Made in China


“You really do believe in this stuff, don’t you,” said Jenny. She had just entered her girlfriend’s bedroom for the first time. It was a rather spacious room on the second floor of a townhouse that Sally (the girlfriend) rented. Jenny was making note of all the pentagrams, wands, and various other magic related items that decorated the walls and shelves. It really didn’t surprise Jenny all that much. In fact they had both met in a class about the history of witchcraft in the Western world, and it was obvious that sally took a much stronger interest in it than Jenny, who only took it to fulfill graduation requirements.

“So what if I do?” asked Sally sharply.

“Well it’s just that you’re giving all this money to a bunch of con artists who know this stuff doesn’t work. I mean look at this,” she said as she picked up a wand, “it’s made of plastic! It still has a “Made in China” sticker on it!”

“The material of a wand really isn’t the important part, you know. You wouldn’t believe some of the spells I’ve cast with that.”

Jenny realized that she was being pretty rude to her host, so she decided to lighten the mood a little bit.

“Well feel free to cast a spell on me with it any day,” she said as she winked.

“Are you sure you want me to do that?” asked Sally, who was clearly happy with the change in conversational tone.

“Yeah, go ahead and cast something real kinky.”

Sally shrugged. “If that’s what you want.” She picked up the wand, waved it about, and muttered something that Jenny could not quite make out.

“So what did that do?” asked Jenny.

“It made it so that you’re a baby and I’m your mommy,” said Sally nonchalantly.

Jenny didn’t mind a little role playing once in a while, even if the subject happened to be a bit weird. This may just be fun, she thought.

“So what does ‘Mommy’ want to do to her ‘baby’?” asked Jenny seductively.

“Well first of all, we need to change you out of that shirt. It doesn’t fit a baby at all. Raise your arms so mommy can get you out of it.”

Jenny raised her arms, and her “mommy” slipped off her shirt. This is a good sign, Jenny thought.

“A bra!?” Sally said in mock surprise. “Babies don’t wear bras! Let Mommy take that silly thing off you.” Jenny gave her a sexy look as Sally undid her bra and threw it on the floor. Jenny was definitely growing to like this.

“Those jeans really don’t fit a baby either,” Sally said as she unzipped them and pulled them off her baby. “Big girl panties, too? Silly girl, babies don’t wear big girl panties! Let’s get those off you before you wet the bed.”

Jenny was clearly enjoying herself at this point, and she struck a seductive pose as soon as she was nude, but she found that her mommy was too busy rummaging through her bag to take much notice.

“Here we are,” she said as she pulled something white out of her bag. Jenny was a bit confused.

“Is- is that a diaper? This is getting kind of weird.”

“Don’t be silly! You’re a baby, and babies wear diapers,” said Sally as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Well, Jenny thought, I guess it’s not that bad, and I don’t want Sally-Mommy to be upset.

“You’re not going to try to make me crap my pants or anything, are you?” said Jenny as she reluctantly reached for the diaper.

“Ew, no. Poop is gross,” Sally said as she pulled the diaper away from Jenny. “And babies don’t put their own diapers on. Their mommies do it for them. Now lie back down and raise your cute little butt.”

Well as long as it doesn’t get gross, I guess I can indulge Mommy a little, Jenny thought as she followed instructions.

After she was all taped up, Jenny took a look at herself and was surprised to find that the diaper had Sesame Street characters on it. In fact, it looked just like a baby’s diaper, only large enough to fit her. Sally then came back with a bright pink T-shirt, and Jenny raised her arms up and let it be put on her without any prompting. Sally then finished off the look by putting Jenny’s hair up in pig tails.

Jenny took a look at herself in the mirror. “You sure I look babyish enough for you?” she joked. Sally didn’t laugh. In fact, she began to look concerned, and she studied Jenny quietly for a moment.

“No, it’s still not quite right,” she said all too seriously. “Maybe we should head to the mall. They have a Babies R Us there, and I’m sure they’d have something that would make you look absolutely adorable.”

“W-what?” Jenny replied shocked. Surely her mommy didn’t mean she was to leave the house dressed like this, right? “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Nonsense. You need clothes that suit you better. Come on, let’s go.”

