towards 70.

“You don’t know what she can be like”

“You’ve told me, I’m sure you’ll be fine, it’s only thirty minutes”

“Thirty-five minutes…. And we’re not there yet”

“Here comes the turn, we’ll be there in just a minute”

“I am in so much trouble… she’s going to be really mad”

“I can go in an explain if you want. Say it was my fault.”

“No, it’s best if I go in by myself. I hope she’s in a good mood”

“We’re here. I’m sure it will be okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. “

“If I’m still alive… or at least allowed to leave the house…”

I watched as she walked towards her front door. The door opened and a woman stepped onto the porch. She didn’t seem too angry. They both stepped inside, the door closed and the porch light went out. Sighing I pulled off into the darkness. ‘It will be okay’ I told myself, at least I hoped….

My names Peter. I’m your average high school senior. Nothing special, just an average guy with average looks and average grades. I don’t play sports, I’m not the head of any teams or the leader of any cliques. And that was Jane, my best friend. Yes, we are just friends, nothing more. Not to say we hadn’t gone on dates before, we tried that route and it didn’t work out. We had even fooled around a couple times. But still we were mostly just friends. Jane is like me. Not a popular girl, not a cheerleader, pretty much invisible to most of the other guys at our school. As for looks the nick name ‘Plain Jane’ would suit her well. Average height, skinny, a mess of tangled brown hair and a 32 A chest that is barely noticeable under the loose t-shirts she usually wears. And, yes I know her exact bra size. I told you we had fooled around. I had seen those cute little tits on a number of occasions. Jane was a bit of a free spirit and even when our Facebook status did not say ‘In a Relationship’ there had been more than a few ‘games’ that ended up with one or both of us naked. But like I said we are just friends…..

One thing that Jane did have in common with most of the other girls in our school was her relationship with her mother. Jane complained about her mother quite frequently. I know in private she loved her mother, though they have complicated relationship. But like most teenage girls she griped about her mother all the time. How unfair she is, how she still treats her like a child. The complaints were daily and sometimes monotonous. I was SURE they were exaggerated, just her blowing off steam. But I always listened, tried to be a good friend. I never once voiced any doubt or had tried to defend her mom. I figured they could work things out on their own. After all Jane was eighteen now, summer would be here in a few months and then we would all be off to college. Certainly being away from home would change things. That’s why I wasn’t TOO worried when I dropped her off at her front door thirty minutes.. or thirty-six minutes late. Sure there might be heated exchange. Jane would probably go to her room and slam the door. Tomorrow I will hear all about it.

Chapter 2: The Confession

As I walked down the hall of my school the next morning I looked for Jane. I spied her by her locker and snuck up behind her.

“You’re still alive I see, how was your mom?”

Jane turned and looked at me, I could tell she had been crying but there was also an unmistakable fire in her eyes.

“My mom is such a ‘B’ ” she replied.

I laughed to myself, one of my favorite things about Jane was her inability to swear. It gave her a cute, almost innocent quality.

“So was she mad?” I asked, hoping this diatribe would not consume our ENTIRE day.

“Mad is an understatement, she was just CRAZY. I can’t believe her , I mean she’s just such a… a… B!”. Her rant continued as we made our way to our first class “I mean you have no idea, I know I complain about her A LOT but this time, this time, I mean, it was just, just..” She trailed off.

This was a bit unusual, Jane was usually not at a lack of words to describe her mother. “I am sure it’s all over now.” I said trying to calm her down.
“Peter, you don’t understand, she did something last night, something she hasn’t done for a long time. I can’t even say it.. it’s just so… so.. embarrassing”

Now this was intriguing. Jane and I told each other EVERYTHING. We were best friends. And if she didn’t want to or couldn’t bring herself to tell me what happened, then….

“It’s okay” I told her “We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to”.

“No, no I’ve GOT to tell someone, just promise me you want tell anyone else.”

“Of course not, who would I tell, you’re my best friend”

Jane pulled me to the side of the hallway just outside the door to our first period class. “It’s just she was REALLY mad. We fought and then.. and then…” She leaned forward and whispered something barely audible in my ear. Just then the bell rang, obscuring her words.

“Did you just say…” I started.

“She spanked me.” Jane said again still in a barely audible whisper.

Chapter 3: It’s All In The Details

I could barely focus on the teacher at the front of the room. My thoughts dwelled on what Jane had said before we went into class. Her mom had spanked her? An eighteen year old girl? Was that even possible? Legal? Maybe all her complaints about her mom were true, maybe she really was crazy! But despite the outrage I knew I should feel for her. I had to admit that I was feeling something else entirely, AND THAT was the feeling that was keeping me from concentrating on the lesson.

The thought of Jane’s cute little bare butt on display, her mom’s hand repeatedly smacking against it. But of course that was nonsense. Certainly she wasn’t spanked bare. It was probably just a swat to her backside as she retreated to her room. But I couldn’t really go asking for details. That would be uncouth. Besides how do you exactly phrase that question.. “so Jane, did your mom pull down your panties before spanking your butt?” . No, certainly those things only happened in stories on the internet. Still, imaging Jane flailing around over her mother’s knee did do something… Lost in my thoughts I glanced up at her, staring up at her butt as if I might see some evidence of last night’s transgressions. Just then Jane bent over to get a pencil from her bag and I caught a quick flash of something . Not evidence of a spanking but something that took me COMPLETELY by surprise. Surely that wasn’t what I thought it was? No, it must have just been my imagination… Still Jane does have a nice butt… Even if she is just a friend.

I turns out that I didn’t need to ask for details. When we got to lunch Jane motioned me over to a table in the corner by ourselves.
“Can you believe my mother did that?” She asked, outraged “I told you she wasn’t right. We’ve fought before but this time she went too far. Honestly I can’t wait for the next six months to pass so I can move out. I mean she hasn’t done… that… since I was thirteen!”
“What did you do to get in trouble?” I asked.

“Uh? I was late?! You were there remember??” she said giving me a look.

“No, what did you do when you were thirteen” I was trying to change the subject, or get more details, I don’t know which.

“Oh what didn’t I do when I was thirteen? I lied, I talked back I was the typical bratty kid. And every time it was the same thing ‘take off those pants and get over my knee young lady!’ but I deserved it… and then I turned fourteen and she started grounding me instead.”

Wow! That was more detail than I thought I was going to get…. Could I push this without seeming too interested? “But she didn’t….” I started, trying to sound casual.

“Didn’t what?” Jane responded.

“She didn’t… you know… surely now at your age she wouldn’t make you… take… off…”

“My pants?” Jane finished “Oh yeah she did. She told me I had a choice I could pack my bags and leave, get out of her house and live on my own. But I don’t have any money.. Where would I go? You still live at home.. I couldn’t leave. So she said my other choice was a.. a… “, her voice dropped “…a spanking…. she made me pull down my pants and panties and lay on her lap and she.. she.. spanked me. I don’t even know how many times, I didn’t think it was going to ever end. And then I….” She stopped.

“Then you what?” I asked hoping I didn’t sound too enthusiastic.

“Ummm… Then I went to my room, honestly she is such a B!”

Was that it? I was sure she was going to say something else. Still, I was astounded by what she had told me, and more than a little umm.. excited… to say the least. After such a confession I felt it was probably best just to leave things alone for a while. I wanted to appear, no I wanted to be, a concerned friend not some kind of voyeur looking for a fantasy story.

“I’m sorry you had to go through all that, I feel like it was my fault you got in trouble.” I said trying to come up with a response.

“No, it was my fault we were late too. I’m not mad at you, I just can’t believe my mom.. she’s such a…”

“I know a ‘B’” I finished for her.

Jane smiled, “Thanks for listening, your such a good friend, I hope I didn’t ruin lunch with my ranting.”

“No you’re fine” I replied, thinking ‘you have NO idea’! We hugged and then as Jane stooped down to pick up her bag I caught a glimpse of something again. Something that just didn’t seem quite right… at least not on an eighteen year old girl.

Chapter 4: Jane’s Secret

The rest of the day I really could not focus on the lessons at all. Jane and I had different schedules after lunch so I wouldn’t see her again until school let out. Still I couldn’t take my mind off of her and the story she had told me. When I came to school that day I never thought I would be hearing what amounted to a story from one of those internet fantasy sites being told by my best friend. Then there was the other matter. What I thought I saw in our first period class and then again at the end of lunch. Something sticking up from the waistband of Jane’s pants. Certainly it wasn’t … No way, it was probably just her panties all bunched up or something. But those didn’t look like any panties I had ever seen… No, it was probably just my imagination.
My ‘imagination’ kept me busy the rest of the day. The final bell shook me from my latest fantasy, the one where I got to watch as Jane’s mom spanked her with an oversized paddle. I gathered my things and walked out into the hall. I found Jane waiting by the water fountain in the same place she waited every day. Each morning she rode the bus to school and each afternoon I (fortunate enough to have my own car) gave her a ride home.

“Hi!” I said brightly “How was your day?”.

“Better”, she responded .

Feeling it was best to NOT be the first one to bring up our earlier conversation I searched for another subject.

“You want to get some coffee?”, I asked.

“Sounds great, just don’t get me home late!” Jane said with a hint of amusement.

That was the only reference to our earlier conversation she made. I felt it was better to just leave it alone so I let the conversation wander the usual course of movies, music and school gossip.
It wasn’t until we left the coffee shop and headed towards Jane’s house that the conversation took leave of this normalcy. After one unusually long lull in the conversation I looked at Jane in the passenger seat beside me.

“Is everything okay?” I asked with a note of concern.

“It’s just, my mom will be home from work in a couple hours and I haven’t spoken to her since… well you know…”

“Well I’m sure she’s over it” I tried to reassure her “It’s all said and done with and I’m sure it will be forgotten soon enough.”

“It’s not, though” she replied.

“Not what?” I asked curiously.

“Over,” Jane replied “It’s not over. I didn’t tell you the whole story.”

“Do you want to?” I asked cautiously, hardly believing there could be MORE to this story.

“You HAVE to promise not to tell ANYONE!” Jane said emphatically.

“I already told you I wouldn’t, didn’t I? We’re best friends who else would I tell, the only person I tell secrets to IS you!” I reassured her.

“It’s just so embarrassing! Really you got to promise, no one!”

“I promise” I replied. Really what could be more embarrassing, she already told me all about her spanking.

“Well, when we were rushing to get home last night I REALLY had to use the bathroom. But I didn’t ask you to stop because we were already late.”

“Okay” I replied wondering if this was going where I thought it was.

“Well you know how it is with my bladder”.

“I know”. Another one of Jane’s ‘quirks’ was her notoriously weak bladder. She had had many small ‘leaks’ as she called them on many occasions and once or twice completely soaked herself in my presence. If she laughed too hard or waited too long it was bound to happen. One secret I never shared with Jane was these accidents only increased my attraction to her. After all we were ‘just friends’.

“So anyway,” Jane continued, “I really had to go when I got to the house. But mom started in as soon as the door shut and then before I knew it I was over her knee and then I…” she stopped again. I could put together what happened from there.

“Oh no… you didn’t..” I said feigning shock.

“I did” Jane said meekly “I peed on my mom, right there all over her lap. She made stand up and I couldn’t stop I peed all over the kitchen floor, it was the most embarrassing thing I have ever done!” Jane’s face reddened as she told me this.

“So what did your mom do?” I asked, though I already thought I knew.

Jane hesitated, then continued, “She made me wear this..” With that Jane lifted her shirt and pulled down waistband of her jeans just enough for me to confirm my earlier suspicion.

Again I tried to feign ignorance. “What’s that?”

“Well, for all intents and purposes it’s a diaper!” Jane said so matter of factly it even took me by surprise. “They’re called ‘Goodnties’ I used to wear them when I wet the bed” (Jane had previously confided in me that she was a bed wetter until our first year of high school.)

“Apparently my Mom still had a pack of them” Jane explained “After my accident, well she was already mad, that just sent her over the top.” “She got these out and said I had to wear them for a week. If I don’t have any more accidents then my I get my underwear back.”

“I’m sorry” I said, genuinely concerned and excited at the same time.

“I’ll just have to be careful, I should be able to make it a week, I hope…”

“I’m sure you will” I reassured her.

“You’re sweet” Jane replied as we pulled up in front of her hous “You want to come in?”.

“Your mom won’t be happy if she catches us there alone” I reminded her.

“It will be fine, she won’t be home for hours.”

I parked the car.

This could be interesting…

Chapter 5: Jane’s House

I followed Jane into her house barely believing all I had just heard and witnessed. Surely I must be asleep, dreaming! Well, if I was I might have a whole different kind of ‘accident’ to clean up in the morning. No, this couldn’t be a dream it was all too real. So this had really happened, a girl I knew, a girl that I found extremely attractive (despite the fact that we were ‘just fiends’) had been spanked and diapered less than twenty-four hours ago? In the very house we were about to enter? This WAS exactly like a story from the internet!

“Go have a seat in the living room” Jane told me “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right there”.

“No problem”
As I walked towards the living room, I passed the kitchen. Pushing the door open slightly I glanced in. A shiver passed through my body, the type of feeling one might get from visiting an ACTUAL haunted house. So this is where it all happened, I could almost hear the sounds of a spanking piercing the air, flesh on flesh. And then the ultimate humiliation as warm pee soaked through Jane’s pants and splashed on the tile floor. I looked down, but of course the evidence had been cleaned up long ago.

“What are you doing?”

I jumped, shaken from my fantasy. Jane was standing there by my side.

“Oh, just thinking about getting a snack.” I said quickly.

“You’re still hungry? You just ate at the coffee shop. Honestly Peter sometimes I wonder where you put it all!”

“Come on in, I’ll find something” Jane said as I followed her into the kitchen.

After deciding on popcorn and soda we retreated to the living room and Jane started flipping through channels. She stopped on some ubiquitous sitcom about a group of high school students and their daily antics.

As the ‘nerd’ of the group tried (unsuccessfully) for the umpteenth time to score a date with the trendy socialite, Jane sighed. “I bet none of their moms ever spank them”.

“Now that would make for quite the after school special” I joked.

Jane laughed and curled up on the couch beside me.

As she did her shirt rode up and the waistband of her Goodnite was clearly on display.

“Umm, Jane… your, umm..” I pointed.

Jane blushed and pulled her shirt down.

“Thanks” she said.

That was the fourth time that day I had seen the top of Jane’s Goodnite and even though I knew it was wrong I really wanted to see the rest of it. But of course that probably wasn’t going to happen. Or was it?

I turned away from the television and looked at Jane.

“I’ve seen this show like a THOUSAND times.” I said jokingly “You want to play a game?”

“What kind of game?” Jane asked

“You know…”

“THAT kind of game?” Jane exclaimed, her eyes widening “NO WAY! Did you forget what I’m wearing?”

“I’ve seen you in a lot less.” I ventured “Besides, who knows it might not even get that far. YOU can pick the game and knowing you, you’ll pick a game I’m not very good at and I’ll be the one showing everything off while you’re still fully clothed”

I should stop here and tell you about our so called ‘games’. I told you earlier that Jane was somewhat of a free spirit. Well exhibitionist would be a better word. Normally she would care less about being naked in front of me and seemed to downright enjoy getting me naked too (yet we are still ‘just friends’). A while back we had discovered that we could take any ordinary game and make it more interesting by taking our clothes off. You’ve heard of strip poker? Well we’ve played strip chess, strip checkers and even strip Candy Land. There wasn’t a board game in existence we hadn’t defiled. However, today Jane didn’t seem as eager to play as she normally did.

“Look,” Jane countered “Even if I do pick the game the chances are you’ll get to see me in ‘this’.”

Jane indicated toward the unspoken garment beneath her pants.

“Look, I don’t care what you have on” I persisted. “Besides you won’t be wearing anything when I’m finished with you”

“Oh really” Jane smirked “We’ll see about that!”

She retreated to the other room to retrieve a game. I couldn’t believe my luck! There was chance that I was going to see more of her diaper after all!

Jane returned to the room carrying the game ‘Battleship’

Crap! She always kicked my butt at that game. Still I would have to give it my best.

“Tell you what” Jane teased “Just take off your clothes and give them to me now and I’ll save you the humiliation”

“That’s okay”, I countered “Get out the game, I have a feeling that today is my lucky day!”

Chapter 6: The Game

It wasn’t my lucky day.

Thirty minutes later and I was sitting there in my boxers with only my submarine left on the board.

Jane on the other hand had only lost two of her ships and given up her socks. Still if I could sink one more ship before she beat me she
would either have to give up her shirt or her pants. I might still get somewhat of a show.

