The Diary of My Different Life

by Padded Quill and C.S. Fox

Chapter 1

Lyra didn’t really give two shits about much of anything. She did all right in school, enough so that she wasn’t really bothered by her parents about her grades. She wasn’t ugly, although she wasn’t someone that you noticed first as you walked into a room. For all intents and purposes, she was just coasting through her teenage years, not really worried about getting attention or anything at all really.

She liked to draw, and she liked to write. She wasn’t completely friendless, but she also wasn’t the center of any social circles. She was simply someone who was there and didn’t really care that much if she was or was not. She was happy just being about as normal as she could possibly be, without being bothered or fussed over.

It was a school holiday, and like most 16-year-olds, she had intended to spend it doodling and surfing the web. Nothing to do, and all day to do it. She sat in her room, a pair of over-ear headphones on, a drawing tablet on her lap, in sweats and a hoodie. her hair went half way down her back, and like most things about her, she let it hang loose, not fussing with it.

Lyra was kind of drifting in and out of the here and now. She spent an hour drawing, not really sure what, she just put her pen to the tablet and after some shading, she had a building of some sort drawn. She wasn’t really an artist, yet.

By the time dinner rolled around, and after a quiet dinner with her mom and dad, she had managed to not really accomplish anything during the day, and she was fine with that. Life was easy, and she wasn’t about to complain.

Still in her sweats from earlier, she passed out about 11, she had school tomorrow, but meh, cool stuff happens at night, so she’d just be tired in the morning.
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A Little Personal Time

By thepaddedquill

Furiously she wrote, scribbling down in her notebook as quickly as she possibly could, trying to copy down what was on the blackboard before the professor came back in. The man was notoriously protective of his work, and if he were to find out that his assistant was trying to copy down his ‘secret equation’ he’d be incensed, and she’d likely find herself let go from her undergrad work partnership with the brilliant man. She had to take the chance, though, because deep down, she knew that the variables were off. She could do this better, she just had to be able to work on it on her own.

Janessa snapped her notebook closed just as the door to the professor’s office opened, and she quickly tried to pretend as if nothing had happened. She’d gotten all of the formula as it was written out so far, so she considered that to be a pretty major victory. She let out a long, loud sigh and flopped back in her chair, pretending as if she’d been spending the last few hours poring over the large mathematics texts laid out on her desk.

“Janessa,” the professor’s voice was tinged with concern as he looked around the office, “You’re working too hard. You should go home and relax, let me deal with it.”
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