“There’s no chance in Hell that I’m going anywhere dressed like this!”

“Silly girl, you know that babies go wherever their mommies take them whether they want to go or not. Besides, if you’re a good girl, I’ll buy you a toy. Babies love toys.”

Damn it, Jenny thought. She’s right, I don’t have a choice in the matter. And that toy thing was starting to sound pretty nice for some reason.

“Well I’m getting changed out of this diaper first.”

“Good girls don’t take their diapers off. You don’t want to be a bad girl, do you? Bad girls don’t get toys”

As much as she hated to admit it, Jenny did really want a toy, but even without that, she knew she would feel horribly guilty if she was bad.

“Well….alright, just let me put some pants on”

“Babies don’t dress themselves. They wear whatever their mommies put on them. Now seriously, let’s get going.”

Jenny was in shock. As horribly embarrassing as this whole trip sounded, her mommy’s logic was flawless. She was a baby, and babies wear what their mother’s put on them and go where their mothers bring them. She was so occupied trying to figure out a way around it that she just followed her mommy silently through the house to the entrance. She didn’t even notice Sally mention how babies couldn’t tie shoes as she put some on Jenny’s feet. She finally snapped back to reality when Sally opened the door. Jenny froze. She couldn’t go outside looking like this.

Sally was unlocking the car when she looked back and noticed that her baby hadn’t followed. “I’m going to count to three, and if you haven’t come out, closed the door and entered the car by the time I get to three, you’ll be in BIG trouble! One…” Jenny shot out and ran to the car, all the while attempting to pull her shirt down to cover up her diaper. It didn’t work very well. Sally giggled, thinking that her baby looked so cute when she was embarrassed like that.

On the car ride there, the emotional impact of going out in public like this really hit Jenny, and she started to cry. Sally reached into her purse, pulled something out, and jammed it into Jenny’s mouth before she could see what it was. “Babies habitually suck on pacifiers. They make babies calm down and feel a lot better when they’re upset.” Jenny found that her mommy was right, and she soon stopped crying, though she still dreaded what was to come.

When they arrived at the mall, Jenny again tried to cover her diaper with her shirt, but her mommy pointed out that babies don’t cover themselves for the sake of preserving their modesty, so Jenny knew that she had to let everything show. As she walked through the parking lot, everyone seemed to be staring at her, and she noticed at least one child point, only to be scolded by his mother. Jenny was beat red by the time she got to the entrance, and she would have been crying if she didn’t have a pacifier to calm her down.

“Mommy ebweone-” Jenny pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. “Everyone’s staring at me! They think I’m some sort of freak!”

“Now honey, mommies love their babies and would never take them anywhere where people would think of them like that. Everyone here only sees you for the adorable little baby that you are. No one here will think how we look or act is particularly strange.” Jenny noticed that her mommy waved that silly plastic wand when she said that last part (as if that could actually cast a spell, Jenny thought), and she seemed to say it rather loudly yet without really raising her voice. Instantly, Jenny noticed that most people stopped staring, and an old woman who had been giving her a horrified look smiled and walked over to them.

“You’re daughter is adorable!” she said as she pinched Jenny’s cheek.

“Why thank you. It can be tough being an unwed teenage mother, but looking at her cute little face makes it all worth it.” Jenny thought about that statement as the two continued talking. Something seemed strange about what she had said. Her mommy was 19, wasn’t married, and definitely was her mommy, but something nagged at her about it. Her thoughts were interrupted by the woman patting her on the head.

“Now be a good girl for you mommy, dear,” she said as she walked off.

After she was out of earshot, Jenny said “She was kind of weird.”

Sally looked at her quizzically. “You think it’s weird for an old woman to treat a baby like a baby?”

Jenny thought about that for a second and decided that her mother was right. The woman’s actions really were not particularly unusual. It was then that she noticed that they were passing by a toy store. Jenny lightened up, and for the first time since she was diapered, she was honestly excited about something. Sally noticed.

“Do you want to look at the toys for a minute before we get you some clothes?”

Jenny nodded vigorously.