I made my move… “B6”

“Miss” Jane replied smiling

“A7” she countered


“E7” I tried.

“Hit” Jane looked suddenly less sure of herself

“G8” Jane ventured

Shoot! She had found my sub, two more hits and I was done and I had NO IDEA what size ship I had hit found on her board. For all I know it’s her battleship, this was not going to end well.

“Hit” I responded placing the red pin into my sub.

Oh well, might as well go out fighting.

“E8” I said hopefully

“Hit” Jane’s said looking slightly concerned


“Hit” I responded. This was it, one more hit and it was all over.

“E9” I said, resigned to my soon to be naked fate.

“Hit” Jane paused then continued “…and you just sank my cruiser”

Jane reached for the bottom of her shirt and started to pull it over her head.

“Wait!” I exclaimed, stopping her. An idea suddenly came to my mind.

“What, it’s not like you haven’t seen me in my bra before” Jane said allowing her shirt to drop back down.

“I know” I replied “It’s just, this game is obviously over and I’m about to lose. You’re most likely going to have me naked at your next turn, how about a bet?”

I knew Jane couldn’t resist a bet

“What did you have in mind?” She asked.

“Give me one more move before you finish me off”, I explained. “If I don’t hit any of your ships you won’t have to take anything else off. I’ll even give you your socks back!”

“But” I continued “If I make hit on ANY of your remaining ships I get to choose what you take off next.”

“You get just one try?” Jane said thinking it over “Fine, one try, make your move”

I thought carefully. This was it. All or nothing.

“A9” I said keeping my fingers crossed.

Jane’s face was blank. Had this been poker she could have had the perfect bluff.

“Hit” she finally responded, “So what’s it going to be?”

I thought it over. If I told her to take off her pants would she know I wanted to see her in her Goodnite? But I had already stopped her from taking her shirt off so what would the point be?

“You pants” I said trying to seem nonchalant.

“Peter, please not my pants. Not today.” Jane pleaded “Look I’ll take my shirt and bra off if I can just keep on my pants”

‘She must be desperate’ I thought. I briefly considered giving in, at least I would get to see those cute little breasts. But no, I had come this far…

“A bet’s, a bet” I reminded her. “Take off your pants”

Jane didn’t say a word. She just stood up and unbuttoned her pants and then after a moment of hesitation pulled them down and kicked them off her feet.

Jane was blushing furiously as she stood before me in just her t-shirt and a pink Goodnite with butterflies on the front.
She quickly sat back down cross legged and leaned forward trying to hide her embarrassing state as much as possible.

“I8” she said, quickly taking her turn.

“Hit” I replied and without hesitation stood up and removed my boxers “You sank my submarine”

Jane eyed me from head to toe, stopping midway she noticed my current ‘condition’.

She quipped “It looks like I didn’t quite sink your submarine after all”

With that her embarrassment was quickly forgotten as she broke into laughter. I laughed back, both at her joke and in relief that she wasn’t mad.

It was one of those times when a joke seems funnier than it really is.

I laughed.

Jane laughed harder.

I laughed some more.

Jane kept on laughing.

Soon we were both in fits on the floor with tears in our eyes.

“How about a movie” Jane said between bouts of laughter “We could watch ‘Hunt for Red October’”
With that the laughter resumed.

“Crap… Crap! Crap! Crap!” Jane suddenly exclaimed and leapt up and ran out of the room.

I followed her and found she had run into the hallway bathroom.

“Are you okay?” I asked through the door.

“Not really” Jane’s tone had changed, she was no longer laughing.

The door cracked and then slowly opened.

“What am I going to do now?” Jane’s voice trembled.

I looked down. There Jane stood still in just a t-shirt and Goodnite.

Which was now completely soaked.

Chapter 7: The Solution

I just stood there staring.
“What am I going to do?” Jane repeated “It hasn’t even been twenty-four hours and look at me!”

She gestured towards the sodden diaper.
That was the problem. I WAS looking at her and seemingly struck speechless.


I snapped out of it.

“Sorry, I was just umm… I was just trying to think of a solution” I said fumbling for words.

Never, never had I thought I would see best friend in a diaper today and certainly not a WET diaper!

“I know” I suggested, gathering my thoughts “Just change. Put on a dry one, we’ll throw the wet one out. She’ll never know!”

“That won’t work.” Jane sighed “Mom already warned me that she knew EXACTLY how many Goodnites were in the pack to start with. I’m supposed to take this one off and give it to her before I go to bed tonight and then she’ll give me a new one. And I have to do the same thing in the morning. That way she will know if I have wet any of them.”

“I see, well that is a problem” I replied.

“I just don’t know what to do. She’s going to be furious with me. I mean I haven’t even made it a whole day!”

Jane suddenly seemed to realize she had been standing in front of me this whole time in just a t-shirt and a wet Goodnite. Her face turned crimson and she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself.

With a sigh of defeat she said, “Look I’m just going to have to bite the bullet on this one. I’m just going to change and tell my mom the truth. With any luck I’ll still get out of these things before graduation.”

“Can you go up to my room and get me a dry one?” Jane asked.

“Sure, hold on.” I told her.

I made my way up to Jane’s room, a place I had only been one time before. Jane was not supposed to have friends over when her mom was not home, especially not boys. She was MOST DEFINITELY not supposed to have them in her room. For that reason we usually kept our visits to the living room and kitchen.

I opened the door to Jane’s room and looked around. It was very tidy. I knew her mom insisted she keep it this way (it was one Jane’s favorite thing’s to complain about). I spotted the pack of Goodnites underneath the nightstand beside Jane’s bed. I walked over and knelt down on the floor to pull one out. As I stood back up I placed one hand on the bed. That’s when I heard, and felt, a crinkle. Now, I’ve told you all about Jane’s past ‘issues’, but what I haven’t told you was that I have had my own. I too was a bedwetter as a child and actually had a few night time accidents well up into my teen years. So I KNEW what that sound was. Jane had a plastic sheet on her bed! Was it because of her recent accident? Or was it just a leftover from her bedwetting days? It could just be for allergies I reasoned (that was the excuse I had once used when a friend discovered my plastic sheet). At any rate I couldn’t ask Jane about it, not now at least. I took the Goodnite and went back downstairs. On the way down I had an idea.

Jane had shut the bathroom door so I knocked and she opened it just a crack. I passed the Goodnite through to her and talked to her through the crack.

“I might have a way for you to get out of this.” I told her.

“What is it?” Jane left the door cracked as she talked to me.

I took all my strength to not try to peek through the crack and spy on her changing.

“What if…” I started “What if I go to the store and buy a pack of Goodnites? Then we could replace this one with one from the new pack.”

“That could work” Jane sounded relieved “And I’ll have more in case this happens again. But you don’t have to pay for them, let me get you some money.”

“No, it’s fine” I insisted “I’ll get them”

“You are so sweet” Jane said as she stepped out of the bathroom in the new, dry Goodnite.

“I just have to figure out what to do with this one.” She had pulled the bag from the bathroom waste can. From the weight of it the wet diaper was clearly inside.

“Give it to me, I’ll take care of it” I told her.

“I owe you one Chris. I know I’ve said this like a thousand times today but you really are a good friend!”

With that she handed me the bag and kissed me on the cheek.

But once again, we’re just friends.

Chapter 8: Delivery!

I tossed the bag into the dumpster in a nearby parking lot. I resisted the urge to hold onto it, figuring it would smell up the car pretty fast. Though, I do have to admit to opening the bag and admiring the sodden contents one more time.

As I walked into the store I had a moment of trepidation. I knew I shouldn’t be embarrassed by what I was about to do. Certainly no one would assume a pack of girl’s Goodnites was for me. But still, much like a young husband sent to buy feminine hygiene products for the first time, I felt slightly awkward.

I scoped out the store hoping to not see anyone I knew. Once I was satisfied I wasn’t going to bump into a friend, or worse my mom (imagine explaining that one!) I made my way to the diaper aisle. Searching among the packs of pull ups and baby diapers I found the Goodnites. I picked up a pack of Girls L-XL and headed for the check out. I paid for my purchase and made it out of the store without incident. I put the bag in my back seat and headed back to Jane’s house.

Then, as I turned onto the street to Jane’s house, disaster struck! Her mom’s car was parked in the driveway. She was home from work! I
pulled down the street to the cul-de-sac and parked my car.

Pulling out my phone I texted Jane.

‘Does your mom know?’

It took just a minute for her to reply.

‘No! But what are we going to do now?’

I thought about simply sticking the Goodnites in my backpack and knocking on the door, pretending I was there to study.

But Jane’s mother didn’t like unexpected visitors and I had never come over to study unannounced before.

Looking up the street I had an idea.

‘Has your mom checked the mail?’ I texted

‘Yes’ came the reply

I retrieved the package of from the back seat, opened it and pulled out a single Goodnite.

Starting the car I approached Jane’s house. Praying her mom wasn’t looking out the window, I opened the mailbox and shoved the pull-up inside.

‘Check the mail’ I texted Jane once I had reached the end of the street

It wasn’t until I got home later that night that Jane texted her reply.

‘I got it and put it in the pack with the others. Thank you! I think I’m safe now. See you in the AM’

I layed down and drifted off to sleep, my head flooded with the events of the previous day.

Chapter 9: The Late Night Call

I was jolted awake by the sound of my phone ringing.

“Umm.. ‘ello?” I said half awake, who could be calling this late?

“Peter you’ve got to get over here”

It was Jane and she sounded frantic.

“Right now?” blurry eyed, I glanced at my clock. It was 2:05.

“I know it’s late, please Peter, mom found out…. I don’t know how… but she’s gone too far this time… I’m running away..” Jane sounded absolutely desperate.

“Are you sure?” I asked, now fully awake.

“Peter if you don’t come get me I’m afraid of what she might do… Or what I might do….”

This sounded bad.

“Don’t do anything, I’ll be right there” I told her as I pulled on some clothes.

I quietly crept down the stairs and out to my car, my parents aren’t anywhere near as bad as Jane’s mom, but they still wouldn’t be pleased with me going out at this hour.

The drive to Jane’s house seemed a lot quicker than normal. It seemed as if mere seconds passed as I pulled onto her darkened street. I cut my headlights off and parked across from her house.

I pulled out my phone to let Jane know I was here, but what I saw next caused me to drop it in surprise.

Jane was running across the lawn towards my car wearing nothing but a diaper!

I opened the door and she jumped in.

“She took all my clothes… “Jane managed between sobbing gasps “…Locked them up…. She knew …I don’t know how. …she knew ….she knew”

Suddenly the front porch light came on.

“Go! Go!” Jane screamed.

I floored the gas. Then the unbelievable happened, the engine died.

“Peter, please!!” Jane pleaded.

I turned the key. The engine roared to life and promptly died again.


Jane was looking towards her house. I looked too and saw her mom bolting across the yard.

“PETER GO!!!!” Jane howled.

I desperately turned the key.

The engine made only a feeble sound.

Jane’s mom reached the car and pounded on the window.

“Get in the house right now young lady!” She yelled.

“Mom, please no….” Jane sobbed “I… I… I.. I’m sorrrry!”

“Oh you’ll be sorry all right! And you will be too Peter if you try to leave here. I’ll call the police and tell them you kidnapped my daughter. Just what do you think will happen when they pull you over and she’s dressed like that….”

I could tell she meant business. My car seemed to be conspiring with her too, it wasn’t going anywhere at the time. I thought about making a run for it, I certainly could outrun a middle aged woman who wasn’t in the best shape to begin with.

But then I realized that would mean leaving Jane alone with her. She certainly couldn’t run in her current state, I noticed she didn’t even have on any shoes.

I opened my door. Jane looked betrayed.

“Come on.” I said gently “If I come in she wouldn’t dare do anything too bad”

Jane got out and I took her hand and we walked across the yard together.

I hoped Jane didn’t notice the lights in the surrounding houses that had come on and the eyes peering from behind multiple curtains.

Chapter 10: Return to Jane’s House

I walked into the living room and sat in the same spot I had just earlier that day. I had been secretly pleased to see Jane in her diaper then, but now… I felt horrible, this was just too much.

Jane walked in and sat on the couch, grabbing a throw pillow she tried to cover herself.

Her mom entered next and without a word walked past Jane, grabbed the throw pillow, and tossed it into the corner of the room.

“Mom!” Jane shrieked, bending in half to cover her once again naked state.

“Sit up straight Jane” her mom ordered “Babies don’t care about being naked!”

Jane sat up, leaving her tiny breasts and diapered bottom on display.

“Mom I’m not…” Jane started.

“A baby?” her mom finished “Well what do you call someone who wets their pants and diapers? And then LIES about it to their mother?!?
What would you call that Peter?”

She suddenly turned to me.

Did she expect me to answer?

“I… uh.. I don’t know?” I stammered.

“Well, I know… I call that person a BABY!” she spat out the words.

Jane meanwhile sat on the couch, naked and crying.

“Do you know what this baby did?” Jane’s mom said still talking to me “The BABY peed her diaper and then tried to HIDE it from me!”

“But I guess you know that don’t you…” she continued “The way I figure it Jane couldn’t have done this on her own… She doesn’t have a car… So someone would have had to get the extra diaper for her.. And since you are her only friend to speak of…”

She left the statement unfinished. I had no idea what to say, fortunately Jane’s mom didn’t seem to expect an answer.

She turned back to Jane “Get over here now!”

“Mom not now, not in front of Peter” Jane pleaded

“I promise you this… If you ever want to see Peter again you will get over here now!”

Jane stood up and slowly walked towards her mother.

I held my breath unwilling to believe what was about to happen.

With one fell motion Jane’s mom grabbed her, pulled her over her knee and yanked off her diaper.

“Wetting yourself? Lying?? Running away??” Jane’s mom exclaimed “I guess I really do have a baby here instead of the young lady I thought I had.” With that her hand flashed into the air and she started furiously spanking Jane’s bare bottom.

Every fantasy I had ever had was coming true before my eyes, but instead of being elated I felt sick to my stomach. Jane’s mom stopped and stood Jane up. Jane quickly retrieved the Goodnite, her sole piece of dignity, from the floor and put it on.

“So Peter,” Jane’s mom turned her attention back to me “I assume I am right about you helping my daughter lie to me?”
I didn’t know what else to say.

“Yes mam” I said quietly.

“So you get my daughter home late one night and then help her lie to me the very next day?”

At that moment, I tried stupidly to take the fall.

“Please mam, it was my fault… the lie I mean… I was getting Jane a dry Goodnite from the pack in her room and..”

Jane’s eyes went wide. I realized my mistake.

“So you were at the house with he alone? What else did you do that I don’t know about? Is she pregnant?”

“What?? No, no mam. We’re just friends” I tried to explain.

“Still, you were here unsupervised with my young daughter. How do I know you didn’t force yourself on her?”

“Mom, he didn’t..” Jane tried to interject.

“Be quiet child, unless you want another spanking…. with the paddle!” her mom snapped.

Jane shrank back on to the couch in silence.

“So as I said Peter, you have spent I don’t know how many days alone here with my daughter. Who knows what you could have been doing to her! I doubt you know this but I have quite a few friends in the police department, all it would take would be a call. Who knows what I might tell them… Maybe that I came home and found you forcing yourself on her… that she won’t say anything because you threatened her. Like I said I have friends…”

I sat there staring in shock and disbelief, words failed to come. Was she serious? Certainly the charges would never stick. But they could make my life very inconvenient for a while. And innocent people have gone to jail before…

“Where are they?” her mom asked.

“Where are what?” I hesitated, not wanting to know the answer.

“The rest of the diapers you bought for Jane? I assume you bought a whole pack? Where are they?” she repeated.

“In my car” I answered

“Go get them please”

I walked slowly to my car, again considering making a run for it. But Jane’s mom’s threats seemed real to me. After everything I had witnessed I was sure she had no problem following through. I retrieved the open package from my car and went back into the house.

“Put one on” Jane’s mom said simply as I walked back into the room.

“What? No!” I exclaimed

“Look Jane has her own pack up in her room.” she explained “The way I see it you paid for these so they must be yours. So put one on. ”

She’s not kidding, I thought. Hardly believing what I was about to do I pulled a Goodnite out of the package and headed towards the hall bathroom.

“No, put it on here” Jane’s mom commanded.

“Here? I can’t… You can’t…” Now I was the one stammering.

“I can, unless you want me to make that call.”

Still in complete disbelief I undid my pants and pulled them down, followed by my boxers. I stepped into the diaper and pulled it on. It was way too small for me and stretched uncomfortably around my groin.

