By Orms Einbani

Lindsey smiled as she walked out the front door of her home, taking a minute to smell the fresh air and wince at the noise coming from the back end of the house. She would have said something, except that she knew that new addition was for her. Recently, Lindsey’s parents had decided that the growing girl needed a new room, complete with a full bathroom, walk in closet, and generally more living space. Her old room, she had been informed, would be turned into a study for her dad, a professor at the local university.

On one hand, Lindsey was ecstatic to be having a new room, but on the other, she was kind of sad to see her old room go. She absolutely adored the Care Bare wallpaper with the Muppet Babies border, the pink carpet, and the frilly window drapes. However, at 15 years of age, her parents had decided that her old room was to babyish. nbeknownst to them, that was precisely the reason that Lindsey loved it. Lindsey loved her old room, her stuffed animals, her pacifier, her bottle, and most of all, her diapers. When she had some, anyway.
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The Infinite Shape

By Orms Einbani

Imagine if you will that our lives are strings, flowing along side an infinite number of other strings, either of your own, alternate reality lives, or other lives. Now suppose that some disturbance can cause a ripple in one of these strings. As the ripple worsens, past end of the thread comes closer to the future thread, causing the present to overlap with aspects of the past. The closer these strands come to touching, the more that the past will affect the future.
Since these threads represent a single life line, the only person who would see the changes that are a result of the threads being so close, are the person whose thread is being effected, all others would notice nothing that would seem out of the ordinary to them. The following is a story of one such life ripple. We don’t know what happened to cause the ripple, perhaps the collapse of a reality, perhaps a butterfly flapped its wings at just the wrong time, who knows… all I can show you is what happened as a result.
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