“Alright, I guess we can take a short look,” she said as she smiled. Jenny looked adorable when she was excited about something so childish. Jenny practically dragged her mommy into the store. She hadn’t wanted a toy in years, and she really didn’t know what she wanted, but she knew that babies loved toys, and she was a baby, so she knew that she would love to get a toy. She then spied a Barbie doll. She remembered how much she used to love Barbie as she picked up one to examine it.

“I’ll bet playing with a Barbie would make a baby feel like a big girl,” Sally remarked.

That’s it, Jenny thought. Barbies aren’t meant for babies! If she got one, she would finally be doing something that would make her feel mature and confident again! She had to have it. She looked at her mommy with big puppy dog eyes.

“Mommy, can I please have a Barbie doll?”

“I don’t know, those are made for big kids. You could choke on the parts.”

“Please, Mommy! I’ll be real good! I promise!”

“Well I suppose I can think about it if you behave…”

“I will Mommy!” said Jenny excitedly as she gave Sally a big hug.

The only other distraction on the way to Babys R Us was the McDonalds in the food court. Jenny didn’t really notice it at first, but once Sally mentioned how much babies enjoy happy meals and the toys that come in them, Jenny really wanted to go. Unfortunately for her, her mommy said that she already had dinner plans, but she said that they could stop by sometime in the week, so Jenny wasn’t too upset.

As they entered Babies R Us, Jenny was noticeably a bit antsy. Her mommy could tell what was wrong.

“Babies don’t peepee in the potty. They just go in their diapers, and half the time, they don’t even notice that they’re going.”

Jenny felt a sense of relief. As she started to walk again, she noticed that her diaper was heavier. She gasped as she realized that she just peed her pants. Despite the fact that she was a baby, and that it was normal for a baby to pee her diaper, she still felt that it was embarrassing for some reason. She put her pacifier back into her mouth, and soon she was back to feeling pretty normal, though she did notice that a wet diaper wasn’t as comfy as a clean one.

Her mother soon brought her to a rack of clothes. Jenny was confused. All of these clothes were for babies. Er…regular sized babies. There was no possible way that she could fit into them. Yet her mommy pulled a onesie off the rack and held it against her body, as if she was seeing how it would look on her.

“Mommy, these clothes look a little small…”

“Nonsense, they’re designed for someone your age. They’ll fit you just fine.” Once more those words seemed to echo beyond their volume, and Sally waved that silly little plastic wand. Jenny rolled her eyes. Yeah, she though, you’re going to magically make them fit me. The idea was comical, and she had to hold back a laugh.

“Fine, don’t believe me. Just remember that you need to be a good girl if you want a toy.”

That shut Jenny up. Sally went on to pick out a small collection of shirts, onesies, dresses, nightgowns, and footed pajamas. She decided that that was enough and brought the whole thing into the dressing room. Jenny still didn’t believe anything there would fit, but she tried to hide her skepticism as her mother pulled off her shirt.

“Now bend down and put your arms up,” Sally said as she pulled out a onesie. Jenny reached up and was surprised to find that her hands fit through the arm holes, and she was even more surprised when her head fit through without issue. Soon, Sally buttoned the bottom, and Jenny found that it fit her perfectly.

How could this be, Jenny thought. There’s no way that it was remotely close to this size earlier, and she doubted anything could stretch that much. Heck, it seemed a little baggy around the waist, so that wouldn’t even make any sense. Could Mommy really have used magic?

She put her pacifier back into her mouth and began to calm down.

No, there has to be a a logical explanation. I’ve used to wearing big girl clothes (for a minute she wondered why, but she put that thought aside), so maybe I’m just used to their large size. It makes sense that baby clothes would be smaller. Yes, that had to be it.

Jenny then realized that the had just been standing there zoned out for a moment while her mother stared at her, looking quite amused. Jenny was embarrassed.

“I-I’m sorry I doubted you, Mommy. I guess I’m just not used to looking for baby clothes.”

“So you don’t think magic needed to make them fit?”

Jenny was afraid to answer, but she quietly turned her head from side to side.

Sally laughed and patted her baby on the head. “You’re such a smart girl”

Jenny was greatly relieved that her Mommy wasn’t mad at her. She also felt pretty smart for figuring the whole clothing issue out, and her mommy’s praise made it even better.