“Shirt off too!” her mom stated flatly.

I pulled my shirt over my head. Now I too was left standing in just a diaper. I dared not look at Jane, sure she had seen me naked just a few hours ago, but this was different.

“Now, look, I have two babies” her mom mocked. “Except one of my naughty babies hasn’t been punished yet!”

I heard Jane gasp. Surely she didn’t mean….

“Come over here Peter..”

As if they were moving under their own power I felt my legs carrying me towards where she sat.

Before I knew what was happening she had grabbed me and pulled me over her lap. She allowed me to leave the diaper on at least, though I wasn’t sure why.


Her hand came down. I braced myself for the sting but it didn’t really hurt. In fact I didn’t feel a thing!

‘Whack!’ came another blow.

Perhaps it’s the padding? No, I didn’t feel anything at all! This was very strange!


This woman must be really weak! But something didn’t seem right. She had spanked Jane hard enough to make her pee herself! Surely I should feel something…

Then as that very thought crossed my mind I did feel something. Not another blow, but a warmness spreading through the front of my diaper. I was wetting myself! But how?

Everything was dark…

I was confused…

I wasn’t over Jane’s mom’s lap anymore…

In fact I didn’t see Jane anywhere around…

I wasn’t even at her house…

It was mine…

I was in my room…

A dream… It was all a dream…

I had never received a desperate call from Jane…

Or rushed to her house…

Or been spanked by her mom…

But one thing remained..

That warm feeling was still there…

I knew it all too well…

For the first time in years… I had wet my bed!

Chapter 11: Peter’s Predicament

I had wet the bed!

I sat up in shock and pulled the covers back.

My boxers were soaked, the bed was soaked.

The mattress… oh the mattress…

It had absolutely no protection, I had no reason, I hadn’t done this in what? Four years? At least?

Well, I better deal with it I thought to myself it’s not like I can expect my mom to do it at my age.

I made my way into the bathroom and turned the water on as hot as it would go.

As steam started to fill the room I dropped my soaked boxers on the floor and stepped into the shower.

Letting the water cascade over me, I thought about my predicament.

Why had I wet my bed? After all these years?

Certainly it had something to with that dream….

My thoughts drifted to the dream, Jane in diapers running across the yard, then over her mother’s knee..

Then ME over her mother’s knee!

It was quite the dream I reasoned, even I hadn’t wet the bed there was no doubt I would still been changing at least my boxers.

I shut the water off and stepped out wrapping a towel around my waist. I gathered my wet boxers from the floor and then picked up a couple extra towels and a can of air freshener before going out the door.

Once I was back in my room and dressed I felt much better. The shower had left me feeling refreshed, but I was afraid my mattress had not faired quite so well.

Cleaning up had never been a problem before. When I was wetting frequently I always wore some kind of ‘protection’ and I also had a plastic sheet on my bed. If I leaked, or went to bed without my Goodnite on, mom would just come in and strip the sheets and put them in the laundry.

I pulled the sheets off my bed and then took the towels and tried to dry the mattress. I scrubbed and patted and blotted to no avail. Having no idea what else to do I took the air freshener and sprayed the entire contents of the can onto the mattress, then flipped it over. With any luck no one would turn that mattress again for many many years, hopefuly long after I had moved out of the house.
Taking my wet sheets down to the laundry I was grateful not to run into my parents or my younger sister. It wasn’t until I returned to my room later to gather my things for school that I noticed my cell phone was flashing.

It was a text message from Jane…

‘OMG Peter! She knows!!!’

The time stamp on the message was 2:05 AM.

The line between dreams and reality suddenly became blurred.

Chapter 12: What REALLY Happened at Jane’s House

Any doubts that my dream was any more than just that were dismissed as soon as I stepped into my car and turned the key, sparking the engine to life.

Of course it was crazy to think that it could have been real. The timing of Jane’s message was either a coincidence or had somehow subconsciously sparked my dream. However, I wondered what HAD taken place at Jane’s house last night.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out the answer. Jane was waiting by my locker, fully clothed of course.

“Peter you are not going to believe this!” she exclaimed without even a ‘good morning’. She grabbed my elbow and pulled me into an empty classroom.

“What happened?” I asked “I got your message, how did she find out?”

“I don’t know!” Jane said bewildered “After I got your uhh.. ‘delivery’ out of the mailbox I took it up to my room and put it in the package with the others right away. Then last night before bedtime I took my dry one off and gave it to her just like I was supposed to. She asked for the package, I knew she would, she counted them and then handed me a new one. By the time I went bed I was sure we had gotten away with it”

Jane took a deep breath and then continued “I was almost asleep when she came into my room and turned the lights on. She just looked at me and said ‘where is it?’ At that point I honestly had no idea what she was talking about! Then she said ‘Your diaper. I assume you peed in it before you hid it? ‘ I was in such shock I didn’t know what to say!”

I could see Jane was trying not to cry as she told me the story “Then she yanked my blanket off and pulled me out of my bed… and well you can probably guess what happened next?”

“Another spanking?” I said trying to sound sympathetic.

“Yes!” Jane wasn’t about to cry any more, now she looked angry! “And I swear this one was worse than the last one! I didn’t think she was going to stop! At least I didn’t pee on her this time!”

“That’s good” I said, amazed that at least part of my dream had actually occurred.

“But then… then…” Jane’s voice increased an octave “This is the crazy part. She said since I couldn’t keep my Goodnite dry… and since I hid it from her…. I had to wear… this…”

With that she lifted the ankle length dress she was wearing just far enough to expose what she had on underneath.

I had to stop myself from audibly gasping.

Jane was no longer wearing a Goodnite. Where I saw pink and purple butterflies yesterday I now saw something much less… decorative.

“Is that a…” I whispered.

“It’s a diaper” Jane confirmed, “a REAL diaper! Like babies wear! Well, this one’s for adults… But still! I’ve never had to wear one of these before! I don’t even know where she got it from!”

It was hard telling.

“Your mom really is a ‘B’!” I said.

“Tell me about it!” Jane rolled her eyes.

Just then the five minute warning bell rang.

As we left the empty room and made our way to class, I couldn’t help but steal a glance or two (or three) at Jane’s diapered butt.

To every other kid in the hallway the diaper would have been unnoticeable. But since I knew they were there….

Well, let’s just say her butt was cuter that day than ever before, for someone who is just a friend that is….

Chapter 13: The Plan

One thing was for sure. If this fiasco between Jane and her mother continued for much longer it was going to have a definite effect on MY grades. For the second day in a row I found myself completely unable to concentrate in class. I just hoped that Jane would tell me more at lunch.

The first thing I noticed as we sat down at the same secluded corner table was that Jane was not eating.

“Not hungry?” I asked, assuming that she was probably too stressed to eat.

“No I’m starving!” Jane corrected me “I haven’t ate or drank anything all day!”

“Why?” I really wasn’t thinking it through this time.

“Well this… thing… I’m wearing, I can’t exactly just take it off and go to the bathroom can I? What goes in has to some out and I prefer for it not to come out in there…” She said rolling her eyes downward.
The full reality of the situation suddenly hit me.

“You mean she expects you to use it?” I said, stating what now was obvious.

“Yes! And I can’t even change until she gets home! She said since I was just going to wet myself anyway she could at least keep me from hiding it from her!”

“Oh my goodness Jane! That’s horrible!” I was genuinely concerned for my friend “How long do you have to do this for?”

“Just for today, thankfully” Jane replied “She said that if I learned my lesson today I could get my Goodnites back tomorrow. I never thought I would be glad to have THOSE back!”

“Well still, you can’t starve yourself all day.” I reasoned with her “You’ll faint! Don’t you remember seventh grade?”

Back in seventh grade Jane had really wanted a CD by a certain popular boy band. Her mom had refused to buy it for her so Jane came up with a plan where she would skip lunch each day and by the end of the week have enough money for the CD. The result, however, was that near end of the second day Jane passed out during math class and had to be taken to the nurse (she had incidentally wet her pants then too). Her mom had to be called and when she found out what Jane had been doing she was furious. Looking back on it I am certain Jane had gotten spanked that day as well.

“You don’t want to pass out again.” I told Jane “And you have to drink something, you could get dehydrated and REALLY sick”

“Okay.. Okay..” Jane relented.

She went through the lunch line and returned a few minutes later with an apple and a bottle of water.

“Happy?” she asked.

“Extremely” I replied, well at least it was better than her eating nothing at all I guess.

After Jane had eaten her apple and drank her bottle of water we said good bye and headed to our separate classes.

When I saw Jane after school got out she looked rather distressed.

“Why did you make me drink that water?” she said through gritted teeth.

“I didn’t want you to get sick” I reminded her “Do you have to…”

“Yes!” Jane said with a note of urgency “Come on let’s just get to your car!”

Several times on the way to the parking lot Jane stopped and seemed to be composing herself.

Finally, when we got to the car she started bouncing up and down on the edge of her seat.

“Why? Why did I drink that water? Why did I listen to you?” Jane cried.

“I’m sorry” I said “I was trying to look out for you”

“I have to PEE so BAD!” Jane moaned, losing all pretense of dignity.

“Look” I reasoned “Just go. It probably won’t be that bad. Your mom will be home soon and you can change.”

I wasn’t sure if I was telling her this because I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable or because I secretly relished the idea of Jane wetting her diaper in the seat right beside me.

Jane continued to fidget and bounce in the seat as we drove to her house. At one point she got very still and quiet. I wondered if she had finally lost the battle, but I dared not ask. I didn’t know how she planned on making it anyway; it was bound to happen eventually.

As I pulled up in front of her house Jane turned to me.

“Peter?” she said quietly “Can you come in for a bit? I need your help with something”

“Certainly” I told her “What do you need help with?”

“I’ll tell you once we get inside” Jane replied in almost a whisper.
Not quite sure what was coming next I followed Jane inside.

Chapter 14: Jane’s Request

Once in the house Jane turned to me.

“Mom took certain ‘measures’ to make sure I couldn’t take my diaper off by myself” Jane was looking at the floor her cheeks red, “I.. I.. have to go to the bathroom real bad. If I just had to pee, I would probably just go…. but I’ve got to… do something else”

“Oh, I see” I said. I was still not sure what she exactly wanted me to do.

“Well there is no way I can do THAT in my diapers. I mean… I know I’ve had lots of accidents before, but I’ve never… well I’ve always just wet myself, nothing else.” Jane couldn’t even say the word.

“So what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Well…” Jane hesitated “….I can’t believe I’m asking you this!”

“Jane, we’re best friends! I would do anything for you!” I said, she probably had no idea how much I meant that.

“If you can help me…” Jane was still struggling with the words “If you can help me take this thing off I can go in and use the bathroom and then you can put it back on me.” She finished the last part quickly still looking at the floor, still blushing furiously.

“Are you sure, if your mother finds out….” I said skeptically.

“I know, I know” Jane knew what I was thinking “I can’t even imagine what she would do next! I’d probably have to wear these things the rest of my life!”

“Well I doubt it would be that bad. Still I wouldn’t want to test her.” I said. Images of my dream last night came to my mind.

“I’m just going to have to risk it” Jane said with resolve. “There is NO WAY I’m going to…. you know… in a diaper”

“Okay” I told her “Just tell me what to do”

I followed Jane into the living room where she hiked her dress up above her waist. That’s when I noticed something strange.

“Isn’t that on backwards?” I asked.

“Mom did that so it would be harder for me to take off” Jane explained “And look she marked the tapes so there would be no way I could line them back up even if I did get it off”

Jane turned around and showed me the back.

Sure enough there was a marker line through each tape and onto the diaper itself.

Jane went over and laid belly down on the couch with her dress bunched up under her and her diaper fully exposed.

“Peter please hurry” Jane said suddenly “I can’t last much longer”

All her modesty and embarrassment earlier seemed to be eclipsed by her desperation.

Completely stunned by what I was about to do I went over and started carefully undoing the tapes.

“Peter hurry!” Jane said again.

That’s when I realized something else shocking. The diaper was almost completely dry! Jane had somehow managed to hold it in all this time, a feat especially amazing for her!

I undid the last tape and Jane made a mad dash for the bathroom.

After about ten minutes she reemerged with a relieved look on her face.

“Thank you Peter” she said looking relieved, “I feel much better now”

She walked over and laid back down on the couch.

“All right, put it back on me. But be careful to get it lined up exactly right.” Jane instructed.

As I went to pull the diaper up between her legs I noticed her bottom was slightly red and sore looking.

“Gosh, your mom really did a number on you last night” I commented.

“I know, please just put the diaper on me” Jane responded suddenly seeming embarrassed again to be seen like that.

I finished taping the diaper onto her making sure all the lines matched perfectly.

“You know Jane” I said as she stood up and let her dress fall covering her diaper “I was thinking… Your mom probably EXPECTS you to be wet when she gets home. I mean she’s bound to know there’s no way you could make it a whole day without going. Don’t you think she might be upset if you are dry?”

“Oh no! I hadn’t even thought about that!” Jane exclaimed “That’s probably what she meant by ‘learn my lesson’ ! Oh well, there’s only one thing to do!”

With that she went to the refrigerator and grabbed a large bottle of soda and downed it on the spot.

Chapter 15: Jane’s Desperate Struggle

An hour later I looked on in shock as Jane finished off her fourth large bottle of soda.

“C’mon, C’mon…. Darn it!” Jane cried spreading her feet apart and bending her knees slightly.

The effort Jane was putting into her task was etched across her face.

“I… just… can’t…” Jane said, sounding defeated.

“I’ve peed my pants, what? At least a thousand times!” she complained “And now that I need to, I just can’t go! Why won’t my bladder cooperate at least once?”

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just harder to pee on command.” I replied.

Jane dropped all pretense of modesty and lifted her skirt displaying her bone dry diaper.

She glared down at the offensive garment as she began massaging her bladder willing it to release its contents.

“I guess after so many years of having it pounded into my head that I’m not to pee in my pants it’s just not that easy” Jane admitted.

“I have an idea” I offered “Maybe you can trick your bladder into thinking it’s time to go. Since you are normally in the bathroom when you pee maybe you should try it in there. ”

“I’ll try anything at this point!” Jane said in desperation.

She walked out of the room towards the bathroom in the hall.

A few minutes later I heard her calling my name.

“Peter! Can you come in here please?”

“Yes?” I asked stopping outside the door.

“No, come in here!” Jane pleaded.

I pushed open the door and for the second time, in the same bathroom, was amazed at what I saw.
Jane was sitting on the toilet in just her diaper and her bra, the dress she had been wearing was laying discarded on the floor.

Seeing the shocked look on my face Jane blushed slightly.

“I didn’t want to take a chance on getting my dress wet.” Jane explained “If I accidently dipped it in the toilet I figured mom might know I was in here.”

Figuring it was not the right time to ask her if this was a regular problem, I stood there wondering why she had called me.

“Can you run some water” Jane asked answering my unspoken question. “I thought it might help me go.”

I walked over and turned the knob on the tap allowing cold water to splash down into the sink.

Jane closed her eyes and bore down trying to force any small amount of liquid into the padding between her legs.

I wondered if I should leave and give her some privacy, but decided to stay and provide ‘moral support’ instead.
“Just relax” I offered “Let it come naturally, you’re trying too hard”

Jane didn’t seem to mind my continued presence.

“It’s not that easy” Jane responded.

However, I could tell she had stopped pushing and her expression relaxed.

“Good, now just take some deep breaths and listen to the sound of the water” I prodded her gently “That’s it breathe… breathe…”

“Are you trying to help me pee or have a baby?” Jane laughed.

That did the trick, as I heard a hiss and looked down to see the wetness spreading through Jane’s diaper.

The two yellow strips on the front of the diaper turned blue as Jane kept peeing.

She peed for what seemed like several minutes before she finally stopped.

As Jane stood up the diaper sagged heavily between her legs.

“Gosh, I am soaked! I sure hope my mom gets home soon so I can change!” she exclaimed.

Suddenly she looked panicked “My mom! Peter! She’s going to be home any minute! You have to get out of here!”

“Okay, I’ll see you at school tomorrow!” I said quickly, stealing one last glance at Jane in her sodden diaper.

As I rushed out the door I couldn’t help but think how cute she looked standing there soaking wet.

Really cute, that is, for someone who’s just a friend of course.

I started my car quickly and drove down the street.

As I came to the end of the block Jane’s mom drove past me in her car.

I looked the other way hoping she wouldn’t notice me.

Chapter 16: Peter’s Predicament

Thoughts of Jane and her mother faded from my mind as I got home and faced my own problems.

As I entered my room the strong smell of air freshener nearly bowled me over.

I had almost forgotten about my little accident last night, I sure hoped it was a one-time thing.

“Peter!” I jumped as my dad knocked on the door.

“My gosh Peter!” Dad gagged “What is that smell?”

“Air freshener” I replied, not sure what else to say.

“What have you done? Taken up smoking?” Dad said, elbowing me in the ribs. He was kidding of course, Dad knew me better than that.

“No, no” I reassured him “I, uh, found some old food I must have left in here. It really smelled bad, I guess I over did it with the air freshener!”

“Yeah, I would say so! Anyway dinner is ready, come on down.” He seemed to buy it, at least I hoped.

Still I opened a window before heading downstairs for supper.

Nothing else was said about my room or the smell of it for the rest of the evening. I figured my dad had not even given it a second thought.

Still I WAS thinking about it.

Though I was certain I wouldn’t wet my bed again tonight I couldn’t help but worry. I had already ruined one side of my mattress, if I wet the other side I’d get found out for sure.

My mom still changed my sheets sometimes and if she saw the stain on my bed…..

Well I didn’t even want to think about that!

I had to find some way to protect the mattress.

The plastic sheet that I used to keep on my bed had been thrown out years ago, so that wasn’t an option…

I didn’t have any Goodnites either. Unlike Jane’s mom mine hadn’t seen a reason to keep them around once I stopped wetting. I think she gave all the leftover ones to one of my younger cousins.

I sure wished I had one now…

But wait! I did! The Goodnites I had bought for Jane were still in the back of my car!

They were girl’s Goodnites of course, but still it seemed my only option, and a better one than wetting the bed again.

I went out to the car and retrieved a Goodnite from the pack. I tucked it into the waistband of my pants and pulled my shirt down over it.

After throwing my jacket back over the pack I went back in the house and up to my room.

I shut and locked my door before pulling the Goodnite out. Turning it over in my hand I examined it. It’s just like underwear I tried to tell myself.

Pink underwear with butterflies on it that is!

But no one would see me, I reasoned. Still I couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward as I slipped off my pants and boxers and pulled on the undergarment.

The fit was rater snug. I guess I had grown a bit since I last wore one of these, I thought.

‘It will have to do’ I told myself reasoning that I probably wouldn’t even need it. Before bed, however, I tucked a towel under my sheets just in case…

I woke up the next morning to the jarring sound of my alarm clock.

It took me a minute to come out of my haze and remember what I was wearing.

Not recalling any particularly racy dreams from last night I pulled back my blanket.

Sure enough I was completely…… dry.

I let out a sigh of relief. I wasn’t becoming a bedwetter again after all.

However I couldn’t help but feel a tad bit disappointed.

The conflicting feelings confused me. I knew I was glad to not have to deal with bedwetting again, especially when I was off to college in a few short months.

But still, something about it intrigued me.

I had always known that Jane’s accidents interested me, but I had never thought about having one of my own. The last time I wet the bed I
was fourteen and I had NEVER done it on purpose. The thought somehow appealed to me though and I wasn’t sure why.

‘What could it hurt?’ I thought. After all I was wearing a Goodnite, I might as well use it for its purpose.

I relaxed and released my bladder. The flow started almost immediately, I was surprised at how easy it was.

‘See Jane’ I thought to myself ‘it’s not so hard!’

I finished peeing and got out of bed.

Immediately I noticed two wet spots on my sheets.

Feeling the back of my boxers I confirmed my fear. I had leaked!

Silently kicking myself I pulled the sheets from bed.

Luckily my backup plan had worked, the towel was wet but the mattress was dry.

I went into the bathroom and tore open the sides of the soaked Goodnite. It plopped to the floor with a wet squish.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

After my shower I took the wet Goodnite and tied it in a plastic bag.

I gathered my wet sheets and headed down to the laundry room hoping no one would find it strange I was washing sheets two days in a row.

Then I went back to my room and got my school things.

As I left the house I tossed the plastic bag with my wet Goodnite in the curbside can. Fortunately it was trash day and all the evidence of my morning experiment would soon be gone.

Chapter 17: Jane Relieved

Arriving at school I wondered how Jane had fared last night. My question was soon answered when I arrived at her locker. She greeted me with a big smile.

“Well you seem to be in a much better mood!” I observed.

“I’m a big kid now!” Jane quipped.

“What?” I said, confused by her comment.

“I got my Goodnites back!” Jane whispered. “I would never have thought I would be happy to say that, but given the alternative….”

“So you got away with it?” I asked “Your mom didn’t suspect anything?”

“Nope! She came in and saw how wet my diaper was and just assumed I had been using it all day! She almost seemed sorry for making me wear it.” Jane said keeping her voice low.

“But not sorry enough to keep her from putting another one on me” she added ruefully “I just got these back this morning”

“She didn’t see me leaving then?” I checked “I passed her on the way out”

“She didn’t mention it, I’m glad you left when you did though. Imagine what she would have done if she came in and you were there with me standing in just a wet diaper!”

“Yeah, imagine” I said simply, remembering my dream from two nights ago.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Besides catching a few glimpses of Jane’s Goodnite sticking out of her pants nothing much exciting occurred. One time I thought I saw another girl looking at it too, so being a good friend I grabbed Jane’s shirt and tugged it down.

After school we got in the car and headed towards Jane’s house. For the first time in days neither Jane’s accidents or subsequent punishments came up in our conversation.

That is until we got to Jane’s house.

“Peter do you still have those Goodnites you bought?” Jane asked timidly.

Chapter 18: The Discovery

“They’re in the back seat” I replied “Why?”

“Mom asked about them this morning.” Jane said, adding “Don’t worry I didn’t tell her you bought them for me.”

“I told her that I walked to the drug store down on the corner and picked them up myself” she explained “She said since I spent my money on them I might as well not let them go to waste. So I have to keep wearing these things until both packs are gone. It doubled my punishment but I’m not going to complain after yesterday.”

As I handed Jane the pack of Goodnites from my back seat a thought occurred to me.

“Did you ever figure out how your mom knew you had switched them before?” I asked.

“No, I wish I did.” Jane replied “You want to come in for a bit? I promise I don’t have any unpleasant tasks for you today!”

“Sure thing” I replied. Unbeknownst to her I didn’t find her ‘tasks’ unpleasant in the least.

Once inside the house Jane set the bag of Goodnites down on the coffee table.

“I guess I’m lucky my mom didn’t ask to see them” she stated “I have no idea what I would have done then!”

“Yeah, lucky” I replied looking at the bag of Goodnites on the table.

I was still pondering how Jane got caught two days ago. Remembering how Jane’s mom had ‘secured’ Jane’s diaper yesterday gave me an idea.

“Jane, can I see one of your Goodnites?” I asked suddenly. “The ones you already had I mean.”

“I don’t have them” Jane responded “Mom has them locked in her closet. I guess she doesn’t trust me anymore, she’s giving them to me one at a time. Why do you want to see them anyway?”

“I think I might know how your mom found out we switched them” I explained. “There is the one you have on…”

“You want to see me in this thing again?” Jane looked at me strangely “Honestly Peter sometimes I think you LIKE seeing me in diapers!”

“No, no nothing like that!” I hurried to correct her “It’s just I think I know how your mom found out what we did…. Don’t you want to know?”

“I guess…” Jane said reluctantly “But this is the last time I give you an eyeful for a while, understand?”

“Jane, honestly I don’t WANT to see you in a diaper” I lied “I’m just trying to help!”

Jane stood up, unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down past her knees.

“Well, do you see anything?” she asked somewhat impatiently.

“Not yet” I said as I walked a full circle around her studying the Goodnite.

I wasn’t seeing what I was looking for.

I moved in closer so my face was only inches from Jane’s posterior.

“What would you do if I cut one right now?” Jane teased, seeming to relax a bit.

“Don’t even think about it!” I warned. It was exactly the kind of thing she would do!

I reached out and ran my finger around the waist band of the Goodnite, folding it down slightly.

“Peter!” Jane gasped.

“Sorry, just checking something” I replied, letting go.

I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, which left only one possibility.

“Jane you trust me right?” I asked.

“The fact that I am standing here with my pants down to my knees should answer that!” Jane retorted.

“I asked because I need to check something and you might find it a bit… uncomfortable” I explained.

“I’m pretty sure I have reached my max on embarrassment the past couple of days” Jane replied “What do you need me to do?”

“Sit down on the couch…” I started.

“Okay..” Jane sat down

“Now spread your knees apart” I finished.

Jane just stared at me for a minute.

Then slowly she spread her knees apart providing me with a clear view of the crotch of her diaper.

I knelt down in front of her and fingered the elastic bands around her legs.

“Peter this is getting kind of weird” Jane sounded slightly shocked.

“There it is! I found it!” I exclaimed standing up.

“Found what?” Jane asked quickly pulling her knees back together.

“I’ll show you, do you have a hand mirror?” I inquired.

“In the bathroom, do I have to leave my pants off?” Jane was starting to sound impatient.

“Just for a minute” I responded as I left the room.

I returned a minute later with the mirror.

“Look right here” I pointed

Jane parted her knees again as I positioned the mirror between them.

There between the leg gathers of the Goodnite was a small hand drawn star.

With the mystery solved Jane hurried to pull up her pants.

“I knew my mom was sneaky, but this just brings it to a whole new level!” Jane said astounded.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies and eating snacks. I made sure to leave well before Jane’s mom was due home.

Chapter 19: Peter’s Purchace

On the way home I started thinking about my own experiment with diapers earlier that day. The feeling of lying there in bed and just letting go went beyond description. It was something I was pretty sure I wanted to experience again. Too bad I had to give the Goodnites to Jane.

‘You know…’ I reasoned with myself ‘just because I didn’t wet the bed again last night doesn’t mean it won’t happen again… Maybe I should pick up something just in case.”

I pulled my car into the parking lot of the same drug store that I had bought Jane’s Goodnites at just a couple days ago. This time my trepidation was somewhat mixed with feelings of excitement.

Remembering that the Goodnites didn’t fit me very well I figured I should find something bigger. I thought about the ‘real’ diapers Jane had been made to wear.

Immediately I knew that I wanted to try them.

After making my way to the incontinence isle I searched through the various offerings.

I settled on a pack of over-night, extra absorbent medium briefs and I made my way to the front.

Secretly thanking the inventor of the self check-out I quickly made my purchase and left the store.

Fortunately, when I arrived home I found the house to be empty. I carried the pack of diapers upstairs and hid them in my closet. Resisting the urge to open the package and put one on, I decided instead to wait until bed time.

I hurried through dinner making idle conversation with my about school and such. After putting my plate in the sink I announced that I was tired and turning in early.

Going up to my room I locked the door. Excited and somewhat nervous I retrieved the package from my closet.

Pulling one ‘brief’ from the package I spread it out on my bed.

Taping a diaper on myself proved to be quite a bit more difficult than putting the one on Jane the previous day. After readjusting the tapes several times I managed to get it on snugly.

I pulled a pair of sweats on over top and climbed in bed. Just as I was getting comfortable my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered

“Peter…” Jane’s voice came over the line in a whisper “There’s a Goodnite missing from the pack you gave me. What happened to it?”

Chapter 20: A Sleepless Night

“Crap! Now what do I do?” I thought to myself.

“Peter?” Jane whispered a bit louder “Are you there? I really need that Goodnite! Mom came up and asked for the second pack this evening and the first thing she did was count them! Where could it be?”

“I uhmm.. I mean.. Uhmm… It uhmm.. It must have fallen out in the back of my car!” I immediately winced at the lie I had just told my best friend.

“Well I hope so, I told Mom it must be under my bed or something. I got lucky this time cause Mom’s got an early meeting tomorrow. She just said I’d better find it or else and went off to bed. I really don’t want to know what or else means Peter. PLEASE make sure you find it!” Jane pleaded “She probably won’t ask in the morning since she’s leaving early but I know she’ll be expecting me to have it when she gets home!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have it in the morning” I assured her. How exactly I was going to manage that I had no idea!

“Thanks Peter, you’re a really good friend. You know sometimes I think that maybe we should… I mean that I… I mean you.. I mean your great Peter! You’re a great friend, good night!” Jane sounded obviously flustered.

“Good night” I answered back as I hung up the phone.

‘What was that all about?’ I wondered.

But it didn’t really matter. Whatever Jane trying to say, whatever she was about to confess, only one thing was on my mind. I had just lied to my best friend. I felt horrible!

The diaper I was so excited about trying didn’t matter anymore. I laid in bed thinking about what to do next. I guess in the morning I would return the store, buy ANOTHER pack of Goodnites and take one out of that pack to give to Jane. At least that will keep her out of trouble, I told myself.

Still I felt bad. Jane had been so open and honest with me about her bedwetting, her diapers, everything. But I just couldn’t tell her the reason the Goodnite was missing was that I had worn it. Still, if she knew I had had an accident maybe she wouldn’t feel so bad about her own. And I knew she wouldn’t think any less of me. Being completely honest though I hadn’t just worn that Goodnite because I was afraid of another accident. And I certainly had NOT wet it on accident. I definitely couldn’t tell Jane THAT part! I tossed and turned the rest of the night trying to decide what to do. I had barely closed my eyes when I was jarred awake by my alarm clock.

Chapter 21: The Confession

I sat up in bed and shut off my alarm. It took me a minute to remember what I was wearing. I pulled back the covers. The diaper was completely dry. I was definitely not becoming a bed wetter again. However this morning I didn’t feel like using my diaper. I just tore it off, balled it up, and shoved it into the bottom of my waste basket. I stepped into the shower still dwelling on the lie I had told Jane the night before. Jane trusted me so much and I hadn’t trusted her at all. As I finished up my shower I became resolved at what I had to do. I would tell Jane the truth. Well, most of it anyway. I would tell her about my accident and that I had tried one of the Goodnites. I would leave out the details of the dream that had caused the accident and any ulterior reasons I had for wearing one the next night.

I got dressed and hid the dry balled up diaper in the bottom of my book bag. As I got in the car and pulled out of my driveway another realization hit me. I could be honest with Jane but that still didn’t solve the problem with her mother. Her mom was still expecting Jane to produce the Goodnite that afternoon. If Jane’s mom found out I was the reason it was missing then she would know I had been involved. Then it would be just a few short dots for her connect that I had been at the house with Jane alone. That wouldn’t end well for either one of us! There was only one thing to do, I turned my car in the direction of the drug store.

As I walked through the door of the store I realized if any employees had paid attention to my purchases over the past few days they probably thought we had a lot of bedwetters at my house! Still, being that this was a drug store I doubt my purchase was all that unusual, they probably hadn’t even noticed. When I got to the diaper aisle it became apparent exactly how ‘not unusual’ my purchase really was! The shelf for girl’s L-XL Goodnites was empty! Apparently there were a lot more people out there wetting their beds than I realized! My mind wandered for a moment wondering if any of the other girls at my school had purchased the other packs. Still, this was a problem, I was supposed to be in school in 15 minutes and I had no Goodnite to give to Jane! I’d just have to figure something out later, getting detention for being late would certainly not improve the situation.

I got to school, parked the car and enterd the building with only a few minutes to spare. Jane was waiting by my locker.

“Oh thank goodness Peter” Jane exclaimed “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming. If you were absent today I don’t know what I would have done! Please tell me you have the uhmm… thing!”

“It’ll be fine” I said trying to avoid lying again.

“You did find it…” Jane started to look worried.

“We’ll talk at lunch” I replied “We got to get to class”

“Peter….” Jane started, but was cut off by the bell.

We both hurried off to our first class. I wasn’t looking forward to lunch today.

I tried to avoid talking with Jane until lunch time. I ducked into the bathroom between classes and said I had to go back to my locker for something I forgot. I hoped Jane didn’t think was mad at her.

When lunch finally rolled around I guided Jane over to a table in the far corner of the cafeteria.

“All right Peter, what’s going on?” Jane sounded perturbed “Your acting pretty weird. Did you find the freakin’ diaper or what?”

“I didn’t find it” I started, Jane’s expression went from annoyed to worried.

“I didn’t find it, because I couldn’t” I continued.

“What do you mean you couldn’t?” Jane was sounding panicked again “You’ve got to find it Peter, you got to look again! Do you KNOW what’s going to happen to me if I don’t have it when Mom gets home this afternoon? She said that I would…”

“Look there’s no point in looking again” I said cutting her off “It’s not there!”

“What do you mean it’s not there?” Jane replied “It’s got to be there it’s not like you used it or something!”

“Well actually…”

Jane’s eyes got wide “Peter! You mean you USED it? Why?!?”