Sally looked her over Jenny for a moment, examining the outfit. “I think it suits you. Babies look good in baby clothes, particularly when the clothes are really cute.” Jenny hadn’t really thought much of the outfit before, but she realized her mommy was right. She was a baby, so she looked good in baby clothes. She wondered why she was so resistant to wearing them before. Sally then began to unbutton Jenny’s onesie and took notice of her diaper.

“I’ll bet you’d like that changed”

Jenny nodded, so Sally had her lay down, and she began to undo the tapes. For some reason, Jenny found this embarrassing, but she started sucking on her pacifier again, and she returned to being as happy as she was earlier. Sally soon wiped her down, slipped a clean diaper under her, and helped her back up to her feet.

“Thank you, Mommy.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. You can ask me to change you when your diaper gets uncomfortable, you know. I really don’t mind.”

“I was a little embarrassed,” admitted Jenny.

Sally giggled a little. “You’re adorable.” Jenny was pleased that her Mommy was happy with her.

Sally went on to try the rest of the outfits on Jenny. They all fit her perfectly, but Jenny was no longer surprised at this. Jenny really liked this one Disney Princess shirt, particularly when her mommy pointed out how much baby girls love princesses. Sally thought most of the outfits were adorable on Jenny, and she particularly liked this one colorful dress that didn’t quite cover her diaper. As they exited the dressing room, Jenny started to feel a bit off.

“Mommy, I need to use the bathroom.”

Sally looked confused. “Well, first of all, babies use the word ‘potty.'”

“I have to go potty.”

“Second, babies peepee in their diapers, remember?”

“But I have to poop,” she said, blushing slightly.

“Oh, right,” said Sally as she began to look relieved. “Mommy doesn’t like changing poopy diapers, so go ahead and use the potty. It’s over there on the other side of the building.”

“I can go by myself?”

“I know you’ll be a good girl and come right back to me when you’re done. I’ll be back with the baby girl clothes where we were before.”

Jenny beamed. After having her diaper changed by her mommy, being allowed to go poopy in the potty all by herself made her feel like such a big girl. It wasn’t until she was halfway to the bathroom that she realized the problem with doing this: good babies don’t take off their own diapers, and even if she did, babies didn’t put on their own clothes, so she couldn’t diaper herself. So not only would she be a bad girl, she would have to come back to her mommy naked from the waist down. That would be very embarrassing. She would have to bring her mother along. She found her mother looking at some bathing suits.

“Well that was fast.’

“Er..well… I didn’t go yet, ’cause I didn’t want to be a bad girl,” she said as she looked down at her diaper.

“Oh right. You’re a good girl for coming back to Mommy for this. Let me get that for you,” she said as she, in one swift motion, tore the diaper off of Jenny. Jenny turned redder than she had all day, and she almost covered herself before she remembered that babies don’t do that. A couple other mothers their giggled at the site. She was such a cute baby, and the fact that she got embarrassed like a bigger girl would just made her that much more adorable.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed like that. You’re too young for nudity to be anything other than cute. Now go and use the potty so I can diaper you again. I don’t want you to make a mess of the floor.”

Somehow, that didn’t make Jenny feel that much better, but she didn’t want to get her mommy angry, so she put her pacifier in her mouth and ran off towards the bathroom. She sucked that pacifier harder and faster than she ever had before, but it didn’t completely take away the embarrassment. In fact, after she finished using the potty, it took several minutes for her to calm down enough to go back into the store. When she was finally ready, she ran back to her mother as fast as she could. She could feel people looking at her, and a little boy pointed and laughed before his mother scolded him. She felt like crying by the time she reached Sally.

“There’s Mommy’s good girl. Now spread your legs a little so Mommy can get your diaper back on. And calm down, no one thinks you’re anything other than cute naked.”

“Then why did that boy laugh at me?” replied Jenny as she wiped away some tears.