“Just listen!” I replied, “This hard for me to say, but I had an uhmm.. an accident the other night”

“What do you mean an ‘accident’” Jane asked “is this that ‘boy thing’?”

“No, like a REAL accident” I answered (she of all people should have known what I meant!)

“Look” I explained “I had this dream and I woke and I had peed in my bed! I’m sorry I should have told you. I mean you told me about all your accidents”

“Well maybe not all of them” Jane said blushing slightly “I’ve had those kinds of dreams too. Was it the one where you think your sitting on the toilet only to wake up and find there was never a toilet at all, just your mattress?”

“Yeah, that’s the one!” I said deciding that was a better option than telling her my REAL dream.

“But you’ve told me about that, that you used to, you know… wet…” I reminded Jane.

“No, I told you I used to wet the bed, like back when we were freshmen” Jane was blushing furiously now “I’ve had ‘those’ kind of dreams more recently, like this past summer”

“Oh, okay” I said trying to sound like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Anyway, I had several of these ‘incidents’ last summer” Jane went on “and that’s why my mom had the Goodnites still”

“And why you have a plastic sheet on your bed” I said without thinking.

“How do you know about that?” Jane looked mortified.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” I assured her “When I went up to get your.. thing.. the other day I noticed. Really, it’s no big deal! I mean with everything else you’ve told me a plastic sheet is no big thing!”

“I know” Jane admitted “It’s just that… Well I haven’t needed it for a while, well a few months at least, Mom just hasn’t taken it off my bed yet.”

“It’s fine!’ I repeated “I mean I wish I had one on my bed the other night! My mattress was completely soaked!”

“So that’s why you wore one of my…” Jane said putting it all together.

“Yes” I replied “I didn’t want to take a chance on ruining the other side of my mattress!”

“But their girl’s Goodnites” Jane noted, “You mean you wore..”

“It was better than the alternative” I stated flatly

“Still I would have liked to have seen that!” she shot back.

“That is NOT going to happen!” I replied emphatically.

“But you’ve seen me in mine” Jane gave me a fake pout.

“Still….” I said “Not going to happen!”

“We’ll see about that” Jane responded.

I wasn’t sure I liked that look in here eye.

Chapter 22: The Search

After school we headed out to my car.

“You still owe me a Goodnite for the one you desecrated, Pee-ter” Jane teased.

“Watch it” I warned “What’s that expression about the pot calling the kettle something? I’m the only one in the car wearing real underwear right now! Besides I’ll have you know I woke up dry the next morning, it was just a one time thing!” (That wasn’t a lie after all, I did WAKE UP dry!)

“Not fair!” Jane retorted “You know I don’t need these things! If it weren’t for my mom being such a ‘B’”

“I know, I know” I assured her “I’m just giving you a hard time”

“So you didn’t.. You know.. Wet again?” Jane asked timidly.

“Nope, must have just been that dream!” I answered, trying to sound confident.

“Oh, well that’s good…” Jane said, but I could have sworn there was a note of disappointment in her voice.

“We do have to get you some more Goodnites” I told Jane as I pulled out of the parking lot.

I told her about the drug store being out earlier that day.

“Another pack??” Jane said incredulously “If we get caught I will end up having to go through THREE packs! She’ll probably pack them in my suitcase for college!”

“What else can we do? Do you really want to face her without one” I explained “Look, she couldn’t possibly have marked that pack, she didn’t know about it remember?”

I went on “We’ll just go to another store, there’s got to be a half dozen around here that sell them, and buy another pack. You can take one out and tell your mom you found it under your bed. She’ll never know”

“Okay” Jane sounded skeptical “But if I get caught again you’re wearing the third pack!”

“Deal!” I said pulling into the parking lot of the local ‘big box’ store.

Knowing we didn’t have much time before Jane’s mom would get home we walked into the store and made our way immediately to the diaper aisle. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The shelf where the Goodnites should have been was completely empty! Had every girl in town suddenly lost control of their bladder? Jane looked panicked.

“Don’t worry!” I told Jane “We have four more stores to try between here and your house”

Stores two and three didn’t prove any more helpful. Store four had bedwetter pants but only in a generic brand.

Deciding that a bedwetting epidemic must have overcome the area we headed for the last store a small ‘mom and pop’ place.

“We might as well just give up” Jane sounded defeated “Mom is going to be home in 15 minutes, I might as well head home. If I’m late AND don’t have my Goodnite she’ll probably just murder me right there!”

“Let’s just make a quick check” I reasoned “We’re only 3 minutes from your house and you never know what you’ll find in these places!”

Boy was I ever right. The shelves of the store were the strangest assortment of items you had ever seen. There were spaghetti strainers next to the motor oil and 35mm film (do people still use that?) in between the canned soup and the cat litter.

“We’ll never find them in here! Even if they do have them! Jane exclaimed.

“Let’s just ask!” I pleaded.

“Ask??” Jane exclaimed “I am NOT going to ask for those ‘things’!”

“Fine then I’ll do it” I said walking to the front of the store.

There was an elderly gentlemen standing behind the counter. Jane hung back looking embarrassed.

“Excuse me sir” I said quietly “Do you have any Goodnites?”

“What’s that” the old man looked confused.

Keeping my voice low for Jane’s sake I explained “You know they’re for bedwetting, a kind of protection?”

“Oh you mean diapers?” the old man exclaimed way to loud “For big kids? Well I guess you ain’t a kid are you?”

He thought they were for me! Jane looked as if she were about to cry so I didn’t bother to correct him.

“Yeah, I think we got some of them in the back of the store, want me to show you?” he offered.

“No thanks, we’ll find them” I answered. I didn’t think Jane would appreciate the extra company.

We made our way to the back of the store. Searching the dusty shelves we finally came upon what we were looking for. Sitting on the bottom shelf was one last pack of girl’s L-XL Goodnites!

With no time to spare I grabbed the pack and headed back to the front of the store.

“Son, I think you made a mistake” the old man observed “These are for girls!”

I thought Jane was going to pass out then and there.

I quickly recovered “They’re not for me, there for my little sister”

“Well that makes sense” the old man reasoned “You’re way too old to pee’in on yourself ain’t ya?”

All I could do was give Jane a sympathetic look.

We dashed back to the car.

“Hurry Mom’s going to be home in FIVE minutes!” Jane cried.

I jumped in the car and pulled out onto the road. I had no sooner pulled into the street when Jane let out a cry.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make it, we’re almost there” I said.

“That’s not it” Jane sobbed “My Goodnites, the ones I have at home, have butterflies on them…. Look…”

She held up the pack of girls L-XL Goodnites….. with hearts.

“That’s it, I’m screwed” Jane said defeated “I’ll just have to face the music”

“I’m really sorry Jane” I said as we pulled up to Jane’s house “I feel like this is all my fault”

“No Peter, it’s not” Jane turned to me “Look all you’ve done is try to help me, I really appreciate you driving me all over this afternoon. You really are a great friend, your so…. Sweet… and…”

And with that I Jane gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, jumped out of the car and dashed for her front door.

Chapter 23: Consequences

I sat in my car dumfounded, staring at Jane’s closed door.

“What was that all about?” I wondered to myself. What was Jane about to say?

But my bewilderment soon faded away as my thoughts turned to concern over what might happen to Jane when her mom got home.
When Jane couldn’t produce the missing pull-up what would her mom do? Spank her again? Prolong her punishment? Worse?

As I drove home my thoughts remained on Jane. I hated she was taking the fall for something that was my fault. If I hadn’t put that Goodnite on she wouldn’t be in this mess. Even if had just kept it dry we might have gotten away with it. But I had wet the Goodnite and it wasn’t even an accident, I had done it on purpose! I felt like such a heel!

Arriving home I went up to my room and tossed my book bag onto my bed. I sat down and tried to get started on my homework. I just couldn’t stop thinking about Jane! Her mom was bound to be home by now. What had happened? I kept looking at my phone hoping Jane would call and say everything was okay. But my phone didn’t ring. I thought about calling her but decided against it. If Jane was in trouble, if her Mom was angry a phone call might just make things worse.

I turned my attention to my Spanish homework. Ugh, Spanish! I had only signed up for it because my counselor said I needed it to get into college. I just couldn’t get a grasp on learning another language. I looked through my book bag for my Spanish to English dictionary. I then remembered that I had leant it to a classmate and failed to get it back.

“Great!” I thought, “This day just keeps getting better!”

Remembering that I had another one I got up and went over to my closet.

“I know it’s in here somewhere” I said to myself, digging through my things.

That’s when I spotted the pack of adult diapers I had purchased the day before.

I was suddenly overcome with guilt, my desire to wear them was gone. My desire to see Jane wearing them was gone. I felt horrible. I grabbed a trash bag from the hall closet and stuffed the entire pack of diapers into the bag. I walked down the stairs, out the door, and to the trashcan. I tossed the bag inside and shut the lid. I vowed then and there that this whole diaper thing was over. I would never wear or even think about them again!

I went back inside and checked my phone. Still no word from Jane. Not being able to stand it any longer I grabbed my phone and sent her a text.

‘ Are you okay?’ I typed.

A few minutes later my phone buzzed.

‘I’ll call you in fifteen minutes’ Jane’s response came back.

I sat beside my phone and waited. Time seemed to move at a crawl.

Finally, the phone rang and Jane’s number appeared on the caller ID.

“Hello?” I answered timidly.

“Hi Peter” Jane’s voice was barely a whisper but I could tell she had been crying.

“I can only talk a minute” Jane continued, “Mom is in the basement doing laundry. If she finds me on the phone I’ll be in even more trouble.”

“So what happened, are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay, but Peter it was horrible” Jane sounded like she was starting to cry again.

“Mom came home and the first thing she did was ask for the Goodnite” Jane’s voice broke “I told her I didn’t have it. I didn’t know what else to say so I told her that I had had another accident and that I was embarrassed and had thrown it away.”

“I’m sorry Jane, this is all my fault, I wish I could take the blame” I apologized.

“Peter no! This is my fault, if I hadn’t tried to trick her in the first place none of this would have happened. And I couldn’t possibly bring you up. That would make things so much worse! I would probably never be allowed to see you again!” Jane exclaimed.

“So it was bad?” I asked timidly.

“Bad doesn’t even begin to describe it!” Jane’s voice quivered “She absolutely lost it! She started ranting and raving saying how she couldn’t trust me anymore. I got another spanking of course. But you’ll never believe what happened next. She made me stand in the corner in just my Goodnite! After an hour I told her I had to use the bathroom. She said that if I couldn’t hold it I could just go in my diaper. She stood there and watched me wet myself! I’ve never been so humiliated!”

“I’m so sorry Jane”, it was all I could manage to say.

“That’s not the worst part” she continued “she said I have to wear diapers for a week.”

“That’s not so bad is it? Just another week?” I asked confused.

“Peter, you don’t understand” Jane cried “Diapers! Real diapers! Like the one I was wearing the other day! And I can’t take them off!
There’s no way I can go a whole week without… you know. And I can’t have you help me again, not for an entire week, she’d know something was up for sure!”

“I am so sorry Jane” I said again.

“Peter! I told you I don’t blame you!” Jane repeated “Look there’s something else I want to tell you. You’ve been so great with all this. And you’re such a good friend. I’ve been thinking that maybe we should.. I mean I wanted to tell you that I… Oh crap! Mom’s coming. I gotta go!” Jane hung up the phone.

For the second time that day I was left wondering what Jane wanted to say.

Still, despite her insistence that she didn’t blame me I couldn’t help blame myself!

If only I could take her place, or at least share in her punishment.

Then the thought struck me… maybe I could… in a way.
I snuck outside and retrieved the bag from the trashcan.

Chapter 24: Peter’s Plan

I woke up to the jarring sound of my alarm clock. I fumbled for the off switch and buried my head back in my pillow. As the drowsiness wore off the events of the past few days flooded back into my head. I sat bolt upright in bed and pulled back the covers.

My bed was completely…… dry. I guess my accident really was a fluke!

Then remembered Jane, her predicament, and my plan to ‘help’ her.
I took a quick shower, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back to my room.

Opening my closet I retrieved the black trash bag I had rescued the night before.

I opened it up and pulled out the pack of adult diapers.

Not even a day ago I had been ready to throw these out, and now…

I took one diaper from the pack and turned it over in my hand.

A bit apprehensive I started to put the diaper back in the pack, then changed my mind.

Dropping the towel to the floor I spread the diaper out on my bed. Lying atop it I fastened it securely and stood up. The diaper held in place.

I rummaged through my closet and chose a baggy pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt.

After getting dressed I checked myself in the mirror. Satisfied that my ‘secret’ was well hidden I went down for breakfast.

“Good morning Peter!” Mom said “Sleep well?”

“Yeah, um hum” I mumbled a bit nervous. As I sat down I swore the diaper rustled so loud anyone in the kitchen could have heard it.

Apparently no one did. Mom went about cooking breakfast, Dad kept reading his paper and my sister stared blankly at her iPod.

“Samantha put that thing away!” Mom chided my sister.

Rolling her eyes Sam dropped the iPod into her pocket.

Samantha or “Sam” as she liked to be called was the definition of a fourteen year old girl. Sassy, sarcastic and not nearly as grown as she thought she was. It was a good thing she had no idea what I was wearing. If she found out.. well let’s just say my social life would be over!

I gobbled down breakfast, grabbed my backpack and headed for the door.

“Peter wait a minute” Mom shouted “What’s that?”

My heart stopped.

“What?” I played dumb

“Something’s sticking out of our pants” She pointed.

Thinking my life was about to come to a crashing halt I looked down.

It was a stray sock. Sticking out the LEG of my pants.

“Oh, thanks!” I said relieved, pulling it from my pants and tossing it to her.

“Well at least it wasn’t underwear! Imagine if you had gotten all the way to school! Now that would be embarrassing!” Mom teased.

“Yeah, embarrassing!” (If she only knew!)

Driving to school my nervousness grew. Would someone notice? What if they did? Might someone hear it in a quiet room? See it when I bent down at my locker? I could just take it off now…

Then I reminded myself that Jane had already worn a diaper for an entire day and had been wearing Goodnites for the rest of the week.

No one had noticed, not that I knew of at least.

Besides, despite my nervousness, despite the fact that I told myself I was doing this to help Jane out, I also found myself a bit excited. I couldn’t believe I had sworn this off the day before!

I pulled into the parking lot fully resolved to go through with my plan. Entering the school it didn’t take me long to find Jane, she was standing beside my locker waiting for me. She looked far from cheerful.

“Hi!” I said with a smile.

Jane made only half an attempt to return my smile.

I decided to tell her my secret right away.

“Come here, I want to show you something” I said pulling her into the same empty classroom we were in when she showed me HER diaper.

“What Peter? I’m not exactly in the mood for surprises” Jane sounded slightly annoyed.

“Oh, I thought you weren’t mad” I said, worried.

“No, I’m sorry, I’m not” Jane sighed “I’m just fed up with this ‘punishment’ already. I’ve had to use these things twice already, just wet thank goodness, but honestly to have to ask my mom to change me at my age? It’s too much! And I have be the only person at this school wearing, well you know..”

“No, not the only one!” I answered back.

“What do you mean? Those kids in that ‘special’ class? That doesn’t make me feel better Peter!” Jane said sarcastically.

“No look!” I replied lifting my shirt and pulling down my waist band just enough to expose what I was wearing.

Jane stared for a moment dumbfounded.

“Peter is that a…” Jane sounded confused “But why?”

“Well” I explained, “I told you I felt bad that I was responsible for your…”

Jane interrupted “Peter I TOLD you it’s not your..”

“Okay, PARTIALY responsible for your punishment.” I conceded “Anyway, I didn’t want you to go through this alone. As long as you have to wear them, I will too!”

Jane stares at me for a minute. Did she think this was too weird?

“Peter” Jane started “That’s just so… sweet!”

With that Jane grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips.

Chapter 25: More than Friends

I was shocked beyond comment, beyond action.

Jane pulled back and looked panicked.

“Oh Peter, I’m so sorry, I hope I didn’t mess things up for us… it’s just your such a good friend… and you’ve been so sweet lately… and you’ve…”

“Jane, stop!” I interrupted her, “I feel the same way about you.”

I pulled her back to me and kissed her again.

After we kissed Jane leaned against me and I held her. For a few moments we just stood there, in the empty classroom saying nothing.

Jane broke the silence, “You know we’ve tried this before, taking this friendship further.”

“I know” I responded “But somehow I think it will be different this time. There’s never really been anyone else I felt this way about, not the way I feel about you.”

“Me too” Jane said, her head still on my chest. “I mean I’ve never felt like this about anyone, except you that is. And I do think it will work this time”

We kissed again and then Jane smiled.

“You know” she said slyly “most guys try to get a girls attention by putting on a nice shirt or something, not a diaper!”

“You know me” I teased “I go to be different!”

Jane laughed, then her eye lit up as she gave me a mischievous grim.

“I don’t like that look…” I said warily.

“I want to see it!” she exclaimed.

“What?” I said acting shocked (like I knew this wasn’t coming) “No! I mean, I can’t!”

“Oh please Peter!” Jane pleaded “You’ve seen mine!”

Just then the warning bell rang.

“Ah, shucks!” I said sarcastically “We got to get to class!”

“Saved by the bell! Literally!” Jane shot back “Don’t worry, I’ll get what I want..”

As we walked together to our first class Jane reached out and took my hand.

Chapter 26: Diapers for Two

We entered our first class together and took our seats.

I recalled the day earlier in the week when I had caught a glimpse of Jane’s diaper.

She seemed much more adept at wearing them now. I noted how she carefully pulled down the bottom of her shirt as she took he seat. I followed her example. Now I wasn’t as worried about someone noticing Jane’s diaper as I was about someone noticing mine!

Other than me having a hard time concentrating on the lesson (again) our first class was rather uneventful. When the bell rang we walked out hand in hand.

No one seemed to notice, but then again Jane and I were used to being pretty much invisible to everyone else.

I stopped by the water fountain for a drink before Jane and I headed to our next class.

The rest of the day leading up to lunch proceeded fairly normally, well as normally as it could for two high school seniors wearing diapers.

When lunch came Jane and I grabbed our trays and headed to our usual table. I stopped by the vending machines and bought a sports drink.

“If you drink all that you’re going to need that thing you’re wearing!” Jane teased.

I hadn’t thought much about that. I was completely ready to wear these things to ‘support Jane’ but was I going to use them? Jane didn’t have a choice, I did.

Jane seemed to read my mind “Look Peter, it’s really sweet what you did. But don’t worry you can take it off when you have to… you know… go”

Suddenly I seemed to make up my mind.

“No” I said firmly “In for a penny, in for a pound! If you can’t take yours off then I won’t take mine off either!”
It was then I noticed Jane’s tray complete with sandwich, fries, a side salad, and apple juice. “You don’t seem to be too worried” I commented “Last time you were in this situation I practically had to force the food down your throat.”

“Well,” Jane replied “It’s like you said before… I certainly can’t go a WHOLE week without eating or drinking. Besides, Mom gave me a bit of a reprieve.”

“What kind of reprieve?” I asked.

“Well I still have to wear, and use, these horrible things.” Jane explained “But Mom didn’t want me to get an infection or something. So I am allowed change myself, once, before she gets home. I just have to save her the ‘evidence’”

“What do you mean” I said kind of dumbly.

“You know!” Jane said pointing towards her waist “The evidence!”

“Oh!” I exclaimed “You mean your… oh I see… So you have an extra diaper with you?”

“Shh.. yes!” Jane glanced around nervously “It’s in my bag! Actually I think I might need it soon, I’m a little wet already.”

“Wait a minute,” Jane asked “did you bring an extra one with you?”

“No, I didn’t think about it.” I answered, thinking to myself that would have been a really good idea.

“But what if you… need it…” Jane looked concerned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine I never go during the day any way” I assured her.

But as I stood up a twinge in my bladder indicated otherwise.

I gave Jane a quick kiss and headed off for my next class. Jane took her bag and ducked into the nearest restroom.

Chapter 27: Made it… almost

I managed to make it through the rest of the day keeping my diaper dry. But with each passing period my concentration dwindled as the pressure in my bladder grew. I met up with Jane after classes and we headed for the parking lot. As I sat down and started the car I felt a small spurt escape my hold. I gasped and looked down. For a moment, forgetting what I was wearing, I expected to see a wet spot on the front of my pants.

My glance didn’t go unnoticed to Jane.

“Did you just do what I think you did” she said almost grinning.

“A little” I admitted, slightly embarrassed.

“Come on Pee-ter” Jane teased “Just let it go, you’ll feel so much better. You know you can think about rivers and waterfalls and
swimming pools…”

“Hey that’s not fair!” I protested “I never did that to you! Besides, how come you don’t have to go?”

“Cause I’ve already gone! I’m on my second one, I changed after lunch!” Jane explained “That didn’t exactly go as planned by the way.
But I’ll tell you about that later, let’s talk about you now. Think about the sound of fountains and… wait I know!”

With that Jane suddenly leaned over and started kissing me on the neck.

Her breath tickled my face. That did it. My bladder released and my diaper was flooded. I sighed in relief. Jane smiled knowingly and sat back in her seat.

As we drove home Jane explained to me how her diaper change at school had not exactly gone as planned. It seems when she entered the bathroom she was alone. She went into a stall and started to undo her diaper. Then she realized her diaper was only a little wet. Since she only got one change before her mom got home she figured she might as well get the most out of it. So she redid the tape and sat down on the toilet and peed into the diaper. That way, she reasoned, she would be able to keep her new diaper dry that much longer. She was just about to remove her sodden diaper when the door to the bathroom opened. A group of girls entered the bathroom. Jane froze! She recognized the voices as a group of ‘popular girls’. They were chatting about some party they were planning on attending that weekend. Jane went on to say that she just sat there, afraid to move, afraid that if she started undoing the tapes the girls would hear! She said that it seemed to take forever for them to leave! Finally they did and Jane hastily changed her diaper and rushed to class. She made it in just before the bell.

“It was just too close” Jane explained “I’m just going to have to be more careful from now on. I’ll just try to wait till I get home to change”

“You won’t have to worry about that for a couple days” I reminded her “tomorrow’s Saturday!”

“Now that does make me feel better!” Jane said smiling as we pulled up in front of her house.

“Want to come in?” She asked.

“I need to get home and change” I reminded her.

“Oh come on, please? Just for a bit?” Jane said poking her lip out.

“Oh all right, just for a bit” I conceded

I shut off the car and we headed into the house.

Chapter 28: What Happen’s at Jane’s House….

As I followed Jane into her house I became increasingly aware if the weight of the diaper sagging below my waist.

“I can’t stay long, I really need to get out of this thing” I told her.

“Don’t worry,” Jane responded, “I just need long enough to do this!”

Without warning Jane pushed me back against the wall of the entry hall and started kissing me passionately.
What followed was a make out session for the history books. Somehow we managed to make our way from the entry hall to the living room couch. Jane laid on top of me her weight pressing my wet diaper against my crotch.

When we came up for air twenty minutes later Jane gave me a mischievous grin “Want to play a game?”

“A game? What did you have in mind” I asked. My mind wasn’t so much on my wet diaper any more as it was… other things.

“I thought we could play truth or dare!” Jane responded, still grinning.

“Truth or dare?” I teased, “That’s not very original!”

“Take it or leave it!” Jane answered

I decided I’d take it. “Truth!” I answered.

“Pe-ter!” Jane protested “That’s no fun!”

“Fine then, dare!” I conceded.

“Take off your pants.” Jane stated matter of factly.

“What?!?” I said taken aback, “But I’m wearin’ a… And it’s… wet”

Jane gave me a no nonsense look.

“Peter” she reminded me “What did you see me in earlier this week? Several times?!? C’mon turnabout is fair play!”

“Fine!” I said reluctantly.

I wasn’t sure why I was so hesitant for Jane to see me in my current condition when I had been practically (okay completely) naked in this same spot not that many days ago.

Slowly I stood up, unbuttoned my pants, and tugged them down to the floor.

Jane stared agape at my diaper

“You are really soaked!” she said in amazement “I didn’t even know one of those things could hold that much!”

It was my turn to blush.

“I know” I said sheepishly “And it’s really uncomfortable too! I wish I could get out of thing!”

“Look” Jane replied “I appreciate what you’re doing but just go on and take it off. I won’t hold it against you.”

“No” I stated, “I told you as long as you had to wear one I would too! You can’t take yours off, so neither will I. Besides I don’t have any
‘big boy’ underwear with me!”

“What’s the problem?” Jane teased, “Never heard of going commando?”

“You wish!” I shot back “You just want to see me naked!”

“Whatever Peter, just take your turn!” Jane said feigning impatience.

“Truth or dare?” I asked.

“Dare!” Jane said, “Do your worst!”

I didn’t even hesitate with my response

“Take of your pants…” I replied.

“I figured that was coming” Jane said as she started unsnapping her jeans.

“…and your shirt” I finished.
It was Jane’s turn to protest.

“Peter! That’s not fair!” she whined, “I only asked you to take one thing off!”

“Not my fault you didn’t think of it!” I teased “C’mon you know the rules!”

The truth was, despite her protests I knew Jane was enjoying this as much as I was.

Jane stopped undoing her pants leaving them partially unzipped and moved her hands towards her shirt.

“You’re going to pay for this you know!” she retorted as she slipped her shirt over her head.

“I know, I know!” I replied, gazing at Jane’s cute little breasts covered by nothing but her small 32 AA bra.

Jane finished unzipping her jeans somewhat slowly then suddenly let them drop to the floor.

I stared, speechless as Jane stood in front of me in nothing but her bra and a diaper. She sure is cute, I thought to myself, I was so glad we were no longer ‘just friends’.

Looking at Jane I noticed the wetness indicator on Jane’s diaper had started to change.

“You’re wet” I observed, “When did that happen?”

“Earlier, on the couch” Jane responded with a grin. “But I’m not too wet yet, I’ll be okay.”

Did she mean when we were making out? I wondered. Did she pee when she was laying on top of me? Oh man!

“It’s my turn” Jane reminded me “Truth or dare?”

“Look” I said, “We know that neither of us is going to pick truth right? I mean we might as well just call this game ‘dare’!”

“Okay then, here’s your dare!” Jane replied, “You want out of that thing right? Well then change!”

“Into what?” I said confused “I didn’t bring a dry one, remember?”

“But you did…” Jane said mischievously “You still have that last pack of Goodnites we bought the other day in your back seat!”

“You want me to wear a… but there for girls!… No Way!” I complained.

“You know the rules!” Jane said with a smirk. I guess I asked for that one.

“Fine!” I relented “Can I at least put my pants back on to go get them?”

“Well since I would prefer my neighbors not to see a boy coming out of my house wearing just a diaper I would say that’s okay!” Jane said sarcastically.

I slipped my pants back over my wet diaper and headed out to the car. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I must admit however, I was a bit excited.

Grabbing the unopened pack of ‘wrong’ Goodnites I headed back in to the house and made my way toward the bathroom.

“Nope!” Jane stopped me “Change right here!”

“Just remember, your turns next” I reminded her.

“Uh huh! Now go on and change!” Jane seemed a bit excited herself.

I took my pants back off and started undoing the tapes of the soaked diaper. I took it off, leaving myself completely exposed from the waist down. Jane smiled, obviously checking me out.

“You could just stay that way!” she offered.

“That’s okay! A deals, a deal!” I answered opening the package and removing a Goodnite.

I slipped it on. Just like the other one it was snug but it did cover everything up.

It was my turn to give Jane a dare. I decided to keep it simple.

“Bra off” I said.

Jane didn’t even fight me. She undid her bra and dropped it on the floor.

There was now a beautiful girl sitting in front of me in nothing but a partially wet diaper! How much luckier could I get!
Jane seemed to think a moment before she started on the next dare.

“You know Peter…” she began slowly “…you did say you wanted to share my punishment… right?”

“Isn’t that what I am doing?” I replied indicating the Goodnite I was wearing and the wet diaper laying balled up on the floor.

“But the diapers weren’t my only punishment.” Jane said “There was, the other thing…”

I thought for a minute.

“You mean the spanking?” I said somewhat shocked “Wait, you want to spank me?”

“Okay, well that’s your dare!” Jane sounded more resolute “Get that Goodnite off and come lay over my lap”

This was definitely something new! Still I wasn’t about to be the one to back out of a dare. I walked over to Jane, pulled down the pink
pull up, and stretched my body across her lap. How hard could a girl as small as Jane spank anyway?

*smack* *smack* *smack*

Jane’s hand slapped against my backside.

It stung a bit, but not too bad.

I just had to open my stupid mouth!

“It’s that the best you can do?” I mocked “You hit like a girl!”

“Uh, maybe that’s cause I am a girl” Jane replied “I would certainly think YOU would have figured that out!”

Still she started to spank harder. A lot harder.

It took all my concentration not to yell out and betray myself. I was determined to be the “man” and act like it still didn’t hurt.

Finally Jane stopped spanking me and let me get up. I grabbed the Goodnite and slipped it back on.

“My turn, huh?” I said smiling. “I think you need a lesson in how to give a proper spanking!”

“But I’ve already been spanked!” Jane pleaded.

“Not by me!” I replied “Besides, if your mom spanks like you that would hardly even count!”

I knew that wasn’t true of course. I recalled the marks on Jane’s bottom when I helped her with her diaper. I wondered if my butt looked the same.

“Fine, just don’t be too hard” Jane requested “I’m just now recovered from the spanking mom gave me. Besides I will have some explaining to do if I can’t sit down for dinner!”

“I’ll be careful” I assured her “ No get that diaper off and get over here!”

Jane carefully undid the tapes of the diaper and folded so they could be redone. She stood in front of me completely nude, blushing but not attempting to cover up anything.

I pulled her down across my lap and started peppering her backside with some quick slaps.

“WHO hits like a girl?” Jane teased.

I picked up my speed and intensity, paddling Jane’s cute white bottom into a cherry pink. Jane squealed and gasped with each blow.

Suddenly Jane gasped loudly and blurted out “Peter, put my diaper back on!”

“Okay” I said reaching for the diaper “Did I spank you too hard? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No it’s not that” Jane said with a sense of urgency.

It was then I noticed Jane had her legs tightly pressed together with her hand pressed between them.

“I gotta… you know…” Jane explained.

“Oh I see! Just don’t do it on me!” I joked.

“Not funny Peter! Hurry please!” Jane pleaded.

“Okay, okay!” I said slipping the diaper under Jane’s bottom and redoing the tapes.

Jane leapt up and looked around the room frantically as if she was looking for an escape.

She started to make her way toward the hallway (and presumably the bathroom) but got only halfway across the living room before she froze in her tracks.

Jane turned and looked at me crimsoned face. I heard a loud hissing and looked down to see the wetness indicator on her diaper finish changing colors. Jane was (once again) completely soaking her diaper, right in front of me!

“I’m sorry Peter!” Jane looked like she was going to cry “I didn’t want to do that in front of you. It’s so embarrassing!”

“It’s okay!” I assured her, “It’s not like it’s the first time!”

“I know” Jane said “It’s still humiliating!”

I had an idea. Without a word I stood up in front of Jane and started to release my bladder into the Goodnite.

Jane gasped “Peter are you…”

“Yep!” was all I said as I continued to soak the Goodnite.

Remembering that I had leaked the last time I peed in one of these things I attempted to stem the flow. I didn’t seem to have much luck. Fortunately this time the Goodnite seemed to hold, though it was definitely at its saturation point.

Jane stood there in her wet diaper looking at me in mine.

“Peter that was weird!” Jane said matter of factly “But it was a sweet thing for you to do!”

With that she walked over wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. The feeling of her standing there with nothing but a wet diaper and me in a wet Goodnite, bodies pressed together was more than I could stand. We were headed quickly for another make out session, maybe something more. I returned Jane’s passionate kisses and reached up to touch her bare breasts.

Suddenly, Jane pulled away.

“Peter, you’ve got to go! Now!” She exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, are we moving too fast?” I asked, concerned.

“No it’s not that.. You just need to leave… quickly!” she said in desperation.

“Then what is it? Your mom won’t be home for another hour!” I was worried I had done something wrong.

“It’s just.. I gotta… go…” Jane said quietly.

“What do you mean, you just went… a lot” I said indicating her sodden diaper.

“No, I gotta do… you know… the other thing! And I am NOT doing that in front of you!” Jane said emphatically.

“Oh I see…” I said, realizing her situation “You could just take off the diaper again you know…”

“Well I can’t do that all week!” Jane reminded me “Mom would definitely know something was up. As much as I’m dreading it I might as well get it over with.”

Jane started to squirm where she was standing. She reached her hand around and held the backside of her diaper.

“Hurry Peter! I love you, but you need to leave now!” Jane pleaded. I pulled on my pants, grabbed my things and headed toward the door. I gave Jane a quick kiss and stepped out on the porch. As Jane shut the door I saw her face turn a dark shade of red.