Sally looked concerned as she taped up the diaper. “What kind of jerk mocks a baby? Where is he?” Jenny pointed to an 8-year-old boy about 30 feet away. Sally pulled out her wand (again with the magic nonsense, thought Jenny), waved it at him, and muttered something that Jenny couldn’t hear. Instantly, Jenny noticed a stain appear on the front of his pants. Jenny pointed and laughed. It really was funny to her, since, unlike Jenny, he was much too big to be wetting his pants. The kid looked absolutely mortified, and Jenny felt much better.

“Well I think that fixes things,” said Sally. Jenny nodded. “Oh, I think i forgot to mention it, but this place carries toys.”

Jenny got so excited that she started to hop up and down. Sally thought it was amazingly cute.

“Gee, why do I get the strange feeling that someone wouldn’t mind taking a look at them?” joked Sally.

“Please can we!?”

“Oh, alright, I’ll take you over.”

From the rattles to the building blocks to the stuffed animals, Jenny loved it all. She ran back and forth examining every little thing like it was a work of art.

“You know, you’ve been a really good girl today, so go ahead and pick out a toy or two for Mommy to get you.”

Jenny’s eyes lit up, and she ran and hugged her mommy. This was the best news she heard all day. The only problem now was picking out something out of all this awesome stuff. After about 20 minutes, Jenny had finally narrowed her choices down to a big stuffed bunny rabbit, a rattle, and a set of bath toys, and Sally relented to just buying all of them. Jenny was the happiest she’d been in a long time. The only problem came when they passed the toy store on the way out.

Oh no, thought Jenny as she stopped and looked at the store, I forgot about Barbie!

Sally noticed where her daughter was looking. “You still want that Barbie don’t you?”

Jenny nodded hopefully.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve already spent too much today, and you got plenty of toys. Maybe you can get one next time.”

Jenny saddened a bit, but once she was in the car and Sally let her play with the rattle, she felt better. It may not be as mature and cool as Barbie, thought Jenny, but this thing is still a lot of fun. Jenny was laughing by the time they got home.

“Let’s put your new toys in your room, and then I can play with you if you want.” Jenny brought the bags towards a room that Jenny hadn’t been in before.

“My room? You sure you want to go all the way back to campus now?”

“Don’t be silly. Babies live with their mommies. In fact, the idea of having to live away from their mommies is scary to babies. And the idea of you living in a dorm is silly, since babies don’t go to college.”

That made perfect sense to Jenny. Her mommy lived here, so she must live here with her. She tried to think of living in a dorm again, but the idea sent a shiver down her spine. Something still seemed off about this whole thing though, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Sally opened the door to reveal a light pink room that was furnished for a baby. There was a crib with a mobile over it, a changing table, a small dresser, on top of which were a Disney Princess TV and a stack of Disney movies, a rocking horse, and set of alphabet blocks. This was obviously Jenny’s room, but something really felt wrong about it. It seemed strange to her that Sally had already had a room furnished for a baby, but that shouldn’t bother her, since it made sense that her mommy would have a room for her baby. Something was also off-putting about how permanent this all looked. The furniture didn’t look cheap, so it was obviously bought to last a while. Jenny didn’t know why this disturbed her, since it made sense for a mommy to expect her baby to be around for a while.

Sally noticed how uneasy Jenny looked. “Well, I was going to save this for your birthday, but you’ve been such a good girl today that I think I’ll just give it to you know.”

Jenny looked confused for a moment, until her mother produced the very Barbie doll that she had wanted earlier. Jenny lit up and forgot whatever it was that was troubling her. She ran up, took the box out of her mommy’s hand, and ripped it open. She pulled the doll out and gave it a big hug.

“I went out and grabbed it when you were in the potty. I figured you were mature enough to handle a big girl toy like that.”

Jenny ran up and hugged Sally as hard as she could. “Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!”

“You’re such a good girl,” said Sally. “Now go ahead and play with your new toy.”

Jenny was so happy that her mommy trusted her to be such a big girl. She had a great time as she brushed Barbie’s hair and changed her into various outfits. She soon noticed that her diaper seemed to be a bit uncomfortable again, but she decided she would ask her mommy to change it once Barbie and Bun Bun (as she named the stuffed rabbit) were done going to the beach. Jenny couldn’t remember the last time she felt so happy or so mature.

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