I got in my car and headed back toward home. My mind was so wound up in the events of the past few hours I nearly ran a stop sign.
Arriving safely back to the house I headed up to my room to change. Undoing my pants I saw that I was still wearing the pink girl’s Goodnite. I had completely forgot I had that on.

That’s when it hit me. I had left my wet diaper in the middle of Jane’s living room floor….

Chapter 29: Friday Night

My heart fell into my stomach. I looked at the clock, 5:10, Jane’s mom had been home for ten minutes now. I was SO screwed!

I grabbed my phone and quickly dialed Jane’s number.
“Hello?” Jane answered right away. I couldn’t tell from her voice if she had been crying, but it sounded like
she might have.

“Hey it’s me” I started, “I umm.. left my…”

“Yeah, I know!” Jane interrupted me, “Mom found it too! She knew right away it wasn’t mine. I had to tell her Peter…. everything…”

“Everything?” I said weakly, “You mean she knows it’s mine?”

“She knows about you, the diapers everything! She is pissed, I am in so much trouble, I mean we are in so much trouble, she’s calling your mom you know.”

‘Crap!’ I thought to myself. My parents were not nearly as bad as Jane’s mom but this still wasn’t going to go well.

I decided to ‘man up’, I could deal with my parents I was more worried about Jane.

“How bad is it?” I asked timidly.

“BAD” Jane said “Real bad. She spanked me once already, now I am in my room waiting for her to get the paddle. THE PADDLE, Peter I haven’t gotten the paddle in YEARS!”

I wondered if there was any chance I was going to get the paddle. Probably not, I’ll just be grounded forever.

“That’s not the worst of it Peter” Jane continued, “I can’t see you anymore.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, “I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

“No you won’t” Jane explained, “Mom is sending me to a boarding school to finish out my senior year. She was SO mad when she found out we were here alone. She even asked me if I was pregnant!”

“You’re going away?” I asked, shocked.

“Tomorrow” Jane said flatly.

Wow! I wasn’t shocked beyond belief. Jane and I might never see each other again, this was horrible!

Jane, however, seemed to be taking this all rather calmly. Actually she seemed a little too calm…

“Jane, are you…” I started to ask.

“Yeah,” Jane continued rather casually, “Apparently this is a boarding school specifically for bedwetters and trouble makers. Mom says all I all I will be allowed to wear is a diaper. Can you imagine a bunch of girls my age walking around in just diapers?”

I could imagine it all right, but I was pretty sure the place didn’t exist outside of some internet story forums!

“So I take it your mom didn’t really find the diaper?” I asked, relieved.

“No Peter, I found it first and got rid of it before she got home.” Jane said wryly, “You really need to be more careful where you leave your things.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” I said hoping Jane wasn’t too annoyed with me.

“It’s fine Peter, just be more careful okay?” Jane replied, not sounding too irritated.

“Okay, I will, talk to you later okay?” I said “Oh, and Jane…“

“Yes Peter?”

“That was really mean”

“I know Peter. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I hung up the phone, my head spinning. I was so relieved; Jane wasn’t moving away, I wasn’t going to be
grounded into eternity. And Jane had said she loved me. Life was good.

After hanging up the phone I realized I had a decision to make. I was still wearing the soaking wet Goodnite and it was getting very uncomfortable. Obviously I needed to change, but into what? Did I stick with my commitment to Jane and put on another diaper? Or did just put on regular underwear while I was at home? Did I just have to wear them when I was with Jane? That’s when it counted right?

Finally, partially out of a feeling of commitment (and partially because I was enjoying it) I decided to put on a diaper.

Jane didn’t have a choice, I told myself.

I retrieved another brief from the pack of diapers I had stashed under my bed. Spreading it out on the bed I quickly taped it on. The process was becoming much easier.

After getting dressed I opted to stay in my room and play on the computer. No one would find it strange for me to be there and I really wanted to minimize the time I spent in front of my parents in a diaper.

Finally mom called me down to dinner. After checking that everything was well covered up I headed downstairs and quickly took my seat at the table. I glanced around nervously; certain everyone could tell what I was wearing under my jeans. My parents and sister, however didn’t seem to notice anything unusual.

“So Sammie,” Mom addressed my sister “How as your day?”

“Mom!” Samantha griped “You know I hate being called Sammie. I’m not a baby anymore!”

“I know sweetie, but you’ll always be my baby!” Mom replied

Sam just rolled her eyes.

“Fine then,” Mom turned her attention to me “How was your day Peter? Do anything fun?”

“I just hung out with some friends after school” I said vaguely, “You know, nothing much really”

“Well aren’t you two just a bundle of conversation tonight!” Mom commented, “Anyway, Peter I wanted to ask you something. We are going to your Aunt Margaret’s for the weekend. We’re leaving first thing in the morning.”

Great! I thought to myself. There goes my chances of seeing Jane any this weekend.

“So I was thinking” Mom continued, “You really are old enough, I mean you’re going off to college soon, if you want to stay home you can.”

This was great! I’d have the house to myself for a whole weekend!

“Ummm… geee…” I pretended to mull it over, “I guess I could stay here…”

“I thought you’d say that” Mom smiled, “Just no wild parties!”

“Oh you know me, I’m just a party animal!” I joked.

“Okay, wild man. Just behave yourself” Dad teased back.

“What about me?” Sam pleaded.

‘Please say no!’ I thought to myself. Sharing the house with my sister would NOT be nearly as fun.

“Sorry sweetie” Mom said apologetically, “You’re not old enough yet.”

“But Mom!” Samantha whined “Aunt Margaret’s is SO boring and she has those smelly old cats and she still treats me like a little kid!”

“Sam that’s enough!” My dad interrupted, “You are going with us and that’s final!”

“Fine!” Sam huffed, slouching down in her seat.

The rest of dinner was uneventful. Mom, dad and I made small talk. Samantha sat silently and sulked.

It was a pretty normal dinner for my family.

After dinner I helped mom clear the table and then we all went to the living room and settled down in front of the TV.

As we watched the latest reality show that featured celebrity chefs working in a high school cafeteria or some other nonsense, I became increasingly aware of my need to use the bathroom. I had just started to adjust to being in front of my family while secretly wearing a diaper, but there was no way I was going to use one in front of them.

“Goodnight,” I told everyone “I’m going to go bed now, I’m pretty beat.”

“Okay, old man!” Dad teased, “It’s pretty early isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I replied “I thought I might read for a while or something. I’m pretty tired though, it’s been a long week.”

“All right then, good night” Mom said “We’ll probably leave pretty early tomorrow so if you’re not up have a good weekend and be good!”

“Thanks Mom, hope you guys have a good trip.” I responded “Have fun at Aunt Margaret’s Sam, say hi for me.”

Sam shot me a dirty look as I retreated up the stairs.

I made it to my room and shut the door. My need to use the bathroom was increasing exponentially.
I wasted no time. With very little concentration I released my bladder. Hot urine quickly filled my diaper, soaking the front then quickly pooling between my legs. It was so much that it didn’t all soak in right away. I could feel it sloshing around. I was afraid to sit down, afraid it would leak out the edges.

I grabbed a dry diaper and made my way toward the bathroom, intending to shower and change. As I stepped into the bathroom however I suddenly became aware that my need was to do more than just pee. I hadn’t thought about this. Like Jane I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that in my diaper. Unlike Jane, I had a choice. After considering it for a few minutes I took off the sodden diaper and finished my business in the toilet. Remembering what had happened to Jane just a few hours earlier I felt slightly guilty for chickening out. Still despite my enjoyment of the diapers this far, I wasn’t sure I wanted to use them all the way, not yet.

After showering and putting on a dry diaper I climbed into bed. Grabbing my cell phone from the bedside table I texted Jane.

‘Guess what?’ I texted excitedly, ‘My parents and Sam are going away for the weekend. I have the whole house to myself!’

A few minutes later Jane texted back ‘Sorry, I’ve got plans’

Then a few seconds later, ‘JK! LOL! I’ll have to make an excuse for my Mom, but I’m sure I can get away. Looking forward to it!’

We texted for a little bit longer discussing our plans then I told Jane goodnight and decided to turn out my lights.

As I settled under the covers I realized how odd it seemed that an 18 year old guy would be lying in bed in a diaper thinking that his life was just about perfect….

Chapter 30: Home Alone!

Sunlight glared through my window as I rolled over to check the time. 10 o’clock, my parents and sister were probably long gone.

I checked out the window, sure enough the only car in the driveway was my dad’s work car and my own.

I had the house to myself!

I checked my diaper and was unsurprised to find it dry. I had written off my one bedwetting incident as a fluke.

I had to go however. But I decided to take advantage of my new found freedom and have some fun.

I stripped off everything except my diaper and proceeded down the stairs.

I stopped at the landing to make sure I was truly alone, sure enough the house was completely quiet.

Walking into the living room I hurried to pull the curtains, I didn’t want to give the neighbors a show after all.

I then went into the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal. It was then I realized a downside to my weekend as a bachelor. My cooking skills were zero. It looked like a weekend of cereal and spaghettios for me!

Much to my relief I found a note on the table-


Didn’t want to wake you, have a good weekend and stay out of trouble. We’ll be at your Aunt Margaret’s if you need anything. Here’s some money for meals. Don’t eat too much junk!


Beside the note was fifty dollars! This was going to be an even better weekend than I thought!

I took my bowl of cereal and returned to the living room. I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV.

Sitting there in just my diaper I grew increasingly aware of my need to use the bathroom. I usually went when I first got up and my body was growing increasingly aware of the fact that I hadn’t. I decided to see just how long I could hold it.

I finished my cereal and sat the bowl down on the end table. I’d put it away eventually I told myself.
I flipped through the channels and found some old movie that looked half interesting. ‘Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons?’ I thought to myself. It didn’t matter, my mind wasn’t really on the movie anyway.

I really had to go now, so much I couldn’t sit still. I stood up and started to pace around the room. I twitched and fidgeted, trying my very best to hold it to the very end.

A spurt escaped and shot into my diaper. I clenched my muscles, cutting off the flow.

I bounced up and down willing myself to hold on. I wanted to wet, I just wanted to make this feeling last as long as possible.

Another spurt, this one bigger than the first.

I doubled over, I had never felt something so intense in my life!

A spurt, followed by a stream.

This was it, I couldn’t hold it any longer! I was wetting myself and for the first time in a long time (while awake that is) it was completely out of my control. It was amazing!

The warm pee flowed and flowed into my diaper, seeming to never end. Then I felt a drip run down my leg. I was leaking! I tried to stop but it was hopeless. I stood there as the drip turned to rivulets running down both legs and dripping onto the floor.

Finally, I stopped. My diaper hung heavily between my legs. My legs were wet, the floor was wet, I had some serious cleaning up to do!

I headed toward the hall closet to get a towel. My diaper was so saturated I had trouble walking! As I slowly made my way toward the hall a voice suddenly startled me from the kitchen.

“Hey Peter!” Mom said, “Are you up? I forgot my pur…. What are you wearing!?!?”

I sat bolt upright in my bed unable to breathe. In a panic I looked around my room. Frantically I tried to cover myself. Where had my mom gone? For a moment I was confused. Then I realized, it was a dream! I breathed a sigh of relief. Another dream! These diapers were really getting to my head!
But the last time I had a dream like this I had… Could it have happened again? Cautiously I pulled my blanket away.

Sure enough my diaper was soaked! I quickly checked my sheets. Fortunately the diaper held, the sheets were dry.

I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I undid the diaper and tossed it into my trashcan. I could get rid of it later since there was no one around to find it.

As I showered I considered my situation. For the second time in a week I had wet my bed. Were the diapers causing it? The first time I wasn’t wearing one I reminded myself. And this time, well I was certainly glad I had one on or else my mattress would have been ruined!

But still, maybe all this thinking about diapers WAS causing these dreams.

I was torn, I DID enjoy wearing the diapers and the recalling the intense feelings of holding it in my dream last night was something I wanted to recreate.

However, I didn’t want to become a real bedwetter again! After all I was headed to college in a few months.

I decided not to worry about it too much right then. I had the house to myself this weekend and Jane was coming over. This weekend was going to be fun!

I finished my shower and went back to my room. After taping on a new diaper I slipped on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. It couldn’t hurt to be a little cautious!

I went downstairs and found the house empty. Sure enough there was a note on the table. There was only $40 however, still enough for a great weekend. I poured my cereal and headed to the living room.

Sadly the rest of my dream didn’t repeat itself. I didn’t have to go to the bathroom, I had already gone in my bed. There was nothing on TV but infomercials (again where were the cartoons!?). And my mom didn’t make a surprise appearance (that part was good news of course!).

I sat there in a dry diaper that was going to remain dry for the next couple hours. I was bored. My life as a bachelor was starting to get dull before it had even begun! I grabbed my phone and texted Jane.

‘Did you come up with an excuse for your mom? When are you coming over?’

A minute later a text rang back, ‘Mom taken care of, be over after lunch’

Seeming how it was nearly 11 o’clock when I got out of bed ‘lunch’ was pretty soon.

I got up and started to tidy the house. I laughed to myself thinking that Mom would be even more shocked to come home and find me cleaning than she would be to find me wearing a diaper!

After I finished cleaning I went upstairs and changed clothes. Wanting to look a bit more presentable for Jane I put on a nicer shirt and pulled a pair of jeans over my still dry diaper. The fit was a bit snug.

Having just eaten breakfast I skipped lunch myself. Time still seemed to move at a crawl.

Finally I heard a car pull in to the driveway. I peeked out the window. It was Jane!

I greeted her at the door, pulling her into a long kiss.

“Hey there beautiful,” I whispered in her ear “I thought you would never get here!”

“Well I had to deal with my mom!” Jane said smiling as she kissed me back “I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get out of there!”

“So what did you tell her anyway?” I asked.

“I told her was going to a sleepover at Kimmy’s house” Jane explained.

Kimmy was Jane’s best friend from elementary school. Kimmy and I didn’t hang out much. I always thought she was a bit annoying.

“And she went for that?” I said incredously.

“Well, she said I could go but only if I took this with me.” Jane said indicating a bag slung over her shoulder.

“What is that” I asked, though I had a god idea.

“It’s my diaper bag” Jane replied blushing. “I guess mom thought if I had to carry this I would be too embarrassed to go anywhere, little did she know…”

“Anyway I just told her I was going and that Kimmy wouldn’t care what I had in my bag,” Jane continued “What else could she say? She had already said I could go!”

“But what if she calls Kimmy?” I asked worried, “Your mom will go absolutely mental if she finds out you lied!”

“Don’t worry, Kimmy is covering for me and her parents are out of town too” Jane assured me “Besides I might actually go over there later.”

It was then that I noticed Jane had another bag, an overnight bag, in her hand.

“Or not?” I said hopefuly.

“We’ll see” Jane grinned “But I’ll tell you this. Kimmy has no idea about my little secret and I really don’t want her to find out!”

With that we made our way into the living room and proceeded to make out on the couch.

An hour later we finally came up for air. Jane had a strange look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I joked “Am I a bad kisser or something?”

“No” Jane leaned in kissing me again, “You’re a great kisser. I umm… need to change.”

Jane’s voice trailed off and her face turned beet red.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed!” I reminded her, “Did you forget what I’m wearing?”

“I know, I know…” replied Jane “It’s just not something you really get used to you know?”

“It’s okay!” I reassured her “I don’t mind… really..”

“I know you’re so sweet!” Jane gave me another quick kiss and headed towards the hall where she had left her bags.

A few moments later Jane reappeared at the door, again looking rather embarrassed.

“Peter…” She started “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course..” I said, somewhat puzzled at what it could be.

“Well, I umm…” Jane stumbled over her words “Well, you see, the thing is… well the Goodnites they were easy.. I mean I just pulled them on and umm… well these… diapers… I kind of have a hard time getting them on straight and umm… well then they leak sometimes… so anyway mom kind of helps me at home and I was.. uhh.. wondering if you… Oh never mind, I just can’t!”

Jane stared straight down at the floor.

“Jane,” I started amazed at what I was about to ask, “Do you want me to help you change?”

“No Peter!” Jane sounded almost in tears, “You can’t, I mean I can’t ask you too… I can’t ask my boyfriend to change my diaper!”

“Jane,” I stopped her, “I love you and would do anything for you! Nothing will change that. If you need help, I will help you!”

Jane moved reluctantly across the room and set down her diaper bag.

“I love you too Peter” Jane replied “I just don’t want to mess things up between us.”

“Trust me,” I responded “Nothing is going to change. Nothing but your diaper that is!”

Jane smiled and seemed to relax a bit. Still I could tell she was embarrassed as she undid her pants and revealed a very wet diaper. Slowly she laid down on the carpet in front of me.

I could scarcely believe what I was about to do. My own diaper struggled to contain my excitement.

Opening up the diaper bag Jane’s mom had packed for her I was surprised by the contents.

Diapers, lotion, powder, wipes. It was more like a well-stocked bag for a toddler instead of an 18 year old girl.

“Your mom really knows how to pack a bag!” I commented.

“I know, I think she was trying to embarrass me so I wouldn’t go to the sleepover” Jane explained.

“Do you want me to use any of this stuff?” I asked.

Jane’s answer surprised me, “You can use what you want. I have been getting a bit of a rash, but if it bothers you just change me.”

“No, no I told you it doesn’t bother me! I don’t want you to be uncomfortable!’ I said trying to not sound too eager.

I carefully undid the tapes and removed Jane’s wet diaper. I was greeted by the second surprise of the day. Underneath her diaper Jane was completely bare; the hair that normally signified her womanhood was gone.

Jane seemed to sense the direction of my gaze and hastened to explain.

“Mom made me shave, as if the diapers weren’t embarrassing enough! She said that little girls who pee themselves don’t have hair down there and neither should I!” A spark of fury came into Jane’s voice.

“That’s horrible! She is such a ‘B’!” I said agreeing with Jane, secretly thinking how cute she looked.

Jane grinned at my ‘B’ joke.

I took a baby wipe from the bag and carefully wiped Jane between the legs, moving from front to back as I had seen my mom do with my sister when she was little.

Jane lifted her bottom off the ground slightly and I wiped back there as well.

I noticed the wipe was slightly soiled. I supposed she had trouble cleaning herself too and decided not to say anything not wanting her to be more embarrassed.

Next I took out the bottle of lotion and squirted some onto my hand. I rubbed it over Jane’s newly shaved private areas allowing my finger to slip slightly inside a couple times. Jane shivered slightly and smiled at me.

Finally I took a diaper out of the bag and spread it out. Jane suddenly lifted her legs in the air completely exposing herself to me. I slid the diaper under her and took the opportunity to give her bottom a quick smack.

“Hey! Watch it!” Jane protested with a grin. She put her legs back down and I pulled the diaper up between them. I taped it firmly, almost sad that the show was over.

“Thanks!” Jane said sitting up “Now it’s your turn!”

“My turn?” I asked shocked, “But I’m not even wet!”

“So?” Jane teased “That can be remedied can’t it?”

I was starting to feel the need to go.

“Hold on a minute,” I responded standing up and trying to focus on my bladder.

“No, with your pants off so I can see when you need to be changed!” Jane demanded.

Wait, was she starting to get into this?

I removed my pants and stood in front of Jane in just my shirt and diaper. It took a minute, but I was never one to be pee shy, pretty soon I was flooding my diaper.

Jane watched as the yellow line turned green… and then as I kept peeing.

“Wow! You sure pee a lot!” Jane commented, “I mean I know I was wet but that was after I went several times, you just soak it all at once!”

My mind turned over the fact that Jane had just admitted to wetting her diaper several times, had she already been wet when she got to my house that afternoon?

“Okay, let’s get you changed!” Jane commanded “Where are your supplies?”

“Well, all I have is diapers” I responded “and they’re upstairs”

“Well go get one silly” Jane said slapping my diapered butt.

I hurried upstairs and retrieved a diaper from under my bed.

Once back in the living room I handed it to Jane.

“Lay down” she told me and I did.

Jane undid the wet diaper and removed it.

“Looks like someone’s still a ‘big boy’ even if he does pee his pants!” I knew she was talking about my hair ‘down there’.

“For now…” She said ominously.

With that she took a baby wipe and started wiping my private areas. Instantly my body responded to her touch.

“A very big boy!” She teased noting my excitement.

Grabbing the lotion she applied it directly to my crotch, stroking me several times. The pleasure was immense, it was the first time a girl had touched me in that way and I hoped she would continue.

Sadly she stopped, grabbed a diaper and tapped me on the bottom. I realized she was waiting for me to raise my legs so I did. It felt somewhat awkward to be so exposed. Jane slid the diaper under me and I put my legs down. After shaking in some baby powder she taped me up.

She then laid down on top of me, still in just her diaper and t-shirt and me in the same and started kissing me passionately. It didn’t take much for my dry diaper to become soiled again.

Chapter 31: The Perfect Saturday

After our second marathon make out session of the day ended we sat back and simply held each other. Jane noted the slight discoloration on the front of my diaper.

“Need to be changed again?” she asked teasingly.

“I’m okay,” I answered “How about you?”

“No, I’m fine.’ Jane replied “Perfectly dry!”

“You sure about that?” I asked, “Perhaps I should check!”

Without warning I slipped my fingers into the crotch of Jane’s diaper.

Jane squealed and slapped my hand.

“Peter! Watch it!” She exclaimed, though she was smiling.

I pulled my hand away but only after giving it one more quick feel.

“Well someone’s been a naughty girl!” I teased, “You are wet!”

“No I’m not!” Jane protested “I think I would know wouldn’t I?”

“Well the evidence clearly says otherwise” I replied pointing to the front of Jane’s diaper.

The wetness indicator on the front had clearly changed colors, she wasn’t soaked but was wet nonetheless.
Jane looked puzzled and slipped her own hand down the front of her diaper as if she thought the color changing lines may have been faulty. She briefly felt inside her diaper and then pulled her hand out and smelled it.

“Oh wow!” Jane sounded shocked, “I just thought I had got umm, excited, shall we say. I guess I didn’t notice I had peed too.”

Then she gave me her best pout, “So if I’ve been naughty I guess I need to be punished, huh?”

“Let’s get you changed first!” I answered, thinking of where I could take this.

I grabbed the diaper bag and told Jane to lay down on the floor.

“It’s a good thing your mom packed plenty of these” I commented as I took out another dry diaper.

“Oh that reminds me” Jane answered “I’m supposed to be saving these wet diapers for my Mom. I have to account for all of them when I get home. There are some ziplocs in my bag to put the wet diapers in.”

“Wow! Your mom is crazy!” I commented as I took a wipe and cleaned between her legs, Jane gasped and her body visibly tensed.

“Now let’s talk about that punishment” I exclaimed. Without warning I lifted both of Jane’s legs up in the air and gave her several quick slaps on the bottom. Jane shrieked in surprise.

“I think,” I continued as I grabbed another wipe and wiped her now red bottom “I think that for the rest of the day it should be diapers only! No clothes!”

I let Jane’s legs back down and started applying the lotion.

“No clothes?” Jane sounded worried “At all?”

“Not a stitch!” I replied shaking a healthy amount of powder into the diaper. “That way I will know when you’re wet!”

I finished up and taped Jane’s diaper securely around her.

“Well, I’ll tell you what” Jane mulled over her answer, “I’ll do it, but only if you do it too!”

The decision took less than a second as I stood up and whipped off my shirt leaving me in just my diaper.

Jane appeared somewhat more reluctant as she stood up and slipped her own shirt over her head.

She stood in front of me in just her bra and diaper looking slightly embarrassed.

“Can I keep my bra on?” Jane pleaded.

I briefly considered giving Jane a reprieve but the naughty smile on her face told me she was enjoying this as much as I was.

“You’re the one who was being punished.” I reminded her, “Tell you what I’ll give you a choice, no clothes means no clothes. It’s that or ten swats with my dad’s paddle. I’ll even give you your shirt back!”

Jane looked shocked.

“I’ve never been paddled before!” she replied, “Mom spanks plenty, but always with her hand! I’m not sure I could take the paddle!”

‘But the other day on the phone you said…” I started.

“I was teasing you! Remember? I’ve never been paddled and I don’t plan to be now!” Jane said firmly.

“Well you know what that means” I told her.

“I know! But trust me Peter, you’re going to pay for this later! I don’t know how, but you’ll pay!”

With that Jane reached around and undid her bra removing it slowly exposing her small breasts.

Jane’s face burned bright red, but I knew she was enjoying this. Jane was an exhibitionist long before today and her now exposed breasts betrayed her own excitement.

“You just wait Peter! You’ll get yours!” Jane smiled and pulled me in to a kiss. Her bare breasts against my body were too much and I lost it in my diaper for the second time.

Jane immediately took note of my situation.

“Looks like someone else needs a change!” she quipped, pushing me back down on the floor.

The process of earlier was repeated with Jane changing me and spending a little longer cleaning ‘certain’ areas. After that we decided to clean up the room which was littered with diapers and used wipes.

I was about to throw away Jane’s wet diapers when she reminded me that she needed to save the ‘evidence’ for her mom. I retrieved two gallon ziploc baggies from her bag to place the diapers in. As I was wrapping up the second of Jane’s wet diapers (the one I removed just 10 minutes earlier) I noticed that the back of the diaper was a bit dirty too, not really dirty, just slightly stained.

The rest of the afternoon proceeded pretty normal. Well as normal as it can with two teenagers walking around the house in nothing but diapers. We had lunch, sat and chatted about school, plans for summer, etc. Finally we settled down to watch a movie.

Jane curled up on the couch beside me laying her mostly nude body against mine. I wrapped my arm around her and placed my hand casually on one of her breasts. She made no move to stop me or move my hand.

After we had watched about 20 minutes of the movie Jane turned to me.

“Peter, I’m worried.” the tone of her voice told me she was serious.

I stopped the movie. “What’s wrong” I asked, concerned.

“Well, you know earlier when I didn’t know I was wet? I told you it was because I was excited? The truth is it wasn’t the first time recently. I think these diapers are starting to mess me up.” Jane explained quietly, “I’ve peed myself a couple times on accident recently and then last night..” Jane paused for a moment “…I wet my bed. I mean I had a diaper on, but when I woke up it was wet and I don’t remember going!”

I decided it was time to ‘man up’ and tell Jane one of my biggest secrets.

“I did too.” I admitted.

“Did what?” Jane asked.

“I wet my bed too, last night that is, well my diaper really. It was a good thing I had one on!” I replied.

“Wait, you’ve been wearing the diapers at home too?” Jane seemed surprised “Not just when you’re around me?”

“Well, yeah.” I said simply “I told you as long as you had to wear them so did I. If you can’t take them off, I won’t either! That’s not too weird is it?”

“Weird? Yes it’s weird!” answered Jane, “But it’s sweet! You keep amazing me Peter!”

I went on to tell Jane about how I had dreamed about going in my diaper in front of my mom and how I had woken up in a soaked diaper. I told her about my other accident as well, though I left out the details of that dream.

“Oh Peter, that must have been awful!” Jane sympathized “Do you think these diapers are causing this? I mean are we both going to turn into bedwetters again? I don’t have a choice, but you should stop wearing them right now if that’s the case!”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen” I assured her, “But I’m NOT taking this or an diaper off until you can take yours off for good! If I become a bedwetter, I’ll deal with it!”

“I love you Peter!” Jane said reaching up and kissing me.

Then a realization seemed to hit her. “So if you’ve been wearing these all the time does that mean you’ve… you know.. done something besides wet them?”

Remembering the previous night I instantly felt guilty.

“I did take it off once… to do that.” I admitted.

“I don’t blame you! Peter I had to use my diaper and it was horrible! It’s much worse than wetting. It’s okay, I would take mine off too if I could!” Jane said emphatically.

“But that’s the thing isn’t it?” I said, “You can’t. I promised you I was in for whatever you were in for. Hold on a minute!”

I leaped up and ran out of the room, an idea suddenly coming into my head. I ran out to the hallway bathroom and locked the door then closed it from the outside, locking myself out. I ran around and repeated the process in each of the other bathrooms.

I returned to the living room and told Jane what I had done.

“Oh, Peter you shouldn’t have done that!” Jane exclaimed, looking distressed.

“Don’t worry about it!” I assured her “I’ll be fine. That way I can’t cheat, I’m as stuck as you are!”

“No, I really wish you hadn’t done that!” Jane sounded worried.

What did she have to worry about? I was the one locked out! It’s not like she could have used it anyway!

We sat down and continued to watch the movie. Well I watched the movie, Jane looked distracted.

She started shifting around, she sat up on the couch and moved slightly away from me. After a while she moved her foot up on the couch and sat on it, bouncing up and down.
‘What is she doing?’ I thought to myself. I tried to coax her to lay down on me again pulling on her arm.
She laid briefly against me and I played with her hair, but she continued to fidget and then sat staright back up.

A few minutes later she cried, “Peter I’m so sorry… I didn’t want you to see, but then you locked the bathroom and I’ve been trying all day to avoid it and…”

Suddenly Jane’s face turned the darkest shade of red I had ever seen, and intense look came over her. I recognized the look from before my sister was potty trained. Jane was filling her diaper.
Jane stood up and clutched desperately at the back of her diaper, trying to stop the inevitable. She turned her back to me in embarrassment but then seemed to decide that was worse and turned around to face me.

I gently took her hands and said simply, “It’s okay”

A few moments later it was over and Jane’s face went from dark red to white as she realized what she had just done in front of me.

“I just couldn’t hold it any longer. I am so, so sorry” Jane said ashamed, “Let me get some wipes and I’ll go in the other room and change. You shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

“Nonsense,” I replied standing up and kissing her on the head, “I don’t mind, really.”

I went to the hall closet and got a towel to spread on the floor. I had Jane lay atop of it.

“Peter you don’t have to do this, it’s really gross!” Jane said again.

“Jane I told you it’s okay!” I replied. For once I wasn’t sure about that statement.

The diaper change went okay. Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite experience of the weekend. I got Jane cleaned up though and I managed not to make any awful faces as I did. There was still something to seeing my girlfriend in a diaper though! Even a dirty diaper somehow stirred something.

After Jane was clean and much more comfortable we were able to finish our movie. Then after a bit more making out (het we’re horny teenagers what do you want?) we decided to get dinner. Neither of us wanting to go out we decided to order a pizza. Waiting for the pizza to arrive I took the opportunity to wet my diaper and let Jane change it.

Sitting back up from my change I turned to Jane and said, “You know we did say no clothes all day, the pizza guy is going to get a bit of a shock!”

Jane looked flabbergasted “I am NOT answering the door in just a diaper! What if it’s someone we know?”
She had a point, several people from our high school worked at the local pizza parlor. It still would have been fun though.

When the pizza arrived I wrapped myself in my bathrobe and Jane hid in the back. The pizza guy didn’t look familiar. It was probably for the best however, we didn’t want to draw to much attention to ourselves since Jane wasn’t supposed to even be there.

After the pizza we played some video games. No kinky twists this time, just straight up Mario Kart.

At about 11 PM I turned to Jane and asked, “Shouldn’t you be getting over to Kimmy’s?”

“Nah, I texted her hours ago and asked her to cover for me. That is unless you want me to go?” Jane said innocently.

“No, no that’s okay! You can stay here!” I replied quickly. I didn’t want to know what my parents would say if they found out I had a girl spend the night while they were away. Of course the whole diaper thing would be hard to explain as well.

“Good!” Jane said smiling, “I didn’t want to have to explain these diapers to Kimmy anyway. She’s a great friend but somehow I have the feeling the whole school would know my secret by Monday afternoon!”

Kimmy really was a blabbermouth.

Jane and I changed each other’s diapers one more time before bed. Mine wasn’t that wet but hers was soaked. I honestly had no idea how a girl so small could pee so much!

Jane produced from the bottom of her bag something I hadn’t seen before.

“It’s a nighttime diaper,” she explained “Mom makes me wear these to bed so she doesn’t have to change me at night. They’re made to hold more, uhh.. liquid”

The diaper was definitely thicker and puffier than Jane’s normal diapers. I found myself wishing I had some nighttime diapers. After we each had dry diapers on we laid down in my bed.

I looked at Jane and marveled at my good fortune. I finally had the girl, the girl I had been in love with since I knew her. And she was laying right here beside me in bed! In nothing but a diaper!

I leaned over and kissed her, she rolled over to return her kiss and pulled me on top of her. We started kissing and touching, hands grasping and exploring , caressing and rubbing. It was our most passionate make out session yet. I reached down and started to untape Jane’s diaper, she stopped me. “Not now,” was all she said. So we laid there and held each other for what seemed like hours. Finally, Jane leaned over and gave me one more kiss.

“I’m going to sleep in your sister’s room, before we do something we both regret.” Jane whispered.

“Good night, I love you!” she said as she went out the door.

“I love you too.” I responded, turning out the light. Happily I drifted off to sleep.

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